Surrender Ch. 01

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There are certain things in life that you never see coming. I never in a million years would have imagined myself doing the things I am about to divulge to you, but I never knew what it was like to be completely owned by emotion either. The idea of living to please someone else was incomprehensible, incomprehensible, until him.

I was 21. Just coming into my own and finally hitting my stride in life. Tall, full figured, long golden curls, piercing green eyes, and soft pouty lips. Men, as a rule, were drawn to me. I never had trouble getting attention, and to be honest it was more of a curse than a blessing; having been paid far too much attention, far too young. At this point however, I had come to embrace my past. Though shy, and insecure, I felt confident sexually.

After a very bad relationship and an even worse break up, I found myself on a popular website for personals. I needed attention, distraction, love, anything! Desperate to drown myself in someone else and forget every feeling from the past year, I posted an ad:

BBW seeking someone fun, open minded, and easy on the eyes. Not looking for anything specific, but open to possibilities. 21 years old, I work I drive, I bathe…what more can you ask for?

A flood of emails came in over the next 24 hours. There were hundreds of desperate, old, pervy men. I’d seen more photos of cock in that one day than I had in my entire life. In a word…overwhelming. However, a sparse few were charming and seemed relatable. One in particular struck me. Potpoppa, a name that made me laugh in itself, had sent a face picture, along with a witty, funny, sentence that made me want to know more.

We exchanged emailed for weeks. It was so nice to laugh and not feel judged by anything. I flirted with him HARD. Soaking in the sweet silver tongued man, and finding myself day dreaming about what it would be like to be near him. Not being able to take the suspense anymore I asked to meet him.

It was January 27th. The day after my birthday. We had plans to meet, I was going to his house to watch a movie and put a face with the correspondence. Around 8:00 pm , I pulled into the driveway and knocked on the front door. After a moment he appeared tall, shaved head, crystal blue eyes with a broad/athletic build. He smiled wide and welcomed me in, hugging me almost instantly. He smelled of Irish springs and a faint cologne …maybe old spice.

The entry went right into the living atakent escort room where there was a long chocolate sectional couch, a fireplace, and the tv standing by with the movie menu. It was warm and welcoming. I walked towards the couch, his right hand falling to my lower back, guiding me to my seat. My face was becoming flush and I knew he could see it as he gave me a little giggle as we sat next to each other. He was so handsome. His eyes, kind. His face though looked his age of 42, was rugged and warm.

As we talked his rough hands stroked my forearm. Our fingers tangling momentarily and then moving again. I felt an overwhelming electricity in his presence. His touch instantly illuminating the physical needs I had been ignoring for months. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, watching his mouth move as he spoke…wanting nothing more than to taste them. The moments of eye contact left me breathless. He knew exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to stroke his fingers across my skin to accentuate his words. Like picking strings on a guitar, methodically, melting me into a needing pool of Fuck me.

His hand between my shoulder blades, stroking my skin gently. He leaned in and let his mouth adventure through my hair to my neck. Kissing my cheek, my jawline, my ear. His stubble tickling me, causing goose bumps that amplified every movement of that mouth I was longing for. But he wouldn’t kiss me. Not directly. He teased. Looking into my eyes as he weakened my barriers of shyness until finally, brick by brick it collapsed. My hands that had been fumbling on his sides, tightening and releasing on his shirt as I went through waves of sensation, moved up and grabbed his face. Pulling his mouth to mine, I kissed him deeply.

Moving over me, his now hard cock grinding against me through his jeans. I was trembling. Never in my life had I felt so overwhelmed by raw lust, as I was with him and I had JUST met this man. We writhed in a mass of clothing, hands, lips, and groans. Bringing each other to the brink of self control. I pushed him back into a sitting position on the couch. Grabbing at his pants and freeing him. His cock was magnificent. All 8 thick inches throbbing just for me. I swear I almost squealed in excitement.

Slipping to the floor and onto my knees, I grabbed him. My mouth kissed the tip gently, as I looked up at him for an intense moment. akbatı escort Then, in slow stroking movements I worked him into my mouth. Wetting his cock fully, inch by inch as I moved lower. Taking him all the way in my mouth and holding still for a moment.

