Susie Ch. 06

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My name is Susie O’Connell. At the time of this story I was 18 and my boyfriend, Corey was 20. We had sex for the first time about a month before the story begins, on our first date. In fact, the purpose of that date was to have sex. We came to like each other so much that we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Corey’s Mother and Father are divorced and his father lives in a huge mansion. Corey arranged with his father for us to use the guest house as a place for us to have sex whenever we want. The first time we spent at the guest house was the four day Fourth of July weekend. Besides having great sex we revised two stories Corey had written by adding women, romance and better interaction among the characters.

Fourth of July

We didn’t go right home from the guest house. Instead we went to the Fourth of July celebration at the Community Park. They have music and dancing and games and food booths and, of course, fireworks after dark. We stopped by Corey’s home to pick up a blanket and went to the park. It was packed and we started looking for a spot near the band and dance area.

We went near a group of maybe ten girls who had been on the dance team with me in high school along with some of their friends.

“Susie!” one of them called out and I took Corey by the hand and went over to them. “Hi,” I said, “this is Corey, my boyfriend. You may remember him. He graduated as class valedictorian two years ahead of us. He’s Kaitlyn’s brother.” I began naming the girls I knew for Corey.

I heard a whisper from one of them. “What did you say?” I said firmly, looking at Yvonne, sure that the whisper had come from her.

“Nothing,” she said, quietly, with a guilty look. Corey was turning red.

“I heard one of you say, ‘Corey the Cock’!” I said firmly. Corey had backed away out of embarrassment.

I continued, “I know Corey had that nickname among some of the less than tactful girls at school and I’ll confirm that he has a big one but I don’t appreciate you embarrassing us by repeating it, even in a whisper that you didn’t think we would hear.”

Corey had moved away from the group and was making a pretense of watching the band. I gently called to him and took his hand to bring him back to the group. “Yvonne, or whichever of you said it, please apologize!”

I stared at Yvonne and the girl I didn’t recognize sitting next to her. “I’m sorry,” Yvonne said very shyly.

“That’s okay,” Corey mumbled, his face still red.

“No, it’s not okay,” I told them all. “It’s no more okay than if some boy made public remarks about the size of your tits or how hairy your crotch is.”

“Susie,” Corey said to me. “It’s not that big a deal, I know what some kids called me and I know why. Sometimes it does stick out a lot. You know that. Now you’re embarrassing me even more and embarrassing your friends too.” Then he said to Yvonne, “I accept your apology.” Then he said, “I think I’ll go look for my mom and Kaitlyn. Why don’t you stay here and talk. I’ll come back to get you.”

I was still a little angry with Yvonne but not the others, so I stayed as he suggested. I asked what they were doing and planning to do now that we had graduated.. Half of the girls were going to be at the community college with me. A few were going on to four year colleges and the rest already had jobs they expected to stay at for a while and didn’t plan on returning to school. Two of the girls I didn’t know well were engaged and expected to be married before the end of the summer.

“Where are your fiancès?” I asked.

“Off talking with their guy friends,” one said.

“They couldn’t take the ‘girl talk’,” the other explained.

“Just like Corey,” Yvonne added.

“Well, you know he’s pretty shy around women,” I said, “and those comments about his penis size didn’t help.”

“I really am sorry,” Yvonne said, “but that’s almost all I remembered about him from school. And you didn’t help by bringing it to everyone’s attention.”

“You’re right,” I admitted. “he might have hung around if I had just let it drop. It’s just that I know he’s sensitive about it.”

“So now that it’s just us girls’ how big is it?” Dianne asked.

I exaggerated a bit and left over an inch between my fingers to show them how big around it was and spread my hands more that a foot apart to show them how long it was.

“Wow!” said someone.

“I don’t believe you,” Dianne said.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” asked a third.

“Well I had some difficulty getting it in when we first had sex but it never hurts. We usually use a lubricant to help it get in but Corey is very good at getting me wet and ready so I don’t know that we need it. It doesn’t fit in my mouth though. I can only lick it”

“I once had a guy with a nine incher,” Francine said, “it didn’t fit all the way in.”

“How did you know it was nine inches?” someone asked.

“He told me,” Francine answered. “He had measured it.”

“I think they all measure theirs,” Trish claimed. “I’ve had several guys tell me how big theirs Bostancı Escort is.”

“Even if they measure, I bet they add an inch or more,” Dianne said.

