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“Please help me remember… Did I warn you about this?”


“And did you listen?”


“And did that do you any good?”


“But when you don’t listen to me it usually works out fine for you, doesn’t it?”

“No…Will this go on for long or are you planning to help me anytime soon?”

“Now, isn’t that the nicest way of asking me to clean up after you, as usual.”

“FINE! Would you please, PLEASE, help me with my sunburn?”

I sighed. It had always been this way between us. I warned her about doing something stupid and she always ended up doing it anyway. You would think listening to your big brother isn’t so hard, but it was like it was impossible for her. Now it wouldn’t have bothered me that much if I wasn’t the one who had to fix everything each time she did something without thinking. Our parents, God knows why, seemed to think that it’s my job to take care of my sister, no matter how hard the task may come.

And hell, was it hard. When she was small, she was one of those reckless tree-climbing but clumsy as hell tomboy. I can’t remember how many times I had to climb up myself and get her down when she cried when remembering that everything that goes up must come down. I thought that my job would be easier when she got older. She sure stopped climbing onto trees, but that’s probably only because her boobs got in the way. She had found a brand new way of getting in trouble, she just went and became the hottest chick in town. Perfect figure and silhouette, great tits, an ass to die for, not that I was glancing at it, but I would have to be blind not to notice. She sure lost her crybaby side, only to replace it with big puppy eyes she had absolutely no shame using when the situation needed it. Never to get out of trouble herself though, no. Only on me, for me to clean up her mess. It’s not like I had the choice anyway, but she enjoyed pretending that I was doing her a favor.

So here we were. Of course I had warned her that, with her pale skin, putting sunscreen only once before going to the beach wasn’t enough. Of course she had said that she would be fine and that I worried too much. Of course she came back with the most crimson back I had ever seen. And, of course, I was the one who had to fix that.

“Get the biafine and –that tube on the table- and some milk and a napkin.”

“That thing is brand new, isn’t it?”

“Well, something told me that I would need it by the end of the day so I went to the drugstore I bought it. I wonder why I was worried though, you sounded so sure when you left this morning.”

“Yeah, right, be a smartass.” ,she said when coming back with everything. “Now, what do I have to do with all this?”

“What do you…” ,I rolled my eyes at how clueless she could be sometimes. “Well, dear sister, you just have to pass that lotion on your whole back for starters, easy right?”

“Damn, I get it! You have to pass me the lotion! Why do you need to be such a jerk about this?”

“Cause if I have to fix it every time you do something stupid, I sure as hell don’t have to do it nicely as well. Damn, Gwen, I won’t always be there to clean up your mess.”

“I know that…”

“Like hell you do! Would we be in this situation if you did?”


“Right. Now lie on the couch and let’s get over with this.”

She gave up and let herself fall loudly on the couch, probably pouting but I couldn’t care less. I took the biafine and straddled her. I poured a good amount of the product directly on her back.

“Hey! First, what’s this?”

“It’s perfect for burns and irritations. Exactly what we need right now, in shorts.”

“Do you have to put on so much?”

“Do I?” ,I lightly flicked her red skin with my fingers.


“Oh? Maybe I’ll put some more.”


“You already said that.”

I put down the biafine and started rubbing it all over her back.

“Ouch! Be gentle, Tom!”

“Oh but wouldn’t it be a much better lesson if I made it painful?”

“Please?” There! Puppy eyes. I was wondering when she would end up using them. She was just waiting for the best moment to show her trump card. As hard as I tried, I knew I couldn’t resist. So I slowed gaziantep ateşli escort down my rubbing and started massaging her back gently.



I sighed with exasperation noticing how hot her skin was. She got off lucky once more. A little more and we would have been in a hospital room by now.

While I was slowly rubbing her back, I realized how smooth her skin felt. It was pretty amazing to search for imperfections without finding any. My anger quickly cooled down as I was exploring her perfect back with my hands. I stroked her neck and went slowly all the way down to her hips. I was amazed by how tantalizing her curves were, even with a ridiculously red back. I stroked all the way back to her neck and she sighed deeply. I felt her body relax completely while I was rubbing her shoulders lightly. At one point my fingers got caught up in her swimsuit top and when I got them off, she just reached for the knot with her hands and undid it without a word. She lifted her body up a bit, took off the piece of clothing and threw it on the floor. I didn’t say anything, even when I saw the side of her breast dangerously sticking out on the side when her weight pressed her naked boobs on the couch. I was sweating a lot, the heat from her body soon had me suffocating and I took off my shirt. I went back to rubbing the medicine, knowing perfectly that I should have been done a while ago. I tried to ignore how tight my pants were starting to feel and applied the biafine, focusing on where her the swimsuit previously was. I got reckless and started rubbing her side, dangerously close to her breast. She didn’t say a word, nor indicated that I was doing something wrong so I got even bolder and brushed she side of her breasts for a few seconds. I nearly came in my pants when she suddenly cooed and quickly stopped fooling around and started to get off her.

