Summer of an Older Woman Pt. 01

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I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve published anything new. But if my readers enjoy this, I’ll keep going with more chapters. So it’s up to you, my friends, if you want more. I guess I’ll see what happens. If it’s a no, I have some others partly written, so maybe one of them can be next. Hope everyone is well. Peace to all.


Just about every young man, younger than 25, hopes to have a relationship with an older woman before he gets beyond his mid 20s. It doesn’t often happen, but when it does, it can be very special. Sometimes it’s a hot, steamy experience. Other times, it can be tender and beautiful. And sometimes it’s a combination of both. I had my experience when I was 19 and Linda was 31. It was one of the best summers of my life, even to this day, even now that I’m 60. I remember it like it was yesterday, and I hope I always will.

A little background first. I’m Dennis, and back in the summer of 1985, I was 19. I spent my summers as a kid at a day camp run by the local ‘Y’, the YMHA-YWHA (Young Men’s and Women’s Hebrew Association), which was centered in Queens NY while the campgrounds were on Long Island, over 300 acres shared by 6 ‘Y’s’ and Jewish Community Centers in Queens and Long Island. It was bucolic, lots of trees and grass fields, softball/kickball diamonds, tetherball etc. And a complex of pools. As a kid it was a great way to spend the summer, and over time I moved up to a Counselor in Training, Jr. Counselor, Sr. Counselor and, at 19, I was a Division head, responsible for 18 staff and about 130 nine year old kids. It was a lot of responsibility but it was also very rewarding. And since I planned to become a teacher, it was the perfect way to spend the summer as an college student. It was a lot of hands on experience.

It also had the advantage of being a great place to meet girls for the summer. Some of the girls I saw come back year after year, like me, and were among my ‘summer friends’, and others came and went each year. A few of those summers I had a girlfriend from the staff, relationships we both understood were likely to be short term flings. I had my first sexual experience when I was 17 (no, I won’t talk about that) so I went to college upstate with some knowledge of women, and learned a little more during the year. By the time I was 19 that summer, I was fairly experienced, though not exactly a stud. I was in good shape, 5’10”, wavy brown hair and brown eyes, mustache, about 170 pounds. As orientation for the summer began one Sunday two weeks before camp started, my male friends and I talked somewhat jokingly about what the summer ‘talent’ looked like (I know, we were pigs). We brought the staff to the campgrounds that Sunday to familiarize them with the camp and to run some classes on how to work with children, most of all for the benefit of the younger, inexperienced counselors.

That morning, before we all boarded the buses, I was in a meeting early on with the camp director, Sue, and the other Division heads. That was when I met Linda. She was a teacher looking to make extra money for the summer, 2 kids, divorced and very cute. Not beautiful, but cute and pretty. Short dark hair with dark eyes, medium skin tone with a nice tan and a smattering of freckles, a pleasant smile, a little extra weight but far from heavy. She did have two children and worked full time, after all. She was petite, about 5’4″, and she definitely was attractive. But I was really looking for someone my own age, if it worked out.

Linda and I became friendly right from the start. She had a good sense of humor and she was great with the kids. We sat together on the bus out to the campgrounds and talked and joked like we had known each other for years. It was fun and a little bit flirty. I caught myself thinking about what it would be like to kiss her, and maybe more, but I dismissed it as unrealistic. I was too young for her and I was sure she thought she was too old for me. Still, it was fun to fantasize about, and I did a lot of that over the next few weeks, especially once camp started and we were working close together every day.

We got to talking when we had time, like when we ate lunch, or sometimes I caught a ride with her in her car on the way home (supervisors could take their cars to the grounds if we wanted). Over that first week, I rode with Linda twice and her story came out. Her ex was a doctor, a good father from what she said, but he had a bad temper which he directed at Linda, which ultimately was the cause for her to file for divorce. He never hit her (she said) but he yelled at her quite a lot and he could be menacing to the point where she feared for her safety. That pissed me off. I wasn’t a violent person in any way; I always sought to avoid a fight whenever possible, but I despised men who hit, or even just threatened women and children in any way. I still do.

On our way home that first Thursday afternoon, July 2nd, sitting in traffic on the Long Island Expressway, I took surreptitious glances Bolu Escort at her legs, not thin, but nicely toned and with a nice tan. I must have looked once too often, because Linda caught me and smiled, then chuckled. I was busted and I blushed while chuckling myself.

