Sunrise Fantasy – Final Chapter

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“Are we meeting tonight?” Josh said, sensing I was freaked out by my wife’s comments indicating she believes Josh and I were now fucking, which we were.

It was a whirlwind of playing around at first, until last night with Mel out of state and the house to myself (kids at college) I invited Josh back and he took me.

“I want to make up for last night,” Josh said as we sat at the coffee shop after our morning training run. The race was upcoming and I was on track with my rehabilitation.

“What do you mean, ‘make up for’,” I said, having enjoyed the experience, though now thinking about it in a negative light, shown the detachment we had together. “I mean, you felt amazing inside me.”

“I don’t want to get into it now, except I feel we didn’t connect and that was my fault, 100%,” Josh said, being introspective without revisiting the recounting the story of his first lover. “I want this to be more than just sex, because up until last night it wasn’t.”

“Let’s get a room downtown somewhere then,” I said, totally blowing my fear of my wife’s discovery out of the water. “Dinner, going out somewhere, maybe the river walk, just being together and then being together. I mean we can simulate my race with tomorrow’s long run by doing it partially on the course.”

“Ah, you’re a planner Donnie,” Josh said. “Though, this open-ended plan sounds delicious.”

“You’re separating, right?” I said boldly. “Can you pull something like an overnight off?”

“If you’re not worried about your wife, and you’re not separated,” Josh said acknowledging my sacrifice in this situation. “Then I can work something out.”

“We’ll stay at the same place we are before the race,” I said. “As far as my wife goes, I just deny until there’s hard proof and as for staying with you we’re simulating the run all the way down to race morning.”

“Brilliant, Donnie,” he said and touched my hand in the busy coffee shop and held my gaze. His sweat and post run smell was intoxicating and I was ready to tell him to cancel his morning appointments and just join me at home.


“So it was just shots and talk,” Mel said. “I mean he’s separating from his wife? That’s pretty serious.”

“Yeah, he was broken up about it, and Mel I get it we spend a lot of time together and,” I said and paused, not sure I wanted to go there at this minute, but she had gone from bisexual jokes to compassion for Josh in a hot minute so I decided to strike.

“And?” she said, noticing my pause.

“We’re two weeks out from the race and we’re going to simulate running the race on my long run tomorrow,” I said setting up the staying downtown. “We’re going to stay at the hotel we’ve booked for the race and run it tomorrow, timed and everything.”

“Okay, you guys are fucking,” she said directly, half-joking. “I mean, Donnie what the hell??”

“He is really serious about getting this data and getting me to a low time,” I said convincingly. “He’s freakin’ obsessed with that, not me sexually.”

“You’d let him, right?” the coy Mel reappeared quickly, my explanation hitting home as she’s seen the data and heard the tales of his strict training.

“Oh, of course,” I said and then threw a little extra into the banter. “I can see the outline in his spandex, he’s hung so who wouldn’t.”

“Ha!” she said and then began to talk about the conference. Alibi set, no lies, didn’t even have to deny directly. I mean I don’t think he’s necessarily “obsessed” more like “interested.” It’s all in the semantics.

“Date night when you get back?” I threw in to further smoke screen the events that were going to unfold.

“I get to pick the movie AND the restaurant,” she said, the jokingly threw more Josh banter out.”I mean, you have your date night tonight.”

“Call me before bed” I said and ended the call and started our days.


Work was a slog. Cash Andrews had given me a major project, biggest of my career, and kept moving deadlines on our timeline, contacting buyers and contractors, basically micromanaging the project to my annoyance.

“Did you get a hold of McGee’s landscaping?” Is an example of how he would greet me in the morning, afternoon and most engagements in between. Normally the answer would be…

“Yes, Cash we’re set for Tuesday,” I would say, drawing a line to the work.

“Tuesday?” He would just automatically question and I would have to say, “Yes”. He would then say something like, “Why not Monday?” I would angrily say “because it’s Tuesday.”

Today I walked into his office, emboldened for some reason, maybe the physical affection of another, my discovery of myself, or just not ready for the same question that morning.

“Cash, I need to say something,” I said as his head was buried in the computer. “You gave me this project, and I’m two bahis şirketleri weeks ahead of schedule and everyone’s happy. Can we reverse this cycle of checks and balances where I’m coming to you with daily, twice daily updates rather than 20 questions each day?”

