Sweet Emma Becomes a Third Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

It was a little over a year ago, in June, the pair was celebrating Jake’s birthday out at a bar they used to frequent before they left Brooklyn. Jake was in his favorite spot, in the front of the bar off to the far corner, from this spot he could see everything. Even Vicky on the dance floor grinding on some wanna be. He caught her eye first, she was sitting on the opposite end of the bar, trying to tell herself that her set up date was just running over an hour late, not that she got stood up. She watched as he carefully focused his energy out on the room, watching everything but not letting anyone know he was, his gazes quickly scanned the room. His eyes watching Vicky, and the rowdy frat guys in the corner. She was instantly intrigued by his need to peruse the room so meticulously. His eyes locked with hers as he caught her staring at him, they immediately gave her that look that she often asked him not to give her. He was though, and her bright chestnut eyes watered slightly from the discomfort of telling him all her deepest secrets. As she answered his stare with a smile, their attention was interrupted by Vicky coming back to sip her drink. She kissed Jake deeply and whispered something in his ear, his reply was minimal at best.

What Emma saw next truly intrigued her, Jake turned and looked at Vicky, and Emma saw what the stare of a man unwaveringly devoted to his mate looks like. He looked at her just as he had Emma previously, but instead of being shy or uncomfortable Vicky seemed to be energized by it, it seemed to comfort her, to give her confidence. As she moved back to the floor Emma watched Jake as he watched Vicky. The Bar was crowded, and out of over a hundred people all Jake saw was her, It didn’t matter if he looked back at Emma, or if some drunk idiot started grinding on Vicky, he only saw her, and his eyes sparkled when she smiled back at him. Slowly this man so in love with his wife sat, sipping his scotch, seeing only her. As Jake caught Emma’s stare, he called the bartender over, she got nervous when they started to talk close and Jake pointed over at her, the bartender nodded and started to approach Emma. Her heart quickened and she looked down and away, great she thought to herself, you not only got stood up tonight, but now you’re going to get kicked out of a bar for staring at a taken man.

“The gentleman would like to buy your next round” the bartender yelled over the crowd.

“Really?” Emma asked puzzled,

“Yea, whuddaya drinkin” he replied.

“I’ll have another vodka soda” she said, “2 limes please?” As he handed her her order, she raised the glass towards Jake and tilted her head slightly to say thanks. Jake raised his hand up to massage his chin, and motioned with eyes for her to take the stool next to him. No, her head shook left to right, but Jakes eyes were persistent. As she walked through the room, Emma was amazed how he could still watch Vicky, yet break her down her hesitance, all while never saying a word.

“Hi, I’m Emma,” She said, pulling out the high back bar stool and climbing up it.

“I’m Jake” he said breaking his stoic veneer and flashing her a smile,

“won’t your girlfriend be mad I’m taking her seat?”

“Vicky hasn’t been my girlfriend for 3 years now”, Jake said lifting his left hand, revealing his wedding band “and no, she won’t be mad, were not like that”

“Oh ok, it’s good that you guys still get out, have any kids?”


As the conversation with Jake continued Emma found herself deeper and deeper in conflict with her inner monologue. Why was she sitting at a bar talking to a married man, why was she so smitten with a stranger, and what would she say or do when his wife came back over. Calm down, she reassured herself, you’re not doing anything wrong, just some friendly conversation.

“Who’s your friend?” Vicky’s question startling Emma out of her head. Vicky stood by Jakes side, her left arm resting on his shoulder, checking out Emma.

“I’m Emma, it’s nice to meet you” Emma said extending her hand meekly,

“I’m Vicky” She answered with a smirk and the confidence Emma wished she had. “She’s cute Jake” Vicky said followed by a pause, a power move letting Emma know who the queen in the room was “stand up sweetie let me have a look at you”.

Emma uncomfortably did as Vicky instructed her and stood up, tossed both her arms up in an I don’t know fashion and let them drop at her waist.

“Your even more adorable standing” Vicky said, “Turn around” she commanded motioning with her finger.

Emma once again did as instructed and turned her back on the pair, with her face out to the crowd she gasped when she felt Vicky’s hand firmly pressed up against the thin fabric of her summer dress grabbing her right ass cheek, Vicky’s face now nuzzled close in her neck, “this is a great ass, you have here” Vicky whispered to her, “you have someone taking care of this for you?”

“whatcha mean?” Emma asked, shrugging Vicky’s face away and turning back to face them.

“Do you have a boyfriend sweetie, a fuck buddy, booty-call?” Vicky asked her motioning with her hand for Emma to answer quickly,

“no” evi olan gaziantep escort Emma replied as she sat back down.

