Sweet Lady

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Hello everybody, this is the first time I’m writing a story, I’ve been reading stories from this site for some time now and I decided that maybe I could contribute, so here it goes.

Ever since I have sexual feelings I had them towards a beautiful girl, she’s my mother’s friend and she is 9 years older then me. I have been dreaming of having her for a long time but only recently this happened. She is 38 years but she doesn’t look like it, she looks younger then me for that matter. She is 1,65m height, black hair and now she’s got it cut really short, you can see her beautiful neck.

Well, this happened on a Sunday afternoon, there was me, my brother and his family, her and daughter. In a moment we were left alone in the living room and we were talking about her work and how it went, I was sitting in one couch and she was in another one, she was wearing red pants and a light brown blouse and some sandals. As we were talking I was admiring her, and I could just see how beautiful she was, at one moment she took off her sandals and started rubbing her feet together and I couldn’t help noticing and wanting to touch them, I wanted to rub them and she noticed me looking and she just gave me a little smile.

After a little more of talking we got up and we started walking towards the kitchen where the others were. On the way we were still talking and she turns to me and slowly walks, then she walks to the bathroom kartal escort bayan but still talking to me, I looked at her and she was inside and still talking to me, I just walked slowly in as we kept talking and I reached behind and closed the door and lock it. As soon as I did this she stopped talking and just stayed there with her back against the sink and looking at me, I approached her and without taking my eyes from hers I stepped very close.

She slowly reached with her hands behind my head and pulled me to her, our lips locked in a very sensuous kiss, first a soft kiss becoming a hot kiss, our tongues fighting with one another and our breathing getting heavier and heavier. My hands slowly started roaming her body, first I lowed them on the sides of her body feeling her shape with my fingers and then I just reach behind her and had each hand on each of her ass cheeks, I pulled her against my body and she could feel how hard she got me, we are panting and still kissing. We broke our kiss and I whispered in her hear

“I want a little taste of you.”

And with that I lowered myself down to my knees without giving her any time to reply, I started unbuttoning her pants and she says

“wait, what about the others.”

And I look at her with a big teasing grin and just say

“they can watch if they want.”

But I had locked the door so there was no problem of that escort maltepe happening. With that said I pulled her pants down and with them came her panties, her pussy was shaved just the way I wanted, just the way I like it and I just dug my face into her, she gave a gasp and holed my head, I could feel how wet she was and took my tongue as far inside her as I could tasting all the juices she had for me. As I looked up to her face I saw her with her eyes closed and mouth opened and I just stopped liking her and keep my mouth on her pussy but I wasn’t moving. For a few seconds I felt her hands on my head pulling me to her and wanting me to move but I just refused, then she opened her eyes and looked at me, as soon as she did this my tongue reached for her hard clit and I started liking all around, she let out a long moan and closed her eyes shut hard, she was enjoying the moment and I liked it, I love to feel how much pleasure I’m giving to a women and I keep my lips surrounding her hard clit, me sucking it hard into my mouth and then slowly releasing it and my tongue always playing with it, sometimes pushing it out of my mouth, sometimes just circling it. As I felt her getting closer to her orgasm I reached with one of my hands and inserted two fingers in her hot, wet pussy, she was so wet that her juices kept on streaming down my hand and harm, she was gasping for air and moaning loud, then she clenched pendik escort her legs together trapping my hand between them and she just grabbed my head hard against her and she just came hard, I kept on sucking as good as I could with her closed legs and moving my fingers inside her, just wiggling them since I couldn’t take them out and she just kept like this for some time and then just collapsed to the floor. She was now on her knees and I leaned to her and we kissed a soft and gentle kiss, she just whispered

“That was wonderful.”

And I just said

“anytime, anywhere you want it.”.

With that she seemed to have forgotten were we where and she started touching my hard on and I said

“we don’t have the time now.”

And she looked at me and then she remembered where we were and she got up and pulled her pants up and she just put her hand around my cock and said

“I want so much to have it in me.”

Showing me those lips in a pout. I look at her and say

“we can arrange that, but for now we have to go.”.

So we got fixed up and carefully got out of the bathroom and got back to the couches. We started talking and this time we were sitting on the same couch and I whispered in her hear

“I’m going to enjoy making you feel my hard cock inside you.”

She just looked at me and say

“you are a teaser, aren’t you?.”

And I just look at her with a face of amazement and say


The truth is I just love to tease and she knew it and found other ways I was able to tease her.

I hope you enjoy my story and I would like to know what you thought about it please. Thank you for all the comments and critics.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32