Sunrise Fantasy Ch. 05

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“When you hit the ground that first morning, I thought you broke the damn thing,” said Josh Striker, physical therapist who happened to see me turn my ankle bad a month and a half ago. “I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance. CHEERS!”

The third Don Julio shot went down the hatch, our pre-set limit, after all we had to drive and and had a workout scheduled for the next morning. Josh had gotten me on my feet, he had worked me back to almost full strength to run the IMT half-marathon in Des Moines, Iowa in just over three weeks. Using an innovative push the limits of pain and healing therapy he had been developing, I was running faster than at the time of the injury.

“You know the old song, ‘tequila makes her clothes fall off’,” I asked playfully.

“Donnie, I most certainly do,” Josh said leaning in, his lips wet from the shot, almost needing mine to cover them.

“I resemble that remark,” I said with a smile, thinking to just an hour before when we were in the corner of a dark theatre, stroking each other off, guzzling our prize from each other’s laps.

Josh smiled and held his glass of beer up as if to toast that thought. I had revealed my wife was away for the next two nights and he took me up on the offer to go to dinner. His wife had been cheating on him and over the course of our training we’d played around, sucking each other off in cars and then the theater today.

“Do you see yourself as a ‘her’ ever Donnie?” Josh asked, sipping his drink, looking intently in my eyes.

“Meaning?” I asked, not sure in what context he was using the pronoun.

“No meaning, just a question,” he said and again stared at me, making me both nervous and turned on at the same time. My mind raced, do I tell him about my wearing panties stage or that I once played a woman in a local community theatre production?

“I have wondered, a lot, what it feels like to lay back,” I said almost slowly down on each word. “And having a cock slowly enter my body. Then having strong hips, legs and arms push into me again and again.

“Hmmm,” Josh’s response was simple, quiet, he took another swig, foam lingering on the low mustache under his lip. “You’ve only wondered?”

“Correct,” I said, liking the direction of questions, not wanting to parrot his question searching for the right follow up for him. “Do you picture me as having a lot of male suitors taking me out for tequila?”

He laughed, didn’t answer, took another chip and the fresh pico relish over his lips and onto the tongue that shared my spunk with me earlier. It was at this moment I decide I would at least invite him to my house when we were done, very direct, hopefully with a kiss and my hand on his package.

“My first was a college professor who had his sites on me as a freshman,” Josh said suddenly, letting me into his roots as a bisexual man for the first time. “I knew, but didn’t know I wanted it as he took an interest in my studies, especially when I slipped and got a “C” in one of his classes.”

“Interesting,” I said, not knowing how to respond, thinking I could joke and make the obvious professor changing grades for sex. “I don’t picture you as a “C” student.”

“Oh I was, and I owe it to Dr. Martin for taking that interest, regardless of the motives, and commanding I study with him in the afternoons,” Josh said, now his thoughts were distant, probably in the office, or at his professor’s home, submitting. I had no idea of knowing where this all was heading.

“It developed slowly, then all at once my senior year,” Josh continued, I pictured them getting close, doing things, wondered if Dr. Martin was married and it was like our situations. “During practicals the prior year he would linger and press, getting an idea of what my cock was like, and well, I sorta enjoyed and looked forward to his demonstrations of the techniques. Even working on the ankle area he would position his shoulder to rise into my crotch area.”

“Mmmm, that’s so erotic, the slow burn…” I said drifting off, looking at him as he smiled at my acknowledgement.

“I know, right!” He semi-exclaimed, finding joy in the insertions of myself into his story. “Anyway, I was taking my last class with him fall, my senior year and….”

“Josh,” I stopped him, I smiled and looked deep into his perfect face. “Would you be so kind as to join me at home and continue this delicious history lesson?”

It was a risk, my hardening cock in the restaurant wanted to be alone, my mind was both active and thinking of the next step after the next step. Josh seemed a little confused that I had interrupted his story.

“If you’d rather stay here we could…” I started, but this time he stopped me.

“That sounds like a delightfully fitting idea Donnie,” he said, pulling up his phone. “What’s your address?”

I smiled ear to ear and gave it to him, he entered it into my contact information and said meet you there in 25 minutes, got up and started a phone call.