The three got more acquainted as the night went on, Emma told her new friends about being stood up that night, and how her love life was less than spectacular the past year or two. At twenty-nine years old, she confided in Jake and Vicky she was ready to be in a more serious relationship, she just didn’t know where or how to find one. As the drinks flowed and the conversation built, the trio found the night getting older, and the bar was getting less and less active. Jake motioned for the bartender to come over, and leaning over the bar quickly discussed something with him. The bartender went to the register and pushing buttons on his touch screen brought Jake his small credit card slip to sign. As Jake stood Emma looked surprised, not sure what she would do when the pair left. Vicky turned and looked into Jake’s eyes with her seductive, menacing brown eyes. The two stood there for a moment, locked in what seemed to be an eternal staring contest telling each-other everything while saying nothing, finally Jake shrugged his shoulders and handed Vicky her purse. With a wide-eyed ear to ear smile Vicky playfully twirled around on her toes, and looked at Emma,

“We’re getting out of here” she said,

“oh ok, yea good night” Emma stammered in reply.

“Well,” Vicky said, “were staying at the Harrington Hotel just down the street, you can come have a drink in our room if you want? This place is dead anyway”

“I thought you guys said you lived on long island” Emma asked

“Yea”, Jake said,” we do, but whenever we’re drinking we always stay locally, a room for a night costs less than a DWI, you comin or what?”

Pausing for a moment she asked herself, what else she had to do tonight except go home and rub one or two out and scream into her pillow so her creepy landlord didn’t hear it.

“Ok” Emma answered Jake, let me just pay my tab” She motioned the bartender over with a lift of his arm and he waved her off. Confused Emma looked to the pair,

“Oh yea I paid your tab already” Jake said putting his hand on Vicky’s upper back, guiding her out, as she passed Emma, she put her arm under hers, locking them together, pulling her away from the bar and with it the safety of her stool.

Emma’s mind raced and her heart pounded, as she walked down the long Bay Ridge block. It was only 2 short avenues and one long street block to the hotel and she was confused. Why did she say yes to going to a strange couples hotel room? What did they expect from her once they got there, and even more worrisome, what did she expect from them. Jake held the big ornate brass and glass door as the women entered in front of him. Vicky led Emma by the arm past the front desk to the elevators, doors opening the three entered, Emma’s heart once again started to pound, as Vicky looked Emma up and down it raced, she was so caught up in her own breathing she almost missed the fact that Vicky, standing with her back to Jake, had her hand on his crotch, rubbing it up and down as the two looked at her, DING! The elevator bell rang as their floor was reached, Emma stayed back as Jake and Vicky exited, Jake reached his hand out and grabbed Emma’s, when his hand touched hers she felt chills run down her spine, butterflies fill her belly and goose bumps on her arms. She smiled like a teen after her first kiss and looked shyly down at the floor as Jake led her to the couples room.

Vicky unlocked the door, while Jake continued to lead Emma’s shivering nervous body down the corridor to their room. Kicking off her heels and dropping four inches Emma remarked to herself how at only 5’3 Vicky could command so much attention, she remembered thinking while watching her dance, how it was almost as if she were out there alone.

“Get comfy” Vicky instructed Emma, “Whatcha drinkin?” she said opening the mini-fridge and rifling through it, “we got gin, scotch, vodka, beer?”

“Vodka soda is good please” Emma replied,

Taking a seat on the edge of the couple’s bed. Ice cubes clinked in glasses, liquids poured and bottles hit the counter above the mini-bar as the awkward silence seemed to drag on, she could feel Jakes presence to the right of her, watching her, looking over her body, it was enough to sober Emma up. Turning around Vicky handed Jake, now sitting on the chaise lounge chair off to the side of the bed his scotch with 2 ice cubes,

“vodka soda” Vicky said with a bright smile handing Emma her glass.

“Thanks,” Emma replied, taking a large sip.

Sitting down beside Emma, Vicky pushed the hair out of her face with her right hand, “you’re nervous, aren’t you?” She asked

Emma Nodding yes is all that Emma could muster as she tried to beat Vicky’s stare by looking into her glass.

“Don’t be” Vicky told Emma, lifting her chin up with her index finger trying to calm her down, “Jake and I would never pressure anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with, ok?”

Again Emma nodded in approval.

“Just gaziantep evi olan escort let us know where your line is and we’ll respect it”, Vicky said, holding her gin and tonic to her lips and taking a sip.

Her index finger of her left hand now slowly running up and down the soft skin of Emma’s exposed thigh. Emma nervously looked down at Vicky’s hand on her flesh, then back to Vicky’s eyes,

“is this ok?” Vicky asked.