He looked up at me and smiled. “Maybe it’s the 20 questions that has it two weeks ahead of schedule? Maybe?”

It shook me for a second, like a jab in a fight on the concert floor of the Doobie Brothers back in the day. I almost groveled, saying something like, “yeah boss you caught that port-a-pottie mis-schedule (which he did, but that wouldn’t have done anything for the timeline), but no.

“Cash, if anything your questions have slowed me down. If I’m the lead on the project I’m going to come to you,” I said and sat down.

“Bothers you that much?” He said and I nodded an emphatic ‘yes’. “Well, alright then, we’ll it your way.”

“Hey Cash, did you order something?” Jenny his office assistant called out into his office from her desk.

“No, Jenny,” he said and we both got up. A delivery man was bringing in fruit and veggies with a card that read – “To Donnie on rocking his race prep and training, you’ll blaze it in two weeks! – Josh Striker Athletes in Action Physical Therapy”


I worked through lunch so I could get out early and was at the AC by Marriott on the river right at check-in time around 3 p.m.. I wanted to clean up and trim in areas I hadn’t in a while, and just relax before Josh got there.

His text read – “I’ve got two late sessions taking me to 5:30 so I’ll meet you at the restaurant of your choice and check-in later.”

I had thanked him for the fruit and veggies, and they were a hit at work, texting him – “We’re all in a get-in-shape mode and you may get a couple clients from the gesture as Shelby and Rick are nursing injuries.”

“AC by Marriott has a place called Republic on Grand and it’s perfect, overlooking the city AND it has music we can hang out as long as we want” – I followed up later.

“Perfect,” he returned and we were set leading me up to finishing work and since I had a bag packed I was sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine by 4 p.m. The wine went to my head and I decided to throw him a curveball since the restaurant was in the hotel.

“Meet me up stairs in the bathroom, I think you owe me a bath and massage,” the text read, I had seen on our visits that they all were certified massage therapists as well. “Just text me when you’e on the road and I’ll run the water.

“Okay 😀!” his text read.


“Bring my wine glass in would you?” I called out hearing Josh come in the door.

His kiss was subtile, my fingers wrapping around the glass, as he handed it to me Josh’s cologne scented skin was intoxicating. We lingered lightly, lips only a few times there were small bubbles from bath salts and the hot-warm water had tingled.

Josh knelt by the large soaker tub, and cupped water and put it over my head, his fingers spreading out and running through my hair, my reaction was to lean my head back. I thought he might join me, instead he sat on the edge and pushed me forward, his fingers now pressing into the flesh of my back.

“You’ll be literally running a half-marathon in the morning,” he said and I nodded sighing a ‘yeaaaahhhhhh’ his hands were magic from the start.

He worked my shoulders for a good five minutes, then finished my hair, putting in shampoo, more water, letting it sit and then rinsing. He had me raise each leg and he work my calves from the side of the tub, the water beginning to cool as he spend a good 10 minutes on each. We didn’t talk, he just worked and my body responded, feeling more and more relaxed.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” he said softly, my thoughts going to the obvious place. I was a little hesitant, I mean not that getting fucked in the kitchen was any less adultery than in the bedroom, but we were now bedding up in a hotel.

He handed me a towel and watched me dry, smiling as I bent down to get my legs. We walked out of the bathroom, and in the bedroom he instructed me to get on the bed face down. My cock was still semi-hard, being naked for this adonis of a man in my own bedroom.

I folded my stiffness under my body, my arms along my sides, and soon his expert, large hands were on me, alternating between pressing into muscles and applying massage oil. The world and all of it’s pressure and responsibility didn’t exist, my body needed what I was getting from my trainer and in this moment my new spiritual mate.

He had started some soft music on his phone somewhere and I drifted off to sleep under his gentle massaging strokes, starting low on my body and then moving up to the top and then back down. I barely remember him asking me to roll over, my cock limp now from just being bahis firmaları there under his expert hands, working the toxins out of every inch of flesh.

I was asleep on my back, the massage had stopped and I was out, naked on the hotel room bed. I started to wake up a few minutes later, opening my eyes slowly, looking without moving my head. I saw on the floor Josh’s shorts, boxers and polo and slowly sat up.

