Sweet and Naughty Cat Ch. 03

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Chris sat at his desk, his leg nervously bouncing up and down. It was January 2nd, he hadn’t seen Cat since Christmas. Their busy schedules just didn’t allow it. But now, with the holidays over and going back to a normal work schedule, their paths were sure to cross.

He glanced at the clock. It was only 7:15 and the office was eerily quiet. Unlike when the office was a buzz with ringing phones and the whir of the copy machine, he could here every tap of his fingers on the keyboard.

Again, his eyes went the clock at the corner of the computer monitor – 7:16. Chris let out as sigh and tried to concentrate on his work.

As he focused on the report he was writing, a message popped up on his screen. It was Cat.

“Missed you! Came in early! You in?”

Chris couldn’t help but blush. It happened every time he saw her, every time he heard her voice through the office, every time she sent a message.

“Missed you to! Yep, I’m here,” he replied back.

“Good! Meet me in the file room.”

Chris’s heart raced as he locked his computer and made his way to the file room. He never knew what Cat had in store for him with these spontaneous meetings.

The lights were still off in the file room as he made his way through the door. His hands searched for the switch on the wall, and in finding it, he flipped the lights on.

“Cat?” he called out in a hushed tone. “You in here?”

“Back here,” she replied letting out a shy school girl-like giggle.

Chris made this way through the aisles of shelves in the file room. Finally, in the far corner, leaning against an old desk used for sorting through the files, he found what he was looking for.

Cat looked magnificent as always. Chris smiled as her took in her beauty. As she sat there on the desk, one heel dangling precariously from her foot. Her long hair fell perfect past her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled. She always out did herself when it came to teasing Chris. She knew exactly what he liked, and she was more than eager to please.

Chris’s eyes became fixed on that dangling heel and her sexy legs. She knew how much it drove him wild to see her in nylons. Thigh highs, pantyhose, tights – It didn’t matter what they were, she always got a positive reaction from him when she wore them and that made her smile. On this day, she was wearing a pair of sheer black tights with a black polka dot pattern, which perfectly matched her outfit, as always.

“Mmm,” she cooed. “I see you approve of the tights Santa brought me for Christmas,” she said as she pointed her toe towards the obvious bulge in his pants. “Let me help you with that,” she said as she slid of the desk and made her way to him. Her hand found his throbbing cock and she massaged and teased it through his pants as she kissed him.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you!” she whispered in his ear. “I need to feel you in me. I need to feel your cum in me! It’s been since Christmas, I can’t even begin to imagine the load you have waiting for me! I want this FIRST one in my pussy! I want to bahçeşehir escort feel it in me all day!”

Chris began to tremble as she spoke. “Fuck Cat! I don’t know that we have time. The office is opening soon, there will be people everywhere!”

“Mmm, then we better hurry!” Cat said giving him a devilish smile as she turned and bent over the desk, lifting her skirt. “Sweet Chris, fuck me! Fill me! Pull these tights down and fuck me!”

Chris quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock pulsed and throbbed, free from its constraint. He carefully pulled her tights down to just above her knees. To his delight, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy glistened with her excitement. Chris rubbed the head of his cock against her slick pussy. Cat moaned in anticipation of him being in her. “Fuck me, hurry, we don’t have much time!” she begged. Chris couldn’t deny her the pleasure she wanted, and she was right, time was short.

Cat gasped as he slid his cock in to her. He leaned forward and kissed her on the side of the neck before nibbling on her earlobe. Cat moaned as he did and reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him in tighter. They both took a moment to savor the feeling of being together again.

“Fuck me,” Cat begged again as she pushed him back, encouraging him to fuck her hard and fast. Chris started slow, holing her securely by her hips, building up to a fevered pace, each thrust causing a loud “smack” as her perfect little ass slapped against his thighs. As the intensity of their thrusting built, so did Cat’s impending orgasm. She wanted to cum, and she wanted him to cum with her. Her breathing quickened as she neared the edge. Cat reached between them, her hand teasing Chris’s balls with every thrust. She felt them tighten, ready to explode! It was what she needed to send her over the edge! Her pussy began to spasm and she cried out “Fuck, I’m cumming! Fill me!” Chris let out a loud grunt as his cock began to spasm, joining her in orgasm. Jet after jet of cum erupted from his throbbing cock, filling her. He held her tightly, gently kissing her on the neck, until both their orgasms subsided.

Cat gave his ass a squeeze as she guided him back away from her, his cock slipping free. She was careful not to let any of his cum drip from her pussy as she pulled her tights back up.

“Fuck, that was just what I needed to start my day back from the holidays! I want to keep that present in me for a long as I can,” she said giggling as she leaned in to kiss him. “Oh, look, there is more!” Cat exclaimed as she dropped to her knees and took his still throbbing cock in her mouth, sucking of the last bit of cum that was leaking from it. She pulled her mouth off with a loud “pop” and stood up to kiss him. He could taste is cum as well as her sweet pussy as she forcefully shoved her tongue in his mouth. He savored the taste as she broke their embrace. “You better get your pants up my dear and get back bakırköy escort to work, it’s almost 8!”

