Sweet Sunday

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Many thanks to member sr71plt for editing this story.


You return home from your morning walk. I am at home working in the kitchen cleaning the dishes after last night’s dinner.

“How was it, babe?” I ask.

“It was nice, honey,”

“it’s a lovely day out.” you reply.

“Do you feel renewed, cleansed by the morning sunshine and the bird song?” I query to you, looking over my shoulder at you, a cheeky grin on my lips.

“Yes, baby, I feel fantastic,” you reply to me as you press yourself to me from behind, your arms moving around my waist as you kiss the back of my neck.

Grabbing a tea towel, you begin to dry some things, as I release the water down the drain.

I find another tea towel and flick your leg playfully.

“Ouch,” you cry to me before turning and twisting your own towel, preparing to battle back with me. I let you get me a few times before moving in close, grabbing you and holding you tightly in my arms.

“That hurt me, sweetie,” you whimper to me.

“Where, babe, show me,” I reply.

You push away from me and arch your leg out backwards, showing me a small red mark just above the back of your knee. I drop down for a closer look and give it a gentle kiss. “Does that feel better?” I ask you.

“A little bit.” I kiss the spot again, this time lingering a little longer. “That feels much better, you say.”

I stand and you turn back to face me. My arms move around your waist and yours loop over my shoulder. Looking in your eyes, I can see love, trust, beauty, wisdom, friendship. I could stand and look into the depths of you for hours, but my eyes start to wander, catching sight of your cute nose and beautiful soft lips.

We kiss, gently at first, but gradually increasing in pressure and intensity. Soon your tongue parts my lips, flicking at my teeth and brushing over my own tongue.

We remain like this, kissing one another for many minutes before I break the kiss and start my lips to kiss over your cheek and to your neck. Your head moves back to allow me better access. I kiss you softly, travelling around to the little spot below and behind your ear that I know drives you wild and makes you instantly wet.

My hands move up your sides and make their way to squeeze your breasts from outside your dress. I Bostancı Escort can feel your nipples are hard. Quickly I move my hands down again to your waist, and in a swift motion I pick you up and place you on the bench top, causing you to squeal playfully as I do so.

I begin to peel the straps of your dress and bra over your shoulders. I want to release your breasts to me. I want to see them, kiss them, knead them, lick them, bite them, to worship them as I do your whole being. You also want these things and help me to shimmy the dress down and then reach back to undo the clasp of your bra.

Released to me, I first look and smile. you are so lovely, milky skin so soft, puffy nipples. For my eyes you are a vision of perfection.

My hands reach to you, gently running around the bottom of your tits, feeling the weight gently, my thumbs finding your nipples and rubbing across them, the friction eliciting a soft moan from your lips. We kiss again, and you moan into my mouth. I love the sexual creature that you are, and I plan on awakening you fully today.

As my hands move to your thighs, pushing your dress up out of the way, my mouth finds your breasts. I lick, kiss, bite, and suck on your supple flesh, your nipples fully erect in my mouth as I suck away, drawing you into me.

You shimmy your butt and help me to pull the dress up and your panties down. Without any more ceremony I lower my mouth to your pussy and kiss your lips, before sliding my tongue between your outer lips and taste your arousal.

Before I settle in here, I grab a chair from the table and set it in front of you. I plan to take my time this morning. It is Sunday after all, the slowest day of the week.

I seat myself in front of you and smile. You are holding your pussy open for me

“Eat me,” you instruct.

“Oh I will, baby. I’m hungry for you today; give me all of you.”

I sink my lips to your pussy again, my tongue dipping in and curling up to scoop out some of your juices. I replace your hands with my own before burying my face to you again. I press my tongue inside your hole and then slide my whole head upwards so that I lick you, starting inside and moving all the way to just below your clitoris, purposefully avoiding this centre of pleasure.