“Care to join me?” he asked, his legs open, his arse on a pillow on the other bed, his hole lubricated and glistening in the sunlight from a setting sun streaming through the window.

I sat up, slid off the bed, my erection popping full in just seconds and I walked to him, ready for me, his cock now growing, it’s length always a stunning site to behold. My instinct was to go down on it with my mouth, I wanted him and for the first time in my life I slid between a man’s legs with the sole intent to fuck him.

He was relaxed, lubricated and I was rock hard making my entry into his body smooth and steady. I pushed my hips forward as I lay on top of him, kissing the length of my cock made it’s way forward. Face to face made it magical, my hands rubbing his muscular chest.

“Yes….” he simply said against my lips, my cock searching, our collective breath increasing together, my eyes searched for his.

I pulled my hips back and pushed forward again, the ease of my entry as the tightness blended with surrounding warmth, the pressure around my shaft a new sensation, playing the strings of climax beautifully, slowly.

I lifted my body off him, our tongues releasing each other, his eyes closing and opening, propping up pressing my hands into the bed I began to thrust and pull back.

“Delicious,” he whispered and closed his eyes again, my speed increasing just slightly, letting the pull and push, work with the grip of his muscle. The rush of sensation exploding in my mind, through my body, my eyes watching his face tense up and relax.

“Magnificent,” I said to Josh beneath me, again laying forward onto his body, lifting and pushing my hips, his were pushing back against me.

“Oh, oh, oh,” He whispered on each push, each pass into his body.

I loved the feeling of his hard cock between our bodies, stretching up, getting some warmth as I lay onto, the pillow angling her hips enough. We were really engineered well for this type of coupling I thought, my head besides his, my lips kissing his neck.

“Mmmm, perfection,” Josh uttered, eyes closed, my head lifting and then going to his lips again.

I got back up on my hands, my hips getting more leakage again, my thrust was forceful, pulling back and thrusting hard again.

“Harder baby, faster,” Josh said softly, his head rolling from side to side.

Mmmpft, Mmmpht, Mmmpht,” I grunted pulling back quicker, dropping the cock inside him harder.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he said with each repeat. “Oh baby, yes!”

He opened his eyes, looking deep into mine, getting the connection, out bodies in sync, now our souls finding ground together. The numbness turned to frictional fire and I built fast.

“You ready Lover?” I said on a down thrust.

“Yes, Baby, Yes,” he said as I pulled back.

I thrust back inside, knowing on the way deep I needed to hold it there, our eyes locked when I exclaimed, “Oh YESSSSSS!”

I shot inside him, the physical and emotional joining made my legs shudder on the second and third spurts, my hips rocking with each pulse of cum, our eyes not leaving each others, Josh’s hands moved up to my face.

I held it there, the last trickles making their way inside, my lips pressed, his hands on my neck, pulling me down for a lover’s first kiss.

“Heaven, baby,” Josh said. “I am a lucky man to have found you.”

I felt affirmed, needed, wanted, powerful and loved. We exchanged light kisses for a bit and my cock receded out of him then I crawled back and lay beside him.

I noticed his cock, hard, droplets of precum were cool on my stomach.

“Your turn?” I asked as he looked over at my, throwing a leg across my body.

“In due time,” Josh said. “Let’s eat! This intermittent fasting has me famished.”

I laughed. We both laughed, hard and deep, more emotion than just the lame joke propelled the belly laugh.


“Republic on Grand is on the top floor and looks over the city,” I said getting off the bed and finding the clothes I had planned for the night. I had picked out a louder shirt than my neutral color polo collection. It had a collar, but was a cross between several styles.

I buttoned up the shirt, watched Josh finally get up, his semi-hard cock still a vision to watch as he went into the bathroom to clean up. It started to succumb to gravity, it’s length dropping still longer than me erect.

“You want it don’t you Lover?” he said watching me watch him dress, looking down at his member.

“Oh, kaçak bahis siteleri do I ever!” I said emphatically. “You’ll need your strength, so I suppose we need to eat.”

We laughed again, not as deep, it felt good that the comments just flowed, there was no filter, no worry of judgement. just us in the moment. I was really relaxed and after a glass of wine at the bar waiting for a table, my other world had melted away long ago in the tub.