Emma nervously nodded yes again and took another big sip of her drink, as her glass parted her lips and moved back to her lap, Vicky reached her right hand behind Emma’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss, Emma watched in slow motion as Vicky’s eyes closed, her mouth parted slightly, her deep burgundy clad lips looked soft and inviting. As her lips met Emma’s she felt butterflies again, and her eyes closed to return Vicky’s embrace.

The longer Vicky’s soft lips were on hers the more turned on she felt herself getting, her pussy was now wet, wet enough that she could feel it starting to moisten her pussy lips and swell her clit. Her eyes still closed Emma felt Jake move from the chaise lounge, with nervous excitement she waited to feel his hands on her body, she even longed for it. As the women continued to kiss softly Emma never felt Jakes hands on her, hearing Vicky moan into her mouth she pulled away and opened her eyes, looking down she saw Jake on his knees in front of Vicky, her plum spaghetti strap dress pulled up to her waist and her black lace “G” string pulled to the side, his mouth engulfing her pussy licking and sucking her clit. He opened his eyes to look up at Emma, her eyes were locked on the sight of him pleasuring Vicky, and he saw her mouth open and her chest heaving up and down with heavy purposeful breathing. Jake moved his right hand from holding Vicky panties, as she took over for him, he reached his hand over to Emma and starting at the back of her ankle, just above her strappy heeled sandals; slowly his fingertips lightly grazed the soft skin on the back of her calf, sending chills of anticipation up her body in waves.

As his hand passed her knee she opened her legs in anticipation of what was to come. His hand turned from the back of her leg to the inside as he traced her thigh, as he got closer to her panty clad sex he could feel the heat of her anticipation, moving her panties to the side and running his fingers over her slit, feeling her wetness he watched as her eyes closed, and her head leaned back and she let out a gasp. As his index finger slipped into her, Jake reached his thumb up to her clit to rub it as his finger started to move in and out of her ever moistening hole. Vicky’s hands reached out and slid the straps of Emma’s black summer dress down to expose her perky B cup tilts, her dark pink areola sat low and to the side, the size of a half dollar and her small nipples shot to attention as Vicky’s hand caressed both her tits. Vicky stopped caressing her body long enough to remove her own top and expose her smaller A cup tits, reaching her hand out to Emma, Vicky pulled her head to her breast, as Emma’s small lips parted to suck Vicky’s nipple she felt Vicky’s breathing quicken and her breaths get shorter, shaking in orgasm she pulled Emma’s head to her chest harder, moaning as the waves of climax hit her.

Emma pulled her head from Vicky’s tit as Jake took his head from her lap. Standing Vicky wiggled her dress down over her waist and ass, standing in front of Emma on display, her tight body clothed in only her panties. Jake sank closer to the floor as he crawled over to Emma, grabbing her left foot in his hand, he kissed her ankle as he undid her sandal, and dropped it to his side, lifting her right foot he did the same. Kissing from her ankle he started his way up her leg. As Vicky dropped to her knees and crawled over to Jake. As Jakes lips made it to her knees, Vicky’s hands fumbled with his belt, undoing his pants, she slid them apart and reached into his pants to reveal his cock. Stroking it slowly as she looked back to Emma, as if displaying her husband’s erection for her approval. Emma was so caught up with how perfect Jakes erection looked, and how much she wanted to ride it, that she didn’t even realize his mouth was at her pussy. Moving her panties to the side his mouth and tongue hit her swollen, begging clit. It shook her body like an earthquake, as she started to receive one of the best tongue fuckings of her life. Wildly his tongue lapped at her swollen kitty, and his mouth covered her clit, sucking it in between his teeth and lips. Emma looked down to see Vicky now working her mouth on her husband’s cock. His hand momentarily leaving Emma’s pussy to guide his wife head up and down on his swollen rod.

As Emma’s orgasm approached, she started to mumble to herself,

“oh my God, this is insane, I’m fucking a couple why am I fucking a couple”

Jake noticed her clit swell, and her stomach start to quiver as she started to cum. She reached both hands behind her and grabbed the bed sheets in both hands as she tried to steady herself.

“oooooh gaziantep evi olan escort bayan ohhhh fuuuuccccck” Emma cried as she came.

Vicky stood as she head Emma’s cries subsided, she guided her to stand up, and slid her dress and panties down as Emma braced herself on Vicky’s back and stepped out of them. Jake stood up and sat on the side of the bed, kneeling again Vicky moved over to Jakes cock, taking it in her hand and looking back at the tiny, sexy, naked girl in their hotel room. Emma got down to her knees and his cock still in Vicky’s hand, opened her mouth and took his head in. Chills hit her body as the realization of the events reconciled in her head, she had just been pleasured by a married man’s mouth and how had his cock guided by his wife’s hand in her mouth. She couldn’t believe how naughty she felt, how dirtily sexual, how empowered, how strong. She bobbed her head up and down in a steady motion as Vicky guided her motion and instructed her.

