Summer Love Pt. 01

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Summer tugged at the hem of her dress to keep from flashing anyone. She was never going to let Anne-Marie dress her again. The French girl had laughed and joked her into a bodycon dress bought on an impulse at a thrift store months ago. Summer had never dared to wear it, considering it far too tight and too short, but Anne-Marie had clapped and said things like “YAS QUEEN!” and Summer had gone temporarily insane and dressed like a goth hooker for the first party of her sophomore year at college.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror of the turned off television. Her hair was piled high on her head with the occasional strand escaping. She had to admit, the dress was flattering. It was made of a thick black stretchy material that hugged her gamine figure. Summer wasn’t over blessed in the boob department, but the dress had a sweetheart neckline edged with black lace that emphasized what she had. The lace wrapped around to the back of the dress where there was a large cut out that showed off Summer’s pale skin. Her white face glowed like the moon, set off by her night-black hair.

Summer realized that she had been staring at her reflection in the TV for what was probably a weirdly long time. She looked away and caught the eye of a tall man leaning against the far wall. He was staring at her. Summer looked away quickly, cheeks reddening. Had he been watching her look at herself? Oh god, he probably thought she was completely self centered. Summer tugged at her skirt again. She just knew she was going to accidentally flash someone before the night was done.

Michael West was bored. He’d come to the party because, well, frankly because he lived next door. He barely knew any of these kids. And that’s what they looked like to him, kids. He was bitterly ruminating on how much tougher he’d had it when he was nineteen, when two women walked into the room. There was a tall one, hair dyed blonde fading to blue, who squealed in excitement and threw her arms around Teddy, his new neighbor and host of the party.

“Teddy! I haven’t seen you in, like, forever! What have you been doing all summer?” The blonde girl wrapped herself around a somewhat startled Teddy and kissed him full on the lips.

Everyone in the room seemed to have perked up when blondie made herself known. She was the center of attention and she knew it. She loved it. She started trading overloud greetings with the others, hugging them all by turn. She wasn’t who Michael was really looking at though. His eye was caught by her friend, quiet and still by the door.

She was…unreal. Her skin was creamy white, a startling contrast to the bodies tanned by the summer sun that surrounded her. Her eyes were huge, almond shaped, set so far apart they gave her the look of a china doll. Yes. That was what she looked like. She looked to be made of china. Tiny, slender, fragile. She was gazing off to one side, seemingly lost in thought. Her black hair was pulled up in some kind of complicated bun, just messy enough, with two pieces of hair pulled out to frame her white moon of a face.

Michael’s eyes travelled up and down the small, elegant figure. As he watched, she reached down and pulled at the bottom of her dress. Michael allowed his eyes to travel down her arm to the peaches-and-cream of her thighs, slowly exposed more and more as the dress inched its way back up. She reached down to adjust her dress again. It slowly slid up once more. He was hypnotized by this little cycle. He couldn’t look away. Then suddenly those huge almond eyes were on him. Their gazes connecting sent a jolt of electricity up Michael’s spine. It lasted only an instant before she averted her eyes, a lovely blush blooming on her pale cheeks.

Her sweet embarassment seemed to let loose something in Michael. He jerked himself upright and off the wall he’d been leaning against and in a few quick strides he was at her side. He wanted to wrap his long arm around that delicate waist, run his other hand up her long neck until it tangled in her hair, bend her head back and consume her. Instead he reached out and brushed her gently on the shoulder. Even that small touch thrilled him. Her skin was smooth, soft, and warm.

Summer turned around with a look of surprise. The tall man was at her side. She looked up into his face. It was a good face. Not conventionally handsome, but lean, angular, and somehow careworn. He looked older. Not old, but sancaktepe escort too old to be in college. It was his eyes. They were an unremarkable shade of blue but their expression was such that Summer found it difficult to look away.

“Hey,” he said, “I’m Michael.”

“Summer.” said Summer, extending out her hand to shake automatically. His eyes crinkled in amusement and he caught up her hand, brought it to his lips, and gently kissed it. Summer stared at him. Had some random guy just kissed her hand? Was she okay with that? She examined her feelings and decided she was. Michael was kind of hot, anyway. Weird, probably, but she could also see the muscles moving under his shirt and something about wearing a short, tight, black dress was pulling her in a direction she’d never been before. No, it wasn’t just that, it was the way this tall, well muscled stranger was looking at her. She felt…attractive. She felt hawt.

Michael walked over to the loveseat in the corner, glancing back at Summer for just a moment, clearly expecting her to follow. Summer found herself obeying, sitting down next to him on the faded plaid monstrosity. She sat down neatly, curling her legs up beside her, fitting perfectly on the cushion she perched on. Michael sprawled when he sat, one arm thrown across the back of the loveseat.

“So,” he said after a beat, “How do you know Teddy?”

“I don’t really.” Summer responded, “I’m friends with Anne-Marie. She’s got a thing with Teddy.”