“Hey, my legs and thighs got burned too.” ,she said looking back at me, almost flashing me her boobs. Was she so careless around boys?

“You can do them yourself, can’t you?” I needed to get the hell out of there before she noticed my “issue” down there.

“Not the back?”

I sighed again. She was right and it would have seemed weird to stop at that point.

I backed up to the end of the couch and held my breath. What a sight! In front of me was the most perfect, inviting piece of ass I had ever glanced upon and on top of that a wonderful pair of thighs, slightly parted, just enough to give me a crystal clear view of the most tempting cameltoe ever. She was sweating a lot due to the heat of her skin and she looked like nothing less than an oiled goddess. The red of her skin didn’t make her any less hot, and my boner was raging in my pants.

“Well?” she asked. Shit! I thought, believing I got caught glaring at my sister’s ass. But she hadn’t looked back and I quickly poured the biafine on her legs. I started rubbing one leg vividly.

“Tom! Gentle please?!”

“Oh, yeah…sorry.”

I slowed down and took my time to pass the lotion on every single inch of burned skin I could find. I tried to avert my eyes for a while but they eventually got back to her tight ass. She was wearing a bikini and a good part of her cheeks was burned as well. It kinda looked like she had just been spanked pretty hard and the idea made my dick twitch in my boxers. I was starting to feel light headed from the heat of her body, or maybe from the lack of blood in mine due to the raging hard on I was sporting. When I reached her thigh I quickly noticed that the heat had suddenly increased. I felt her tense when I started rubbing the inside of her thighs. I was stroking up and down slowly. Each time I went up, she took a quick and deep breath, and expired slowly when I went back down. I got hypnotized by that reaction and kept on rubbing her inner thighs. Each time I was increasing the amount of skin I was rubbing and got closer to the forbidden spot inch by inch. Her breathing was loud now and she held her breath each time I got close to her mound. I finally had my thumbs on each side of her pussy and I couldn’t believe how hot it was there. The heat was almost burning, yet I knew she hadn’t bakımlı gaziantep escort been burnt there. I was now too close to her ass to keep going without touching it. I just stopped there, waiting.



“Come on, it’s burned too.”


She hadn’t made a single move since I started rubbing her legs but she sounded breathless. I inhaled deeply and slowly placed my hands on the most burning hot ass there ever was. It was perfect. I could come up with words like tight, round, perky, smooth and more but the word perfect says all that. Rubbing that perfect ass was the best feeling I had ever experienced so far. The fact that it belonged to my little sister was the most disturbing yet incredibly arousing thought that crossed my mind then. I was hard as rock, hell I was hard as steel! There was no gentleness in the way I was touching her ass. Rubbing it, grabbing it, even spreading her cheeks apart, I lost control. She was breathing fast now, and her thighs parted each time I grabbed her ass cheeks firmly. The swimsuit soon got in my lustful way and I don’t know how I managed to stop myself there. I waited for what seemed like the longest five seconds of my whole life.

Then she did it.

She slowly reached for one of the knots on her swimsuit and undid it. Then she simply let down her hand along her body and waited silently. That moment is carved in my mind forever. That was the moment she acknowledged what was going on between us and simply accepted it.

I slowly lifted the piece of cloth that was hiding her marvelous ass and gasped at the sight. That part of her skin was so white compared to the rest of her body that there was absolutely no way not to look. It was like a target for my eyes, they were glued to her tush. I simply let the swimsuit fall down on the side and got my hand on her ass once more. I spread her cheeks apart and looked at her tightest hole, twitching at me in the most perverted way ever. I rubbed the inside of her cheeks with my thumb, up and down, only stopping close by her pussy. I don’t know why but I was so fascinated by that little rosebud that any other part of her body had lost my interest. I saw her move her hand to reach between her thighs and she started rubbing her pussy. I rubbed between her ass faster and she started bucking her hips in a slow motion. I stopped my thumb on her little hole and started pressing. She moaned, her first sound since I had lost control on her hot body, and her cheeks closed on my finger. She held her middle finger on her pussy and waited. I pushed with my thumb, feeling it enter the hottest place it had ever visited while my sister pushed her own finger inside her pussy. She was grunting now, louder each time I was going further inside her ass. I soon had my whole thumb in her and started to move it furiously inside her. Then she simply lost it. She shoved another finger in her cunt and started shaking her hips like crazy while I felt her sphincter crushing my thumb. She cried loudly in her orgasm, grabbing the couch with her free hand.

“Ohhhh Tom!*gasp* TOM what are you…TOM!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!”

