Sweet, Sweet Heather Ch. 04

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We walked, hand-in-hand, to Heather’s kitchen, both of us wearing nothing but our smiles. I felt, in a strange way, a little more shyness than I normally felt. Heather seemed totally at home with our little nude jaunt. She carried herself well, walking smoothly and giggling most of the way. Her breasts, due mostly to their diminutive size, hardly bounced at all when she moved, but they still looked so beautiful. Mine wiggled from side to side. My nipples were like hard pebbles.

“I’ll cook the bacon and eggs,” she said as we got to the kitchen. “You make the coffee.”

“Deal,” I said, and we went about our separate ways to complete the tasks.

To prevent grease from burning the front of her body, Heather donned a short, white apron with a red lace border that made her pretty as a picture and, of course, showed off her delectable ass to perfection. Waiting for the coffee to brew, I sat at the breakfast table and watched her. Every once in a while she turned and gave me a wink or a smile. She chattered almost the whole time she was cooking, mostly about small things like her favorite foods or her fondness for animals. She told me about her job—an office manager at a warehouse—that she felt was kind of boring but at least put food on the table.

By the time the carafe of coffee was ready, Heather was scooping up the eggs and bacon and throwing them on our plates. I poured two cups of coffee, asked her how she liked hers, and put two small cubes of sugar in each. She threw her apron over the chair as she approached the table. I looked her up and down, taking in her awesome nakedness, and she blushed as she followed my eyes.

“Hey, you saw it all last night and again this morning,” she said with a soft smile.

“I can never see enough of it, sweetie. You are absolutely gorgeous when you are naked. I just love looking at you like this.”

“Lend me some of your boobs and I would be a lot happier.”

I sensed she felt like there wasn’t enough up top to make me happy. “Look, young lady, I happen to like every part of your sweet body and I wouldn’t change one part it, not for the world.”

“Thanks. You make me feel wanted.”

She sat down next to me and we chatted some more. More small talk. More likes and dislikes. We found that we had a lot in common, like in movies and our love of animals, especially baby animals. Both of us enjoyed romantic comedies; neither of us liked television sitcoms. Heather liked to swim for exercise; I liked to take long walks. There wasn’t one ounce of fat on her body; she took excellent care of it.

As she was talking about one of her favorite movies, Heather nonchalantly lifted her left leg up and placed her heel on the seat of the chair. The view she had just given me was out of this world. Her slit was perfect—a nice, puffy vulva and a gorgeous crack from the top of which peeked out, ever so invitingly, her full clitoral hood. I wanted to kneel on the floor and service it for the next few hours.

Finally, I spoke up. “Nice view,” I said, looking straight at Heather’s gorgeous cunt.

She blushed and looked down. “Oh, my. I wasn’t even thinking.”

She started to move her leg and I quickly stopped her by holding her left leg in place. istanbul escort “Don’t. It’s too lovely a view to take away.”

Heather smiled. “And if I should take the view away?”

“Well, the spanking would have to be all the much harder, I guess.”

She waited until I brought my cup of coffee to my mouth. “Only if you catch me!” she giggled as she quickly arose and started running toward the bedroom.

By the time I put my coffee cup down, the little stinker had a three step head-start on me. I turned and jumped out of the chair as fast as I could, catching a glimpse of Heather’s perfect derriere half-way down the hall. I ran as fast as I could and gained ground when she entered her bedroom and tried to shut the door on me. I fell to my knees and with one quick movement, grasped her right ankle with two hands. She squealed like a Guinea pig and tried to turn away from me, but my grip was too strong. In the process of turning, she fell to the floor, on her side, full of constant giggles. I pushed the door open with my shoulder and pounced on her like a tigress. I crawled half-way up her body and held her tightly.

Suddenly I took a friendly but nonetheless slightly painful bite out of her right ass cheek. She squealed again. “Hey! That hurts!”

“You ran from me, you little shit!”

“You were going to spank me!”

“You deserved it. And still do!” I bit down again playfully.

“EEEEEEEEEEE! That’s it! I’m reporting you!”

I laughed out loud. “You’re reporting me? To whom?”

“The SPCA!”

“They are off on Sundays.”

“Then the New York Port Authority!”

I laughed again. “The New York Port Authority has no jurisdiction over people complaining of ass bites.”

“My uncle is a criminal judge in upstate New York. He’ll throw your ass in jail, you swine!”

“Mmmmm. I wouldn’t be able to come here and ravage your body if I were in jail. I don’t like that idea at all. If I promise not to bite your ass anymore, will you be lenient on me?”

Heather smiled. “If you promise not to bite my ass anymore I may just have to kidnap you and force you to do it.”

“You are so bad. You liked it, you shit.”

“I’ll never tell.”

I slowly slithered further up Heather’s naked body. In the process, she turned onto her back, opening her legs nice and wide for me to press my body into. Her legs came around my back. My pubic bone came naturally into place over hers, my pussy hairs mingling with the upper part of her sex. Her gorgeous red hair fell beautifully into place on each side of her head; her hands were above her head, wrist to wrist, palms up. I put my left hand over her wrists and brushed her left eyebrow with the tips of my fingers.

“You are too beautiful for words, Heather,” I said softly.

She bit her lip, a little nervously. “I feel so happy with you, Beth. I never thought it would be like this. I was kinda scared, and you made things so easy for me. You are a good teacher.”

It was my turn to smile. “And you are a great pupil. There is so much for you to learn.”