“A thing?”

Summer shrugged, “Yeah, a thing. On again off again thing.”

“And do you have a thing with anyone?”

Summer blinked in surprise. That was straightforward. She decided she liked him for it. “No. I’m doomed to be single forever.”


“I’ve never been in a serious relationship.”

“How old are you?”


“I think twenty’s a little early to be doomed.”

“How old are you?” Asked Summer, brow raised in mock suspicion.

“Twenty seven.” Michael looked away, waiting for the inevitable question.

“What are you majoring in?” She asked.

Michael looked back up in surprise, “I’m majoring in economics.”

“Oh. Cool.” She said, with a vague disinterest.

Michael couldn’t take it, “Sorry,” he said, “don’t you want to know why I’m twenty seven and still in college?”

Summer shrugged, “I assume you started late.”

“Oh. Yeah. I did.” Michael felt vaguely annoyed. She was supposed to be looking down at him for being behind in life. He looked in her eyes and once again felt the urge to grab her, hold her close, feel her body against his. She didn’t care he was behind. She didn’t care at all.

“Why did you start late?” She paused, “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.” She laid a hand gently on his arm. It was hard and tense as steel ropes. Then she felt him relax.

“I had to earn money.” He said shortly.


The two sat in silence for a few beats. Michael was having a hard time concentrating. She was touching him. She was touching his arm. Graceful, gentle, light as a feather. Suddenly the little white hand withdrew. Michael’s eyes shot up to meet hers again.

“I’m sorry,” she said, with an expression of real concern on her face, “I didn’t mean to pry.”

“No, it’s fine!” Michael said. He looked into her big, dark eyes and before he knew what he was doing, he was explaining his life philosophy to her. About how money was power, how economics was the study of power dynamics, how he planned to graduate, get an MBA, and go to work on Wall Street where he would be able to make enough money that he would have the power to do what he wanted, when he wanted. He talked and he talked and he talked. Michael kept telling himself to stop, to shut up, that he was blowing his chance with this girl by making it all about himself, but when he looked at her she looked back with such genuine unforced interest and acceptance and would ask such thoughtful questions, he found there was more he wanted to say. She was listening to him, really listening. Without the desire to make the conversation about her. Her big dark eyes were fixed on his face and Michael felt like they saw into his soul.

The party went on around them. Michael found himself telling her things he’d never told anyone, and those wide dark eyes listened. They’d grown physically closer and ümraniye escort closer as the night had worn on, and her legs now rested on his.

Summer, for her part, was feeling slightly intimidated by this man in front of her who had seen so much of life. She felt very young and very small. She also felt drunk. She was nursing her second beer, but she was very much a lightweight and she was starting to feel sleepy. She always got sleepy when she drank, but she did it anyway to be social. Summer yawned.

Michael panicked. She had yawned! He had been talking this whole time and she had been bored and just being polite and now she had yawned. Some part of him rebelled against this unbidden weakness and insecurity and in a moment almost of rage, he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard.

His hand tangled in her long black hair. His mouth was hot, demanding against hers. Michael could barely think. Her lips were so soft. His hand around her waist touched bare skin through the cut out in the back of her dress. She felt light and fragile like a bird, but then she moved and shifted and melted against him. Her legs entangled with his, her back arched at his touch. His rough hand traveled down her back, grabbing her ass and pulling her closer.

Summer was awake now!

“Get a room you two.” Said a nearby voice. Summer broke away, flushed either with embarrassment or pleasure. Michael could have groaned aloud in frustration as he felt her pull away. He had to restrain himself from leaping across the couch and throttling the young man playing video games on mute who had interrupted, had made Summer leave his arms. Then suddenly he remembered, he lived across the hall.

“I live across the hall.” He said hoarsely. Summer flushed an even deeper shade of red. Inside her head spoke the voices of a thousand slut shamers. He stood and without looking at her, walked across the living room and out the apartment door. Summer watched him go. He moved like a lion, all muscled grace and complete confidence.

Summer stayed seated for a heartbeat, then muttered, “Fuck it.” and got up and followed him out of the apartment.

The hallway between the two apartments was short and she saw him standing in the his territory opposite, holding the door open and looking at her with an expression she couldn’t interpret. Summer took a deep breath and crossed the hallway in a few strides. When she entered the threshold into his home, the dam broke inside Michael. He took hold of her arm, pulled her towards him, let the door swing closed, and then, taking her by both arms, he pushed her up against the door.

His rough, tanned hands were on her porcelain arms and for a breath he stood like that, looking down into her upturned face, holding her trapped like a butterfly pinned. Then he slid his hands down her arms, marveling at the softness of her, stepping forward and pinning her against the door this time with his body, his hands on her wrists. He bent down and captured her mouth with his, at first gently and then with more force. Michael could feel himself losing control. He wanted her, he wanted all of her.