“mmmm…good girl” he cooed, looking down at me. His hand ever so gently stroking my cheek. My pussy clenched and then warmed instantly. I let out a little whimper in pleasure and felt his cock throb at the sound. Causing another clench and moan. I tightened my mouth and we went back and forth moaning as I milked his cock with my mouth.

Jim was close, his breathing becoming ragged, his hips thrusting. I was soaked and unbelievable close myself. I had not so much as touched my tits and I was on the edge of coming. My cunt tightening as he thrust harder into my wanting mouth. My tongue going crazy on the underside of his cock as I pulled it time after time from the warm wetness. I took him deep and felt his hand on the back of my neck. Firmly he held me there, forcing me, I pulled back trying to come up because I needed air and he pushed harder. I looked up into his eyes “that’s my girl” the words escaped his lips and my eyes closed. In that moment we both exploded.

His cock convulsed deep in my throat and I felt him pouring into me. The second I felt his release my cunt seized in pleasure. He released my neck and I pulled my mouth free moaning and clutching him as I shook to my core. His hand grasped my jaw hard, and he leaned down hissing me passionately. His tongue exploring my mouth sending me to cloud 9. Moaning into his kiss as I came down from my orgasm. He would stop, he pushed himself forward kissing me harder. Grabbing at himself and stroking his cock. He stood. I weakly on the floor below him, moved up to meet his cock with my mouth again.

“ah ah” he said pulling it away from me.

He stood there, beautiful, strong, and sooo hot. His hand stroking his length, the head of his cock brushing over my lips. Every time I tried to stick out my tongue or take him in he pulled back. With one hand he held my face. Firmly squeezing my jaw as he stroked himself, looking into my eyes so intensely I though he could see my soul. I couldn’t look away, wouldn’t.

He pushed his cock in my mouth hard. I closed my eyes and he pulled away immediately.

“look at me” he said. So gently. I looked up, back aksaray escort into his eyes and he gently eased back in my mouth.

He pumped a few times, fucking my pretty face. Watching me choke, the tears streaming down my cheeks. Stopping and stroking himself again. I kneeled, panting, needing, breathless from the excitement and choking. He began to tremble as he pounded his cock. His hand on my jaw tightening to an almost painful point. I knew what was coming…I knew it without a doubt that he was going to cum on my face. I had NEVER allowed that. I thought it was the most vile thing a man could do. But there, in front of him, I not only wanted it. I needed it.

I never broke eye contact. I kneeled like a good girl and watched him please himself. Never once did I touch my pussy, my chest, anything. And as he broached climax, I matched him moan for moan. Struggling to keep my eyes open as waves of pleasure lapped at my dripping pussy. My hands moved to his hips, gripping him to keep myself stable.

“open” he softly grunted squeezing my face harder and then lighter again.

My mouth reflexively opened, and he flooded my face. I watched his eyes roll back and the veins in his neck as he looked up. Losing his everything, a warm procession of streams coating my face. He looked back at me as the last couple came across my tongue. I shook uncontrollably, saturating my already drenched panties. Quaking at the very site of him.

We finally both calmed, not moving.

“oh sweetie…” he paused

Using the head of his cock to smear the cum into my still open mouth.

“I have never seen anything more beautiful than my cock in your mouth.” He whispered. Leaning down to kiss my forehead.

“let me get you something” he sort of giggled. I stayed put kneeling in his living room all alone. Reflecting on what had just happened, feeling more alive than I ever had.

He returned and grabbed my jaw again. Gently using a warm wet wash cloth, he cleaned my face like a child. So loving and tender. The emotions swarming me were so conflicting and powerful at the same time. I wanted to hold him, just feel his strong arms around me and listen to him tell me beautiful sweet, mushy things. Everything was moving so fast, the evening, my feelings…it was scary and exciting.

The experience was ruining. There would never be another time in my life that I would give a blow job and not see his face. EVER. It was better than any sex I had ever had. And it was just the beginning. We continued this for 2 years. TWO years I visited him. He never once touched me under my clothing, and I never came the way I did when I was with him. If I had known then, after 2 years, what was to come…I don’t know , honestly, If I would have continued.

*to be continued*

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