Summer Fun Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Thanks to volunteer editor SexyGeek for help with this story.

This is a story of lust, not a story of love. The first two chapters told of my cousin Em discovering my big cock and fucking me in my wheelchair for the first time. Now it goes on.

It was Wednesday night. I was thinking, “Tomorrow Em will be coming over for the weekly cleaning and hopefully she will want to have sex again this week too.” I was having trouble getting to sleep so I took two sleeping pills and then got up in to my chair to go grab a midnight snack. I couldn’t find anything really good so I got a handful of peanuts and a few drinks of milk from the carton. I rolled back to my room. Before getting back in bed I started playing music on my laptop. I lined up with the bedside, bedside grabbing the board and sliding it under my left leg. Then I leaned forward placing my left hand on the far end of the board and my right hand on the wheel and pushing off to slide into bed. After putting the board in the seat I pushed the chair to the end of the bed. I grabbed under my legs with my right arm with a pull up and a twist I was in bed on my side. It must not have been long before I was fast asleep.

Hearing the doorbell, got out of bed and walked to the door to see who it was. I opened the door to see a beautiful girl that was my cousin Amila, Em for short. She stands at 5′ 10″ with a fit build but not skinny. If I had to guess I would say 145 pounds give or take 5 pounds. Her skin is perfectly tan. Her hair was up in a ponytail. Even like that it goes down to the middle of her back. Her hair is dyed a black color that shows some red highlights. She has a full chest and an ass to match. She was wearing her normal summer outfit of skin tight shorts that only come an inch or two below her crotch and a tight tank top that is too small for her frame. I was standing there at six foot tall 210 pounds with a slim waist and a V shaped torso. I was blessed with a large muscular frame even though I never went to the gym after leaving high school. I did however work in hard manual labor jobs that seemed to keep me fit.

As I opened the door all the way she rushed in, grabbing my boxer briefs, pulling them all the way to my ankles and dropping to her knees before I got the door closed all the way. She ran her hand up the inside of my leg until she came to my balls. Lightly cupping them in her hand she placed my hardening cock in to her mouth, moving her tongue around the head of it before taking it half the length into her hot waiting mouth. Her tongue moved around the bottom of my shaft as she moved her head up and down the length of it. With a pop my dick came out of her mouth. It sticks ten inches straight out from my body with a slight up curve to it. She took the head in her hand and make small strokes. She licked up the shaft a few times before taking my clean shaven balls in her mouth and rolling them around one at a time before she took my cock back into her mouth.

I placed my hand on the top of her head and pushed her off with a pop. When I let go she bared her teeth and gave the head a playful bite. Reaching down I pulled her up to her feet. Kissing the cleavage that was showing I found the bottom of her shirt and slowly started to pull it up to bare her stomach. Crouching down I started to kiss the freshly exposed skin as I continued to lift her shirt up, kissing up her body until I reached her neck and the shirt was off. Kissing down her collarbone I removed one strap off her shoulder then the other. Slowly kissing down her chest I moved my hands to the back of her bra unhooking it slowly one clasp at time. When finally the last clasp was undone the bra fell to the floor reviling her firm round perky DD breast with no tan lines to be seen. I placed my mouth around her right nipple lightly biting it and rolling it around in my teeth all the while I am playing with the end of the nipple with my tongue. My right hand found the left breast massaging it and squeezing it then moving my finger tip to her nipple giving a pinch between my thumb and index finger before rolling it back and forth. Giving her left nipple a pull I switched sides with my mouth giving it the same treatment as the other.

