Sun, Sand and Sex

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A vacation that became life changing


It had been a long and difficult project. Construction and start-up of a gas turbine power plant seems to have a personality all of its own. The weather and changes requested by the owner were wreaking havoc on the schedule and budget. My job is the start-up portion which requires testing and putting into service everything associated with the operation of the plant. I’d been at the site over two months working a minimum of twelve hours almost every day. I was worn out. Fortunately my boss is a good guy and when an opportunity arose, he came to my rescue. When things were beginning to smooth out, he called me to his office.

I walked into his office and before I even sat down, he said, “You’ve done a hell of a job, Larry, and if I recall, don’t you like to go scuba diving?”

“Yes,” I replied.

He handed me an envelope and said with a big grin, “What are you waiting around here for?”

“Yes sir,” I replied somewhat bewildered and walked out of his office.

Once back at to my desk, I opened the envelope and just about fell out of my chair. It was a very nice bonus check that would pay for several dive trips. I closed my eyes and pictured some of my favorite dive destinations. I needed a place that was secluded, a place where the ocean lapping against the shore would be my companion as I read the latest novel by Lee Child starring Jack Reacher.

One place quickly came to mind, which made me grin, the Turneffe Atoll in Belize. Thank goodness for the internet. In short order, I was able to book a room on the beach and round trip airline tickets; first class, thanks to the bonus check. Today was Thursday and come Saturday afternoon, I’d be walking the beach.

The flight to Belize City was just the way I liked it, uneventful. My checked bag containing my dive gear was waiting for me on the carrousel by the time I cleared customs. I didn’t need many clothes at the resort since shorts and tee shirts are the norm so my carry-on bag was pretty light. With luggage in hand I headed out and found my old friend Juan waiting to take me to the meeting place for the boat that transfers the arriving guests to the resort.

Juan dropped me at a nearby hotel and said I had an hour to wait and he had one more pickup at the airport before we would all leave. I took that opportunity to enjoy a drink by the pool and think about the week of R and R ahead of me. Little did I know that my life was soon going to be turned up-side-down and for the better.

I saw the boat that would take us to the resort making its way to the dock and headed over. Two couples were also waiting and I saw Juan escorting three women with their luggage in tow. The couples appeared to be middle age. However, the three women looked to be nearer my age. Not bad I thought.

The three women were an interesting ensemble. One was a strikingly tall blond who carried herself like she knew how pretty she was, hair in a ponytail, designer sun glasses, shorts tiny and tight, and her top accented a very nice pair with a lot of cleavage. She garnered a lot of attention, especially from the men, as she strutted down the boardwalk like a model on a runway.

Following a few feet behind were two more lovely ladies who were observing the affect their blond friend was having on the people on the pier. They seemed to be enjoying their own private joke. The two women were quite a contrast. One was dark haired, looked to be a bit shorter than the blond, and had a nice body. If she was equally endowed, I couldn’t tell. The third member of the trio was definitely shorter, shoulder length red hair, and slim. A very nice figure made the lettering on her tee shirt stand out like pointed statements.

The thought of seeing these three in bikinis made me smile. I imagined that the tall blond would put on quite the display of her assets. How unfortunate that the resort doesn’t have a clothing optional beach.

This could turn out to be an interesting week.

I refocused my attention and helped Juan and Captain Joey load the bags. As I was doing this, I couldn’t help but notice some icy glares by the two married women directed at the blond. The women appeared to know each other from the way they were talking. Given their appearance, I could see why they weren’t pleased. Let me just say they were not only overweight but the muffin tops they both displayed made their appearance worse. Contrast that with their husbands who looked a lot trimmer and in decent shape.

Before the engines fired up, Captain Joey called roll and I learned the names of the three women. The blond was Sharon, the brunette was Pam, and the red head was Susan.

Once the boat got underway, I grabbed a bottle of water and made the rounds of greeting my fellow passengers. I moved to the stern first to meet the two couples. They were from Austin, the guys were co-workers and they were there to dive. Their wives were there to read and relax. My first thought was the bar was going escort bostancı to do a great business this week.

The three women sat forward, just under the canopy. They were close friends from Tulsa, and had come there because it had been recommended as a place to scuba dive and snorkel. Susan identified herself as the diver. My heart skipped a beat.

