Sunset Dreamin’

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The sun was fiery and it was large. It was big and orange as it was setting over the horizon beyond the sea.

The air was humid and fragrant. There was a storm coming that was for sure.

She just stood there, her white t-shirt clinging to her sweaty body staring at the setting sun. Her hands on her curvy hips, her lips slightly pouting.

She was wearing a pink bikini with sequins underneath the t-shirt. I could see the curves of her medium sized breasts and the outline of her small buttocks. The t-shirt wasn’t long, so you could see half of the cheeks sticking out from underneath.

They were round and firm.

They were pert and petite.

I just stood there, not much I could do. It was a beautiful sunset and I wanted to watch it.

I had only just met her two days ago, despite the innuendos, I wasn’t sure which way things were going. This walk to the secluded part of the island to watch the sunset was her idea, I was just the guide.

We had smoked some pot she had brought and I had just woken up from a lazy snooze. I was in my boxers and not much else. It was too hot to wear anything else.

I was sat down on the sand rubbing my eyes and yawning when she heard me and turned round. That’s when it started, slowly at first then with full force the way tropical storms do.

The rain drops were small and cool and above all refreshing.

She came closer. I was fixated on her breasts. Her nipples were round and hard and poking against the bikini and against the t-shirt. In my mind all I could think was my mouth on them, my tongue on them.

I tried to look away, I ended up looking at her shapely body. The bare feet, the sexy tattoo on her ankle, the tanned calves, the smooth thighs, the sweet triangle of pleasure, the t-shirt hugging her flat stomach. Her breasts, again. She had one of those ‘forever young’ faces, her wet shoulder length hair was black and straight.

This image made something stir within me. I was getting aroused by this all. The sea, the sunset, the rain, her body.

I couldn’t do much. I barely new her.

I could faintly make out her perfume. It was a mixture of sunblock, her sweat and Tommy Girl. It was exquisite.

She had that sultry look in her eyes and smirk escort bostancı on her face.

I tried to move a little to hide my apparent excitement. It was too late, she had noticed it.

“Hi!” she said and came closer. She was close. Very close. I could see each and every rivulet of moisture on her skin. I could see the wisps of hair on her neck. I could see the nipples pushing against the bikini. “Wanna get out of the rain?” she continued.

There was nowhere much to go on the deserted island. So we walked to a cluster of palm trees where we had left our stuff. I walked in front. I had to.

I was putting on a pair of cotton pyjamas to redeem a slight level of decency.

“Don’t bother” she said and peeled of her t-shirt. The breasts bounced into view as the t-shirt came off them.

She reached behind and tugged at the strings holding her bikini top. However, the moisture from the sweat and sea-water on her skin didn’t let it drop down. I wasn’t sure if this was right. I felt weird. Stupid.

“Is this weird?” I asked loudly.

She didn’t reply. She just peeled of the top and squeezed her body against mine. We were nearly the same height and it was like a perfect fit.

I was slow. Cautious even. Then we kissed. Not those Hollywood type ones but hot and wild. Passionate and rough. She tasted like kiwi or strawberry. Her lip gloss maybe. I couldn’t tell, we were going crazy. Her tongue was in my mouth.

Like two fighting snakes. She dug her hands into my chest and scratched down. I kissed her neck. I bit her ear. I sucked her earlobe. I was going crazy. I could feel the hardness of my dick pushing against the clothes, I could feel it pressing against her body.

I cupped her breasts. They were firm and round. Not too large, just right. She sighed in response.

Her nipples were hard.

Like berries.


I lifted her left breast in both my hands. I leaned down and put the nipple in my mouth. It was salty. Not bad salty but salty like skin is. It was hard. I bit it gently.

It aroused me more. My dick was throbbing so hard now almost to the point of pain. Erect and still rubbing against her crotch. Her crotch rubbing back in desire.

She grabbed it through ümraniye escort the boxers. I gasped at the excitement. She looked at me in the eye and said “May I?”

I didn’t know what she meant. I didn’t trust myself to speak. I just nodded like a kid. A stoned kid I was.

She inched my boxers off my waist and slid them down. She took my dick in her hand. She stroked it. She tugged it. She pushed me back against the coconut tree. She guided my hand into her bikini bottom.

She was aroused.

It was all wet. Her pussy was evidence that she was as turned on as I was.

The pussy lips were erect and slimy.

She rubbed my hand against her mound. She had some pubic hair. It was silky and slick from her pussy juices. She pulled out my hand and brought it up to her lips. She licked it.

She got on her knees and kissed the tip of my dick.

She licked the tip. It gave a massive jerk in response.

I was going insane.

Then she took my dick into her mouth holdong it one hand, her fingers wrapped around it. Her mouth was warm and magnificent. It was inviting.

I held the back of her head, my dick in her mouth.

In, out, in out. She sucked and she sucked hard.

I gently pushed her back and onto the pile of clothes.

I spread a towel under her.

She spread her legs, I pulled her bikini bottom off.

I took my head between her legs licking her thigh along the way.

I parted her pussy lips and licked the tip of her clitoris. She squealed in response.

I put my tongue into her pussy and explored. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted. It was sweet and salty and ferrous.

She moaned.

I realised I was stroking my dick and licking her at the same time.

“I think I’m cumming” she moaned. I could feel the urgency in her, she was writhing in ecstasy, her body pushing the pussy against my tongue in rhythm.

I licked harder.

I stroked myself harder. Without lubrication on my dick, it was almost painful but I couldn’t stop.

She burst into orgasm and arched her back. That pushed her clitoris high up my tongue. It must have been an amazing sensation because she shuddered in delight.

I moved over, she instinctively knew what to do.

She kartal escort bayan took my hands off my dick as she mounted me. Then her delicate hands wrapped around my dick, she guided it in.

She started rocking. No thrusts. Just a rocking motion. I could feel my dick inside her pussy walls.

The feeling was so immense (for both of us – apparently her more than me), that she orgasmed again.

The contractions inside her pussy were milking me.

She started thrusting. I wanted to turn over and be on top. I was too stoned. To lazy. I was enjoying this too much.

She went faster.

“I’m cumming,” I manage to say.

“Good” she screamed and thrust faster.

I looked down at her body, I could see my dick going in and out of her pussy. The lips were parting with each outward stroke. I was going to cum.

She sensed it and pulled out.

She just looked at my dick. It was throbbing and jerking with each heartbeat as the blood pumped in it. Some pre-cum oozed out shimmering in the dying light of dusk.

I desired for my dick to be touched.

“What is she doing?” I thought to myself more in sexual frustration than in anger. I was about to grab my dick and finish myself off.

She held my hand before I could touch myself and just smiled. That same smirk she had before all this started.

She waited for a few more seconds and then got on top again. She loved being in control, but I needed the release. As much I was enjoying the sensation, I needed to cum.

I turned over with both our bodies. I pinned her down with my body. Even though I was too lazy to do anything, I started pumping her.

I could feel my dick slipping and sliding inside her extremely wet pussy. Almost too wet.

I could feel the sweat between our bodies. It was getting warm from the friction. It was creating new smells. New scents. The scent of sex. Raw. Musky. Heady. Animal.

I was going to cum and started thrusting deeper. My dick was coming out almost till the head and the shaft all the way in. I saw her looking at me, I was breathing through my mouth.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them at the back of my buttock. She squeezed and matched my downward stroke with an upward thrust.

We came.

We exploded more like it. Screaming and moaning in delight. She dug her nails into by back and bit my chest.

We collapsed into a heap.

We were breathing hard and heavy. We were laughing.

We were happy.

Best damn susnet I though to myself.

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