Kissing to the center of her chest I moved my hands down her sides to the waist of her shorts and followed it to the button. I undid the button and zipper. As my kissing neared her navel my hands moved to her hips pulling the shorts down slowly. I could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties or didn’t have any tan lines as I neared her pubic mound and her shorts hit the floor. Lifting one leg I pulled her shorts and flip flop off the foot. When she lifted the other leg I removed the shorts and last flip flop. I ran my hand up her leg as it was still in the air and placing it on my shoulder my kissing found the hot dripping wet pussy. I licked all around the clean shaven pussy before teasing the little bit of labia that was exposed. I ran my tongue along it getting a taste of her Sarıgazi Escort wetness that had formed there. I picked her up and pushed her to the wall as she swung her other leg on to my shoulder. She could put her hands on the celling as I began to stick my tongue in to her folds. Driving my tongue in to her as far as I could, then licking up to the hood I moved it to find the clit which was hard and waiting for me to tease it. I gave the clit a kiss and with my mouth open I moved my bottom lip around the clit. I looked up at her face she had her eyes closed biting her lower lip taking deep slow breaths in anticipation offor what was about to happen. I sucked the clit in my lips, rolling it round between them. Flicking the tip of the clit, my tongue increased the speed until her moaning became regular. Moving in closer I lightly took the clit in my teeth to apply gentle pressure as I continued to flick the tip of her clit until her orgasm over took her and her juices were running down my chin on to my chest.

I let her slide down the wall until her feet were on the floor. My cock, still hard, was trapped on three sides between her thighs and wet box. Turning her around I bent her over the table in the middle of the room. Pressing myself back between her thighs but not into her pussy I took a few strokes to tease her before pulling back far enough for the head to press against her opening. Giving a little push she started to open up and take my cock inside of her. Moving in and out with just the head and first few inches inside of her she tried to pushing more of my cock in by moving back towards me. Grabbing her hips I stopped her, holding her in to place, driving it all the way into her until I hit bottom. Then pulling out so just the head was inside her, I pushed it in her hard again till I hit bottom again. This time she pushed back too and I got a little more of my length inside of her. We did this again and again until I was all the way inside of her, taking long forceful strokes and watching her breasts slam forward and back with every stroke I gave her.

Grabbing her shoulders I pulled her up, then turned her around and pushed her on the table so I could put her legs up and on to my shoulders. Holding her by her thighs I drove my cock all the way inside of her giving short powerful strokes causing her to moan with every stroke. Watching her tits jiggle like two jello molds I reach up and grabbed one, palming it in my hand and squeezing it with a firm grip causing her moaning to get louder. Turning my head I kissed her calf, running my free hand down her thigh and then down to her pubic mound where my thumb found her clit, sending her over the top. Her pussy clenched my dick like a vice to the point I could barely move inside of her but I kept up what I could as I kept rubbing her clit to make her orgasm last. I could feel her legs tremble as her orgasm came to an end, which released the grip so my dick could move freely inside of her once again.

Leaning up she pushed me away from her and climbed off the table. Pushing me to the wall she put her leg up on my hip. Ihip I grabbed a hold as I lifted her up and spun her so her back was against the wall. Her hand moved down my stomach to my crotch grasping my hard member. She slid it back inside of her dripping wet pussy. She let out a gasp as I slid all the way inside of her. I moved my hands down to her ass and gave both cheeks a squeeze. Moving in and out of her I could tell I was getting close and so could she as my breathing became deeper.

She let her legs slide down to the floor so I couldn’t move inside of her. She started to guide the both of us to the couch. We both fell over the arm but somehow stayed connected at the hips. She pulled her legs up under her as she sat up placing both hands on my chest. I did the same with my hands on her. Moving her hips slowly up and down to take control of my orgasm, she slowly picked up the pace. I moved my hand down her body to find her clit to start rubbing it. Iit I could feel her body tensing up. I moved both hands to her side to hold her in place so I could move at in and out of her to cum with her. It hit her fast as I was moving as fast as I could go but not long after I felt the first shot go as I slammed up into her, pulling her down with me as the second stream went inside of her. She started to pull her hips up as the third stream came out.

Beep beep beep the alarm sounded. “Fuck,” I thought to myself. Beep beep beep. beep ” “you have got to be fucking kidding me,” I mumbled under my breath. Beep beep beep I pushed myself up so I was setting looking over at the alarm clock. Beep beep beep I scooted my butt over so I could lie on my left side to turn off the alarm. The clock read nine AM. I thought of what I had to do for the day not really wanting to get out of bed just yet. I couldn’t think of anything I had in the morning so I figured I would lie down till the alarm on my phone went off at ten.