I felt her hole release my finger in a pop and simply watched her fell down on the couch, breathing loudly while recovering. My cock was aching now and I knew I had to deal with it or it would simply blow up in my pants. I was amazed by how hard I had just made my little sister, by how hard I wanted to fuck that spoiled little brat. I couldn’t take it anymore. I took off my pants and boxers in one go, grabbed my burning cock and placed it between her ass cheeks, right on her hole.

“TOM?! You’re not thinking of… No… NO! Tom, please? I’m not ready!”

“You want this.”

“What? No!”

“Yes you do, you little brat. I always had to clean up your mess, to get you out of trouble. And you ENJOYED it, didn’t you?!” I pressed harder on her hole, feeling it spread on the tip of my cock.

“NO!!! TOM I swear! Stop please!”

“YES you did! You enjoyed having me around to fix everything for you, well now there seems to be a whole new thing you need me to fix.” I pushed the head of my cock inside her ass, feeling it clutch around escort gaziantep it furiously.

“TOM!!!!!! NO!!! You can’t! I’m your sister!”

“YES you are! My bratty little sister, always getting me in trouble! But that’s not all you are, is it? You’re a slut!” Another inch further inside her.


“YES!!! A little slut! A cock tease, who likes getting her big brother in trouble, doesn’t she?”

“No…Tom…please…” She was crying, but that’s not the only thing I read on her face.

“Say it! Say that you’re a little slut!”


“COME ON!” I smacked her reddish ass.

“OUCH!!! Tom! Please!!!”

“SAY IT!” Another slap on her cheek.


I kept on smacking her cheeks. I had totally lost control. My mind was blank and only my darkest instincts seemed to be able to make my body move.

“ARGH!!!TOM!!!!OUCH!!!! Pleas-OUCH!!!TOoooohm!!!!” She was bucking her hips now, reaching for my hand each time I slapped her. My cock was halfway in her ass and I could feel it crush it furiously at each slap.

“That’s it, you little slut!”



“Say it now!”



“Yes what?!”


“I’m a slut!” I stopped smacking her ass, now crimson and burning hot.

“A dirty slut!”

“A *gasp* dirty slut.”

“MY dirty slut.”

“All yours…”

“And what do you want, slut?”

“I don’t know…”



“Oooooh! Your cock!”


“In *moan* my slutty ass!”

“Do you want to be punished?”

“Yeeeeeeees!” Her fingers got back on her pussy and she started fingering it like crazy.

“Have you been bad?”

“Yes, very bad!”

“Do you want your big brother to punish you?” She went wild hearing that.

“GOD YES! Punish me! Punish your slutty little sister with your big cock! Oh TOM! I need it! I need it now! COME ON!”

“SAY IT!” I was at my limit.


I shoved the other half of my dick in her ass in one thrust. I put in so much force that I fell on her while she was screaming from both pain and pleasure. I quickly recovered and started pumping my cock in and out of her.

“GAAAAAAAAAWWWD! TOOOOOOM!!!!!!” She was so tight it was painful to get my whole dick inside, but it was the most powerful sensation I had ever felt. It was so intense I was almost fainting each time she was squeezing my rod. I thrust my hips harder and harder.


So I did. Taping in my inner strength I simply got wild in her ass.


I was getting close, I couldn’t believe how long I had held it in the first place.

“I’m close, slut! I’m about to fill up your little ass with my hot cream!”

“OOOOH YES! TOM! That’s what I need! I need you to fill me up! PLEASE! DO IT! Fill it up! My ass! Your little sister’s ass! For all those years! I loved every single time I had you in trouble because of me! I LOVED IT!”


I shoved her face on the couch and fucked her ass the hardest way I possibly could. Drilling my cock in her, pumping it. The couch was banging on the wall each time my body was smacking on her ass cheeks.


Then it happened. I quickly grabbed her hair and pulled hard as I thrust my cock one last time in her ass to finally let it explode.



I felt her ass clench harder than ever, while she was having the most world shattering orgasm ever. Shoving her ass on my cock, trying to push it the deepest she could, while hot cream was bursting inside her.

“Yeeeeessss*gasp* I can feel it *gasp* It’s so warm…”

We fell back down, her still burning back on my chest, her still burning ass on my cock. We stayed like this for a while. Then she simply stood up, took her swimsuit, the bowl full of milk and the napkin and just climbed up the stairs to her room without a word, not even a single glance. The morning after that, reality had already came back and I was fearing that I had done something unforgivable. I went in the kitchen to find both my mom and my sister talking.

“So, how is your sunburn?” My heart stopped. My sister saw me standing there and smiled.

“Well, Tom took care of it yesterday but my back is still sore. I hope he won’t mind helping me again today.”

I sighed… Again, she was getting me in trouble for her own little pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32