Sutton Family Stories 11

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I was pretty amazed I’d got away with having my Mum suck my cock and then let me fuck her in the back garden while Dad was just inside the house, but lust had overtaken us both and the fact is we had got away with it. The memory left me really horny but unfortunately there wasn’t much action at uni that term as most girls were concentrating of their exams.

Before too long I was back home for the summer holidays, the highlight of which was to be my sister’s hastily arranged wedding. Jack had asked her to marry him, there’d been a cancellation at the nice hotel in the big grounds at the edge of town and so here we were at Sarah’s big day.

I’d got a welcome home blowjob from Mum, this time in the garden shed, and Aiden and I had taken turns fucking her in her marital bed as soon as Dad went to golf the weekend after I got back for the summer but otherwise both Mum had been too busy fussing about the wedding to be around very much, and as she was with Sarah a lot, there didn’t seem much chance of a repeat with her. Aiden said he’d not managed to get her alone since we’d fucked her months ago.

The wedding was pretty boring, to be honest. There was some crap about forsaking all others, which I had to stifle a laugh at. Jack had no idea his new wife had been fucking both her brothers on and off over the last year. Sarah was looking hot though, her red hair looking perfect and those beautiful breasts looking very perky in her low cut wedding dress. It was a simple dress, nothing too stupidly frilly, and really hugged her curves, showing off her arse and tits well. I was getting horny just looking at her. Apparently, my brother Aiden was too because after a few beers he started going on about how hot she was and that she was the best fuck he’d ever had, closely followed by our Mum, who she clearly took after.

I’d drifted off to chat to other mates later during the evening reception when Aiden appeared next to me. “I need a word George,” he hissed at me insistently and beckoned me out of the hotel’s ballroom, which was full of wedding party guests drinking and dancing. I followed him out the room.

“You noticed Sarah’s been gone a while?” George asked once we were in the corridor.

“Hadn’t noticed bro, been chatting to people,” I replied.

“She’s had a lot of champagne, she likes to have a smoke when drunk but she won’t anyone to know. She used to work here that one summer, so I bet she’s gone to that bit round the back by the bins,” Aiden explained and started heading to the exit from the hotel into the large and now dark grounds.

“What you thinking?” I asked, following him.

“I’m thinking it’s time we broke her once and for all. Show her just because she’s married now, doesn’t mean she can’t still put out for her two horny brothers.”

I wasn’t sure but Aiden made it clear he expected me to follow him and so I did. We walked out past a few wedding guests onto the patio then across the dark lawn at the rear of the hotel and through a fence to a discreet area with bins and a picnic table, which the staff sometimes used during the day. It was absolutely deserted, apart from Sarah, who was stood there as predicted puffing on a fag.

“Found you sis!” exclaimed Aiden as we approached her.

“What are you two doing here? I was trying to be discreet,” she replied, her words slightly slurred.

“Don’t want anyone to know you still smoke?” I asked.

“Yes, illegal bahis it’s only occasionally and what Jack doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” she replied.

“My thoughts exactly,” said Aiden.

“Well yeah, no regrets guys but I should be getting back,” said Sarah.

“What to your new husband? He’s almost passed out, way too much beer,” I told her.

“Oh, for fuck sake,” sighed Sarah.

“Won’t be quite the wedding night you wanted eh sis?” I chuckled.

“Maybe it will,” said Aiden, squaring right up to Sarah and then suddenly moving in to try and kiss her.

“Aiden, what the fuck are you doing?” asked Sarah, leaning back. “I just got married a few hours ago. I’m at my wedding reception.”

“Yeah and you’ve been looking smoking hot all day and now your two brothers are horny and your loser husband is drunk in the corner letting his footie mates get him even more pissed,” replied Aiden, as if that explained it all. “Every bride needs a good wedding night shag.”

Aiden shoved Sarah back slightly as he said this, and she ended up going back onto the picnic bench, lying on it. “You’ve been a little cocktease for too long Sarah. It’s time you learnt a lesson. You can’t just lead your brothers on then turn it off again,” Aiden told her, with a determined look. “Hold her wrists, George.”