“That’s it, he likes a hand on his shaft, and stroke right behind your mouth” she told Emma.

Crawling behind her, she spread her legs as she began to fondle her ass cheeks.

“You really have to see this ass”, Vicky told Jake kissing the right cheek then then left, lifting two fingers up to her mouth and sucking them.

Vicky dipped them back into Emma’s pussy, Emma’s bobbing stopped as her mouth opened to moan on Jakes cock.

“Fuck she’s tight as hell too!” Vicky said continuing her thrusting in and out of Emma’s tight slit.

Shifting herself back up to Emma she kissed her neck as she moved back to lick Jakes balls and shaft as Emma continued her sucking. Emma pulled her mouth off Jakes cock, as she stroked his head and kissed Vicky,

“You like that cock sweetie?” Vicky asked Emma,

Emma nodded as she slurped the mixture of precum and saliva back into her mouth and wiped the excess with her hand,

“want him to fuck you” Vicky asked Emma,

She paused a second and looked at Jake’s cock, then to Jake, then back to his cock, and finally back to Vicky,

“is that ok?” Emma asked Vicky and Jake,

“Do you want to? ” Vicky asked Emma.

“ok” Emma replied.

With that Jake stood up, and took his pants the rest of the way off, and standing in front of them as Vicky Helped Emma get comfortable on the bed, he slowly took off his shirt. Vicky Laid Emma down in the middle of the bed, and lying beside her, played with her pussy as the two women watched Jake,

“He’s sexy, isn’t he?” Vicky asked Emma,

“Yea he is’ ‘ Emma told Vicky as she watched Jake slide a condom down his eager prick, crawling towards her on her bed, Jake kissed her lightly right above her pussy, then her stomach, and up her chest to her face.

Reaching over he kissed Vicky, and looking down at the beautiful women in front of him, waiting eagerly for his cock to penetrate her, to feel him inside her, he pressed his lips to hers, and pressed his cock to her open slit. As he slid his cock slowly into her, her arms wrapped around his neck, and her hips raised up to meet his cock, to bury him deeper inside her. Jake broke their kiss as he started to thrust into Emma’s tight pussy.

“Fuck she is tight” he said to Vicky as he thrust his cock into Emma.

Vicky pulled Jake in and the couple kissed as Emma’s mouth met Jake’s neck, and he felt the pleasure of making out with his wife, while this tight beautiful woman took all his cock deep within her.

“Fuck her doggy-style” Vicky said to Jake as she broke their kiss.

Jake looked down at Emma for approval as he sat back on the bed.

“Ok” Emma said as she sat up and turned around bent over on the bed,

“I told you she has a nice ass didn’t I babe?” Vicky asked Jake,

“Yea it’s great” he answered, grabbing it in both hands, positioning himself behind her and lining his cock up with her eager slit.

Grabbing her hips, he let out a slow moan as he slid his prick into her cunt. Sliding herself in front of Emma, Vicky Spread her legs, and started to play with her pussy as Jake’s thrusts hit her ass, making it jiggle as the waves oscillated through her cheeks.

“Ever eat pussy before?” Vicky asked the wide eyed moaning woman in front of her

“No” Emma shook her head as Jake continued to pump his cock into her,

“want to try it?” Vicky asked, spreading her pussy wide, letting her see her folds, Emma looked back at Vicky, embarrassed and nervous, “you can always stop if you don’t like it, ok? I won’t be offended” Vicky explained.

Emma thought for a moment, as Jake changed his thrusting to slow, longer strokes. The fact was that she was scared to do that to a woman for the first time, but the feeling of Jake’s cock inside her, and the intoxicating scent of sex in the room, the sound of Jakes pelvis slapping into her ass, and how neat and pretty Vicky’s pussy looked Emma was certain she was comfortable at this time, with these people just do it she told herself, if you don’t like it you can just stop like Vicky said. Convinced Emma reached her head down into Vicky’s lap and taking a deep breath of Vicky’s musty sex took her first lick of her wet slit. Her nerves settled when she realized she liked the taste, the smell of her hot sex, and the thought of pleasuring Vicky while her husband enjoyed fucking her was so seductive, so dirty, so erotic she felt another orgasm building in her stomach, her licking got quicker, and she began to vary her speeds, as the first tremor of her orgasm began to break, Emma began to moan into Vicky’s lap.

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