Swimsuit Shopping

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I’m going to spend most of my time watching the game on my phone. What the hell else would a guy do when he gets dragged shopping? One of those big department stores. The only saving grace – and you may have done it as a trick – was that you said you were here to buy a new swimsuit. The thought of seeing you scantily clad, showing off your pale skin and slender, curvaceous body was appealing. And this store allegedly had a very good selection of suits.

I couldn’t help but wonder how on Earth this place stayed in business as we walk through. Middle of the day and it’s dead – not a soul around. We make our way to the swimsuit section which is tucked back in a corner of the store. I again look around – still no one to be seen, employees or shoppers. I do see that this section has its own dressing room.

You’re going through the racks, looking at this, holding on to that. I’m the last guy to give advice in this department. We both know that. I just fiddle with my phone while you make a few selections.

“I’ve got enough for now. I’m going to try them on,” you say.

Still fiddling with my phone, I follow you. You stop and turn around.

“Umm…where are you going?”

I just look up at you and smile. You turn to keep walking…and I’m right behind you.

You turn into the dressing room and, I notice there’s no attendant. You enter one of the booths, and before you can shut the door I grab it, enter, and close it behind me. This time, your voice is much more quiet.

“Are you just going to watch me try on all this stuff?”

Again I just smile. I could speak – it’s clear no one else is in the dressing room – but I like keeping quiet. You shrug your shoulders and start peeling off layers. It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked. Or in a bikini. Or sexy lingerie. But, the sight of you getting undressed, especially in such a nonchalant way, is still very sexy. Once undressed, you turn to reach for the first suit. But you turn to fully face me, and you have a little smirk on your face. You enjoy being a bit of an exhibitionist, even in this limited capacity.

I sit back and watch as you put the first one on: a black and white polka-dot bikini. You check your reflection in the mirrors, turning this way and that, tugging here and there, seeing and feeling the fit. Only when you are satisfied do you turn to me for my opinion. It covers up too much, so I give it an “Eh.” You nod your head in agreement and peel it off.

The next one is a dark green string bikini. Again I watch as you manipulate the strings and tie everything together. I’m a little surprised that you selected a t-back…surprised, but aroused. You go through the same motions, checking for yourself before getting my opinion. When you turn for my thoughts, I just look down at the bottoms, look up at your face, back to the bottom, back to your face. You turn around, bend over a bit, and wiggle your very firm and toned ass at me. I reach out with both hands and grab your ass, slowly grabbing and massaging it. You just hold that position, letting me relax you. I do this for several minutes, then you stand up and peel kartal escort bayan this one off as well.

You repeat the process with the other suits you brought it. None of them make the cut. You gather them up and hang them on the rack for clothes to be returned. Back to the racks outside to get another armload. I again follow you into the dressing room.

This time, you undress a little slower, but still feigning no concern over me being there…though, you did keep your legs straighter as you took off your panties. Your smirk is a little bigger as you walk toward me to reach for the suits hanging next to the bench on which I’m sitting.

But when you get close enough, I put my hands on the top of your hips, right where they flair in to your taut stomach. You look at me with surprise. I just lean my head forward and kiss your breast, lightly, softly, all over. You put your hands on my shoulders for balance, and I can feel your weight shift on to me. I slowly kiss my way around your breast, circling your nipple…then doing the same to the other breast. I keep going back and forth like this, getting a little more intense each time. Eventually I let my tongue roll over your nipple. Your hands squeeze my shoulders as I flick my tongue. Your nipple gets bigger and harder, until I can suck on it. Then I repeat the same on the other breast. Then I pull back and smile up at you.

Your face is definitely a little red, a little flushed. But you quickly gather yourself and put on the next bikini, a flower print. You do the same ritual, and when you turn for my opinion, your nipples are clearly pushing through the fabric. I am somewhat fixated on them, seeing them grow the longer I study them. I look up at your face, your mouth slightly agape, your eyes a little glassy. I notice your chest rising and falling a little more deeply. This suit enhances your full breasts, lifting them and pushing them in a bit, just enhancing your cleavage. Without words you strip out of this suit.

The next suit surprises me a little: a medium dark blue one-piece. The color contrasts amazingly against your pale skin. It is cut very high over your hips, almost to your waist, exposing the full length of your toned thighs and the sides of your ass. The neckline plunges very deep, showing off more of your breasts than some bikini tops. You make the adjustments and turn to face me: again, your nipples strain the fabric, this one making me wonder how thin that fabric is. I also notice your swollen pussy lips stretching the fabric.

I get up from the chair and walk toward you. You look at me, your mouth open ready to say something – to protest or try to stop me. Before you get the chance I take your face in my hands and draw you in for a soft kiss…soft at first, but then our lips part, tongues playing, deepening the kiss. My hands fall to your hips, feeling the warmth of your bare skin, pulling you in closer to me. Your arms wrap around me tightly. I kiss across your cheek and down your neck, nibbling and biting your neck passionately but making sure not to leave any marks.

My hands slip just escort maltepe inside the edge of this suit, my hand covering your firm ass. My hands squeeze and knead. I can feel you contract and relax your muscles as I slightly lift you into me. I lift you up, turn us around, and set you down on the bench so you’re slumped down, your ass on the edge.