“Marvelous,” I exclaimed. “The diving here is nice and easy and they have great snorkeling too.”

I turned to Susan, the red head, and asked about her diving experience. She looked up and in an almost apologetic voice replied that this was her first real diving experience in the ocean.

“I just got certified last month.”

“That’s great, where?”

“Beaver Lake, Arkansas.”

I couldn’t help myself as I started to laugh. Susan had that ‘what’s so funny about that’ look and I said, “Come with me.” She followed me over to my carryon bag and in a few moments I put a small card in her hand. She looked at it and then awareness spread across her face.

“You’re an instructor?”

“Not only that but we do our open water checkouts at Beaver Lake.”

She looked up at me with sparkling eyes and a smile that would light up a room.

“Do you need a dive buddy?” I asked.

“Yes I do, but I don’t want to interfere with your vacation.”

“It would be entirely my pleasure to be your buddy and hopefully share with you the wonderful world under the sea.”

I looked down at this lovely woman who was probably all of five feet two or three. The late afternoon sun made her hair glow like a flame. She seemed more relaxed and I invited her to sit and chat.

“What inspired you to be a diver?” I asked.

“Well…..I had taken a trip to Cozumel with my boyfriend and we did the discover scuba introduction at the resort. I enjoyed it but he didn’t. That relationship ended a while back but I never forgot about that scuba experience. This trip is a celebration of two things, first getting certified and the second is completing my masters in ah…, now don’t laugh….engineering project management.”

“What was your undergraduate degree in?”

“Mechanical engineering.”

I did let out a laugh and Susan looked at me with a bit of rebelliousness in her eyes. “This is fantastic. I have a masters in electrical engineering. I work for a consulting firm in Kansas City in their power division.

The look on her face was priceless. She had a look of amazement and excitement plus that enticing smile.

“If you’re job hunting, maybe I can help.”

“I was planning to start when I return home and yes, I would really appreciate that.”

“The resort has Wi-Fi so maybe we can start the process this week by forwarding your resume to my boss.”

“I have my laptop with my resume,” she said rather excitedly. She batted her eyelashes, touched my arm and leaned close and said, “Thanks so much.”

It was fun chatting with Susan about her masters and what she hoped to do with it. I could see she would fit in nicely with my company. I inquired about her friends and learned that they had grown up together.

“Pam and I are very close friends and we have a long history together. Sharon lived on our street and even though we have been friends with her since first grade she can be a diva. She still does some things with us but lately not as much. She’s here in part to celebrate my achievements but also because she thought this would be a fun resort.”

“I’ve got news for her. I’m probably the only single guy staying as a guest.”

Susan chuckled, shook her head and moved over to sit with Pam. I had noticed earlier that Sharon had stripped down to her bikini and moved to the bow. The bottom part of her bikini looked more like a thong. She definitely had the body for it.

I grabbed a soda and went over to visit with Juan. I placed myself in a position to watch Susan and Pam in my peripheral vision. As we chatted I noticed Susan would say something to Pam and then they both would glance in my direction and whisper some more. I hoped that I had made a favorable impression on Susan.

We were greeted at the resort by Ed, the manager, a new person in charge since my last visit and he was warm and engaging. Also there was Jack, my friendly old dive master. Jack and I exchanged pleasantries and I introduced him to Susan. When I informed Jack that Susan was a beginner and I would be her buddy, he was very pleased.

“You’re in good hands,” he said.

Susan looked up at me, fluttered her eyelashes, placed her hand on my chest, gave me a wink and replied, “I’m hoping I will be.”

I felt a wave of warmth flow through me. I think she is actually flirting with me and even though I tried not to stare, I noticed Susan’s nipples pushing hard against her tee shirt. My dick took no time in reacting and I had to put my hand in my pocket to quickly adjust my shorts to allow my friend to grow.

We made a date with Jack to return to the dive center after dinner to get ümraniye escort Susan fitted for the dive gear she would need for the week.

“Did Pam take the scuba class with you and decide she didn’t like it?” I inquired as we headed to the lounge to check in.

