Susan’s Saturday Night Sex Ch. 09

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There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21.


Unbeknownst to one another, Susan has sex with her son.

Paying her no never mind that she wasn’t a medical professional but instead reads a lot, Steven looked at her in the way Susan imagined him looking at his mother. Already aware that he had a thing for having sex with his adoptive mother, unable to tell without him confessing, she wondered how far he’s gone or would be willing to go in seducing his adoptive mother. Being that he was only nineteen-years-old, still just a child really, she suspected that he wasn’t sexually sophisticated and/or experienced enough to seduce his adoptive mother. Too much of a line to cross to sample the forbidden fruits of incest, she figured that he hadn’t gotten that far in seducing his adoptive mother at all.

Most men just fantasize about having sex with their mothers while masturbating over the thoughts of seeing their mothers naked and/or having sex with them. Most men, even though they think they’d have sex with their mothers, step-mothers, and adoptive mothers if the opportunity presented itself, they wouldn’t. Even though they routinely masturbate over the thoughts of having sex with their mothers, step-mothers, and/or adoptive mothers, they’d never have sex with their mothers even if offered sex by their willing mother. A forbidden line they’d never cross, be it for reasons of religion or for unacceptable social behavior, most people have limitations in what they do or wouldn’t do when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to the taboo of having incestuous sex with a blood related relative.

“I like role playing too,” she said. “If that’s what gets you more aroused and if that’s what gets you off, there’s no harm done. I don’t see anything wrong with me pretending to be your mother while I pretend that you’re my son,” she said watching for his reaction to her words. “It doesn’t bother me in the least if you pretend that I’m your mother. It doesn’t bother me in the least with you pretending that you’re having sex with your mother instead having sex with me. And it doesn’t bother me in the least if you call me mom, mommy, and/or mother, instead of Susan.”

Suddenly with her expressed permission to continue their role playing game, he obviously became more sexually excited. No doubt, by her offer to agree to continue to play the role of his mother, whomever she was, he seemed ready to play the role of her son. Furthermore, perhaps by her acceptance of having him call her mom, mommy, and/or mother instead of Susan, ignited a flame that burned deep within him. Only, he was so young. Barely of legal age, she’s never had sex with someone so very young. Indeed, having sex with him, she’d feel like the sexual predator that she is. Yet, being that he was so young and possibly so sexually inexperienced, she could teach him a few things. Without doubt, she’d give him a memory that he’d never forget.

“So tell me Mom,” he said putting a finger to her low cut top. He pulled her top down and forward enough to give him a great down blouse of her cleavage and bra.

She watched him peering down her blouse. As if playing peek-a-boo with her tits, it was erotically more sexually exciting to have a man tease her while taking his time undressing her. Expecting him to stuff his hand down her blouse and bra to cup her tits while fingering her nipples, she suspected that he’s always wanted to do what he was doing now to her to his adoptive mother or to his real mother, whomever she was. He let go of her blouse and allowed her to close the fun bag playground by allowing her to put her hand there.

“Tell me. I want to know. Other than your son, who do you pretend I am?”

Tit for tat, he shocked her with his question. As if he had some insight into her, that was a weird question for him to ask of her. Why would he even care who she pretended he was when having sex with him?

Typically her romantic encounters were all about the men getting what they wanted sexually and never about her. Typically, she always had to break convention of sucking men’s cocks for them to give her an orgasm with their mouth and with their cocks before they ejaculated in her mouth and/or in her pussy. Typically, it was men who wanted to be sexually satisfied first, but Susan wouldn’t have any of that. For her to give men what they wanted, a blowjob, she had to be sexually satisfied first. Breaking her character as his mother to play her own role as the woman still in love with the man who deflowered her more than twenty years ago, she thought about Steven.

“Oh, just some man I knew a long time ago,” she said with sadness while eager to change the subject. “Let’s have sex, shall we?”

Wishing he never started this avenue of conversation with her, he was ruining her sexual mood. Normally not having any conversation before, during, and after having sex, if she was going to talk about anything, she’d much rather talk about güvenilir bahis him than to reveal anything about her. Truth be told, she didn’t like talking about herself, especially at a time like this when they were about to get naked and sweaty. Just like all the rest, she wished he’d just shut the fuck up and give him an orgasm. Only, he wasn’t like the rest, he was different.