I Escort Sarıgazi didn’t really get back to sleep so by the time my phone alarm went off I was ready to shut it off. I grabbed my shorts and socks from the foot of the bed putting them on and getting up in my chair to put a shirt on. As I was getting things around in the morning I received a call from my nurse. She told me she would be over around one to change my catheter. I was thinking, “Great, no naked cleaning today unless my cousin comes after she is gone. It was about noon when I made myself something to eat. I just got done warming leftovers up when my cousin walked in to the house.

“Hey,” I greeted her.

“Hey, time to get naked and clean,” she replied

“No nakedness just yet, the nurse is going to be here in forty five minutes or so to change my cath,” I told her

“That blows! I guess just nakedness after she leaves when I go to polish your knob,” she said with a grin.

“Guess so. I had a dream about you last night,” I told her

“Oh yeah, I had one about you to the other night. Was me, you and a bike ride that ended in me bent over your bike and you fucking me from behind.”

I told her about my dream in more detail then she told me about hers as I finished eating my lunch. After that she gave more information about her dream. It was more of a first time sex dream. I had her holding me around the waist with her pressing in to me. Then I had gotten a boner and when she felt it she started to rub it through my pants causing it to get even harder. Then she told me we pulled over on a road that wasn’t traveled very much and I fucked her from behind and I blew a huge load in her mouth. That is all she really said about her dream. After telling each other the dreams she was ready to go to my room and fuck but we couldn’t because the nurse would be here in fifteen minutes.

“You know what, if I can’t have it right now you’re going to have a hard on when the nurse comes over,” she stated.

“Ha ha, I don’t think so.”

“Oh yes you will. I’ll suck it ’til she hits the doorbell,” she said with a sassy tone. Grabbing my shorts, she pulled them down far enough to get my cock out so she could stroke it.

“Nothing will happen. It will go away before she sees it’s hard,” I stated

“So I can do it? But no touching it when she is here,” she said right before she put me in her mouth.

“Go for it,” I said as I put my hand on her head. That went on for about ten minutes until I saw a car pulling up in front of the house. “She’s here, stop.”

“Good,” she said as she tucked my dick back in to my shorts in what looked like it would be an uncomfortable position but made my shorts bulge out. “No touching, remember.”

“Okay okay, I need to get the door.”

“I’ll be back when she leaves,” she said as she went out the back door.

My nurse is in her late fifty’s about five one with short curly gray hair. You can’t really see her body form because she always is wearing scrubs with a shirt underneath them. I would guess she had a small frame with at least a B cup.

“Hi, how is your day going?” she asked as I let her in the door.

“I’m doing good. How about you?” I replied

“I’m well, are you ready to change your catheter?”

“I got everything out and ready.”

“Okay first let’s check your vitals,” she said as she dug through her bag that she set on the table. I was trying my hardest not to look at or adjust my crotch as she was taking my temperature and had the pulse/ox on my finger. When she was checking my lungs I caught her looking at my crotch.

She moved down in front of me crouching down to check the pulse in my wrist and feet. When she said “That looks like it’s uncomfortable. I think you need to adjust yourself.”

Acting surprised I said “What do you mean? Oh that it will go away in a little bit. I get them at random. They never last more than a few minutes.”

“Yes, but still you need to adjust it so you don’t hurt it. Here let me help you with it,” she said as she reached up the leg of my shorts to grab my cock to move it in to a better position. As she was pulling her hand out she pulled my cock down my leg. When she let go of my cock the leg of my shorts jumped up so that she could see up my shorts. She paused for a few seconds staring up the leg of my shorts before saying, “See, isn’t that better?”

“Yeah, better if someone wants to look up my shorts at my dick,” I said. I adjusted my leg then the leg of my shorts pulling them up and then down as far as I could making sure to flash the head of my cock at her.

She sat down at the table to go through all the boring questions, looking at my dick every time when she was waiting for my reply. I finally just sat my arm on top of it to hold it down and to rub it a little when she was reading the screen. When that was done we moved into the bedroom so I could lie down for her to change my Sarıgazi Escort Bayan catheter. After I got in bed I readjusted myself so my cock would pop out when she moved my shorts down to get to the super pubic site.

