T-34’s Rule and Boys Drool! Pt. 06

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Big Tits

Told ya I’d be working on this again!

Between this and Kevin’s Kitty Rescue, I’m looking at reworking some of my older stories. Might give them a new lease on life like I am with Kevin’s Kitty Rescue, but we’ll see how we go. No promises. They won’t be regular posts regardless. For now, check my BIO for my schedule. Most of what I post from now will be novel length. So expect longer gaps between posting, but bigger posts.

In any case, thanks for stopping buy, reading my stuff and supporting my new direction in life.


Chapter Seven

Akira opened her eyes as the firm pressure of Bellinda’s embrace tightened momentarily. Blinking Akira smiled softly to herself and snuggled in closer to Bellinda.

“Don’t go back to sleep,” Bellinda said softly.

Akira shook her head slightly. “Comfy.”

She didn’t see Bellinda smile, but she heard it in her voice as she said, “I love you.”

This time Akira threw her arms around the large woman and clung desperately to her. Bellinda smiled to herself again. She’d love nothing more than to stay in bed all day with this small, delectable woman. But she had a class to run in an hour.

“Come on. I need a shower before work.”

Akira blinked, before nodding. “I don’t even know what you do.”

Bellinda gave her a squeeze, “Early days yet. I’m a personal trainer, but I’m running group classes between the competition days.”

Akira released the larger woman and leaned back. She admired the muscular physique of her lover and smiled. “No wonder you’re so beautiful.”

Bellinda cracked a smile, before leaning down and kissing her smaller partner. She’d have liked to spend the day in bed, but she had prior commitments. She thought about inviting her along, but didn’t want to give the impression that she thought Akira had to change anything about herself. Besides, she was entranced by the soft, waif-like woman, and wouldn’t change that for anything. Akira sighed into her breasts, before peeling herself out of Bellinda’s arms.

“If you have work, I’ll make you breakfast.”

“You sure honey?” Bellinda asked.

Akira nodded, before leaning in for a quick kiss. As she pulled away, Akira climbed out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. Bellinda just stared at her small ass and regretted not getting up earlier.


Akira could hear her phone ringing as she got out of Bellinda’s shower. The larger woman had gotten ready, eaten breakfast and after a toe curling kiss by the front door, she left. Akira had tidied up the kitchen, then put on some washing and taken a shower herself. Wrapping a towel around herself, Akira rushed into the bedroom and grabbed her phone. Smiling at the name on the front, she hit accept and put it to her ear.


“Akira! You okay? Your mum’s asking weird questions.”

Akira frowned, remembering what Bellinda had told her in Henry the day before. “I’m fine Thomas,” Akira sighed. “But, there’s stuff going on.”

“That… Almost sounds like boy talk,” Thomas replied wearily. “You okay?”

Akira bit her lip and smiled softly, “I think I’m in love.”

That was all it took for Thomas to demand they meet. Akira used her phone to find a nearby cafe and they agreed to meet. Akira pulled out her clothes and frowned slightly at what she’d packed. They were all her favourite items, but… She wondered if she should dress up for Bellinda. Cardigan over long sleeves and pants or a long skirt weren’t the most flattering thing. Sure they were comfortable. But… Akira shook her head. She didn’t have money to change her wardrobe right now. She barely had money for the coffee she was going to have to purchase. With a sigh, Akira grabbed the spare key for the front door that hung on a hook. Stepping out, she made her way out to the curb and made the short walk to the cafe.

The cafe itself was nice. It was kinda small, but had that homey feel to it. A young woman smiled as she entered and Akira shyly made her way to the counter. In a small voice, she ordered a small latte and took a number to a table near the door. Sitting down, Akira barely had time to get her phone out, before the door opened and Thomas stepped in. He saw her immediately and waved as he went to the counter himself.

Akira watched her best friend make his order. He was the complete opposite of her. Bubbly, loud and boisterous. She smiled, thinking of how he was similar to Bellinda, but different all at the same time. She was still smiling to herself when Thomas sat down across from her.

“Yeah, I get that same look?” Akira froze and blushed, before shaking her head. “Don’t get all shy now. What’s his name.”

Akira swallowed nervously and took a small sip of her coffee while Thomas rolled his eyes.


“Bellinda,” Thomas nodded, before it sank in the name. “Bellinda’s a girl’s name.”

Akira nodded slowly.

“Gurl!” Thomas laughed. “Here I was hoping we could swap stories about our tastes in men. Ah well. Is she nice, what does she do?”

