Summer of Sex Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

This one is a bit longer, but with much more action. I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more to come!

After I caught my breath and could no longer feel my pulse in my extremities, I went to Zach’s bathroom to clean up. He followed me. I threw my foot up on the counter, using a wet washcloth to clean off my juices. He stood in the doorway watching, but never said a word. He certainly had a decent view of my goods and began to rub his already hard cock. I dropped my leg, rinsed the cloth and turned to face him.

“Come here,” I instructed, softly. I began rubbing his chest, feeling his tremendous pecs under the rag. I moved down to his perfectly formed abs, making circles with my hands. I traced the “V” cut right next to his raging hard-on, but was careful not to touch it directly. I moved my way back up to his neck, and then his cheek. I stared into his eyes now, and he into mine. I was mesmerized. Then he leaned in for a kiss. We embraced, passionately, and my body was suddenly weak. My mind raced, because the way I was feeling was nothing short of a chemical explosion. I had suddenly gone from resentment to romantic; I certainly could not be feeling this way about my step-son.

“I think you missed a spot,” he whispered as we stood there, our faces only about an inch from the other. I opened my eyes to question his statement. He looked down at his cock standing straight on end, flat against his torso. “But… I think you should forget the rag on this one… Use your mouth.”

I dropped to my knees, obediently. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, slowly pumping in slight strokes. I licked circles around the tip, staring up at him. Zach leaned against the wall with his shoulders so he could look down at me. He combed my hair back with his fingers, then gently holding the back of my head. I took the crown of his enormous cock into my mouth, sucking and rolling my tongue around it. He slowly pushed me down, stopping about halfway and allowing me to come back. I swallowed, taking a few deep breaths, but continuing to move my hand up and down his shaft. Then he guided me back down, and eased me back up.

I followed his movement for a little while, leisurely taking half his cock into my mouth, pumping away at him. Then I got brave and let go, running my hands from his knees up his muscular thighs, landing on his hips. I bobbed a little faster, taking in only about half his member. I pulled off, swallowing hard. I looked him right in the eyes as I lowered myself as far as I could manage. The bulbous head hit the back of my throat as I attempted to take him all in, but I was still slightly shy of my goal. His eyes got wide and he moaned as I tried to drive myself deeper. I gagged and pulled off him.

“Holy shit!” he laughed.

I just smiled and went back in for more. I used his hips to guide him so that we were moving in unison. I alternated small, quick strokes and long, deep motions. He tossed his head back, closing his eyes. I could see him clenching his teeth as he let out guttural moans. His hand tightened on the back of my head, forcing me down harder, and then holding me there longer as he thrust into my mouth. We continued like this for a few minutes. I reached down and gently grabbed his balls. They were tight and I knew he was about to cum. I massaged them, rolling them in between my fingers and palm and pulling ever so slightly. Zach moved his hand from the back of my head to the side. Using both of his massive paws now he planted the heel of his palms right in front of my ears, wrapping his fingers around the back of my head. He held me still and thrust his hips, fucking my face with that enormous dick of his. His momentum picked up, and he moaned with each thrust. Soon he slammed against me, his cockhead hitting the back of my throat. His fingers dug into the back of my head and he pumped his spunk into me. I swallowed the best I could. Eventually he released his grip, allowing me to slide off him. I sat back onto my heels, wiping off my mouth. He slumped against the wall, catching his breath and unable to speak. We both just smiled and then laughed.

Zach reached down, putting his hands under my arms and lifting me to my feet. I leaned with my ass against the counter, resting my hands there. He brushed the hair away from shoulder, kissing my neck. I leaned my head back, savoring the tickle in my belly he gave me. That’s when he grabbed my hair in his hand, pulling tightly. I arched my back to ease the pain, as he guided me around, to face the mirror. He pushed be against the counter, my hips hitting right at the edge. He let go of my hair, gently sweeping his hand across my cheek and grabbing a hold of my throat. He leaned into me, and I could feel his hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks.

He whispered in my ear, “I’m not through just yet.”