I definitely wasn’t sure about this at all, but those tits man, and remembering the times she had let us fuck her, I just couldn’t help myself and so I grabbed her wrists and held them against the table while Aiden pushed her dress up and held her thighs open. I heard him unzip his flies.

“This is what naughty girls get,” Aiden said, while moving in between her thighs.

“Stop it you guys, I’m a married girl now,” replied Sarah. I noticed she wasn’t really struggling though.

“You don’t want this, no?” asked Aiden, clearly sliding his cock up and down her pussy lips as he said it.

“No, I don’t want to fuck both my brothers on my wedding night, just outside the hotel where our whole family and guests and partying,” said Sarah.

“So why is your pussy so wet it’s coating my cock head in juice?” asked Aiden.

“It’s a natural reaction, I can’t help it,” said Sarah.

“No, because you’re a slut,” said Aiden and suddenly thrust forward, spearing our sister Sarah’s cunt with his hard cock.

“That’s not a nice thing to say to a woman on her wedding day,” replied Sarah.

“Nah but it’s true. You’re a slut but you don’t want anyone to know, but you want and you need this,” said Aiden cockily, slowly sliding himself in and out of Sarah, who had now started to moan slightly. I loosened my grip on her wrists.

When Sarah didn’t reply Aiden stopped thrusting momentarily. “Say it sis, you want your brothers’ cocks.”


“I’ll stop fucking you then and George won’t fuck you after either.”

“You’re a bastard Aiden Sutton.”

“Yeah, a horny bastard, and so is George and so are you. Tell me what you want.” He stayed very still while saying this.

“Your cock.”


“Deep inside my pussy.”

“Say it again. Beg.”

“I want my brothers to take turns fucking me, sliding their cocks into my married little pussy. Please. Please fuck me.”

She was getting into it now and Aiden starting to move again, upping the tempo and fucking her hard and fast. Sarah started moaning in pleasure.

“Yeah your little illegal bahis siteleri cunt in needing this, I’m going to fill you up sis,” said Aiden, and before long he groaned out and then stepped back. “Your turn George mate.”

Sarah seemed a little dazed but I was rock hard. I moved round to take Aiden’s place between her legs and unbuttoned by suit trousers, letting them fall down my legs and sliding my boxers down too. My hard-on sprung out. As I got closer, I could see her neatly trimmed ginger pubes and her pussy slightly open, with some of my brother’s cum starting to seep out. Her lace panties were pulled to one side. It looked pretty hot. I slid up and down her pussy lips a little then shoved myself into her. She was so wet and so warm in there, and still tight despite the hard fuck Aiden had just given her.

“Oh man,” I cried out as I slid all the way in. “You have the best pussy Sarah.” I could feel her clenching round my cock as I started to pull out then slide back in. She just felt amazing.

Sarah started moaning again.

“You like letting both your brothers fuck you like this don’t you?” asked Aiden, who was now watching from the side of the table.

“Mmm yeah,” she replied.

“You like that pussy bro?” he asked me.

“Oh yeah,” I said as I was sliding my cock in and out, “it’s so hot, even tighter than Mum’s.” I hadn’t meant to say that, but I guess the alcohol at the wedding reception had loosened my tongue a bit too much.

“Mum?” cried Sarah in surprise. “You guys are fucking Mum?”

Aiden seemed unfazed. “Yeah, we are, she’s almost as much of a slut for our cock as you are, so don’t act all shocked, it’s probably where you get your nympho genes from.”

Sarah laughed and I carried on fucking her, picking up the pace a bit.

“You’re an addict for your brothers’ cocks, she’s an addict for her sons’ cocks,” said Aiden. “Just enjoy it.”

I certainly was enjoying it. Sarah’s cunt was just amazing, and I still couldn’t believe the sight as I looked down and saw her beautiful pussy lips spread apart with my dick between them. It was so wrong fucking my sister like this but felt so right. Before too long the tingling feeling came.

“I can’t last much longer,” I huffed.

“I’m close George,” replied Sarah.

“Fill her up mate, then she can go find her new husband with a load from each of her brothers in her,” said Aiden.

