Sweater Homewrecker

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Storms never come once at a time. Just when the local paper I was working for was close to bankrupt, Elena finally decided to take some time away from me. I wasn’t surprised. The last year was a struggle for our marriage. Maybe it was the lack of kids or our time-consuming careers but everything had been slowly falling apart. We barely met at home with her and when we did, we fought badly.

When she moved out of the apartment, I quickly drifted into my old hobbies. One of them was my sweater fetish. I found myself recharged when I looked around the old forums, some of which were still on. I even bought several sweaters online. Elena wasn’t very fond of my bizarre sexuality and she rarely dressed anything wooly in my presence. Still, she was, and probably would be, the only girl who accepted my fetish.

In the meantime, my professional life was about to come to a crossroad. I was a good journalist and a writer. The local paper’s editors gave me a chance to write short stories, posted just before its last page. But when things went bad and the internet took over, I had to do some other stuff — like editing myself, helping with the sports covering and negotiating with the distributers.

My boss — Marko, was a nice guy and an excellent journalist. He saw the tension in the office when some of the minor employees had to be released in order for the paper to survive. He tried to calm us all down but there were some fiery scandals along the last couple of months. So he came up with the idea of a team building – away from the city, up the mountain.

That’s how I found myself unpacking in a small hotel room. I thought about playing around in some of the sweaters I brought, but decided that this could wait until I spend some time with my colleagues. Bahçelievler Escort After all, it is what I came here for.

It was late afternoon when I sat alongside a big table downstairs. We had reserved every room in the hotel so the place was ours. Even the staff was away leaving us until tomorrow morning.

Marko showed me how to make a coffee in the kitchen and I was just sipping when Natalia and Stefan started arguing about politics. It was annoying but Marko, Teresa, Tina and Nick ignored them. So I did the same. We had to leave some of the team behind to prepare the Monday edition, but we here were the core of the newspaper.

I couldn’t help but notice that the cold weather made some of my female coworkers to dress woolly outfits. Natalia was still with her white snood on, Tina wore a nice thick hat in the bus but, without a doubt, the most stunning wool item was Teresa’s fuzzy green sweater. It was oversized and cozy looking thing with a very big cowl neck collar that at first I thought was a snood. Teresa often wore big sweaters at work, probably trying to hide some of the flesh underneath. She was quite chubby… Okay, maybe even fat, but it just made the picture even more interesting if you’re into chunky sweaters.

I was barely keeping up a conversation with Marko and Nick about rock bands and enjoying the view of those heavy melons of Teresa moving around the thick knitted wool. The big cowlneck was spread all over her shoulders and still reaching the table before her. It was nice watching her move it away to find her cup of tea.

Natalia went over the line with her arguments and she stormed away up in her room. This wasn’t a nice start of the weekend and I noticed Bala Escort how disappointed Marko was. So I offered a walk until it was time for dinner. Everyone agreed and in five minutes we were outside.

It was snowing lightly. I couldn’t help but stare at the snowflakes falling onto Tina’s hat and Teresa’s cowlneck, left outside her leather jacket. We wandered around the village that had turned throughout the years into a ski resort. It wasn’t very crowded but that’s why Marko chose it — because it’s cheaper.

The girls didn’t do a lot of shopping but they wondered what the view up the hill was. So we planned that tomorrow we would use the lift and go check what it’s like. Me and Nick bought some books while Marko took two different papers in order to compare them to ours.

On the way back, Teresa lifted her cowl over her head because it was getting colder. I was walking behind her, mesmerized by the fuzziness before me. Suddenly I realized I wanted to touch it badly. So I went next to her and reached for some imaginary “twig” that I explained was caught in the knit. Teresa looked at me surprised but thanked. I kind of brushed my fingers through the collar’s knit which was odd to her but she didn’t mention anything.

We came back to the small hotel and started preparing dinner. The girls were trying to show each other what a great cook each of them were while the three men, including me, were in charge of the drinks, the fire and the music.

While the oven was working its ass off to indulge the girls’ creativity, I went up to my room for a bath and a quick change. I wondered if I should play around with some sweater but I didn’t have much time. So I left with a tingling sensation in my belly, Balgat Escort hoping that some of the girls would dress something fuzzy in order to feed my fantasies through the night. But then, in the middle of the hallway, my phone rang. It was Elena. She was asking me to come at the apartment and pick some clothes for the winter. My heart raced as I told her I was away and that I had given a piece or two of her belongings to charity. It was a lie, covering the fact I had taken two of her sweaters with my luggage. Of course, the shouting began. Elena told me that she would throw all of my clothes from the apartment. She sounded sincere. I felt bad for her sweaters but I didn’t like the way she was always shouting at me though this last year. So I hung up the phone, thinking that most of my monthly salary would now be spend for clothes.

The door next to mine opened and Teresa went out in the hallway. Her face showed that she unwillingly overheard my conversation on the phone but acted as if she didn’t. I tried to smile but it didn’t work. Teresa did the same and then went on for the stairs.

I found myself unable to move. But not because a coworker of mine had just overheard about my marriage problems. It was because Teresa had changed into something even more stunning than her green cowl neck sweater. For dinner she chose a beige chunky off-shoulder sweater, way above her size to fit the chubbiness. But it was obvious that the design wasn’t planned for such extreme weight, thus making the off-shoulder collar far too open for her fleshy chest. Trying to not be so obscenely looking, Teresa had only her left shoulder out and had pulled the whole sweater in a way that the opening would show mostly her back. The knit was very soft and it looked like it would fall apart any moment. On top of that, two black stripes were hooked on her shoulders telling me that she wore only her bra underneath. Her outfit got complete with tight black leather pants which seemed to hide some of her extra weight to the observer.

I took a moment to catch my breath and joined everyone downstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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