Sunny Afternoon

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My fiancé Brett and I were visiting our best friends Sara and Dan at their home on the way to meet Brett’s parents, a few months before our wedding. Sara and Dan have been very close to Brett and me. They introduced me to Brett and we had double dated for many months. We had made love in the same room with Sara and Dan and had shared many experiences. Sara and I had known each other since out sophomore year and confided in each other. Brett had proposed to me while we were at dinner with Sara and Dan.

The day after we arrived, Sara said she wanted to show us around the area. Dan drove us all into the hills near where they live. They wanted to show us a “special place”. It was a scout camp with a large field where they had gone a number of times to make love in the outdoors in the grass. The camp was not in use this time of the year and nobody was there in the afternoon. It was a warm, sunny day and it felt wonderful walking around the field, looking at butterflies and a few deer that came out of the woods along the perimeter of the field.

When we got to the edge of the field, among a few trees, we noticed that Dana and Sara were necking under one of the trees. “This is our favorite spot.” She said as Dan felt her ass through her shorts.

Brett gently pushed me against a large tree and began to kiss me. Since the other couple was necking, it seemed like a good idea to me. I was wearing a halter top, no bra and a pair of short jean shorts. When Brett pulled my top up to expose my breasts, I wasn’t surprised. He loved playing with my titties. I was surprised that he did it in front of our friends. He put his hands on my breasts as he kissed me.

“Dan and Sara can see.” I protested. I saw that they were looking at us.

“They can’t see anything, as long as I keep my hands on your tits.” Brett said, but then he pulled my top up over my head and arms and I was topless.

He continued to kiss me and I was turned-on by his passion for me. He reached around and slid his hand down the back of my shorts, grabbing my ass over my panties. After a minute, he reached around to the front and unbuttoned my shorts. I was going to protest when I felt Sara behind me. She put her arms around tandoğan escort me and held onto my tits. I could feel her bare breasts on my back. She was topless too.

Sara lowered her hands and unzipped my shorts, pushing them to the ground. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but didn’t really care; it felt so good. Brett turned me and Sara came in front of me and she kissed me. I had never kissed a girl on the mouth before and Sara had never done anything like this in our long friendship. She kissed me while holding my bare ass in her hands. She rubbed her breasts against mine and brushed her nipples over mine. Both of our nipples were very hard. I had seen her tits before, but had never been this close. She pulled my head down to her breasts and I licked and sucked on her nipples. She sighed and pulled me back into a kiss.

While Sara had her hands under my panties in the back, I felt them being pulled down my legs and off my feet. It took me a moment to realize that it was Dan who had finished stripping me. I looked for Brett and he was taking photos with his little camera. If it was okay with him, it was okay with me. I next felt Dan push up against me from behind and I was surprised to feel his naked body and his cock pushing against my lower back. ‘Holy shit!” I thought, but I let them keep going. I turned and Dan kissed me, putting his tongue in my mouth and pressing his hard prick against my belly. His dick had gotten hard while kissing me.

Sara had stripped too. She led me by the hand to a blanket that Brett had laid on the ground. Brett laid down beside me and began to kiss me and fondle my breasts. He took my hand and put it on his hard prick. I began to stroke him and he kissed me harder when I did.

Then, I felt my legs being spread and Sara began to rub my thighs and my stomach. She used her lips as well, circling all around but not touching my pussy. My little blonde bush was glowing in the sun light as she got me hotter and hotter with her tongue. Then she suddenly put her tongue on my clit and I arched my back at the sudden pleasure. She used her tongue, knowing what felt good to a woman. Her fingers pushed inside my vagina as tunalı escort she milked my insides to generate more wetness and heat.

Brett continued to kiss me and play with my breasts. Then he pushed my head to the side and I found Dan there. He kissed me too and I reached out and found his cock with my hand. I stroked him too. I had never held two cocks at once. They were both hard because of me.

Sara flicked her tongue over my clit more rapidly and moved her fingers inside me to bring me to orgasm. My body tensed all over, I saw stars and gushed cum from my vagina onto my friend’s pretty, wet face. As I opened my eyes, I saw Brett’s and Dan’s cocks being pumped over my chest. First Dan, then Brett shot ribbons of sperm across my chest, covering my breasts with their white fluids.

They didn’t let me rest. Sara moved up on top of me. She licked some of the cum off of both of my breasts and then kissed me. He lips and tongue were coated in my cum and the semen of two men. It was an aggressive kiss, with our tongues swirling around each other, sharing the love juices.

Sara then put her crotch against mine and began to grind her hips into mine. She moved so that our clits were touching each other and she gyrated her hips until we both came. I was panting as I felt the warmth of her cunt on mine. Her breasts pressed against mine and her tongue probed in my mouth. I was panting after another powerful orgasm and my first experience making love with another woman.

Her next action was to move up farther and put her pussy over my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as she lowered her wet snatch onto my face. She worked herself to another orgasm on my nose and lips and gushed a load of her come all over my face. I felt her spasm as she came from my licking her. It felt wonderful to make her come like that. I relished how she tasted.

As her orgasm subsided, I felt a cock probing my cunt and slipping inside me. I knew what Brett’s cock felt like. I’d had him inside me many times. This was a different cock, so I knew it was our friend Dan fucking me. When Sara got up to reverse her position on my face to face her husband, I saw my türbanlı escort lover Brett taking more photos. As I continued to lick Sara’s pussy, Dan pumped his cock into me bringing me to another orgasm. After a few minutes of pumping, I felt his warm semen flooding the inside of my cunt. Sara and Dan were kissing each other as they used me to get themselves off. His cock was in my pussy and her cunt was on my face. I shuddered with another orgasm.

They both dismounted and Brett climbed on and rolled me onto my stomach. He slid his cock into my dripping pussy from behind. His cock slid in easily through his friend’s semen. Feeling the wetness of another man’s come in my snatch excited him beyond his normal passion. He put his hands on my back as he took me, then he grabbed my pony-tail and pulled my head back as he jammed himself into me. I was continuing to gush in orgasm as he ravished me. Then, he moved my head to meet Dan’s cock, which was pushed into my mouth. I couldn’t believe the guy was hard again. Being wanted so badly by two men and another woman was an unforgettable experience. With my head pulled back, Dan’s cock was shoved farther down my throat each time Brett pushed into me from behind. Sara was taking photos as I was spit-roasted and took Dan’s cock all the way into my throat, rubbing my nose in his pubic hair. I loved the feeling of being used by two horny men, who couldn’t control themselves. Brett finally came in my cunt and Dan dribbled a small bit of come into my mouth. Sara came over and put her tongue in my mouth to taste her husband’s cum in another woman’s mouth.

They got up and left me lying there, nude, in the warm sun. I dozed off for a bit. When I woke up, they were all dressed and ready to go. I looked for my clothes to get dressed, but Brett put his arm around me and walked me across the field naked, to the car. I didn’t care if there were people around who could see me.

We got into the car and I finally asked, “What was that about?”

Brett said, “It’s an engagement present. I love watching you when we make love and I wanted to see you completely fulfilled, losing control, as multiple people fucked you. I wanted you to experience that.”

“Oh, is that all?” I joked. “That was wonderful. Thank you all.”

We talked a bit more. Sara had never done it with a woman. We joked about doing it again. Dan just smiled, looking like the cat that caught the canary.

I got dressed. As we got to Dan and Sara’s home, I got out of the car and asked, “What do I get for a wedding present?”

Brett just smiled.

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