I lick you again, Erenköy Escort starting at the top of your slit and moving down, flicking inside your hole and then continuing downwards, tonguing your perineum and toying close to your bum.

You arch your hips toward me, providing better access, and I begin to caress your hole with my tongue. This is new for us, and from the sounds I am extracting form you, it is very enjoyable. After a time caressing and exploring your rear, I then move my attentions back to your pussy.

I begin to fuck you with my stiffened tongue, in and out, in and out, alternating between flattening my tongue and licking you roughly and curling my tongue into a point to insert as far as I can reach.

You are beside yourself in pleasure. I am beside myself also. I love to lick your pussy and derive great pleasure myself just by making you feel this way, to take you to heaven on earth, to shatter your body with lightning bolts of pleasure.

My finger replaces my tongue inside you, instantly making you release another load of juices as I penetrate you deeper.

My mouth moves towards your clit. your little love button is the next destination, and I intend to interrogate it thoroughly.

My finger has been joined by another one. you are so tight around me as I arch my fingers upwards and find your g-spot and begin to apply my attentions, continually stroking over it and gradually increasing the tempo and the pressure.

My other hand captures some of the juices that are now pouring from you, and I begin to finger your bum hole, moving around and around in circles and applying gentle pressure occasionally to your sphincter.

I have lost count how many times you have shuddered in orgasm, but I have yet to bring you to the peaks that I want to, that I have told you I will.

Now you have two fingers inside you, working over your g-spot, one finger rimming your butt, causing new sensations to well up inside you.

You’re experiencing sensory overload; and then I begin to tongue your clit, gentle yet firm, consistent strokes ensuring I provide plenty of saliva to keep you well lubricated and allow me to slide over and around your nub with ease.

“Oh my Ggggggg, Ffffffuuuu, hhoollll, nnnggggggggg.” You can’t even speak right Göztepe Escort now, but the pace of your breath and motion in your hips tell me all I need to know. You want me to keep going, to give you more. More.

“That’s, it baby, give it to me,” I reply to you encouragingly.

I draw your clitoris in with my lips, sucking you inside my mouth and hold it between my teeth, gently, alternating between flicking you with my tongue and sucking on you in a little clit blowjob. I am keeping time with the motions of my fingers inside you, stroking your g-spot, which is getting really spongy and soaking my hand at this time.

It is very near. I have already taken you to a peak you have never experienced, and we are nearing the ultimate climax.

My mouth sucks on your clit, while my tongue flicks at you. My fingers are tirelessly stroking inside your soaking wet, hot, and very, very tight pussy. I can feel your pussy pulsing, convulsing, tensing and flexing in spasms. We are very near now, baby. I want you to let go.

“Give it to me, baby,” I encourage. “Give it to me, babe,” again I repeat “that’s it, baby, ohhhh you taste so good on my tongue. Give me some more baby. I want all your juices. Cum, baby; cum for me now; cum all over me, baby.”

In continuous and repetitive firm strokes my tongue relentlessly covers your clit. my fingers are still working, but I find it hard to move inside you now as you feel so tight, so I use just one finger to rub, rub, and rub you over and over again on the spongy and soaking surface of your g-spot.

“Give it to me, baby.”

I allow a finger from my free hand to move around your bum again, pressing lightly at your puckering sphincter. This is the final straw and you finally release to me.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” you cry out loudly.

Your pussy gushes all over my hand and the counter top. Copious amounts of liquid coat me and you. I release my hand from your pussy and relinquish my attack to your clit.

As your body shudders I move my arms around your hips and hold you close, my head pressed toward your belly as you sit there, shaking, trembling. Your body is exploding within.

I can feel your heart racing as I hold you close and allow the sensations to wash over you slowly. Enjoy this moment, baby.

I will wait for you to return back to this reality, back to our normal level of consciousness.

“Thank you, baby,” I whisper to you as your body begins to settle and I hear your breath returning to normal.

Silently you squeeze me as a reply.

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