Summer Break Ch. 02

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Big Tits

After that initial fuck I kept out of the way for the rest of the afternoon. I didn’t want to risk any awkward looks between the two of us. Needless to say, though, it was the only thing I was thinking about. I started a warm shower and the water was relaxing as it soaked my tingling skin. As I closed my eyes I could still see his body, fucking in and out of my wet pussy, bringing me to orgasm and unloading his hot cum inside me. I rubbed the scented lather of my shower gel over my breasts and teased my nipples into hard, tight points again. Next I washed my still swollen pussy; flooded with the thick mixture of his cream and my own juices. My body shuddered when I rubbed the slick gel between my thighs, satisfied with the reminder of the day’s activities.

I stood there letting the warm spray rinse the soap from my body, my head back and my eyes closed, and thought about the possibilities of pursuing a relationship with my step-father. John and my mother had only been married a little over two years and we all fell in love with him as soon as we met. He was forty-three years old and a successful businessman with three seperate real estate offices. A former college athlete, he still worked out regularly in his home gym and swam laps in the large outdoor pool. A lot of my girlfriends liked to come over to lay-out by the pool on weekends, just to try to see him in his trunks. I, of course, feigned interest, not wanting them to see my attraction.

But it was there. I couldn’t help but be attracted to him. His body was as good if not better than most of the guys that I was dating, and he had that aura of maturity that all girls admire in a man. A couple of times I thought I had caught him watching me in my bikini, and I sometimes wondered if he fantasized about me as I did about him. He had fucked me many times in my mind; my flexible dildo substituting for his cock. Once when I came home late, I noticed a soft light on in his and mom’s room. I had just cracked open my door when I heard the distinct sounds of passionate moans and whispers. Frozen in my steps I stood and listened as John and my mother fucked each other. I tried imagining the positions they were in; what his cock looked like as it thrust inside her body. Their lovemaking grew louder and my nipples grew stiff. In my slightly drunken stupor I slid a hand inside the waist of my pants and touched a finger to my slit, rubbing myself as I listened to John and my mother orgasm. Slipping inside my room and closing the door, I hurriedly undressed and removed my favorite toy from its hiding place.

The bedsheets were cool on my skin as I rolled the lavender colored dildo over my breasts and stomach. Then taking it in my mouth I sucked it as if it were a real cock, licking all over the hard plastic head to make it warm and wet enough for my pussy. Spreading my legs open I placed the tip at the entrance to my hole and moved it up and down between my slick labia. Slowly I pushed it inside, allowing my slushy, thick pussy to wrap around it. I bit my lower lip to keep from loudly moaning as the hard toy slipped deeper inside my body, my hand shaking from the wonderful feelings it gave me. Once it was completely buried I took a deep breath and turned the dial on the base. The gentle vibrations immediately brought a rush of juices to coat all eight inches of cock inside me. For several seconds I just held it there, the intensity making my whole body quiver.

Relaxing a bit I started to slowly fuck myself. I would withdraw the dildo until just the tip was vibrating against my clutching lips then push it back inside. My rhythm quickened and the strokes I used grew shorter. Reaching down with my free hand I turned the dial once again and set the vibrations to “high”. Now I pulled my knees up around my invisible lover, furiously fucking my soaking pussy. The first jolt of my orgasm hit and I had to turn my head into my pillows to stifle my screams. My back arched upward and my ass lifted to push the firm cock as deep as it would reach as my pussy sucked on it, a stream of creamy juices gushing onto my fingers. With every wave of my orgasm I fucked myself upward against my hand that held üsküdar escort the vibrator inside me until it was over and I could finally breath at a normal rate, drops of sweat running off my breasts and my legs falling back to the bed. With my eyes half closed I could almost make out John’s handsome face above me, and I pulled the sheets around us as I drifted off the sleep.

“Everything all right in there?” I was abruptly brought out of my daydream by my mother’s voice at the bathroom door. I shut the water off and wrapped a thick turkish towel around my body. In my room I slid on a black thong panty, black underwire bra, and then my favorite jeans and tank-top.

“I’m going over to Tara’s for a while…okay?” I barely waited for an answer as I skipped out the door to my car. I didn’t know what plans the rest of the family had made, but I knew I didn’t want to be a part of them. At least not yet.

That night I stayed out later than normal. I went out with Tara, one of my best friends from highschool, and we ended up at a local club dancing until it closed at 2:00 AM. Tara and I always had fun whenever we went out; it was something of a contest between the two of us to see how many erections we could cause in the pants of all the guys around us. I think we ended up with something like thirty, but those were just the ones we could see. We harldly ever had to pay for a single drink and there was never a shortage of cocks wanting to dance up against us. Of course it wouldn’t have mattered much, Tara and I could dance with each other and be completely at ease. Watching the guys as we ran our hands up and down each other’s bodies was fun, but it made us horny.