Francine claimed, “I don’t think this guy was lying. I did see it you know.”

“Corey’s goes all the way inside me,” I bragged. “I guess vaginas are different, some may not stretch as much as others. My doctor seemed surprised when I told him it went all the way in and he was concerned about internal damage and told me what to watch for.”

“Right,” Dianne said sarcastically. “Now I know you are lying about the size.”

“Well, maybe a bit,” I admitted “but any of you who have seen it pushing out his pants know it’s big.”

There was a general bout of laughter.

By the time Corey returned, the discussion of penis sizes was long over and we were recounting what had happened to each of us over the first month after graduation.

Judy and Dianne

Corey came up and interrupted the discussion, “I found my mom. Kaitlyn is talking to some of your other friends. Your parents and Cathy are here too.”

I excused myself and went with Corey. “Maybe we can get together again before the end of summer,” I suggested before I left.

As we left I asked Corey if he thought his father might let us have a party at the guest house.

“Probably,” he replied, “but he may demand we pay the cost and clean-up after. He might pay for the whole thing for a special occasion like a birthday.”

Then I asked him where my parents were.

“I don’t know. My mom said Kaitlyn had seen them here. We’ll have to ask her.”

Corey had not yet met my parents in person and I proposed that today would be a good time for that, “Let’s go find Kaitlyn.”

After a brief greeting to Corey’s mom we set off to find Kaitlyn. She was at the other side of the bandstand from the other girls. She was with Judy and April. Judy, April, Kaitlyn, Brittany Reynolds and I had been almost inseparable in middle school and high school. We had spent most afternoons studying at Judy’s home until we had discovered some of her father’s X-rated videos and then graduated to sex parties with boys we invited over. When our parents found out we lost the use of Judy’s house and, except for Kaitlyn and me, were not supposed to be seeing each other.

“Wow, it’s good to see you,” I exclaimed. “You know Corey, Kaitlyn’s brother, we’re going together now.”

“Hi” Corey said, quietly.

“Kaitlyn’s told us all about it,” April said. “You finished up your love making at Kaitlyn’s father’s place?”

“I guess everything gets tiring after a while,” Judy added with a smile.

I noticed Corey blushing again. “Sex with Corey never gets tiring,” I told them. “but we like to do other things too.”

“I’m so happy for you, Corey,” Judy said to him.

“Uhh, what?” Corey stammered out.

“You’ve liked Susie since, like, forever,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked as Corey asked, “Huh?”.

“Don’t deny it,” she said. “Every time we were at your house it was obvious you had your eyes on her.”

“Well, maybe,” he replied.

“Susie you must have noticed,” she said to me.

“No, I thought he was looking at all of us and too shy to talk.”

“The too shy to talk part is sure correct,” Judy agreed, “but I don’t think he spent much time checking me out. Any way I’m glad to see you got together.”

“So, your parents are allowing you out of the house now?” I asked Judy and April in order to change the subject. “You can talk to Kaitlyn and me now?”

“Well, I sort of told them I was old enough to make my own decisions,” Judy said.

“I just kinda decided to do what I want without telling them,” April claimed. “If they find out I’m with you guys then I guess I’ll do what Judy did.”

I had to ask about the missing member of our group. “Has anyone heard anything about Brittany? I only know she dropped out of school before graduation.”

“She came by my place just before she dropped out. She was pregnant and her mom had thrown her out of the house,” Judy told us.

“That’s awful!” I exclaimed think of how my mom had been upset but wouldn’t have even considered throwing me out of our house when I told her I was worried I might be pregnant.

Judy continued, “My mom didn’t like the situation and let her stay at our place. A few days later she just disappeared.”

April added some detail. “I heard that she was talking to all the boys she had sex with …”

“That’s quite a few,” Kaitlyn chimed in.

April resumed, “She was asking them for money to pay for an abortion. I bet she got a few thousand dollars.”

Judy had more to tell, “Brittany’s mom called my mom about a week ago. Apparently Brittany had been arrested for prostitution and was asking her mom to bail her out. My mom said that she had said her pimp could do that.”

“Pretty cruel,” I told them, “I really feel sorry for her.”

“My mom thinks she was reaching out to her mom,” Judy said, “and is angry that she was rejected.”

“Your Erenköy Escort mom is angry at Brittany’s mom?” Kaitlyn asked.

“I think so,” Judy answered.