What happened then was something I will never, ever forget. My mouth slowly moved downward until our lips met. The kiss, soft and easy-going istanbul escort bayan at first, soon turned into the most passionate, most erotic kiss I have ever known. When my tongue delved deeply into the warm, moist cavern of Heather’s mouth, she turned into a wreathing sexual time-bomb. She brought her arms around me, hugged me as tightly as humanly possible, and continued kissing me with such a fervor, with such complete abandon, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Every once in a while she would shove her pubis into mine, for emphasis, but this whole scenario was centered on the kiss of a lifetime. A kiss for all ages. The mother of all kisses. It went on, seemingly endlessly, for the better part of ten minutes. It broke several times for less than three or four heartbeats before it continued. Our tongues fought for each other’s territory. Our teeth ground together. We sucked voraciously on each other’s tongues and lips. The kiss just seemed to build and build into a maddening crescendo of moans and smacks of lips and gasps for air.

Outside of this kiss, in this place, at this time, nothing else existed. I really don’t even remember how it ended, but by the time it did I had moved my left leg across Heather’s hip and brought my hairy bush flat against the slit she had only recently gave me a cats-eye view of. I held onto her left leg for leverage and started churning my cunt against hers. The both of us had been so excited by the super-passionate kiss that we had had become literally drenched in love juices. The resulting “trib” was the wettest one I had ever known. As we pressed our bodies into each other, we seemed to glide back and forth on each other’s juices. Usually I like to center my clit directly over my lover’s when I do a trib, but the copious flow of sexual excretions from our respective bodies and Heather’s constantly undulating hips made that all but impossible. The sounds of two delightfully squishing pussies was music to my ears. Our moans became louder and louder until our bodies gave into the gyrations and we both exploded, Heather first followed shortly thereafter by me. I had multiple orgasms for the first time in a long time, most of them short, quick ones. But the first couple of orgasms were mind-bending, unforgettable.

I must confess that it was either during the fantastic kiss or the gut-wrenching trib, I can’t remember which, but suddenly I came to the realization that this relationship was about to blossom into something wonderful and beautiful. Something that would last forever.

We came down slowly, and I soon ended up in the position we had started, looking down at my sweet Heather. “You drive me wild, woman.”

She gave me another of her infectious smiles. “Good. I like that.”

“But now, young lady, I am afraid you must pay the price of running away from me. To the victor belongs the spoils.”

She looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes and said, simply, “Okay then, spoil me.”

“I want you to get up and straddle the corner of your bed, on your tummy, with your ass poking out.”

Heather worked her way out from under me and did exactly as she told, looking over her shoulder when she was in place and giving istanbul bayan escort me a nod. “I’m ready,” she said proudly.

The view of her puffy sex at the kitchen table was wonderful, but the sight of spread legs and her upturned ass, literally begging to be spanked, was too much to take. Little did she know it, but she had an ass that was made to be spanked. I arose and moved toward her, never taking my eyes from the gorgeous split pumpkin. To my total surprise, Heather looked back at me and said, “Don’t hold back, Beth.”

“I won’t, baby.”

I started her out slowly, building her up. The first few spanks didn’t even redden her alabaster buttocks. “Harder,” she pleaded.

“Easy, sweetie. Let me work it nice and slow. In a few minutes you’ll be begging me to stop.”

“Not in a thousand years.”

“If it gets too hard, the safe word is ‘mercy.’ Say the safe word and I’ll stop.”

It took me a good five minutes to get the spanking to a point of even mild pain. As soon as she felt the pain, Heather lifted her hips slightly and spread her legs even wider, giving me an even more inviting target. Soon each spank was evoking a loud “oh” or “ah”, but she never flinched. She just asked for more. The ass cheeks quickly went from pink to red and began to ripple slightly as my blows increased in intensity. I moved from cheek to cheek, alternately, sometimes reigning two or three slaps in quick succession over the same area. Sometimes I gently rubbed the redness, soothing away the pain, before striking down even harder. More than once I took Heather’s breath away with a good, loud spank, but she never asked me to stop.

Every once in a while I dipped two or three fingers into Heather’s still dripping honey-pot, just to change the sensation and give her a little reward for her bravery, but I always returned to the task at hand. The spanking lasted almost twenty minutes, and by the time I was done Heather was literally a ball of sweat. Her buns were ripe red apples. Her face was totally flushed, but not near the color of her derriere. I stopped only because my hand began to hurt. She had taken more than I thought she could. I knelt down next to the bed, put my arm around her back, and lightly kissed her shoulder.

We ended up in bed, covers pulled over us, snuggling contentedly. We never got out of bed that day.

Heather was beyond compare, as sweet as sweet could be. The good side of me told me to go slow, to nurture this budding relationship, to always keep the sexual side of it but, at the same time, to let that side of it mellow into something wonderful for the non-sexual part of the relationship. The devil inside me told me to fuck this girl’s brains out every chance I got and get the greatest sexual satisfaction I could. For once, my good side won. When the lease was up on the apartment I had shared with Linda for almost three years, I moved in with Heather. It was strange, but I never heard from Linda again. I assumed she had found someone new also. Heather and I soon fell head over heals in love. We still kept the out-of-this world sex going, but we tempered it with a loving, caring relationship. We learned to communicate our feelings to one another in a way that made both of us feel a closeness we could only have dreamed about before we met. We gave each other sufficient space so neither of us felt like we didn’t have our own lives.

Yes, perhaps within my heart of hearts I could imagine a world without Heather, but I just couldn’t imagine living in it.

– The End –

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