“Big time. She enjoyed the snorkeling but definitely not the scuba.”

“I get those students from time to time. There are those who love it and those who decide it isn’t for them. I’m just happy you enjoyed it.”

She stopped, looked up at me, reached out, squeezed my hand and said, “Me too.”

We were the last to walk into the resort’s lounge and the fact that we appeared pretty friendly brought immediate looks from Sharon and Pam. Actually Pam smiled and winked at Susan but Sharon just glared at her.

Susan took me by the arm and whispered, “I think Sharon has discovered you are the only single guest and she isn’t the center of attention. No matter, I’m here to enjoy myself and thanks to you, a good week of diving.”

Dinner was at seven which gave us time to get unpacked and settled. I didn’t have much to unpack so I hit the shower. My thoughts were about Susan, the way she affected me and my hand instinctively moved to my hard cock. I closed my eyes and pictured Susan as I stroked my dick. Suddenly my reverie was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Just a minute,” I yelled as I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. The towel barely wrapped around me and I left a trail of wet footprints all the way to the door. I opened it and was pleased to see Susan standing there. She looked at me and then I could see her gaze move down to my towel. There was no hiding the erection that pushed against the fabric. She looked back up and I could swear she was blushing. Seeing her nipples get hard pushed my towel out a bit more.

“I, ah… wanted to see if you planned on going over to the bar before dinner for the welcome party.”

“As a matter of fact I was. Give me a minute and I’ll walk over with you.”

I quickly put on my shorts and then invited her in while I got dressed. She noted the differences in our rooms. I had one queen size bed and a sofa. Her room had a regular bed in place of the sofa.

“Who is sharing the bed?”

“Pam and I are together. Sharon, the diva, has the regular bed. She is not happy right now with you or me and I’m pretty sure her mood isn’t going to improve.”

I took Susan’s hands into mine, kissed her on her forehead and with a big grin said, “Let’s give them something to talk about.”

She gave me a big hug, looked up and replied, “I think that’s a marvelous idea.”

There was a nice crowd in the lounge as we walked in, hand in hand of course. I nodded to Pam and Sharon sitting in front of the TV. Both smiled back albeit Pam’s was more of an ‘I’m happy for you both while Sharon’s was a quick pretend.

“What can I get you from the bar?”

“Surprise me; I’ll have what you like.”

“Do you enjoy the James Bond movies?”

“Very much and I think I know where you are headed.”

“Bartender, two vodka martinis please.”

“Shaken, not stirred,” we said in unison.

“What else do you enjoy?” I inquired.

“You’ll think I’m weird but I enjoy bourbon on the rocks.”

I grinned at her and said, “You’ll find a bottle of Wild Turkey gracing my bar.”

We made the rounds greeting the other guests and soon it was time for dinner. Susan and I joined Pam and Sharon and although Pam was friendly, I felt as welcomed as a frost in Florida from the look Sharon gave me as I sat down.

We chatted about the resort and the week ahead. Pam didn’t waste much time in pointing out how well Susan and I had hit it off. Susan looked at me with a warm smile and informed her that not only was I a diver but an instructor. She then added that I was also an engineer. I detected a groan from Sharon.

“Please tell me you both aren’t going to engage in bad puns,” Pam stated in mocked earnest.

I laughed and looked at Susan. “You’re practically asking two likeminded engineers to do the impossible but I promise to do my best.”

Pam reiterated that the girls had been friends since grade school and helped each other through life’s bumps. Pam is in personnel at a medical clinic and Sharon does interior design. I also learned how the trip almost didn’t happen due to scheduling conflicts. I looked Susan in the eye and said how happy I was that they were here.

After our meeting with Jack, Susan and I walked along the beach. The night was clear and the moon shone brightly in the sky. We looked out over the ocean at the shimmering moonlight. I heard her sigh and I looked down, taking her in, delighting in the moment. Finally I said, “I am so happy with the way this day has turned out. Being right here, and if I may be so forward, right now with you, was never even imagined.”

Susan gazed at me and replied, “It’s been a wonderful day and I can’t believe my luck to have it turned out like this.”