I get on my knees in front of you and nudge your legs open. I run my hands up and down your legs, savoring the softness and silkiness. I gently massage your thighs as my hands roam over them. I lighten my touch when dipping along your inner thighs. You respond by letting your legs fall open wider. I let my fingernails dance and play along your inner thighs. You let out a quiet whimper when my hand brushes against your lips.

I pull the suit aside, exposing your pussy, which is visibly wet. I trace along your lips, still teasing a little. You take a long, slow, deep inhale and exhale, then open your eyes to look at me. Holding your gaze I lean down and press my mouth to your pussy. My tongue starts probing your folds, like a soft wet kiss. Your hands go to the back of my head, guiding me with pressure and angle. I lick up and down, up and down, alternating between light pressure on your clit and reaching my tongue deeper inside you.

Soft moans escape your mouth, and I know that you would love to be much louder, which fuels my passion. I steadily increase my intensity. You become more and more wet, with me licking it all up. While licking you I unbutton my shorts and let them slide down. My cock bounces free, growing and throbbing with its release from the confines. I look up at you as I slowly stroke myself.

You grab a chunk of my hair and pull me up for a kiss. Our mouths slide together with your wetness. The head of my cock is tickling your pussy, and we both put much focus on that. While still engaged in a kiss, eyes open looking at each other, I tilt my hips and slide my cock inside you. I slowly fuck you once my cock is about halfway in. You’re very wet, but also very tight, so I can’t just shove my cock all the way inside you…at least, not in this venue. But with each stroke, more of my cock disappears inside you. Once my hips are pressed to yours, I press and hold my hips down on you, then withdraw almost totally out to fuck you in long strokes.

I lean up a bit to get a better angle, slightly increasing my speed and intensity with each downstroke. You lift your legs up and over my shoulders, letting me take you deeper and deeper. We look at each other and smile, remembering where we are and what we’re doing and totally getting off on it. You reach your hand down to play with yourself. Your face changes to the twisted contortions of pleasure. Your facial movements stop after a few moments, with your mouth hanging open and your chest heaving. You look up at me and mouth, “I’m cumming.” Your eyes slam shut and your mouth opens wide, but no sound comes out. I can feel your pussy squeeze and spasm around my cock. A flood of your juice covers my cock and runs down my balls. I keep up my pace until your face begins to return, pendik escort your eyes open with glassy pleasure.

You reach a hand out to slow my hips, then stop me and push me away. You stand up, lean against the mirror, and adjust the suit to expose your pussy to me. Our eyes meet in the mirror, you with a look that you want more. I step behind you and hold your hips while sliding back inside you. I can take you much more forcefully in this position. I can barely hear you, but your mouth is saying “Harder, harder, harder.” The only sounds are the squishing sounds of my cock stretching your wet pussy, and my hips slapping against yours.

I reach up and slide a strap down, exposing a breast. My hand covers it, and your hand instantly covers mine. I roughly squeeze and grab it, following your lead. I only do this briefly as it compromises how hard I can fuck you. I grab your shoulders and pull you down onto my cock as I thrust up into you.

We keep this up for a while. You flip your hair back to continue to give me a good view of your face reflecting in the mirror. If anyone walked by outside, they would know what’s going on – but neither of us is thinking about that. We are only concerned with a good, hard fuck – the kind that get both of us off so much.

When I feel the first stirrings of my own orgasm, I grab your hair and pull you back so I can whisper in your ear, “I want to cum down your throat.” You look at me in the mirror and slowly lick your lips. The mere thought of covering your face is nearly enough to make me cum, but I keep fucking you for a while longer.

As I quietly yet forcefully fuck you, I whisper in your ear, “I’m ready to cum in your mouth.”

You immediately get down on your knees and take my cock in your mouth. You furiously suck me while fisting my shaft. Your hand and mouth are intense, desperate…amazing. You look up at me with such a sexy combination of pouty, sexy, desperate eyes. While looking at me you slide your other hand down to rub your pussy.

“Can you take all of me without spilling any? Especially when you’re cumming?”

You nod your head yes, and close your eyes and focus on getting me off. So sweet… Your moans around my cock heighten my pleasure, and signal me that you’re right with me. I mouth down to you that I’m cumming right when your own orgasm hits. Your body shudders in the most delicious way, your eyes shut, your hand clamping down my cock so hard it’s almost painful, but it feels so incredibly good. I’m releasing a large amount into your mouth, but I can see your throat move as you swallow batch after batch.

You keep sucking and stroking me as you ride your longer wave of pleasure. I get off on watching you in the throes of pleasure like this. Soon you open your eyes and again look up at me. You back your head off my cock but keep stroking it, flashing me that big, sexy smile. You pop your head back on my shaft, sucking and licking every drop.

You stand up and we embrace in another very passionate kiss.

“I think I’m going to get the last two,” you say.

I smile and nod. We get dressed, collect our things, and exit the dressing room. You drop some of the suits on the return pile, and we walk to the register with the two you’re going to buy. I wrap my arm tight around you as we walk. I’m hoping you end up disliking the suits you bought so we can go shopping again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32