I Erenköy escort bayan had picked up before we had met that last afternoon, just a thing I did usually when Mel was gone. I didn’t know if he would want more to drink and of what and I had beers chilled, a bottle of white in the fridge, a bottle of dry red available as well as tequila.

I downed a shot, knowing I wasn’t driving anywhere and I needed my nerves calmed. The door bell rang and I knew what I was going to do immediately. I moved into the entrance, walking past our wedding picture, our kids senior pictures, the artifacts of our marriage, opened the door.

Josh stepped in, smiling, with a six pack in his hand, and as he tried to say something I moved in swiftly for the kiss. I was totally into it, my mouth covering him, my tongue inserting as it had, my hands to his face. It was nice and when we broke I found out how insightful this delightful man was.

“You had that planned, didn’t you” Josh said seeing the kitchen and moving to put the beers away. He hand me one, took one for himself, and sat down. “I know a lot about forced dominance.”

He was in a nice polo and shorts, I had changed into just a brand t-shirt, similar shorts and had put on just a touch of cologne.

Josh opened his beer, sat on the couch just past the island, the open concept home we purchased two years ago great for hosting. I opened mine, having been knocked off balance a little by his seeing through me, I walked slowly and sat down at the other edge of the long couch.

“Dr. Martin was a lot like you, Donnie,” Josh said once we were both sitting. “He had it all planned out, the moment, the place, the situation and he set it up well.”

“Set what up well, Josh? Your first kiss, your first, well, your first?” I didn’t just want to go right out and say it, fumbling a bit, losing some of my steam.

He smiled, broad, proud of his perfect assessment and that he found similarities between me and his first, I assumed, male lover.

“He groomed me Donnie, but at the same time I believe I groomed him,” Josh said, still confusing me on what the story was about to become. “All of the above, Donnie, he was my first in everything cock on cock. Oh, I had played around with my roommate and friend a couple times, and had thoughts prior, but he had a script, he stuck to it and one September afternoon he set the scene perfectly.”

“Hmmm,” I just hummed, not sure I needed much of a response and was ready to just listen.

“Have you had a body fat test before, Donnie?” I nodded no, but knew what they entailed. “So, there are a variety of methods and the oldest in he book is what’s called a ‘skin-fold’ test.”

He went on to describe how the test was administrated by pinching areas of your body, pulling the skin out so he layers of fat under the dermas are folded on each other. A device measured those and all of the numbers were added up, compared to height, foot size, and other measurements and you would get your body fat percentage.

“It’s very subjective to the ability of the person doing the pinching and measuring,” Josh said. “Well, he had me meet him in his office, strip and put on a pair of shorts, and got busy pinching and measuring all over my body.”

“Sounds perfectly erotic,” I said, wanting to interject, feeling my erection grow. He sat up and even scooted a little towards me as he began the next part.

“Yeah, it was certainly that and he started on my extremities and moved his way closer to the center of my body,” Josh said. “He was literally facing my cock, his head inches away and it started to grow, much like right now as I think about that moment.”

“Jesus Christ, yes, my cock is screaming over here,” I piled on, scooting a bit closer myself.

“You know there’s that moment, where you want something and it usually, almost never happens,” Josh said sitting up straight, leaning towards me, his thoughts years in the past. “And there’s the time it happens, well this was….”

I leaned in, put my hand on his neck and kissed him long, hard and deep interrupting the the past with the present. This wasn’t planned, this wasn’t, “pseudo-dominance” or whatever he dismissed MY advances in this dance of flesh prior to this, getting him naked to suck his dick in MY car.

He reached out, hands on my torso, mine sliding to his shoulders, and we both pulled our selves to each other. He was smaller and more agile, his legs sliding over mine and the lighter man was now sitting in my lap, his arms under mine, hands now in my hair, my hard on pressing into his shorts through my shorts.

Lips on lips, crazy, impulsive, my hands sliding, to the top of his shorts, my hips grinding upwards as he slid back and forth on my growing cock. He quickly got rid of his polo, tossing it aside while pulling back from my kiss smiling. His dark hairs showing off his tan, my hands ran up his torso over his chest and to his face pulling Escort içerenköy him in again, lips meeting.

Josh reached down and tugged at my T-shirt, getting it over my head and my light skin and a little more bulge around the waist soon had his hands rubbing me frontwards as well. We spent several minutes just kissing and caressing each other until he hopped off me and stood up.