“It’s nice to know I can still draw a man’s glance, even with these fat legs.” Linda was joking, but there was the hint of her insecurity in there as well.

“That’s silly, Linda. You have very nice legs. I wouldn’t be looking otherwise, would I?”

“You’re 19, Dennis. I wouldn’t say you’d look at any woman, but I would say you’re not exactly particular. Too bad you didn’t know me when I was your age. I had runners legs.” She smiled wistfully at the memory. She had two children, a boy, Michael, aged 5 and a girl, Sandy, 3. “Before I got married and had my children, that was. Having children kind of changes a woman’s body. But I love my children more than anything. I hate when Dave (her ex) has them for the weekend, like this weekend coming. He has them for the entire July 4th (Saturday) weekend. I’ll miss them terribly.”

We got kind of quiet for the rest of the ride, but before we got to my home, where she dropped me off, I scrunched up my courage. “Linda, if you’re not busy Saturday, would you like to go into the City (Manhattan) for the day? We can find something to do during the day, get some dinner, and go watch the fireworks over the East River. Next day is Sunday, so it’s no big deal getting home late.”

Linda smiled, playfully, with a sparkle in her brown eyes. “Dennis…are you asking me out on a date?” She was flirting, a little anyways, but I couldn’t tell if she wanted it to be a date or not.

I turned red again and stammered a little. “Umm, no, of course not. I mean…we could go as friends, right? I enjoy hanging out with you.” I really did want it to be a date, but I tried to be as casual as I could.

“As friends? Sure, why not? Beats the hell out of sitting around, missing my kids for three long days.” The next day, Friday, camp was closed, part of a 3 day weekend. “Pick me up at noon Saturday? Friend?” Linda smiled warmly. She gave me her address and so our ‘date’ was set.

On Friday, before I went to spend the night having some beers with some friends, I spoke to my dad privately, aside from my mom and my 15 year old brother, Tom. “Dad, I’m going to be gone all day tomorrow. I’ll be with a lady, we’re going into the City, do some things I don’t know yet, get some dinner and go to see the fireworks. And there’s a small chance I might not come home until sometime Sunday.” We looked at each other and he knew what I meant, clearly.

“Where would you go to spend a night with the young lady? Any girl you know must live with her parents as well for the summer. And since when do you call a girl you’re seeing a ‘lady’?

I had to be honest with him. “Dad, she’s older. She works full time as a teacher as well as working at camp for the summer. She’s divorced, a mother of 2, and she has her own apartment.”

He looked closer at me, a look that demanded the truth. I respected him too much to lie to him anyways. “How ‘young’ is she, exactly, Dennis? 2 kids? I assume she didn’t have them at 15 and 16.”

“No, Dad. She’s 31. Technically it’s not even a date. Just two friends going out casually.”

“But you like her, right? Or why would you even bring up the possibility you might not be home until Sunday afternoon?” He looked at me with querying eyes, a look that served him well as a police detective.

“Yeah, I guess that’s it. She’s very attractive. Not stunning, but she is pretty and she’s sweet and funny. Very smart. We spend time together at work, talk when we have some free time. But when I say I might not be home, I think it’s really wishful thinking on my part. I’m sure I’ll be home, probably not even that late, after 1.”

“Well, I kind of hope you will be home. I know how things are with young men and women, especially with you living away at school. I see it all in my line of work. And then some. But I don’t know if I’d approve of you sleeping with a woman 12 years your senior. And I’m certain your mother wouldn’t approve, maybe even of you just spending time with her. So for now…I don’t believe I’m saying this…don’t say anything specific to your mother. Just you’re going out with friends etc. If you should end up staying out, call me on my work phone and I’ll cover for you. For now. You’ll have to tell your mother if you do sleep there.” He got up from his recliner to get something from the kitchen, but first he put his hand on my shoulder. “Dennis, if something happens…just be careful, ok? With your own emotions and with hers. What is her name, by the way?”

“Linda. Pretty in Spanish. It’s appropriate.” I smiled and gripped his hand for a moment. He may have been a tough cop out on the streets, but as a dad, he was as kind and gentle a man that ever was. Dad when he had to be, and a good friend the rest of the time.