He put his free hand on my shoulder, rubbing slightly. Then he used his fingers to drop down my figure, tracing the curve of my tit, ribs, waist, hip and to my thigh. He guided my leg up and planted my foot on the counter as I had done before. escort gaziantep He let go of my throat, moving this hand to the back of my shoulder, pushing me forward to lean on the counter. His hand stayed firmly on the small of my back, holding me in place as he kneeled behind me. His free hand slid down my ass crack, across my asshole, barely touching my pussy and landing on my clit. He spread my legs open wider and then spit on my clit. He rubbed hard against my little nub. I moaned and closed my eyes. I heard him laugh a little behind me. He stopped rubbing my now swollen clit. I let a disappointed “aw” escape my lips. Again, he laughed. Then he spanked my ass, hard. I sucked my breath in through my teeth.

“Yeah? Is that good, Ma?” he asked in a very cocky tone. “You like to be spanked, Ma?”

He smacked my ass, again, slightly harder this time. It stung and I could feel my cheek bounce. He hit the other side a few times. Then he took turns on either cheek, back and forth, a little harder with each swing. Each swat rang out in the small tiled room and I attempted to not wince. When my ass was nice and pink, he stopped.

“You handled that well. You should be rewarded.”

He spread my cheeks open, flicking his tongue against my tight hole. I moaned again, very much enjoying this. He lapped with a flat tongue, then teased with just the tip. He wrapped his lips around my pucker and sucked gently. My moans continued. Then he pressed the tip of his tongue against my hole, slowly penetrating. I had to bite my lip at this point. He flicked and thrusted, teasing just the other side of my asshole. He inserted two fingers into my pussy. It was sopping wet and they slid right in. He continued to tongue fuck my ass while he finger fucked my cunt. My toes curled with the enormous amount of pleasure coursing through me.

He pulled his fingers from my pussy, and leaned back. Then slowly and deliberately, he plunged the soaked index and middle finger into my slightly loosened hole. He eased back out to the first knuckle. Then he slammed the fingers into my ass. He continued to do this, easy out and quick and hard back in. After several strokes this way, he began a steady pace. I began to rock back into him. Just when I thought I would explode, he stopped thrusting and began exploring. He pressed against each wall, curling his fingers in a “come hither” motion. I arched my back further, my stomach and tits pressed against the cold counter. He spread his fingers wide and pulled out, stretching my hole in the process.

He slid them back in, and then inserted the two first fingers of his other hand into my cunt. He double penetrated me with his fingers. He switched between pounding in unison and then sliding one hand in while the other pulled out. I tossed my head back, moaning into the mirror. Again, I heard him chuckle behind me. Then he rubbed his fingers together, massaging the thin wall between my two sex holes. I grunted deeply as he did so. He glided the fingers out of my pussy, and then pushed them into my already occupied ass hole. Then he repeated his finger fucking before, only this time, all four fingers were in one extremely tight hole. Four fingers thrust in unison, then in opposite motions, then spread wide against my inner walls. After some time of toying this way, he began to spread my hole open. He crooked his fingers; pulling apart and making me gape. He spit into my ass and fucked some more. He did this over again, and then again. Soon my formerly tight hole sat gaping open, the wet pink inside clearly visible.

“Looks like you are ready,” he stated matter of factly.

He stood, pulling my leg off the counter. He guided my hips to him, and setting the opening of my wet cunt right on top of his swollen head. I could feel the juice dripping on to him already. Then, with no warning, he thrust his entire member inside me. I yelped, pushing myself off the counter. He pounded a few times, and I could feel him slamming into my cervix. I was already so close to cumming and this quick, hard fuck was all I really needed. He ripped his cock out of me, and I came, screaming and squirting. I soaked his already sticky cock.

He pushed me back down on the counter, my cheek landing on the mirror. He repositioned himself behind me, and slid his dripping dick straight into my still gaping ass hole. He slipped, slowly, all the way up to the hilt. I moaned, pushing back on him. I could feel his hot skin on my ass cheeks. We stood there for a minute, allowing his gigantic cock get comfortable inside me. Then, gradually, he began to fuck me; gently at first, but quickly picking up speed. I closed my eyes tight, humming pleasurably through pressed lips. Zach reached up, wrapping his hand in my hair, again. He leaned back, pulling me with him. His free hand landed on the counter with a thud. He fucked hard for a few thrusts, holding my long hair just tight enough to keep my back arched.

“Open your eyes,” he whispered into my ear. “I want you to watch yourself getting ass fucked by your araban escort stepson.”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” was all I could manage to get out.