“Let’s stand naked together,” Josh said reaching for his shorts. My hands mimicked his as she slid his shorts and boxers off, cock springing out, the 8+ inches magnificently hard and projecting forward. He reached down and took the drop of precum off his tip and put it in his mouth, prompting me to do the same, coaxing one out first.

“Give me a tour of the house,” Josh said with a cute little giggle, knowing we’d be prancing around naked. I nodded and in the middle of the room described our kitchen, living area and what we did there.

“Let’s look at the basement,” I said, not avoiding the the narrow windows on either side of the front door, quickly hitting the stairs, cock swaying and drooping a little bit. “Kinda of a rec area with three downstairs bedrooms,” my hand again motioning to each.

“I like the rug there,” Josh said, the shaggier floor covering not a favorite of my wife, but I insisted as it tied the space together. He moved to it and lowered himself down, knee hitting the ground before rolling and laying on his back, cock sticking straight up.

A little confused, I slid the coffee table to the right making more room for me and whatever it was we were going to do there. His hands were folded over his stomach, looking up at me, I lowered to my knees and leant back onto my feet, my cock pointing straight out.

“Did you know Plato, in his earlier writings, connected homosexuality with democracy,” Josh said looking straight up again. “Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci the list is long, yet this still feels subversive, doesn’t it Donnie?”

“It just feels right some times, Josh,” I said, still sitting back, my hard on raging to his words, informing me, sharing his thoughts. “Once the seal of conventional conditioning was broken for me, it resides in my desires just as I have them for women.”

“Your college roommate broke your seal, right?” Josh asked and I nodded. “But orally only, you have not been taken otherwise, correct?”

Again I nodded and he rolled on his side, put his head in his hand, looking at my cock pointing outward, the precum now ready to drizzled down. Almost instinctively I swiveled my hips towards him and before it could let gravity steal my juice to the floor the head of my cock was on his lips smearing the clear fluid on them and then his tongue.

I lowered my head to his hips and we conjoined into a 69 position laying on our own sides, legs supporting us from rolling back, my hands finding his knees as my mouth covered his cock. I felt his top hand on my hip, his head pushed forward and began to let his lips slide down my shaft.

“Oh, Josh…” I moaned, his length before me, his hips slide towards me, he wanted my mouth. My top hand held him at the base of his shaft and I pushed forward. I let the head work me, my salvia building getting me ready.

He began to lick the length of me, base to tip from the under side, his hand hold me out, this something never done to me. I shivered, his hand now reaching around and moving between from behind, finger finding my arsehole, gently rubbing it and his mouth now covering me again.

I hadn’t 69ed my roommate, in fact he’d only taken my cock in his mouth twice in the three months I was giving myself freely. Josh now took my balls, and I just pushed forward, getting his cock deeper in my throat, moaning on the flesh I was letting my body take inside.

I positioned my hand underneath his hip and the top one above and pulled myself towards him, getting a bit of a rhythm going, soon I was getting most of his massive length inside. I tried to concentrate, but his mouth began the process of taking me in deeper as well, throwing me off a little.

I pulled him hard, pushed with all my strength and he was balls deep inside me. I held it there as long as I could, hoping he’d cum, and had to release after about 30 seconds. He was bobbing on my cock so easily and smoothly, his slips sliding down to the base and up, garnering just a little gag, unlike my uncomfortable task.

He pulled off me and slid back, his cock leaving my mouth, hands and then he was soon on his feet extending a hand down to me, helping me to my feet. We kissed and he reached down and held my cock, stroking it as our tongues met, lips pressed and my hands were on his chest.

“Continued the tour?” he said gesturing towards the upstairs, his naked body so easily against mine, my hands now up on his face, and again I simply nodded. I had given him the reins when he asked for a tour and now I was starting to understand true dominance versus my “faux dom” he so glibly coined earlier.

Josh broke away, freely peaking into the rooms downstairs, Tuzla escort leaning up against the bar, his cock so beautiful, his body sleek and perfect. I pushed against him, my cock sliding up his thigh and we kissed again before he broke off and moved up the stairs.

He went back into the kitchen, the large island covering our lower half from he side windows, though our back yard, the ditch and across the way produce no real observers.

“We could fuck on this island,” Josh said smiling, possibly foreshadowing his next move. At this point I wanted him so badly, I didn’t care which way, but certainly inside me would be my first choice.