I thought back to our sex parties where Brittany’s sexual addiction had begun. “I feel like we caused her to be in this predicament,” I said as tears welled up. “She’d never be in this state if we hadn’t introduced her to sex.”

“She decided to do it too,” Judy said.

“She even encouraged us,” Kaitlyn added.

“I think we all have a responsibility in this,” I said with difficulty. Then I gave in to the growing sobs. “Any one of us could probably have stopped it,” I squeezed out between the sobs.

Corey hugged me to himself. The others sat in silence and then joined in the hug.

I managed to get myself under control and said, “I had a dream. Corey has been encouraging me to decide what to do with my life so I can take the right courses next year. In the dream an angel carried me above all the people I knew and they were all shouting advice. One small voice came clear above all the others. It was Brittany!”

“Brittany came to you in a dream?” April asked.

“Well, I think my mind put Brittany there because what she said fit with her sex addiction.”

“So what is it you’re supposed to do?” Kaitlyn asked.

“The first part is to become a doctor, a gynecologist. The rest I’m keeping to myself.”

“So you’re going to be a gynecologist because Brittany told you to? In a dream?” Judy asked with some skepticism.

“No, I’m going to be a gynecologist because I am sure it’s what I want to do. I think the dream was just my subconscious making it clear to me. Brittany was an effective memory for doing that.”

“That’s a lot of work,” Kaitlyn said.

“And money,” Judy added.

“I’ll find a way,” I told them.

My Parents

I wanted to get to my family so I said, “Kaitlyn, Corey says you know where my parents are? Could you tell me?”

She got up, “sure, I’ll take you there.” Then to Judy and April, “I’ll be back in a bit”

On the way she commented, “You sure have Brittany on your mind. What brought that on?”

“Ever since she started grabbing every penis she could get her vagina around I started worrying that I might be at fault for her behavior. And then when she left school …” I felt the tears coming again and didn’t finish.

“There they are,” Kaitlyn said, pointing at my parents a few yards away.

I grabbed Corey’s hand tightly and pulled him over.

“Mommy and Daddy, this is Corey,” I said.

“Welcome back, princess,” Daddy said. “How was you time away?” I could tell he was hoping I wouldn’t respond with a scorecard of orgasms and copulations as I had in the past. Even though he and Mommy knew I was having sex with Corey at his dad’s guest house they didn’t approve. But with my 11 year old little sister Cathy’s help they reluctantly accepted it.

“I had a great time and Corey and I finished two stories. We have copies for you and Mommy. I hope you will like them.”

“I’m sure we will,” Mommy said. “It’s good to finally meet you, Corey.”

Daddy got up and shook Corey’s hand. I could tell he wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to ask about the weekend because he suspected it was just the two of us having sex and that was the last thing he wanted to be talking to Corey about.

Corey broke the ice, “You have a wonderful daughter, Mr. and Mrs. O’Connell. She’s smart and lively and much more attractive than any girl I thought I would ever be going out with. And she is really getting me out more. I used to just sit around reading and using my computer.”

Then he said, “Oh, she made a decision this weekend, tell them, Susie!”

“What decision?” I asked and then realized what he meant. “Corey has been after me to decide on a major for college. He says it’s not a good idea to just take a few general courses; I need to be working on my major right from the beginning. Anyway, this weekend I decided I am going to be a medical doctor, a gynecologist.”

Mommy and Daddy were stunned. I expected their jaws to drop but they managed to keep their mouths shut

Mommy spoke first, “That’s a lot of work. And your grades weren’t that great.”

“A’s and B’s,” I reminded her, “that’s not terrible.”

“But the A’s were in English and History, and don’t forget the C in Biology. I think that’s important if you’re going into medicine.

“And you skipped Chemistry because you thought it would be difficult,” Daddy added. “You’ll need to make that up. And then there’s the cost.”

“I’ll manage the cost,” I said. “I plan to keep my job while going to the Community College. I was just coasting in high school. I know I can do well if I put my mind to it and I really want this. I know it’s right for me.”

“You should talk to one of the guidance counselors at the college right away so you know what is expected,” Mommy said.

“I want to talk to Dr. Jacobs too,” I said. “I bet he can help me know what Göztepe Escort to expect.”

“I think that’s a very good idea,” Mommy told me. “Do you want me to make an appointment?”

“I can do that myself,” I told her. “This is my decision and my life.”