During a slow song she pulled me away from the bar and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and I rested my head against hers. We swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music; Tara’s hands dropped down around my waist and mine ran through her long, honey blond hair. My eyes were closed and the scent of her light perfume made my mind spin. She pulled her head back from mine and we looked into each other’s eyes for only a couple of seconds before joining lips in a long, passionate kiss. Her tongue pressed between my lips and licked gently at my own. I responded; not so much because of any physical attraction, but because of the arousal she was creating inside me. My hands held her face tight as she pulled her body into mine. By the time we broke the kiss, my pussy was dripping with excitement. There were some shouts of approval and applause from the nearby tables, along with some looks of disgust from some of the other girls. I looked at Tara just as the song ended and could see her nipples standing erect inside her spaghetti-strapped top.

Pulling her by the hand I drug her over to our table where we were immediately joined by a pair of well-groomed men.

After a half hour of bull-shitting us and a round of drinks, we were ready for anything. As the lights came up in the club to signal closing time, we walked out into the damp night air with our new playmates. Tara immediately suggested going to her house since she had the place to herself.

Once we had arrived at Tara’s she put on some more slow music. The boys, of course, needed to find the bathroom right away. After a couple of minutes, they came back out and joined us. Steve, the taller of the two, was the better looking one we had decided; and Jeff had the better body. I thought we were just going to fuck them and send them on their way, but Tara had another idea. An idea that hadn’t crossed my mind at all.

“So you guys liked watching us dance?,” Tara asked as they joined us on the sofa. Steve was sitting between Tara and myself, Jeff was on my other side. Steve answered, “Yeah, you two were smokin’ hot.”

“And did you like watching when we kissed?,” was Tara’s next question. Jeff had a hand on my leg and the other around my shoulder. Steve was stroking Tara’s leg when he answered her again, “You know it, baby. Why don’t you let me show you?” He took Tara’s hand and placed it on his şerfali escort crotch, moving his hips so she could feel his hard-on. Tara rubbed it back and forth a couple of times, then looking over at me asked, “Andi, I think these two are ready for just about anything. Are you?”

I was starting to feel horny so I said, “Anytime you are, baby.” At that point Tara stood up and held her hand out to me. I was slightly confused but trusted her as I took her cue and stood with her in front of the boys. “You two sit there for a minute while we go get ready,” and Tara pulled me into her room.

“Wanna have some fun with these guys?,” she whispered in my ear. She pulled her top and bra off, then reached for me. I let her take mine off, too, and then she leaned in and kissed me again. Her hands felt warm and comfortable on my back as she pulled me closer; our lips on one anothers. Tara pulled away, placing her hands on my breasts and rubbing my nipples. “Let’s just let ’em sit there and jack off while they watch us fuck. It’ll be fun to see if they can take it. And if they last long enough, then we can give ’em a blowjob or something. Come on, Andi…. you know you want to.”

I really was hot and horny enough. And it woouldn’t be the first time for Tara and me. I enjoyed sucking her pussy as much as I liked sucking dick, and having two hot guys watching would make it even better. “Okay,” I agreed, but what if they don’t go for it?”

“If they don’t wanna watch, then they can just leave,” Tara answered as she led me back to our anxious guests. The guys both started pulling at their clothes when Tara and I walked back into the room topless. “Hold on guys…. not so fast,” Tara scolded. “Here’s the deal…. You get to watch Andi and me do what we want, but you can’t touch. All you can do is sit back and jack off if you want. Deal?”

“Hey…,” Jeff spoke up, “what the fuck is up with you two, anyways? What are you? Lesbians? You want us to just watch and jack off? Shit, Steve… let’s split. These dykes ain’t gonna do nothin’ for us.”

“Is that true?” Steve asked. “You have all the fun and we’re ‘sposed to just jack off and that’s

I could sense the disappointment in their voices. I tried to think of something that would keep them there. “Look,” I added, “You didin’t give Tara a chance to finish. If you’re still in the mood once she and I finish, then we’ll take care of you both. Huh? How’s that sound now?” Tara was rubbing my back and ass while the guys stood there and thought about our proposal for a minute. Standing behind me, she cupped my breasts and lightly pinched my nipples, knowing it was driving me crazy. I moaned softly as I turned to her and took her left breast in my hand, lifting it to my lips and sucking the tight, rosy bud between my lips.

“Hell, man,” Steve told Jeff, “might be fun watching these two go at it. What’dya say?”