“Or against it,” I said, moving my elbows to it’s hard surface and jutting my butt outward, spreading my legs. Josh laughed, and moved to me swiftly, my body shivered when his hands ran up my back and to each side of my arse. He pushed his face to me and his tongue was soon on my hole. “Oh baby, oh Josh…”

Skilled would describe his preparation, tongue and lips working together to soften, relax and exhilarate me, penetrating just slightly. He would travel his tongue to my hanging balls and back up, then sucking on the rim, pulling it some before reinserting.

“Yes, Lover, Yes!” I exclaimed and waves of pleasure coursing through my neural pathways, his nose pressing in, hands now massaging my cock and balls. “Oh Josh, I want you so badly.”

He slid his hand up from my balls and Josh’s fingers fanned out over the crease and the middle finger moved forward and inside my arse. He quickly let the ring finger of his hand join and with that hand his began to fuck me, and his other slide under to my cock again.

“Jesus, Baby, Christ!” I exclaimed, his knuckles moving to just outside before pulling back and ramming me again and again. “Mmmmm, I’m yours, you are masterful.”

I felt him straighten, fingers still inside me moving an inch back and and inch inside again and again, then the length of his cock was resting on my right cheek and was soon pressing inside my crease against his fingers. He pulled them back and I felt his shaft covering my hole.

“Oh Love me Josh, Love me,” I whispered looking back, his eyes on mine now, his hips rotated and I could feel the velvet head press to my hole.

“Our souls are forever one,” he said pressing forward, his cock head popping inside my arse.

“My one and ONLY!” I said as the head entered me and then an inch or two before friction stopped Josh. He curled forward, his chest now on my back, his arms stretched out and let his cock just rest inside me. I looked forward and felt loved.

He was slow, he was gentle, he conditioned my virgin arse for his length and for the experience. Josh reached around and stroked me, wanting to share in giving of pleasure, though he was giving me plenty.

“Ohhhhh,” I breathed as he inched forward pulling back and pushing in deeper. “Ohhhhh, man! Ohhhhh, yes!”

He began his sequence of pulling back and pushing forward, gaining just fractions of fractions of inches, letting himself settle into my body, letting his chest rise and lay flat on me upon each forward thrust.

We were here, we were sharing in bringing the tapestry of fantasy to life in flesh, sensations, fluid and intertwining bodies.

“Joshhhh, Joshhhhh, Jossshhhhhh,” I exclaimed with a hiss on each thrust. I could hear his breathing intensify,, he now was just standing, holding my hips with both hands, guiding his cock deeper into my cavern. My cock stuck out under the island, it’s coolness replaced by my body heat.

He thrust forward, getting every last inch inside and I felt the pressure push into my hips and insides, he held his hips there, using his hands he crawled up my back with his fingers. His cock stayed deep, he laid on me again and began kissing my shoulders and back.

“Mmmm Donnie” Josh purred. “How do I feel inside you?”

“Heaven,” I said. “Pure heaven.”

“Yes, indeed,” Josh said, pushing and wiggling, his cock still buried deep. “You ready for a ride?”

“Take me there, Josh, I’m ready for you,” I said and felt him rise up. With no hesitation he pulled all the way back and slammed that amazing cock deep inside in one stroke. “OH GOD! OH JOSH!”

My arse sent vibrations of pleasure, his cock like a bow and it like the strings on a violin, he pulled back and ran his flesh through mine.

“JESUS! JOSH! OH! OH! OH! MY! GOD!” I exclaimed in pulsating rhythm my hands sliding around looking for something to hold onto, my head spinning to see he face the aggression there as he now fucked me. What was going through his mind? No words just grunts of passion and lush, driving him deep inside me on each thrust.

All at once he pushed forward, laid back onto of me and whispered, “Take me”. The warmth streamed forward and his hand moved around to my cock which almost instantly sent a load spraying the based of the island. I heard him chuckle into the skin of my back, his hand now massaging the drizzling spurts of white cum out of me.

“Oh yes, Lover, yes,” I said softly as he stayed on top of my torso, one fingers tracing circles while his cock lost pressure and began to recede. He pushed his hips back and slid it out, a sensation like none I’d felt, so soft with some suction. Josh pulled all the way out, rose up and stood.

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