“Did I tell you I will be retiring at the end of the month?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, well that sucks. I will miss you coming over,” I replied.

“Yes I will miss it too, it’s nice having you as a patient.”

“I bet.”

“I get a break from all the older people that, I hate to say but, they are kind of boring,” she stated. I gave a little chuckle. She had finished laying everything out on the edge of the bed. She moved my shirt up and lifted my shorts up to scoot them down. As she lifted the waist band of my shorts and underwear my cock must of popped out from the look on her face. “Oh my,” she said with a surprise in her voice.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“Oh you just popped out of your shorts. I’ll just move it so it’s out of the way”

“I’ll put it back in, sorry about that.”

“No it’s fine we can just leave it there,” she said with a hunger in her voice. She went on changing the catheter looking at my cock every chance she got. “Okay all done, is there anything else you need help with?”

“Not unless you want to stroke my dick? I saw you have been staring at it the whole time you were changing my cath.”

“Oh thank god I thought you would never ask. That thing is big! Even going limp it’s bigger than most,” she breathed with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah I get that. I guess this can be a going away present. You can play with it all you want,” I said.

“Well I can’t do too much. I still have other patients to go see,” he said as she pulled my cock the rest of the way out of my shorts. “Wow, how have you kept this thing hidden from me for the past year?” she asked as she started to stroke up and down the shaft in slow strokes bringing my cock back to the fully erect state.

“I don’t know. I guess it has never been hard like this when you have come by. Which is too bad. If I had known you would do this, I would have tried to get it hard before you visited a long time ago.”

“So you did this on purpose?” she asked as she started to stroke faster.

“No just a happy accident,” I lied but I wasn’t going to tell her my cousin was sucking my cock right until she pulled up in front of my house. I thought about rubbing her tit through her shirt but didn’t want to press my luck.

She moved to get in a better position and took the head of my cock in her mouth as she stroked my cock faster. With her free hand she reached down her pants, her arm moving back and forth. “She must be fingering herself,” I thought to myself. She let out a long low moan letting go of my cock with her mouth and hand.

“I got to go,” she said as rushed out of the room.

By the time I got up and out to the front room she was already in her car pulling away. At that time my cousin was walking in the back door grinning ear to ear.

“She looked happy when she left. What did you do?” she asked

As I was telling her what had happened she started to run water in the sink to do dishes. She hadn’t stripped down so I couldn’t play with her but she told me that she and her friends wanted to head out of town by six. She also said that she would need to leave my house by no later than three thirty so she could pack some clothes because they were going to spend the night up there and that she would only do dishes today and the rest next week when she came over. It was almost a quarter ’til three when she finished the dishes. She was rinsing out the sink when I went into my room and got in the bed to get undressed. I was in just my boxers when she came into the room completely naked.

“I don’t get to watch you get undressed?” I asked

“It doesn’t look that way, does it?,” she replied in a sarcastic tone

She had a skip in her step that caused her tits to jiggle as she came over to the bed to crawl on top of me putting her pussy right in front of my mouth. I looked down and she already had my shaft in her hand stroking up and down the length. I had seen her put the head in her mouth right before I licked the length of her cleanly shaven slit. I drove my tongue between her folds lapping in her wetness before finding her clit to get her off. She let out a soft moan that sounded like she had a mouthful of my dick. With that she got up and slid down to my cock, hovering her pussy above the tip make sure she had a position to slide down on to the shaft in the reverse cowgirl. After a few minutes I got a spasm in my leg causing it to shake for about thirty seconds.

“Holy shit that was good,” she moaned.

“I bet,” I chuckled.

She pulled up off of my cock letting it hit me in the stomach with a wet thud. She turned around to face me hanging her tits over my face as she slid me back inside of her. I rubbed her tits with one hand and had the other on her hip. I sucked her nipple into my mouth causing her to let out a soft short moan. Her breathing became heavier and I could tell she was getting close. Right as she let out the moan from her orgasm I bit down on her nipple firmly but not too hard. Her moan became a higher pitch as I did this. Looking down at me she smiled.

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