Cat straightened her skirt and blouse and Chris quickly pulled up his pants and made himself look presentable. Cat smiled at him and gave him one last kiss before heading back to her desk. “I can’t wait for lunch,” she whispered as she gave his cock one last squeeze. “I can already feel his first load starting to drip out. I’ll be thinking about you all morning, I can’t wait for that second load!”

Chris’s mind raced with thoughts of what was to come as he watched her walk out of the file room. His cock was still hard and throbbing. He waited a few moments, allowing Cat to get far ahead of him. He didn’t want it look suspicious if anyone were to walk by. He was also hoping to allow his cock to calm down. Much to his dismay, that wasn’t happening. Chris took a deep breath, and headed back to his desk, hoping not to bump in to any of their coworkers along the way.

Chris tried to focus on work the rest of the morning, but Cat’s morning escapades made it difficult. He could still taste them on his lips. Cat knew how to drive him wild, especially when they were at work. Every time he had gotten her out of his mind and he bulge in his pants had disappeared, she would walk by. Her perfume, those legs, thoughts of that cum filled pussy. Images from a few hours previously would flood back in to his head and he would again be at full attention.

It was almost noon when a calendar reminder popped up on his computer screen.

“Lunch Meeting – Location TBD”

Chris laughed as he read it. He had forgotten about that! Cat had set up a lunch meeting prior to the holidays so they could catch up on projects after their return to work. He couldn’t help but wonder, had she set this up on purpose?

As noon struck, Cat appeared at his desk. “Ready?” she asked giving him a wink. “We have reservations, we don’t want to be late. I’ll drive.” Chris smiled and grabbed his coat. He stayed a few steps behind her as he followed her out to her car.

Not a word was said until Cat pulled in to the parking lot of a nearby hotel. “What…what are we doing? Chris asked, confused. “Lunch,” Cat replied with a devilish grin. “Now come on, we don’t have a lot of time!” Cat headed for the room in front of where they parked, Chris was right behind her.

She grabbed him as the door closed and kissed him deeply. “Fuck!” she cried out in lust. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all morning! I can feel your cum in me yet, it’s been dripping out, little by little, all morning. I’ve been wanting your tongue on me, lapping it up! Clean my pussy!” she begged him as she hiked her skirt up above her waist.

Chris took her hand and lead her to the bed. He pushed her back gently and leaned down to kiss her, but she stopped him, guiding him with her hands to her aching pussy. The sheer material of her tights glistened with her excitement and his cum başakşehir escort that had been dripping out all morning. He kissed her through the thin material. His tease caused Cat to squirm with excitement, grinding against him and pulling his head tight against her pussy. Chris moved with her as she arched her back, lifting herself off the bed. His hands slipped inside the waistband of her tights and he carefully and slowly slid them down just enough to expose her pussy. Chris kissed her inner thighs. His lips on her now bare skin sent a shockwave though her. Cat’s legs clenched tight against him, trapping him, pulling him tight. He teased her a bit, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth, tugging and pulling on them gently. Cat moaned, she needed more. Her pussy tingled, and she could feel more and more of his cum leaking out. “Fuck! Lick it! Lap up that cum! Make ME cum!” she begged. Chris did as he was told. He stopped his tease and focused on what she wanted, making sure to get every drop of their mixed juices as they dripped out. Cat’s body began to tremble when his tongue brushed against her sensitive clit. “Fuck, don’t stop,” she cried out. “I’m going to cum!” Cat pulled him tighter against her as he sucked her clit into his mouth, sending her over the edge. Her back arched off the bed as her pussy spasmed. Chris continued to suck on her clit until she came crashing back down on the bed out of breath.

Cat stroked his head as he continued to kiss her gently, allowing her to recover from her intense orgasm.

“Mmm, that was wonderful my dear,” she cooed as she released him from her grip. “Now stand up, I want to try something, we still have some time before we have to get back to work.”

Cat unbuckled his belt and slid is pants down to the floor, staring wide eyed as his cock sprang free from its constraint. It never ceased to amaze her how horny and rock hard he always was.

“Lay down,” she told him. Chris lay on the bed wondering what she had in mind. She smiled devilishly as she kicked off her shoes and got on the bed in front of him. “I know how much these drive you crazy,” she said as she wrapped her nylon clad feet around his cock. “Let’s just see how crazy!” She giggled as she began to stroke his cock. Chris’s head fell back, and he eyes closed. A river of precum began to leak from his cock onto her tights as she stroked and teased him. She could tell he wasn’t going to last long. With her feet still wrapped around his cock, she leaned forward to lick the precum from his cock. He let out a grunt as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. She stopped, trying to prolong his impending orgasm as long as possible, but she quickly realized he was already over the edge. His cock began to twitch and pulse. She pulled it from her mouth as the first stream of cum blast forth from his cock. She stroked him wildly with her feet giggling as each pulse of his cock sent another stream of cum flying in the air, landing on her feet and toes, not stopping until getting every drop from him.

“Holy fuck!” Chris exclaimed in between breaths. Cat giggled as she teased and caressed him with her cum covered feet. Chris sat up and smiled as he took each foot in his hand and began to lick them clean. “Mmm, yes my dear, that’s it, clean up your mess. And hurry, we need to get back soon and I can’t be walking around the rest of the day with cum on my tights!”

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