I Bolu Escort Bayan picked Linda up promptly the next day at noon, and she looked great in her casual clothes. A dark green sleeveless top with lapels and white shorts, midway down her thighs. Sneakers and ankle socks, big sunglasses. It wasn’t much, but she looked great in it. She had a big smile as she climbed into my car.

“Hello, Dennis. I’m glad you suggested this. I need to be busy today.”

“It’s my pleasure, Linda. I’m looking forward to this as much as you are.” We headed into the City without a specific plan for the early part of the day. I just drove in and parked in an all day lot near where the fireworks show would be so we wouldn’t have a long walk after it was over, when we’d be tired from being on our feet most of the day. It wouldn’t be cheap, but what the hell.

First we walked for a while. It was a clear day, hot but not humid. We talked as we went, learning more about each other, our families and friends, hobbies and such. We both loved books, movies, the theatre and football and baseball. We both liked Chinese food and decided at 2PM we would take the subway downtown to Chinatown for dinner, then make our way back uptown for the fireworks.

We got something cold to drink along with a hot dog and polished them off before we went into the Morgan Library and Museum, one of the finest private collections of books and art anywhere in the world. It was cool inside as well as fascinating, and we spent a couple of hours walking around. Linda and I found it easy to talk about the magnificent pieces we saw as well as all those leather-bound First Edition books.

When we finally left at closing at 5, the sun was peeking through the various high-rise buildings and was more orange than yellow. It was still hot out but not unpleasantly so. Instead of the subway, we caught a cab down to Chinatown and found a great little restaurant off Mott Street that specialized in dumplings. We kept talking about the things we saw as we ate, ordering various dumplings from pork to vegetable, and honestly, it was the best time I ever had out with a girl/woman. And Linda was having as good a time as I was.

“This has been a very pleasant surprise, Dennis. I knew you’re bright and personable, but I didn’t expect you to be this well informed about art.”

“Why is that?” I asked with a smile as the waiter took our plates away. “Didn’t you think I might have been raised well? My parents took my brother and I to museums all the time, though I’d never been to the Morgan before.”

“I guess I just thought that men- you’re definitely not a boy- of a certain age had little experience with art these days. Maybe that was unfair of me to think that way about you. Your age shouldn’t matter, really.” There was a double meaning there and I could sense it. “But Dennis…it does. Age does matter.” She looked at me with a very serious expression, letting me know that this was strictly a friendly excursion. If I was hoping for more, I should get it out of my head.

I caught the message and I didn’t respond. Linda’s fingers found mine on top of the table. “If you were just a few years older. Out of college, at least. I really do like your company, Dennis. A lot. I’ve had a great day today. The best I’ve had in years. But I feel like I’m robbing the cradle.”

I wasn’t going to push things. I understood where she was coming from. “Linda, I’ve had a great time too. And don’t worry; I’m not going to make you uncomfortable. I would have liked for the evening to end differently. Very much. But I can understand it’s very different for you. For me, you’re a sexy, lovely older woman. And you’re smart and fun. But for you, I’m still a kid, a teenager.”

“You’re NOT a kid, Dennis. You’re very much a man, emotionally and mentally. But this is the first time I’ve been out with a man since I was with my ex. My first date since my divorce. Over a year. And I’m not thinking of it as a date. In fact, since you paid for the museum and the cab, I’ve got dinner.” She swiped the check before I could even protest.

“Come on, Linda. I invited you out today. At least split it with me.”

“Uh-uh. This is on me. But thank you.” She had the check and I just shrugged my shoulders and let her treat me to dinner.

“OK, but next time is on me” I said, with a fake sternness to my voice.

“We’ll see. For the record, I would love to go out with you again…as friends.”

We walked uptown a bit to digest, then caught a bus back up to the East side, a few blocks from where I was parked. The area near the river, where the barges were set up for the fireworks show, was already crowded an hour before the show started. I treated to ice cream from a cart, and soon the music started, a mix of some classical music and Americana. The air was filled with flashes of green and orange and blue and red, and explosions thumped off our chests and in our heads.