Akira let out a sigh of relief. That was Thomas. He just rolled bahis şirketleri with the punches and kept on coming. “Well she’s tall, works as a personal trainer and-“

“Wait, Bellinda, tank loader Bellinda?”

Akira nodded.


Akira giggled, before blushing as someone hushed them from another table.

“Oh don’t worry about them. C’mon, let’s walk.”


The two got up and Akira headed out, while Thomas stuck his tongue out at the middle aged woman who had shushed him. When he joined her out the front, Akira was smiling again.

“So, about your mum…”

Akira groaned and started walking. “She… Doesn’t like this.”

“The part where you signed up to Rolling Thunder, the part where you’re dating a woman or the part where you’re showing independence for the first time in your life?”

“Maybe all of it,” Akira said in a small voice. “She… She said things to Bellinda and…”

“Do you love her?”

“Yes,” Akira said without a moment’s hesitation.

Thomas shrugged, “Then what’s the problem?”

“What do you mean, she’s my mother…”

“And?” Thomas asked blankly. “Did you pick her?”


“Did you pick Bellinda?”

“It’s not that simple-“

“It’s exactly that simple,” Thomas cut her off with a wave. “You have to ask yourself what will make you happy. I mean, your mum wants you to marry a rich man, have a bunch of kids and make her proud right?”


“But will that make you happy? Is your mothers approval worth living your entire life, miserable and unhappy?”


“What about your dad?”

Akira clutched her chest. Her dad. The first and only man other than Thomas she had ever loved. She could picture his smiling face as he put her in the Henry. She could smell his cologne as he taught her to aim the tank. She remembered him throwing her in the air when she ran to the podium when her mother had brought her out.

“I… I think he’d want me to be happy.”

“My advice,” Thomas said softly, putting his arm over Akira’s shoulder. “Do what’s right for you. If Bellinda is the woman for you, then jump in with both feet. Live your life the way YOU want to live it. And if your mother doesn’t want a part of that, then she doesn’t have to be. But you don’t owe her anything, y’know?”

“But… She’s my last tie to papa.”

Thomas shook his head, “So what, ol Henry’s been replaced after all?”

Akira stopped and nodded for a moment, before picking up the pace again. “You’re right.”

Thomas smirked, “Of course I’m right. And I think I know the best way to show it.”

Akira frowned as Thomas took her by the hand. Her confusion quickly shifted to concern and then abject terror as she was led into a small, out of the way store.


“First time,” the older woman at the counter smiled. Akira blushed furiously and the old woman chuckled softly. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it,” she smiled kindly. “If you need anything, let me know. We can order anything you have in mind.”

“Thanks!” Thomas grinned, dragging Akira into the store. “Now, what is she into, and more importantly. What are you into?”

“Thomas, I can’t afford any of this.”

Thomas scoffed and waved his hand dismissively. “Girl, tonight I am your fairy godmother. Trust me, there’s nothing in this store I haven’t tried or at least thought about. So pick out something nice and lets show Bellinda how much you care.”

Akira blushed furiously and looked around the store until her eyes settled on something.

section break

Bellinda was grinning as she opened the front door. The smells wafting from beyond were tantalising. But it was the laugh. That pure sound that told Bellinda that not only was Akira still home, but she had a guest.

“Honey, I’m home!”

Bellinda had just enough time to close the front door and turn, before a small, pale missile slammed into her.

“Welcome home!” Akira squeaked.

Bellinda smiled and hugged her, before spotting the familiar young man peeking from the couch.

“Honey, this your friend Thomas?”

“Oh!” Akira jumped back. “Yes, sorry. We met up today when…”

Bellinda saw the uncertainty flash across her face and knew something was up.



“Her mother spun a tale of woe and got me interested enough to see what’s up.”

Akira nodded, “Yeah, that.”

Bellinda frowned for a moment. She’d heard of difficult in-laws. If Akira left, it would break her heart.

“Well, is there anything I should know?”

“Ummm…” Akira glanced back at Thomas who gave her a thumbs up. “I love you. Thomas helped me get a few things today, so I don’t have to keep borrowing your clothes.”

Bellinda sighed, before frowning, “Maybe I like seeing you wearing my things.” Akira froze and Bellinda quickly realized she’d said something wrong. “It’s okay honey,” Bellinda smiled. “You’re just kinda cute wearing my stuff. But I don’t mind you getting your own stuff.”

Akira relaxed and gave the larger woman a smile. “I kinda bahis firmaları liked wearing your clothes too.”

“Just a shame I can’t wear anything of yours.”

Akira smiled, “That’s okay. I prefer when you don’t wear anything at all.”