I stared into the mirror. The sight before me was amazingly erotic, a real-life porn staring my husband’s son and I. My full tits bounced with each hard thrust. My light brown skin glistening with sweat. Zach’s chiseled body. Watching it all was certainly getting me even hotter.

Zach’s cock banging my asshole was definitely hot, as well. We made eye contact in the mirror. This pulled me from the fantasy in my head. Suddenly the sounds of our bodies slamming together, the smells of our sweat and sex juices, the feeling of his hard thrusts were all overwhelming. I felt high on him, on our sex. I put my hands on the end of the counter, bucking my hips back into him. His hands left the counter and my hair. He slid his fingers forward, wrapping around my throat. He did not squeeze, but held me in my arched back pose. My body pressed against his grasp, choking myself.

“God, you are kinky,” he snickered.

“You have no idea,” I whispered. “Now… fuck me good. Cum in my stretched ass!”

Zach pulled with his hands, contorting my body and applying pressure to my throat. We fucked in unison, crashing our bodies together. My ass cheeks smushed against his cut waist and thighs. His cock tore me open, hitting deeper than I could have thought possible. I moaned, he grunted. This hammering continued until both of us were filled with tension from head to toe. Our eyes still locked on one another, mouths hanging open, animal sounds spilling out of us. My ass slurped on his cock.

We reached pinnacle at nearly the same time. I couldn’t bounce back on him anymore as my muscles tightened and I could feel my asshole spasm around his cock. His thrusts became short and his grip constricted around my throat. Right when I thought I might black out, I screamed out with such pleasure, echoed by Zach behind me. I felt his hot cum shoot inside me. I literally felt it hitting the walls of my ass. We both shook with the powerful orgasm flowing through us.

When we both began to come down a bit, he let go of my throat. His arms slid down my body, his hands grazing my hardened nipples. He wrapped them around my waist, pulling my back to his torso. He held me, his cock softening in my ass. I turned my face, laying my temple on his collarbone. We breathed in unison. I took one of his hands in mine, pulling it up to my breast.

“I can feel your heart beating,” he whispered, almost inaudibly. “It’s pounding so hard.”

“I know. You did that.” I looked back at him. “You always do that.”

We kissed passionately. I think that is when I lost myself to him. At that moment, I knew I would do anything he wanted, anything he asked. I was falling for my stepson.


Zach stepped into the shower as I cleaned myself and then the counter and floor where my juices had spilled. I left him in the steamed filled room to go downstairs to check on his sister.

Joslyn was still asleep in my bed. I nuzzled against her neck, asking if she wanted to get up. I told her Zach was home and I was going to cook some dinner for us. I threw on a tight pair of shorts and a tank top, my nipples, still hard from the fucking, were poking straight through. I didn’t mind though; if anything it would make tensions tight between all of us. I told her to grab some of my clothes and come out when she was ready.

As I closed the door behind me and headed into the kitchen, I thought extensively about what exactly was going on. I knew there was eventually going to be some trouble between my newly discovered feelings for Zach, my established feelings for Joslyn, and of course my love for their father. While Zach was already aware of my sexual encounters with his sister, would he have an issue with them continuing? Would Joslyn ever find out about my sex with her brother? What would she think? What happened when my husband returned home from business?

I shook all this out of my mind for the moment. I looked through the fridge, pulling out steaks and vegetables and rice. As I was setting everything on the counter, Zach entered the kitchen wearing only his boxers. He slid his hand across my back, kissing me on the neck. I turned to face him, and told him we had to talk.

“Joslyn doesn’t need to know about this,” I whispered. “Not right now.” He nodded that he understood. “I don’t want to lie to her, but I don’t want to make things any more complicated than they already are.”

Just then Joslyn came into the kitchen. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and painties. The way her hips swung when she walked was mesmerizing, and I understood why the boys were after her. I asked Zach to start the grill outside. As he exited the patio door, I pulled Joslyn close to me, giving her a hug. I leaned into her and had nearly the same conversation I had just had with her older brother. I kissed her cheek as she agreed. I popped open a beer for each arap escort of us and we got to work on dinner.