“Hey Donnie,” Josh said upon my return from a quick bathroom stop. “How long would you say the honeymoon phase lasted for us?”

He was standing with a couple at the bar, his smile was wide so I knew to play along, so I went with how I was actually feeling at the moment. “Oh, for me it’s still going on.”

“Awww,” the young woman, early 30s, petite with a nice floral halter dress, showing her mid-riff and fine abs. She was standing by a 6’4″ football or basketball player looking African-American in a sleek, fitting print shirt, men capris with sandals, a nice beard.

“I’m glad ya’ll can marry now,” she said, a little naive and forward, but sweet in her meaning and southern drawl.

“Yeah, we each picked our bands out,” Josh jumped in grabbing my hands showing him my actual wedding band against his, pulling our hands together.

Josh had talked to them and told them we were married almost a year ago at Jasper Winery, a place then had visited before.

“Striker, party of two…” Reverberated over the speakers in the bar.

“Oh, that’s us, shall we Babe,” I said, looking up at the big man who was smiling, his expression was that of total understanding and acceptance.

“We shall. Tina, Jeremy, it was nice to meet you,” Josh said and got off the bar stool.

“You hanging around for music,” Tina said, looking at us both. “We’re from out of town in Atlanta and really don’t know anyone. Seems like a fun place.”

“For awhile,” I said. “You did tell them it’s our anniversary, didn’t you Josh?”

“In town for a wedding,” he looked at me sternly, as our stories crossed up.

“Yeah, but it’s the…oh you don’t remember we met on this date…” I started. “And were only a couple weeks from our actual anniversary.

“Three years ago,” Josh said, bringing his story together with mine. “I do remember, but you like celebrate just about every anniversary.”

“Enjoy your dinner Josh, Donnie,” Tina said laughing at our banter. “See you later perhaps, unless you have, well, pressing matters.”

We headed to the table giggling, Josh grabbing my arm and laughing into my chest. “That was fucked up.”

“Fun though,” I said giggling as well, sitting down and getting water poured. They brought the bottle of wine that we started on the bar over to us and we quickly ordered some lettuce wraps.

Josh was famished and down three to my one lettuce wraps apologizing for his “gluttony”. We talked about the Tina and Jeremy, how nice it was that we could be talked to like a couple so easily.

“Wasn’t like that back in the day,” I said, Josh’s elder by 10 years. “It still is misunderstood everywhere.

“Do YOU understand it?” Josh asked. “Or should I say how do you see us right now?”

“That’s not the context I was talking about,” I replied, pushing back a little. “What I understand, and always have understood, is that Love is Love and sex is sex and when both intersect you create a bond.”

“So we’re in Love?” Josh asked. “Because we’ve already had a fair amount of sex, and does that equal a bond?”

“I’ll answer your second question and hopefully that answer your third and fourth,” I said pointing out he’s been a question generator of sorts. “I have been thinking about you throughout our training process, our oral play and now as we’ve joined our bodies so I see us as Lovers, friends, and colleagues as my training goes.”

“So that means we’re bonded?” Josh said smiling.

“Will you ever forget this? Me?” I said. “These rings represent bonds to others, though I contend we wear many bonds and tonight they represent our bond.”

“To our enduring bond,” Josh said lifting the glass, prompting mine in the air and the two were clanked together. “Lovers equate Love when we occupy each other’s thoughts, thusly the heart.”

“Here, here,” I said and we clanked glasses again and sipped hearty again.

I saw Tina a few tables over now, smiling and had her hand on Jeremy’s arm must have gotten his attention to watch our true display.

She rose her glass as did he.


The trail of clothes began at the door and like breadcrumbs to mark your way out of a cave they led to our bed.

“OH JOSH!” I exclaimed, his mouth finding my hole, his tongue penetrating, his hands on each side of my hips, pulling me into his face. “Oh man, that’s so good!”

He was attentive, massaging each orb of my arse, his tongue racing around the rim of my hole, daring and pressing inside. He licked and lapped at my dangling balls and cock before going back.

“I want your cock in my mouth, let’s 69,” I asked, Josh just shaking his head ‘no’. He moved up my backside, lining his cock up and laying on my back.

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