Bellinda watched as Akira suddenly blushed and clutched her face in embarrassment. But it was Thomas’s, “Yeah girl!” That broke the ice.

“So what’s cooking?”

Akira beamed and went on a quick spiel about a nice leg of pork she was roasting. Bellinda just smiled and watched as Akira fell into her element. Outside, in public she was quiet, introverted and anxious. In the Henry, she was domineering and proud. But here, in their little home, she was this bubbly little housewife. She smiled, and danced while she cooked and cleaned. Despite what her mother believed, Akira was the perfect little wife. Just… Turns out she’s going to be the perfect little wife, to another woman.

“Bell, what is it?”

“I love you.”

Akira blinked, before smiling and stepping close for a hug. Thomas made ‘aww’ noises from the couch. The trio settled in for the afternoon with cups of tea while Akira kept an eye on dinner. Bellinda admired her small form as she whizzed around tidying. When Bellinda went to change and shower, she noticed the hamper was empty from Akira doing their washing. When she stepped into the bedroom the bed was made up in fresh sheets. By the time she made it back to the lounge, Akira was serving their meal. And after they’d eaten, Bellinda volunteered to drop Thomas back home.

“So… You do love her, right?” Thomas asked as they turned onto his street.

Bellinda nodded, “I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s the last thought before bed, and the first when I wake up. All today at work, all I could think about was coming home to her and when I got home, she was going all domestic goddess.”

Thomas nodded, “Yeah, she’s like that. So drive safe on the way home and give her a good tongue lashing.”

Bellinda snorted and nodded as he closed the passenger door and made his way inside. Bellinda waited until he had the front door closed and pulled away from the curb. They weren’t too far from home. Bellinda pulled into a fast food drive through and ordered a couple of icecreams. Then made her way home.

It was as she opened the front door, something didn’t seem right. There was soft music playing. Stepping in, she kicked the door closed behind her.

“Akira, honey?!”

Bellinda heard a muffled reply from the bedroom and quickly headed in that direction. The door was closed and Bellinda used her foot to kick the handle so it would open.

“Honey, I got ice… Akira, what’s wrong?”

Akira stood at the foot of the bed, wearing one of her hoodies. She had the hood up and was covering her face with the long sleeves.

“If… If you don’t like it, I can take it off,” Akira mumbled softly through her hands.

Bellinda frowned in concern as Akira fiddled with the zip, but she seemed to be having trouble. Glancing at the dresser, Bellinda quickly put down the ice creams and moved to help. Akira squeaked when Bellinda took charge and quickly unzipped the hoody.

“There, you okay?” She asked, smirking when she thought about Akira probably being naked underneath.

“Mhm,” Akira replied a little higher pitch than Bellinda was expecting.

She moved her hands and Bellinda could see a series of lines drawn on her cheeks in black mascara. Akira pushed back the hood, showing a hairband with little black cat ears. Then she rolled her shoulders, allowing the hoodie to fall into a heap on the floor, right beside Bellinda’s jaw.

“Is it okay?”

Bellinda blinked, still not sure what she was seeing. Akira was… A cat. Feline ears on the headband, whiskers on her cheeks. She was wearing a black choker with a cat’s paw on the front, gloves that gave her the impression of cats paws and a set of lingerie. Her small breasts were exposed around the triangular strips that were literally designed to hold nothing. The panties were lace and came high on Akira’s hips. But Bellinda could see they lacked a crotch entirely. The final piece to her outfit was the small garter belt on her upper thigh that also had a cat’s paw on it.

Akira squeaked in fright when Bellinda moved, and she squeaked again as she hit the bed. Bellinda’s mouth was on hers a moment later and Akira lifted her legs to wrap them around the larger woman. Bellinda’s hands went everywhere. Stoking her face, arms and stomach. Bellinda pulled away from the kiss and set a series of small bites down her small lover’s neck. Akira squirmed at the sensation and sucked in a lungful of air.


“Hush!” Bellinda pressed a finger to Akira’s lips. “Kitties don’t talk, they make cat noises.”

Akira blushed and nodded, “Mew?”


Akira gasped as Bellinda ran her tongue across her nipple. The large woman lightly stroked Akira’s stomach, giving her butterflies as her tongue brought her closer to heaven.

“Mew,” Akira writhed.

“What’s that? Kitty wants some milk?”

“Mrow!” kaçak bahis siteleri Akira grinned and blushed at the same time.

Bellinda shifted her weight, aiming her knee for between Akira’s legs she wanted to give the small woman something to rub herself on. So hearing the sharp intake made her freeze in place.