After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and gathered on the couches to watch a movie. All of us had put down a few beers and were ready to get comfortable. I sat on the corner of one sofa, Joslyn lying with her head in my lap. Zach sat on the corner of the other, which faced into the living room. We were able to hold hands without Joslyn being aware. I think the secrecy of all this was just as exciting as all the physical action. And yet, it still tore at my heart.

Joslyn fell asleep about half way into the movie, allowing Zach and I to talk a bit.

“Your birthday is in just a few days,” I said. “What do you want to do?”

“Well…” he thought over it for a minute. “Dad always threw us a joint party, seeing how hers is in just a few weeks. But he isn’t here, so I don’t really know what to do…”

“Do you want a party?” I really didn’t know what to do for him either. “We can have a pretty decent one, as long as the noise level is kept minimum.” The neighbors were not party animals and I certainly did not want to be responsible for underage drinking if the cops were to show on a noise complaint.

“Nah, I can do that any time. I think I want something else…” He looked down, avoiding eye contact.

“What?” I was certainly curious to what it was he was interested in.

“I want to have…” He cleared his throat. “I want to … uh… have a… uh… threesome.”

I laughed. This couldn’t be that difficult. Certainly he could find a number of girls to fuck. “Is that all? Who did you have in mind? That girl Mandy is kinda hot. What about Julie? She likes you.”

“No…” He continued to avert his gaze. “I want it to be with you…”

“Okay. That’s fine. Which girl did you have in mind? Or… did you want one of the guys?” I was slightly confused at what was plaguing him.

“No… I, uh…” He swallowed hard, finally looking at me. “I want you… and….” His eyes shifted to my lap.

“Jos?!” I was surprised to say the least. “You want to fuck your sister?”

“No. Well, maybe. I don’t know.” He looked at the ceiling, rolling around his head to stretch his neck. “I want to watch you fuck her. But I want to fuck you. … I mean, I wouldn’t oppose it if she wanted to… But I don’t want to make her uncomfortable.” He took a deep breath. “I want us to both be with you at the same time.”

“Hmm,” I nodded. “I see… Well, you know it’s going to take some time to get her used to that idea.”

“I know,” he took a sip of his beer. “I think you two should start, then I’ll come in.”

“You’ve thought about this.”

“Yeah… I think she would be more willing if she was already in the middle of something with you.”

“Okay,” I nodded again. “Tomorrow evening, then. When you get home. I’ll do my best to have something waiting for you in the bedroom.”

Zach reached for my hand again and smiled. “Thanks.”

We continued to watch the movie until it finished. He said goodnight and went upstairs. I woke Joslyn, but she wanted to sleep with me. We both stripped off our clothes and climbed into my bed. We laid there and talked for some time. She began asking me about my sexual experiences, before her father, of course. I had quite a few stories because I had a long list of partners. I had done just about everything I could think of because I did not want to ever feel like I missed something. I had enjoyed my life.

Joslyn wanted to know about different toys, and what did I use. I told her about my toy box. My regular use toys were in my nightstand, but the more interesting stuff was kept in a velvet lined box hidden under the bed. Her eyes lit up when I said this, and she jumped off the bed and pulled out the box. She plopped it on the bed. Before opening it, I told her to get the ones out of the night stand.

She pulled out my toys and laid them all in a row. My neon colored g-spot vibrator, my bubblegum pink dildo vibrator, my soft black butt plug, and my hand-blown glass dildo. She handled each one, examining it, turning on the vibrators and testing the speeds. The glass was heavier than the rest, and she was particularly interested in it; I explained that this was my favorite. Then she opened the box. Her whole face lit up, like a child walking into a candy store for the first time. She sat, staring at the box, seemingly overwhelmed by it all. I sat up across the box from her.

“You want me to explain them all?” I reached in. She nodded with a grin on her face.

I pulled out a strap on harness and the three different sized life-like cocks that went with it. Then two double sided dildos, one much longer and wider than the other. Then came a blow-up cock and a blow-up butt-plug; I demonstrated the size they were able to reach. Next were the three different sized enema bags I owned, and the different sized nozzles that went with them. Then the bag that held the handcuffs, silk ropes and long scarves, blindfolds and gag. Last were the medical toys, the speculums, one vaginal, one anal, the electro-dildo, and the sounds of different sizes. Joslyn was confused by the sounds, so I explained that they were for urethral use and her face showed complete shock. I had to giggle at her as she took all this in.

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