At that moment, kartal escort bayan I so wanted to take her in my arms and touch her all over but the gentleman in me was screaming to slow down. I squeezed her hand and asked, “Now that you have finished your masters, what are your plans?” We sat on the beach, enjoyed the moonlight and shared a lot about ourselves. The more I learned about her, the more I was attracted to her.

The wind shifted some and we both felt its chill. I walked her to her cabin and kissed her at the door. She pulled me tight and there was no ignoring my erection pressed against her.

Susan pulled away and looked at me with her beautiful smile. “Wow, I like the way you kiss.” She gave me a quick peck on the lips and then swiftly went inside.

A cold shower did nothing to ease my hard-on. It really didn’t matter. I was so turned on that I was able to cum after jacking off for a minute or so. Even after that, I still stayed semi-erect. I tried to sleep but often through the night I woke up with Susan on my mind and my hard dick in my hand. I’d stroke it a few times and tried to go back to sleep. I don’t remember ever having it this bad.

The night dragged on when suddenly I was awakened by my alarm. I thought I would be exhausted but instead I felt excited about the day yet to unfold. Two morning dives with Susan and then hopefully the rest of the day to be with her. I liked the sound of that.

Susan was walking out the door just as I approached her cabin. We exchanged a morning kiss that lasted several seconds then walked hand in hand to the dining room. She informed me that since the snorkeling session wasn’t until mid-morning, Pam and Sharon decided to sleep in.

Over breakfast, we chatted about diving, what to expect and diving together. She was anxious about being a novice but I did my best to reassure her that she would be fine. “Just relax and enjoy.”

She squeezed my hand, looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you and I’ll do my best.”

“Let’s go get wet.”

We had our swimsuits on under our clothes and I watched with baited breath as Susan removed her tee shirt and shorts. She took her time pulling her tee shirt up which gave me a nice view of her breasts. I estimated 32 B’s and they needed my touch. She saw me looking and looked down at her breasts then back up to me and gave me a wink and a smile. It was all I could do not to reach over and unbutton her shorts. She was even more playful and teased me by slowly undoing them. A blue bikini revealed a very nice body. “You like?” she said as she batted her eyelashes.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Yes, very much.” I gave her a kiss and we headed to the boat.

One thing I enjoy about diving at the Blackbird Resort is the very short boat trip to the dive sites. Our first dive trip took all of ten minutes and during that time we listened to the dive briefing and finished gearing up.

The dive was superb and Susan did very well. It was obvious she was very excited, especially when I was able to point out various fish and small sea life. She practically squealed with delight when we watched two eagle rays swim near us.

Once back on the boat, Susan high fived the dive master and gave me big hug and kiss. “That was fantastic. Thank you very much.”

“It was my pleasure.”

We had some time to wait before the next dive and all of us headed to the lounge for some snacks. Since my fish ID chart was pretty limited, Jack brought over a fish ID book and the three of us poured through it. Jack was happy to share his knowledge with Susan and she was an eager student. I could see that the next dive would be even more fun for her. The time quickly flew and Jack ushered us back to the boat.

Susan was pumped for the next dive and it was every bit as good as the first. She practically held my hand the entire dive as we glided over the reef. When Jack signaled us it was time to end the dive, I removed my regulator and indicated to her to do the same. As she did, I pulled her close and kissed her. Not the easiest thing to do underwater but Susan returned the kiss with a smile.

Back on the boat, Susan was even more inquisitive. She was busy asking Jack about some of the things he pointed out. Once she was satisfied, she sat beside me, took my hand and whispered in my ear, “How long before lunch?”

I checked my dive watch and replied, “45 minutes. What do you have in mind?”

“If the internet is working, we could send out my resume.”

“Good idea. I’ll send it to my boss and hopefully we will know something before it’s time to leave.”

I kept my arm around her shoulder as we walked back to her cabin. I waited at the bottom of the stairs, iPad ready and took pictures of Susan as she walked down the steps. She took that opportunity to be very playful and provided me with several poses from silly to sultry.

“Turnabout is fair play,” she remarked as she grabbed my iPad. “It’s not every day that I get to photograph a handsome guy who looks great in a speedo.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Promises, promises.”

I just laughed and then did my best to strike some fun poses.

We picked a good backdrop and took some selfies before heading to lunch.

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