“What was his name?”

He looked at her as if he was really interested to know and she felt compelled to answer him. Only she wasn’t comfortable with him persisting in this line of questioning. Never forgetting him, a name she wrote hundreds of times while endlessly doodling and forever thinking about him, it’s been years since she uttered his name out loud.

“Steven,” she said, “but I’d rather not talk about him. I’d rather talk about you,” she said lying. “I’d much rather talk about us.” Truth be told, she’d much rather not talk at all.

He looked at her as if he had won the jackpot.

“Steven? That’s my name too,” he said.

Wanting to flee from him and from here for him holding up a mirror to her in the way that she’s held up a mirror to so very many different men, she looked at him with uncomfortableness. He was ruining her sexual mood. He was ruining everything. How dare he?

“I know,” she said with sadness. “I’m well aware that Steven is your name but, if you don’t mind, I’d rather we not talk while having sex and especially not talk about him. Actually, instead of talking, I’d rather you just silently pretended that I’m your mother while I silently pretended that you’re my son. Okay?”

Still fully dressed, normally by now, she would have stripped herself naked. Normally by now, he would have been naked too. Obviously, allowing it to get in the way, she was put off because he was so very young.

“Okay, no problem. I was just trying to break the ice a little by easing into the sex,” he said.

Break the ice? What ice? He was dawdling in delaying the sexual experience. With her sitting in his apartment willing, ready, and able to have sex with him, the only chill in the room was created by him asking her about Steven. She looked at him and smiled in the way that she imagined his mother or his adoptive mother would smile at him for saying something so innocent.

“Trust me,” she said. “I have no ice needing to be broken and/or melted for that matter. If anything, I’m boiling hot for you. I’m seething with sexual passion. Fuck me Steven. Fuck me. Fuck your mother as if I were really her. Show me how much you want your mother by giving me an orgasm and making me cum,” she said wrapping her arm around his neck, pulling him to her, and giving him a deep, wet, long, lingering kiss.

Perhaps with him obviously needing a baseball bat over the head for her to get her point across that she was ready for sex and was there only for sex and not conversation, he seemed a bit dense that she chalked up to his youth and naiveté. Just shut the fuck up and fuck me, she wanted to say to him but didn’t. For some weird reason, something she never did and/or enjoyed doing with any young man, she enjoyed talking to him. Actually, the type of man she preferred, handsome, young, dumb, and hard bodied with a stiff prick, he’d ideally fit her role as her perfect sexual partner if only he’d stop talking. If anything, a first time for everything, she actually enjoyed pretending that he was her son instead of just another young man she met at the bar.

“May I undress you?” He looked at her with a look of hope as if expecting her to say no.

‘May you undress me? Duh? Tick tock, she looked at her watch. It’s about time you did,’ she thought to herself but didn’t say out loud.

“Actually, I’d rather you not ask my permission to undress me. With you the man and me the woman, I’d rather you just start undressing me while kissing me, touching me, and feeling me through my clothes. I’d rather you be the aggressive man that you are instead of being the teenage boy that you no longer are. I dare say that once I make you a real man by having my wicked way with your young, hard body,” she said with a dirty laugh, “you’ll never ask a woman’s permission to undress her and/or to have sex with her again. You’ll just take what you want.

He moved closer to her and took her in his arms to kiss her while feeling her tits through her blouse and bra. Then, breaking off the kiss, he took a step back to unbutton her blouse. Obviously he wanted to see what he was unwrapping. Looking down at what each unbuttoned button exposed before unbuttoning the next button, he touched, felt, and kissed her while undressing her.

Normally, she would have been naked and in bed by now. Normally, he would have been positioned between her legs and licking her pussy by now. Normally, as if she was in a race instead of a marathon, as soon as she had her wicked, sexual way with his young, hard body, she’d be on her way out the door and home. Yet, surprisingly for the first time, she wasn’t in a rush. For türkçe bahis the first time, she more enjoyed the foreplay than she looked forward to the actual sexual act of him giving her an orgasm.