As we watched the celebration, Escort Bolu our fingers found each other, tangling and twisting a little, and we took our eyes off the brilliantly lit sky and looked at each other. The pounding in our hearts was not from the explosions in the sky alone. Whatever she said earlier, the look in her eyes was beckoning me, inviting me to kiss her. And as if on autopilot, I leaned down and threw caution to the wind. I kissed Linda, a few quick pecks on the lips, then we were both deep in a kiss and a very tight embrace. We were barely aware of the fireworks around us; we were consumed by the fireworks in our hearts.

After a minute or so, we broke that intense kiss and looked at each other again while Stars and Stripes Forever played during the big finale. A huge chain of star shells of various colors and designs made the sky seem like daytime and hundreds of explosive shells almost deafened everyone around. When it finally was over, as the crowd applauded and the smoke started settling down to the ground, Linda squeezed my hand and said “Dennis, take me home. And forget what I said earlier at dinner. I want you to spend the night.” Her fingers squeezed tighter, and mine did the same, but gentle, so I wouldn’t hurt her. I never could hurt her or any woman physically. Hopefully emotionally as well.

“Linda, are you sure? You can think about it on the ride home; I won’t hold you to it if you change your mind. I mean, I want you too. Very much. But I don’t want you to think you’re obligated once you invited me. You’re not.”

“I won’t change my mind, but I appreciate you giving me the option. I’ll think about it, but expect to stay, Dennis.” Her eyes were honest as well as beautiful. Whatever she ultimately decided, it would be from her heart.

We held hands as we walked two blocks to the garage where I parked. It took almost half an hour to get my car, since a lot of people had the same idea. Finally, by 11 we were on our way back to Queens, to Linda’s condominium. We were very quiet on the ride, just listening to some soft music. I let her think without interrupting her. I was nervous for that half hour ride; I wanted Linda very much, but I wouldn’t push it. Being a cops son made me careful in how I behaved with women.

I found a parking spot a half a block from the front of her building and pulled in. I left the car running as I turned to look at Linda and I gauged her interest, looking to see if I saw that same desire I’d seen earlier in her eyes. It was definitely there. But did she still want to invite me in? Desire and willingness are not the same thing.

Linda touched my hand, which I admit was a bit damp with nerves. I don’t think I was so on edge regarding sex since I lost my virginity. “Dennis…aren’t you going to shut the engine? You can’t leave the car running if you’re going to come in.” That smile, sweet and inviting.

“Linda…I want to come up with you. I just want to be certain you’re sure. I don’t want you to regret this in the morning.”

“You’re a sweet man, Dennis.” She brushed my wavy hair and I shuddered. “I am certain I want this. I may be crazy; you’re so young, after all. The fact that you’re so attracted to me is very appealing. But that’s not why I want you. You’re very handsome. And you’re very charming.” We both leaned in and kissed, very passionately. Then we eased back. “I want you to make love with me, Dennis. But I’m not doing it here in the car in front of my building.” We laughed as I shut off the car, then I exited and came around to open her door.

We took the elevator upstairs, giddy, quivering a little. When we got inside her apartment, she asked if I needed to call home, and I used her extension in her kitchen to quickly call my dad (he had a special phone as an NYPD Detective 1st Grade) and let him know I wouldn’t be home until the next day. He wasn’t thrilled but he understood, and he said he’d take care of things at home.

I put my hands on Linda’s shoulders from behind, and she turned around and stared into my eyes. There was pure heat there, lust and hunger. Her arms went around my neck as I held her close around her waist. “Dennis, it’s been a while for me. More than 2 years. I’m a little scared.”

I kissed her a few times, tender and caring. “I can’t say the same, Linda. I’ve beem with women, especially at college, though no one serious. But this is the first time I’ve been with a woman more than a year older than me. So I’m a little scared as well.” I tried to smile reassuringly.

“Why would you be scared? I’m still a woman, just, you know. Older.”

“You have more experience than I’m used to. I don’t want to be disappointing.” I gave her a crooked smile, trying to be comforting.

“Dennis, I doubt you could be disappointing. First, you’ve been wonderful in every way since we met. And second, I’m so turned on now I doubt you’ll need to last more than a minute!” We both laughed and I picked her up, first around her waist and then I bounced her a little so my hands were under her butt and thighs. We were locked in what could only be called a blazing hot kiss as her legs wrapped around my hips. She just pointed in the general direction of her bedroom and I carried her there without breaking our kiss.

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