Sweet Siesta

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Present day Siesta Beach, Florida

Esther slowly stirred awake to the sound of seagulls soaring overhead. A sweet smile graced her lips as she lay watching their aerial acrobatics. Their calls, screeches of laughter, as they swooped, through the beautiful azure sky, then diving for fish in the warm blue-green water.

Languidly she sat up to find her long black tresses, tangled with the tall emerald beach grass she had slumbered on. Esther imagined the tall thin blades as fingers, playing in her hair through the night. A tiny shiver of pleasure rippled through her.

Tiny specks of soft, white sand clung to her limbs. The sun, shining brightly, reflected brilliantly, as the minuscule grains, took on the appearance of tiny diamonds. The tiny prisms of light sparkled along her skin.

She looked around, taking in the quiet tranquility of her surroundings. Giant palm trees brushed the heights, their fronds, stroking the air, as they painted a glorious picture before her eyes.

The water lapping up onto the sand rolled lazily, grasping at the shells in its attempt to reclaim the multicolor treasures.

Somewhere in the distance she could hear strains of music. ‘It must be traveling from remote area of the beach’, she thought, as there was no one on the beach with her.

‘Ah…the music’, Closing her eyes, she remembered last night. The sand was still warm from the day’s sun, under her feet as she leisurely strolled the beach. The sun, now a great orange orb, melted into the water on the horizon. Its blazing brilliance being extinguished as it sunk lower and lower still. Wispy clouds hung in the sky as if placed there with great care. Hues of orange, purple and pink beşiktaş escort stained the sky. The beauty was breathtaking.

Cloaked by the cool damp air of the evening, Esther came upon a small group of drummers. Their different tones enticing and primal, called out to her. Swaying in time with them, her lithe form moved to and fro.

The musicians gazed at her, with something close to awe. Her exotic beauty entranced them as their tempo built and swelled. Their music was only for her. It was a lovely gift that stirred her soul.

One particularly handsome young man approached her. ‘Sweet Michael’, a smile graced her lips as she recalled him fondly. They danced together joyously as the fire the musicians sat around flared to life. Sparks soared to the heavens.

Her fingers tingled as she thought of how his youthful body reminded her of the Statue of David, that she loved so much. Michael was graced with the body of a young God, so firm and strong. He swayed with her, touching her tenderly as if she were a rare, priceless bauble to be cherished. His warm soft fingers trailed down her arms. Esther, lost in the trance of drums, sought his eyes. Sparks of desire glinted in the fire’s light.

He took her hand; raising it to his lips he kissed the very tips of her fingers. His moist tongue darting out to taste her. Together they moved to the tall grass, their shared passion ignited and building.

Esther reached out to touch Michael’s chest. Her touch thrilling him as he closed his eyes, savoring the trail of heat she made, as her soft fingers slowly traveled to his beautifully sculpted abs. He covered her fingers beşyol escort with his hand moving it downward slowly, until their hands together, found his cock. He arched his neck, throwing his head back thrusting his covered cock into her waiting palm. She squeezed him gently cupping her hand over him claiming his manhood as a great prize. Dropping to her knees in front of him, her now greedy hands, furiously worked with the little button of his pants, finally releasing his member from its cloth prison.

Michael watched her through the slits of his passion-heavy eyelids. His hand tenderly cupping the back of her head, urged her to take him in her mouth, a pearl of pre-cum caught the distant light. A sparkling dewdrop she had to taste. Her tongue firm and wet darted out to lick it from his engorged head. Tasting the saltiness, she smiled up at him. Wrapping her thin warm hard around his shaft, she started to milk him, stroking him up and down. Licking her lips, like a cat with a saucer of milk, Esther enveloped his length and girth within her warm wet hungry mouth.

Her tongue swirled and danced on the smooth skin of the large crown, dipping into the opening, then slowly traced the delicate skin beneath it. Teasing it gently. Her other hand cradled his sac, heavy with his seed.

Michael thrust his hips as his arousal crashed over and through him. The large head of his hard hot cock, buried at the back of her welcoming throat, erupted. His thick hot essence coating the inside of her mouth, as pulse after pulse of his cum slid down her throat. She swallowed all of it, not allowing a precious drop escape her slick wet beykent escort lips.

Completely spent, Michael sunk to his knees in the sandy grass in front of her. His passion for her, etched in the comely features of his face. His hand came up to cup a lovely breast, but she covered it with her own, shaking her head ‘no’.

Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. Her own inner desire sated as she slowly pulled him down beside her and cradled his head to her breast. They lay together, like two vines entangled in a sweet embrace, until sleep claimed them both.

The spell of the memory broke, as a small wave crashed and rolled onto the shore. The heat of the sun was overheating her tender skin. A pink glow appeared on her shoulders. The quenching power of the water called to her. A siren’s call that reached her ears and tugged on her heart.

Esther waded into the water, tentatively at first. Testing the feel of it as it ran over her feet and ankles. Turning back to view the picturesque scene, a bittersweet sadness filled her. Michael would not be here the next time she visited. She held the memory of his sweet face in her mind as once again, she waded further into the rolling swells.

Diving under the crest of the small wave, she twisted her body and looked up to the sky through the life giving water above her. Esther’s body relaxed, her long jet-black hair trailed and swirled around her, as her legs merged together. Her tail unfurling spreading like delicate gossamer wings. The iridescent scales appeared like goose bumps covering her from her tail to her waist.

She couldn’t restrain herself; she had to take one last look before she left. She dove down as deep as she could then with powerful strokes of her tail; she propelled her entire body out of the water with the grace and beauty of a dolphin. That second of hang time let her glimpse what she would miss. Arcing her body, she re-entered the water in a perfect swan dive.

Once again deep in the water, she followed the siren’s song. She was going home.

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