Finally unbuttoning the last button of her blouse, she helped him remove her blouse. Taking his sweet time as if he was a nervous, drunken groom and she was his blushing, virginal bride on his Honeymoon, he stared down at her bra clad breasts before touching them, feeling them, and fondling them through her bra. Obviously by the sexually excited look on his face, he liked her tits.

“Wow! You have big tits,” he said.

She looked down at her breasts before looking up at him staring at her breasts.

“I do,” she said and already bored that he stated the obvious.

Touching and feeling the tops of her breasts, he stuck a finger inside of her bra to finger her nipples, first one and then the other. Then cupping her tits in his hands, he fingered the impressions her nipples made in her bra before stepping behind her to unhook her bra. Leaving her bra in place, he continued feeling her big tits through her unhooked bra. Definitely, it was more erotically arousing to be slowly stripped than to strip herself naked within a minute or two. Then, slowly removing each bra strap as if he was undressing her while she slept, he removed the cups from her breasts.

“You’re so very beautiful Mom and I just love your big tits,” he said filling his hands with her breasts. He fingered her nipples before he leaned his head down to suck her tits.

“Thank you,” she said putting a gentle hand to the back of his head and pulling him closer before turning her head away to roll her eyes. “I’m glad you like Mommies breasts.”

Yet, even though she was seemingly acting bored by his sexual naiveté, there was something more exotically sexual that she felt in allowing a nineteen-year-old boy of a man to touch, feel, fondle, and suck her breasts. For the first time and weird that she’d feel that way, indeed, she felt like a mother having sex with her son. Had she kept her baby boy, he could have been her son. Only, if he was her son, she didn’t think she’d ever have sex with him.

Nonetheless, in the way that so many men have enjoyed the incestuous fantasy of pretending that they were having sex with their mother, for the first time, she was enjoying the incestuous fantasy of pretending that she was having sex with her son. For the first time, she more enjoyed the seduction of him slowly undressing her while touching, feeling, and kissing her than she was looking forward to the actual sexual act. For the first time, she suspected that she wanted Steven in the role as her son than he wanted her in the role of his mother. Obviously, indeed he wanted her in the role as his mother but sharing his incestuous sexual fantasy, she was charting new sexual ground.

* * * * *

Not wasting any more precious time undressing, they helped one another quickly strip naked and as soon as they stripped off their clothes and as soon as she climbed on his bed, he mounted her. Being that he was so young, not wanting to turn him off, she didn’t ask him to give her oral sex. Yet, not wanting him to cum inside of her, the last thing she wanted was to have his son. She stopped him to reach for her pocketbook and to retrieve a condom to protect herself from him by covering his cock in latex. Slowing it down by taking her time affixing the condom, she didn’t want him to give her a slam bam thank you ma’am kind of sexual encounter with him ejaculating before giving her an orgasm. Already, he was so very sexually excited, too sexually excited, the most sexually excited she’s seen a man before having sex. When she reached down to direct his hard cock inside of her, as soon as she wrapped her fingers around his stiff prick, he nearly ejaculated.

“Oh, my God. This is just too damn fast. I’m cumming,” he said. “Maybe because of the fantasy of thinking that I’m having sex with my adoptive mother instead of with you, a beautiful woman that I just met at the bar, is making me too sexually excited.”

Happening all too often with young men who have no control over their sexual excitement, she sighed her sexual frustration. Needing to take control of him by playing the part of his sexually frustrated, adoptive mother, she knew once she scolded him that would be enough to cum his sexual excitement. Obviously, he needed to be shown who was in control.

“Don’t you dare cum before I’ve had my orgasm,” she said with anger. In order to get his attention and to rattle him from pleasure to pain, she grabbed him by a handful of his hair and pulled hard. “How dare you cum before me, your mother? Don’t cum yet. Do you hear me? Control yourself. Hold!” Then, to delay him from cumming, she reached down and squeezed his balls hard enough for him to have second thoughts about cumming. “I’ll tell you when to cum,” she said slapping him hard across his face.