Soon I felt myself go and sprayed my load deep inside. I kept spurting and spurting. The whole thing was so fucking hot. Sneaking out to fuck my sister on her wedding day. Sarah was crying out while I creampied her. I caught my breath then slowly pulled out.

Sarah stood up and started adjusting her dress. “I can’t believe we did that,” she said, now trying to sound more prim and proper.

“We did it because you’re a horny bitch, who now has a pussy full of our cum, and you’ll feel it leaking out into your panties while you talk to the wedding guests for the rest of the night, and you’ll feel it dripping down your thigh as you go to bed with your new husband,” said Aiden. Sarah seemed to shudder at this. “And you’ll remember it and you’ll invite us over to fuck you again. Enough games, you need to service us both regularly. It’ll suit all our needs,” Aiden said, then walked off back towards the hotel.

“He seems sure of himself,” I said as we started following him back.

“Yeah but he knows canlı bahis siteleri me very well,” said Sarah, then kissed me on the cheek and ran ahead.

No one seemed to have missed us when I got back to the party, which was still in full swing. Shortly after I saw Mum come staggering over the dancefloor towards me, a large glass of white wine in her hand. “Hey Georgie boy, what you smiling about?” she asked, slurring her words.

“Oh nothing, just having fun. Looks like you are too Mum,” I replied.

“Yeah it’s a good party but your Dad’s already gone up to bed, he’s really drunk.”

“And you’re not?”

“Just a bit tipsy, now come dance with me.”

I couldn’t say no so soon joined the crowds on the dimly lit dancefloor and did my best to move around with Mum. After a few songs I noticed she seemed to be grinding her arse into my crotch when she could. I was embarrassed but starting to feel horny again.

I was worried about being seen when she kept doing it. “Mum,” I hissed at her. “I think you’re drunk, let me walk you upstairs to your room.”

“What thank you, a gentleman,” she said. “Let me just say goodnight to a few people,” then she staggered off around the room for a bit. I went after her and put an arm around her to help her walk. We went upstairs in the hotel and then she got her keycard out and opened her room.

I could see Dad lying on top of the bed with all his clothes on and he was snoring loudly. Mum pulled me into the room and shut the door then went to snog me.

“Mum,” I whispered, “what are you doing? Dad’s right there!”

“He’s dead to the world, he gets like this when he’s drunk, won’t wake up until breakfast and I felt something I wanted on that dancefloor,” replied Mum, then reached forward and unzipped my fly.

“Fuck me now, give my what your Dad can’t,” she begged. “I need it George, I need that young hard dick inside me right now.”

This evening was just beyond belief. Mum was now on the floor, kneeling in front of me, next to the bed where my Dad was snoring. It was just mad but I was so horny I dropped to the floor too and knelt behind her, grabbing her waist and flipping the back of her dress up. I pulled her blue panties to he side and slid my cock all the way into her. She was really, really wet.

“Oh yeah, give your mother what she needs,” Mum groaned. “Fuck me hard.”

She was pretty loud but I could hear Dad still snoring away so started to pound her. I could hear the wet sounds of hard shagging fill the air. I couldn’t really believe I was fucking my Mum just an hour after shagging my sister, at her wedding, but it was my lucky night. I reached forward and rubbed her tits through her dress as I continued to slid my dick in and out of her hungry hole.

“Feed me that dick George, I need it,” she was moaning.

I leaned forward over her back so my mouth was near her ear.

“You need my dick? Your young son’s hard cock right inside you?”

“Oh God, yes,” she replied.

“You like your son fucking you next to your sleeping husband?”

“Oh god, yes, god George yes.”

She was becoming incoherent and I started upping the pace. From her moans, she was getting close. “Where do you want my load Mummy?”

“Deep inside me George. I want my son’s big fertile load filling me up and then oozing out of me.”

“Here it comes then,” I replied, as I felt the rush as my second load of the night spurted out into my mother.

“Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming,” Mum replied.

We both caught our breaths then I pulled out. “Thank you, George, I needed that, now go find Aiden and send him up here please before your Dad wakes up.”

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