“See, I told you she is an amazing woman,” Corey announced with a huge smile.

That evening I sat in Corey’s arms and watched the fireworks. “These can’t compare to a night with you,” I whispered to him.


After leaving the park. Corey dropped me off at home. I took my bag and copies of the stories. I kissed Corey passionately and reminded him to give copies of the stories to his mom and Kaitlyn.

The next day Cathy was in when I got home from work. She asked a question point blank: “Did you have sex?”

“Yes, Cathy, we did.”

“How many times?”

“Five, I think.”

“You can’t remember exactly? Wow! Did you have one of those orgasm things?”

“Yes I did, six or seven.”

“Boy, you must have had a great time.”

“Yes I did and not just because of the sex.”

When Mommy came home. I gave her the copies of the stories. She told me, “Your father and I were both impressed with Corey. He is quite a young man and from what he said I think he cares a great deal for you.”

“I like him a lot too, Mommy.”

“He was not quite what I expected.”

“What do you mean? I told you how smart and nice he was.”

“Well ….” there was a long pause as she debated to say what she had in mind. “I want you to know this does not in any way detract from my opinion of Corey. In fact it enhances my opinion of him as your choice. It makes me feel even more like he is good for you.”

“What is it?”

“I guess I was expecting a more physically attractive boy.”

“Mommy, Corey is not ugly!”

“Of course he isn’t, sweetheart. It’s just that when a young girl falls in love so quickly, or thinks she is in love, it’s often a physical attraction.”

“Mommy, Corey is really cute, he’s just a bit overweight.”

“Yes, dear, I agree he is really cute.”

Cathy, couldn’t resist, “He’s also a little bit pimply and has kind of a big nose.”

I got angry, “Cathy, stop it! Mommy tell her not to say bad things about Corey!”

“Cathy, no more of that, I mean it!” Mommy said.

“Susie,” Mommy said, “Corey is a wonderful boy and from all the evidence will grow into a wonderful man. Cathy, his pimples will go away and physical appearance is over-rated. Susie, your father and I want you to know that we are happy that you and Corey are together.”

At dinner Mommy and Daddy told me they thought both stories were great. Mommy said she cried at the end of the space one.

“I hoped you might like that one,” I said, “I kind of modeled Apollo and Dianne on you and Daddy.”

“Well that’s quite a compliment Susie,” Mommy said.

“There’s a bit of Corey and me there too,” I said. “We acted out most of the scenes and tried to imagine how we might feel if it were us. Corey came up with the ending, isn’t it fabulous!”

Yes it is dear, ‘fabulous’.”

“Oh, there’s something you might be very interested in about the pipeline story,” I said.

“What’s that, princess?” Daddy asked.

“Well, you know the end where the couple get into bed together?”

“Yes,” Mommy answered.

“Well, when we wrote that we kind of assumed that meant they would have sex.”

“I suppose most readers would,” Daddy said. I could see he feared another orgasm box score was coming.

“Well when we were finished Corey and I went to bed together.” I could see them preparing for the inevitable.

“We had a most wonderful night.” Daddy had his eyes closed in preparation for what was coming.

“We had a night where we cuddled together but had no sex at all.” I watched the relief wash over them.

“Not only didn’t we have sex but it may have been the best night of all of them. I realized that the couple in the pipeline story after such an ordeal would probably only want to be together and relax. I don’t think they had sex. At least not that night.”

“I appreciate your interpretation, dear,” Mommy said.

“You and daddy must have a lot of nights like that. Sometimes I worried that since you weren’t having sex every night that maybe you weren’t as close as I want you to be. Now I realize that nights without sex can bring you closer than nights with sex.” I gave them each a big hug and a kiss.

Corey’s Penis Problem

As I was getting ready for bed I remembered something and went downstairs in my pajamas. “Daddy,” I said.

“What princess?”

“Do you have a big penis?”

“Princess, that’s an inappropriate question!”

“Oh, that’s not really what I want to talk about. It came out wrong. Let me start over. Daddy, you know Corey has a big penis.”

“Yes, I think you have mentioned it several times. Is this really something we should be talking about?”

“Yes, I have an important question. Well, anyway, sometimes his big penis has an erection and sticks way out and everyone can see it. I understand some of the girls at high school called him “Corey the Cock” because of it. Well, you can imagine how embarrassing it is.”

“Yes I can, Princess. What does that have to do with me?”

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