Seemingly, his cock hardened in her hand when she slapped his güvenilir bahis siteleri face. Maybe he likes that sort of rough treatment, she thought. Maybe his adopted mother slaps him like that. Not wanting to waste another minute with him talking being that he was already to cum, she rolled him over and mounted him.

This time fucking him harder and deeper albeit slower, she was determined to have her orgasm before he was no longer any good to her. Having never gone a week without having an orgasm, she didn’t think that she could. With her big breasts bouncing up and down and swaying from side to side, he reached up and took hold of them in his hands to finger her nipples. Then when she stared down at him while she imagined that she was having sex with Steven twenty years ago, she felt the heat of her orgasm beginning to consume her. She was the one pretending now. Being that he looked so much like him, a younger version of him, she pretended that he was her Steven. Reaching the point of no return, right there at the precipice of cumming, determined to have her orgasm, she fucked him harder and she fucked him faster.

“Oh, my God. I’ve never had sex like this before in my life. You are amazing Mom,” he said.

“Yes, that’s it. Pretend that I’m your mother. Don’t cum in Mommy yet. Hold. Wait until Mommy has her orgasm. Your job is to sexually pleasure your mother. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your mother by not giving her an orgasm, would you?”

“No, mother. Don’t worry. I’ll wait to cum until you’re ready to cum,” he said.

Hoping he could hold just a little bit longer, she continued her role play as his mother while knowing full well that was what he needed.

“Oh, oh, oh baby,” she said fucking him harder and humping him faster. “That’s it. Right there. Hump me harder. Fuck me Steven. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Fuck me Steven. Fuck me. That’s it. Fuck your mother. Fuck me baby. Gees, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m going to cum,” she said.

“I love you Mommy,” he said in a low whisper.

Nearly knocking her out of her orgasm, his words startled her. Many men have said the same thing to her before, “I love you Mommy.” Yet, coming from his lips, the words somehow meant more to her. Lost in between two worlds, thinking of him as the Steven, the love of her life and thinking of him as the son she gave up for adoption, she was torn. Lost in the fantasy of thinking that he was her son, how could she have sex with her son? What kind of mother is she to fuck her son? If it wasn’t for his cock giving her so very much pleasure, she would have been sad enough to burst into tears. Yet, his sentiment of love so bittersweet while she was having the intense heat of her orgasm, she was stuck in limbo while being pulled back from Heaven to deliver her to Hell.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. I’m cumming. You may cum now too, if you’d like and if you’re ready. Oh baby, that feels so good,” she said when she felt him shoot his warmth inside of her through his condom. “That was good Steven. That was so good. My God that was so very good,” she said leaning down to him to kiss him before rolling off of him.

* * * * *

Every time she called him Steven, the name evoked a memory. Every time she called him Steven, she thought of her original lover and not of him. In the way that she pretended that he was Steven, she remembered what it was like to have sex with Steven twenty years ago. How wonderful things would have been if she was born twenty years earlier and they met then? How wonderful it would have been had he married her instead of his wife? How joyous it would have been if this Steven really was her son and her lover Steven was his father? Only with Steven’s unsatisfied penchant for younger women, if she was born twenty years earlier, he would have rejected her for one of his younger students in the way that he rejected his wife for her.

* * * * *

A sad truth that she hated to admit, Steven was nothing more than a degenerate pig. A man who used his office not only to teach young women but also to deflower them, he took advantage of young, innocent women then in the way that she takes advantage of young, horny men now. Yet, admittedly, it’s much different when an older woman takes sexually advantage of a young man that it is when an older man takes advantage of a young women, especially if that woman is a virgin in the way that she was when she met Steven. He used her. Even though she professed her love for him, he didn’t love her.

If only he knew that his baby boy is out there somewhere, now a nineteen-year-old man, she wondered what he’d say to that. With her not telling him that she was pregnant and with her not aborting the baby, she wondered if he’d be angry that she carried her son to term before giving him up for adoption. She wondered if he’d want to find his son in the way that she’s curious about finding her son now. Never thinking much about him before, she’s been too busy with the feelings of her patients to consider her own feelings and that of her abandoned son. Now that she’s here with a boy of a man who looks so much like Steven and who reminds her of the son she gave up for adoption, after feeling so good having had an orgasm, she’s never felt so bad.

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