“M-my… Tail.”

Bellinda frowned, “Tail?”

Looking down between Akira’s legs, she spotted something black and fluffy. In all her excitement, she hadn’t paid much attention to what was below the belt.

“Is… Is that…”

“Mew,” Akira whined pathetically as Bellinda leaned down.

Bellinda grabbed the smaller woman around the knees and folded her in half. Akira blushed in embarrassment as Bellinda got a closer look. She looked between her paws. All she could see was the cleft of her own pussy with Bellinda’s hungry expression hovering above. Which was all the warning she got before that long, firm tongue invaded her most sensitive place.

“Oh!” Akira gasped.

“Bad kitty,” Bellinda scolded her. Taking the tail in her hand, she wrapped it around her wrist, then gently tugged.

“Meow,” Akira shuddered as her legs kicked in the air.

Bellinda smiled, watching the way Akira’s ass puckered as she pulled on the plug. Then she’d relax her grip, allowing the plug to reseat itself, before gently pulling again. She pulled a little harder each time, enjoying the flash of silver as the plug became exposed, before she let it slide back in. Akira laid on her back, biting her finger in an attempt to hold in her cries. The slow sensation of being fucked in her ass was driving her crazy. She hadn’t felt much about putting it in, but she definitely felt it now Bellinda was slowly pulling on it.

“… Bell?…”

Bellinda blinked and looked at the expression on Akira’s face. “There now,” Bellinda crooned. “Let’s get you feeling good and comfortable.”

Akira “Mrow”ed as Bellinda’s fingers began running over her clit. They were soft, gentle and stroked over her labia in one direction. Then firmer, they pushed between her lips to slide directly over her clit. Akira trembled, feeling her orgasm approaching.

“Let’s try this again,” Bellinda hissed, blowing cool air over Akira’s crotch.

Akira wasn’t sure what she was referring to, until she felt Bellinda’s firm fingers, close over her clit again. The tiny organ rebelled against Akira as it throbbed madly in the larger woman’s grip.

“Bell!” Akira whined softly. “I’m… I’m gonna!”

“Oh I damn well hope so,” Bellinda grinned.

Akira shuddered and made one last futile kick in the air, before her pussy pulsed. Each mad throb, pulled torturously on her entrapped clit, driving her ever higher. And with the sensation of the plug slowly fucking her ass…

“Bellinda!” Akira wailed.

A jet of hot fluid sprayed out. Akira was coated in her own squirt. It was the sexiest thing Bellinda had ever seen. Akira blushed furiously, despite the fact she was still cumming. Her pussy throbbed madly in front of her and Bellinda had no idea where to look. That gorgeous little asshole, or the throbbing pussy above it.

Akira was in a world of her own. She was wet, but the liquid was warm. It tasted funny too, but that just heightened the pleasure she already felt. Subconsciously she started rubbing it into her skin. There was some on her chest that she rubbed. A few drips had ended up on her neck, so she rubbed that in too. But the majority was all over her face. So much so, instead of rubbing it in, she smeared it towards her mouth so she could lick it off her fingers.

“Jesus fuck Akira!” Bellinda growled.

Akira felt herself flop back onto the bed. In shock, she blinked and came back to rationality as Bellinda scrambled off the bed. She frowned, thinking something was terribly wrong before Bellinda straightened.

“Ah HA!”

Akira watched as Bellinda fiddled with the power socket on the wall, taking out her phone charger and plugging something else in. Then she practically ripped all her own clothes off. Akira frowned in concern as Bellinda stood and turned around, holding what looked like a white club with a power cord.

“What’s that?” Akira asked.

Bellinda frowned and looked down at her magic wand. “You don’t know what this is?”

Akira shook her head nervously. “That’s… Not supposed to go inside me, is it?”

Bellinda giggled softly and shook her head. “No honey, there’s attachments that you can get to do that. But this, no. I have something I wanna try.”

Akira nodded slowly as Bellinda sat on the bed. She spun around and opened her legs. Akira looked at that drooling pussy and licked her lips, thinking about wanting to taste it.

“Soon honey, I want to try this first. So do what I do.”

Akira nodded and turned to sit how Bellinda was. Bellinda directed her to open her legs and bend her knees. Then she shuffled close, as if she was going to try and touch their pussies together. A warm feeling went through Akira thinking about doing just that, but Bellinda held the device between them instead. Akira frowned as the rounded head was pressed against her clit. The plug in her ass shifted in a way that felt nice as she adjusted herself. Bellinda pressed in close as their legs entwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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