Tara eased to her knees and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them and my thong past my ass and down to the floor. I stepped out of them, then watched her remove her own jeans and panties as I laid next to her on the carpet. I pulled her against my body as we kissed deeply. My hands roamed over her back and squeezed her tight, round ass cheeks; she slipped one of her own between us and palmed my hot mound before slipping a long, slender finger into my moist pussy. Neither of us heard the two voyuers sitting back on the sofa, not sure if they would allow themselves to masturbate in front of each other. Tara curled her finger inside me and started to fuck my pussy. I took her cue and pushed my own finger between her slick labia. Together we moaned into each other’s mouth and our pussys getting wetter. I broke our kiss and moved my face down her neck and sucked first her left, then her right nipple into my mouth. I licked all around the hard, pink flesh, nipping at it with my lips and then sucking as much of the breast into my mouth as I could. Tara pushed her legs open and I climbed between her warm thighs. I could feel the wet heat from her pussy against my stomach as I continued my assault on her succulent breasts.

“Oh god, Andi… lick me, please make love to me.” With her nipples between my fingers, I slid down her body, pausing to kiss and lick around her flat stomach and my own nipples touching the parted slit of her pussy. Her scent filled my head and I used my free hand to seperate the fleshy petals and touch my tongue between them.

“Dammit, will ya look at that shit.” I heard Steve’s voice from the sofa and looked up from between Tara’s thighs just long enough to wink at him sitting wide-eyed on the edge. I turned my attention back to Tara’s bald pussy and began to lick it, my tongue spreading her open and tasting the sweetness of her cream. Tara was the first girl I had ever had sex with and I still loved licking her.

Her hands were on the back of my head, fingers tangled in my hair. Breathlessly she told the boys, “You two get undressed and start playing with yourselves. I wanna see some dick.” I guess that was the right way to get a response out of them, because pants started dropping. “Mmmm…,” Tara moaned upon seeing their erections, “that’s better.” I was too busy at the time to notice. Her pussy was dripping with honey and I was trying to catch every drop. I pushed my middle finger inside her for a minute then replaced it with my thumb and slipped the wet finger into her tight ass. This immediately brought on her orgasm and she practically screamed as I started to fuck her with thumb and finger, my mouth sucking on her exposed clit. She was cumming so hard her legs tightened around my head and I thought I would pass out from lack of air. My tongue was buried inside the folds of her pussy when I heard one of the boys.

“Ohhh, shit…., here it comes.” A pair of knees dropped next on the floor next to us as Jeff shot his load all over Tara’s chest and stomach. “Oh fuck, yes, yes… lick her good, baby… eat that hot pussy.” Of course I wasn’t about to stop and Tara wasn’t complaining; she was benefitting from my oral skills and had a hard cock spewing hot cum on her body. I lifted my face and rested it on her pulsing mound, kissing her inner thighs. I watched Jeff offer his dripping cock to Tara’s mouth and she sucked the plump head between her lips, sucking the last drops of his cum down her throat.

I lifted myself up to my knees and licked some of the tangy trail of cum from Tara’s stomach. Catching some sticky drops on my fingers I held them to her lips as she sucked them clean, then we shared a long cum-laden kiss. Jeff was leaning back against the sofa, his cock softening between his legs.

“I love you baby,” Tara whispered in my ear. But before I could answer, Steve stood with his huge erection pointed at the two of us. “Andi, turn around and lean against me with your legs open. Now Steve, get between her legs and cum… shoot it all over her pussy.

I turned my back to Tara and leaned into her chest, then draped my legs over hers. Steve knelt between my knees, stroking himself faster and harder. Tara reached around me and used both hands to pull my pussy open. I was completely exposed and my cum was wetting the entrance when Steve leaned forward, holding the huge head of his cock within inches.

“AHHHH,” he groaned and a thick spurt of white hot sperm splashed onto the exposed lips. Another came immediately after, and a third, flooding my entrance with the sticky lava. It was like tiny electric shocks touching my open pussy as more and more of his load landed on me and on Tara’s fingers.

“Oh shit….yesssss,” I moaned, watching Steve jerk himself. His cock flexed in his hand like a large muscle and the head glistened with the slimy coating of fluid it shot out. My own orgasm started as soon as the first stream touched my pussy and continued until there was nothing left of his load except the drops hanging onto the swollen head, which he lowered gently until it rested against my throbbing, cum-soaked labia. A couple of strokes more and he crawled up, letting me suck his thick cock. I sucked it hungrily between my lips and was surprised when another gush of cum lept onto my tongue. I turned my head away and kissed Tara, sharing the gooey flavor with her. We both collapsed on the floor with both boys leaning against the sofa.

“You guys get dressed. Andi and I need to take a shower and then I’m going to bed, and you’re going home,” Tara told them as she stood. I got off the floor and headed toward her room as she escorted our spent, dejected guests out the door.

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