Summer could feel the hard length of him through his jeans, pressed up against her, his mouth demanding and strong. His stubble rough on her cheeks, She wanted to run her fingers through his tousled red-brown hair, but he kept his hold on her wrists and then suddenly it didnt matter because his mouth was on her neck and he was grinding against her and she was responding almost against her will.

Then suddenly he released her and in a voice rough with desire said, “Take off your dress and get on the bed.” Summer took in the apartment around her for the first time. It was a studio and there was a large bed in the far corner.

Michael watched as Summer walked towards his bed, Her hands reached around, undoing the tie that held the top of her dress closed and then sliding the dress down, slowly revealing smooth milky skin of her back, then her buttocks, her thighs, her calves. Then she stepped out of the dress and turned to look at him. It was a shy, hesitant kind of look that only served to inflame him.

Her bra was light pink lace, her panties a mismatched baby blue and white striped cotton. The pastels made her look even more dainty and delicate. Her hair was mussed from tuzla escort their kiss. She looked a strange combination of totally innocent and utterly sensual. Averting her eyes from his she slowly removed her bra and tossed it to one side, revealing small, perfectly formed breasts with golden brown areoles. Then, moving like a baby deer, she gingerly slid down and stepped out of her cotton panties, revealing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Then she looked back up and met his eyes.

Michael tore off his shirt and in an instant was on her again, forcing her backwards onto the bed. He wanted her, he wanted to be inside her, but more than that he wanted to know every part of her. She was under him on the bed, he propped himself up on his elbows and paused for just a moment, admiring her before he took her. She had a beauty mark on her left breast. She reached out, her fingers tracing delicate patterns of ivy across his chest. The light touches sent a surge of desire through him and he dove down, his mouth meeting hers in greedy want, his tongue dancing with hers, leading, dominant. Her bare white legs bent at the knees, splayed apart as he ground his hips against hers,

Then one of his hands reached up and caught both of her slim wrists in one large grip and pushed her hands up over her head and held them trapped there. The other hand slid down her body and between her thighs. Slipping between her pussy lips, he stroked her already damp slit. As he brushed her clitoris she arched her back and gasped softly. He continued to stroke her pussy slowly and steadily, half sitting up to watch her pleasure grow. It came in waves, his fingers moved in an unvarying rhythm which was enough to keep her moaning but not enough to let her come. Michael watched Summer writhe, trying to meet his hand in an attempt to satisfy her longing, until finally she begged,


At that word his fingers dove into her canal again and again, and then withdrew, slick with her juices. He brought his hand up and rested it on her lips,

“Suck.” He commanded.

She opened her mouth and began to suck, tasting herself on his fingers, a strange tangy musk. When he withdrew the fingers from her mouth, he bent down and kissed her long, his tongue a snake in her mouth. He could taste the lingering hint of her.

Releasing her wrists, Michael stood up and looked down at Summer. She was flushed, her nipples hard, her chest heaving. Without a word, Michael unzipped his pants and released his member. It sprang free and stood erect. Michael took one more moment to admire the woman in his bed. Then he got down on his knees, pulled her hips towards him, and put his mouth on her mound. His tongue moved faster than his fingers had. He licked her up and down, but paid special attention to the nub at the top, his tongue circled around it, teasing her and eliciting moans that sounded almost like sobs.

“Oh God!” Summer cried as he finally began flicking and sucking her clit, “Oh oh oh please!” then just as her back began to arch and her hands clasped helplessly at the air, Michael stood up and sank his manhood deep inside her.

They cried out together as she began to contract and flutter around him in ecstasy, She shattered in the midst of her orgasm. Michael withdrew and then slammed back into her, again and again, taking her hard and fast like an animal. Soon he had driven her to another orgasm. His rough and brutal thrusts ground hard on her tender clit, and when he began to roll and pinch her nipples, kneading her breasts as he pounded her pussy, she came a third time.

Michael knew he was close to finishing, so when the shudderings of her pleasure subsided, he withdrew from her. He stood, still erect, then pulled her abruptly off the bed and to her knees. His manhood brushed her lips.

“Suck.” He commanded. Summer opened her and once again tasted the musky tang of her own juices. Her hot little mouth took in as much as she could, and it felt incredible, but it was her big almond eyes, staring up at him from beneath her long lashes. The feeling of looking down and seeing this unearthly creature naked and kneeling before him with his cock in her mouth. He couldn’t take it. He thrust into her mouth once, twice, three times and then the pleasure of the finish overtook him and he shot wad after wad of cum into her mouth.

Summer quickly swallowed his load down. Michael bent down to help her to her feet, but Summer was already crawling into the rumpled sheets of his bed. She curled up on one side of the bed and Michael, smiling, molded himself around her. The big spoon to her little one.

“Wow,” thought Summer, “my first one night stand. Not bad!”

“This is the start of something amazing,” thought Michael, “this girl cannot be a one night stand.”

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