Surreptitious Love Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 — Hatching Plans

As I mentioned before, there were two more young ladies at our English Academy that I had always been fond of. My feelings for them had never been as strong as those for Nguyet, but over the years I grew attached to them and often wondered when they would get married or if they had sex once in a while. Or were they still virgins, after all? One of them, Trinh, was tall and lanky with a relatively wide butt; the other one, Quynh, was a year younger, a little shorter, and had started working with us just after me. Trinh was 27 or 28 and was the only one at my workplace who had been there longer than I have. As I was still working with them, I believed it would be better if Nguyet initiated the meeting.

Nguyet had agreed that the two of them were maybe in a similar position as she had been. Not being able to find a husband, they may be sexually starved and needed a little lubricating. All three of them knew each other well, and—as far as I could tell—liked each other. Nguyet texted me, saying that it would be difficult to arrange a foursome since she didn’t want them to know that we were having an affair. She also anticipated difficulties when she would try to get her mother to be absent for the day.

However, as I hadn’t been to her house for more than I month, Nguyet said, I should just come over and we would talk about everything. Since the next week was still in the taboo-zone between two periods, I prepared myself for some hot talk and a blowjob. Our sexual adventures had been exhausting the last few months, and if the foursome should materialize, it would be vivid and intense too, so I wanted to lay low anyway.

When I arrived at Nguyet’s house, her mum wasn’t there. As it was hot, Nguyet was wearing a thin summer dress, and after she had closed the front door, she went straight back to the kitchen and called me from there. We would eat first, before making plans for our new, big adventure. She had her hair up on the back of her head and was frying fish in a pan. The rice was already waiting on the table, as were a few other small bowls with food. I sat down when Nguyet switched off the gas cooker, and she came over with a plate of fish. I helped myself to some rice and we started to eat.

“So, you want a foursome with Trinh and Quynh?” she began.

“Only if it’s all right with you,” I told her.

“Well, Şerifali Escort I’ve always liked them, and I think they are pretty. I wouldn’t mind seeing them naked or touching them,” she mulled over the idea. “How shall we get the whole thing started, though?”

“You could invite them over for lunch, couldn’t you? That seems our best bet. I don’t think they would agree to go to a hotel with us.” I was developing the idea further. “And we can’t expect them to take their clothes off at their house either. I don’t think that would work.”

“But we’re not gonna tell them in advance what our plan is?” Nguyet wanted to know.

“No, I don’t think so. I’ve thought about it and I think it’s best if we—the two of us—pretend it all starts when they are here. I start touching you and, at first, of course, you say ‘no’, but then you say you like it and encourage me to go further. We’ll see what their reaction is. Worst case scenario, they are embarrassed and leave. Knowing them, though, they will be embarrassed but will get horny and join us for some action upstairs.”

“Now, that’s clever since they would not really know that we’ve been fucking for more than six months now. I still need to get my mom out of the house, however,” Nguyet reminded me. “Oh, by the way, don’t eat until you’re full. There’s a surprise in the fridge.”

“Now,” Nguyet continued, “when I call them about the lunch invitation, do you want me to tell them that you’ll be here too?”

“I wouldn’t say that right away. I would tell them that you now have a day off during the week and that you’re a little bored and thought you should catch up with the two of them. See what they say and then ask them who else to invite. They will jokingly suggest me, I’m pretty sure. And then you waver, you say ‘maybe not’ but, in the end, you’ll agree, and I’ll be here.”

She sent me to the fridge and when I opened the door, I saw a small plate with fresh tuna. ‘She is awesome’ I thought to myself. When I got back to the table, she lifted up her butt from the seat, removed her panties and sat on them. ‘Good god, that is hot,’ I thought to myself. When I looked incredulous, she told me that her mom might be back any moment. “I can’t leave my underwear on the table.” I extended my hand and when she gave them to me, I put her panties in my pocket.

“Oh, sorry, there’s also some regular Üsküdar Escort sauce over there that I just made. Please bring that over here too, will you?” she asked.

