Summer Chores: The Next Morning

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This is the 7th (short) story in the series.

I was laying in bed the next morning after my threesome with mom and Lisa. After thinking about yesterday and grabbing my phone to stare at the picture I took of them, I was turned on, hard as hell, and in need to cum. I had remembered what my mom said about telling her that I was going to get myself off if she’s home but I was too timid to do so. Staring at both of their tits, I just reached down and started pumping my fist over my dick. There was a subtle knock at my door right as I was starting to get into it. I quickly covered and hid my phone just before my mother walked in. My mom was in her early 50s but in great shape.

“Your dad just left to go workout and your sister is at breakfast with her friend. Do you need help with anything?” She asked while starting at my blanket. It was basically as circus tent with my hard dick underneath.

“Uh. Yeah.” I replied nervously.

“Ok. But I’m first. gaziantep escort bayan Let me see you.” Mom said as she climbed into my bed next to me after pulling down the sheets. Mom laid down so that her pussy was next to my head and her face next to my hard dick. She abruptly took down her pajama pants to show me her white panties and then removed her shirt. Her breasts were nice but sagged a bit. Her nipples were hard with excitement.

“Don’t touch yourself until I say you can.” Mom ordered as she started to rub her pussy through her panties. “Mmm. Your dick looks like it’d feel good in my mouth. Uh. Mmm.” She said as her eyes were locked onto my cock. She started to create a wet spot in her panties right at her opening as she circled her clit. Mom then put her right leg over my chest so that her pussy was exposed to me. She pulled her panties aside and started to rub herself faster. I could hear wetness as she slammed her fingers anal yapan gaziantep escort over herself. “Uhhh. Mm. Oh fuck. Stick you fingers in me. Oohh.” She squeaked.

I slid two of my fingers into my moms warm pussy as she was rubbing her clit. That sent her over the edge.

“Uhhh… uh. Uh. Uh.” She grunted as she squirted all over my face and pillow. Mom slowly let her panties cover herself again but then pushed them slightly into her. “Go ahead and start jerking your dick while you lick my juices from your hand.”

As I started to do as I was told, mom took off her panties and turned so that she was laying next to me. Her pussy juice on my fingers tasted divine. “Ok. Stop.” She said. That’s when mom took the wet gusset of her panties and placed them in my mouth. She sat up and reached across me with her left arm so that she could support herself while showing me a clear antep escort view of her tits and sweaty armpit. “Today, you just get to look.” Mom said as she started to jack me off with her right hand. “Stare at my nasty armpit while I make you cum.” She ordered. Her armpit was smooth and glistened with sweat. She had very slight stubble because she hadn’t yet shaved today. I started to feel the tingling in my loin and my mom must have noticed also. She lowered her armpit to my face and said, “put your nose against my pit and cum for me.” That’s all it took. I shot my load with my moms armpit on my face. Mom kept stroking me after I finished and rubbed her sweaty underarm on my face. Once she felt me start to get hard again, mom sat up and smiled at me. She licked my cum off her fingers and took her panties out of my mouth.

“Thanks for cleaning my panties for me.” She said as she put them back on. “I like these all warm and wet. Maybe, if you’re good, I’ll return them to you warm and still wet before I go to bed. You’ll be able to have some fun later with that picture on your phone and these panties. Especially since your pillow and sheets are going to smell like me now. I think you’ll do just fine. Just like Lisa predicted.” Then she got up and left my room.

What is going to happen rest of this summer?

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