The food had been excellent, and now I was going for the icing on the proverbial cake. Nguyet put one foot up on the chair and pulled her dress back, exposing her pussy. I loved her nonchalance. I got a chunk of tuna and rubbed it between her nether lips. She flinched and laughed, since it was still cold. My dick was rising inside my shorts. I ate a few chunks quietly. They were excellent, until she asked: “Since you’re eating my pussy, in a way, for dessert, can I eat your dick?”

She had just asked the right question. I got up, opened my shorts and let my dick out. It was pointing straight at her. I moved closer, and she opened her mouth. Standing over her, I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Further down, her pussy hair was glistening in her lap. All of this combined made me so horny that I put one hand on the back of her head and started thrusting in her mouth.

Suddenly, there was a noise at the front door, so we scrambled to look presentable. I sat back down and as I was dipping a morsel of tuna in the small bowl on the table, her mother appeared in the kitchen. I looked if Nguyet had covered herself. Perhaps we were still a little out of breath, but there were no signs of what had been going on just a minute ago.

Nguyet and her mom began talking but I wanted to go upstairs as quickly as possible, partially because I knew Nguyet was naked under her dress. So, I got up and started moving the dishes to the sink. The two women berated me for doing so and said the dishes could wait. I should go upstairs.

Once we were in her bedroom, we undressed and lied down. My urge to face-fuck her had subsided; a little tender action with a happy ending would be fine. Nguyet started stroking my dick but it wasn’t gonna come up again right away. “Too bad your mom got back. Five minutes later, I would have come nicely in your throat.”

“Well, now that she is back, you coming inside me somehow is still ahead of us. Look at it that way!” she suggested.

“You are right in the middle between two periods, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much, so no dick inside my pussy today.”

“Understood,” I nodded.

“So, we should have lunch with Quynh and Trinh in about Ümraniye Escort ten days or three weeks. Shall we do it as we talked about earlier? You ask them, don’t mention me at first, but then …”

“Yeah, yeah,” she said. “I’ll keep you posted.”

Nguyet didn’t seem in the mood for talking. She stretched over me and rested her butt with her legs spread widely on my chest. She started playing with my dick and took it in her mouth again. I run my middle finger through her pussy and applied some juice to her butthole. I started tapping it and enjoyed the view and the smell.

“Have you ever thought of having sex with just a woman?” I asked.

She stopped sucking me and turned around. “Not really. When I think about sex, there needs to be a dick.”

She continued sucking me rather artfully. I reminisced about our first time, of which this afternoon reminded me. I put my finger inside her pussy, and she squeezed it. I pulled out and went in again with two fingers. There was some more juice, and she started moving her ass. She had only my glans in her mouth now and was experimenting what might work best. She propped herself up on her elbows, and her ass came closer to my face. I took my fingers out and began licking her. Once in a while, there was some more nectar oozing out, running down her thighs. I took some and fondled her titties. Her body started convulsing and her breathing became heavier. She let out a huge sigh and dropped her mouth over my dick. I came shortly afterwards in a nice set of palpitations. She waited til all the cum had come out of my dick and turned around. She had her mouth open but then swallowed twice.

As we were lying next to each other, I asked her if she thought the two girls from work would spread our secret.

“Not, if they spread their legs. Not, if they get up here and get in with the action, since they would have to be afraid that we also tell people what they did,” Nguyet said.

“And what about Quynh staying and Trinh leaving because she’s too embarrassed?”

“If one of them leaves, then she doesn’t know what we did. Don’t worry, most Vietnamese women are too embarrassed to talk about sex. And having sex with four people, three women and one guy, will just sound too outrageous. People wouldn’t believe that story.”

“Well, let’s see, first, if we get the two of them here and your mother out of the house,” I laughed. “We’ll go from there.”

We got dressed and Nguyet accompanied me to their front door. The coast seemed clear outside. I pulled her panties out of my pocket and handed them to her. We kissed, and I put her hair back behind her ear.

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