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Nicole sat up in her bed, she stretched and smiled, happy to be here, finally she felt like she fit in somewhere. The days here in were hot, especially in summer, damn hot but she loved it. The weather brought people out of their houses and the community seemed alive. People barbecuing, out playing sport, socializing with neighbors, it gave Nicole a sense of belonging. She knew a lot of her neighbors, not well but they were friendly enough to say hello and ask how she was. They looked out for her, knowing that her and her mother, were new to the area. Nicole’s mum, Christine worked hard at a local market, she was a good Mum, she loved her daughter but her downfall was, she got itchy feet and never stayed in one place long. Nicole dreaded the day it would happen again, she could live here, whole life, it felt like home. She finally had friends that she clicked with, a nice group and some guys, who had seemed interested in her, looked at her, like they were undressing her with their eyes, sometimes it made her feel powerful.

Nicole, was shy when she first met people, it took her a while to trust people enough to open up to them. She started going to a local club, where a lot of people her age went to meet, the first time she went with Susan, her neighbor, Susan a little older than Nicole, at nineteen, she was funny and cute a petite red head, who’s laugh was infectious, she made Nicole feel at ease in her presence and they got along well. They went to the club together on Friday nights and that’s where she met the rest of the group, one guy in-particular , Ethan, he made her heart race every time she saw him, he was gorgeous, twenty one years old, he was tall around six foot, he had piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair, and an amazing body, that made her want to find out how it would feel to have his skin connect with hers, while they were naked and entangled between the sheets. His smile, made her melt and his voice drove her wild, put that together, with his English accent, he was perfect.

They flirted endlessly, she knew she had to have him, she needed to taste him and he wanted her just as bad, she could feel it. Nicole was 5′ 7″ herself, long lean body, blonde hair, with green eyes, not many curves but she drove most men wild, she knew how to carry herself and she knew what men wanted. Her mother was her role model, a lot of men wanted her mother as well. Over the months she had been here, her Mum had taken a lover and Nicole was hoping this man, was the one her mum stayed for, because she never wanted to leave this place. She went to the club on a Friday night, with the usual crowd, they danced, drank and had some laughs, it was nearing the end of the night, when Ethan came and sat next to her, he leaned into her so she could hear him over the music. His breath on her neck, made her body tingle, her whole being responded and when he spoke, his voice alone made her wet.

“You look amazing tonight Nicole, I can’t keep my eyes off you, I wish we were alone, so I could taste Anadolu Yakası Escort you, your legs over my shoulders, you writhing beneath me screaming my name when I make you come.”

Nicole’s breath hitched and Ethan chuckled, as he kissed her softly behind her ear, bringing Nicole back to where they were, realizing they were being watched, she blushed when she saw Susan wink and laugh.

Ethan then backed off a little, “I really meant to ask, if you would come to a party with me tomorrow night, everyone will be there, I just wanted to know, if you would be my date, an official invitation, I couldn’t help teasing you a little, you drive me crazy Nicky.”

“Nice to know, that I do the same to you, as you do to me and yes I would love to be your date.”

Nicole kissed his lips quickly, before he could back away, a soft, sweet, chaste, brush of lips a taste of things to come, leaving him wanting, she stood and waved goodbye, to all of them, trying not to let her excitement show, as she walked out of the club. She felt as if she were floating, as she walked down the street to her house.

The week went fast, Nicole kept busy and she had started a study course at her local community college. She hadn’t found a job and wanted to keep busy, so Susan had suggested she take the class with her. They spent the week studying together and Susan introduced Nicole, to her best friend Claire. Claire had short dark hair and was tall, taller than Nicole, she was all curves and big boobs, she was a bit of a tomboy and hung around with the boys in class, none of them complained as they got to look at her tits. Saturday arrived, and Nicole was nervous, she knew there was no reason to be, because Ethan made her feel at ease but it felt a bit different, going with him as his date. It was casual, so she wore jeans and a low cut pink halter-neck top, with strappy high heels. She didn’t need to wear a bra, perky small breasts that she thought suited her body shape and she never had any complaints. She put her up in a ponytail and wore some silver hoop earrings. She put on some make up and pink lipstick.

She left her room and her mum whistled.

“You look amazing, you stay with Susan and keep safe, don’t let them boys get away with any touching, you don’t want them to.”

“Mum we have been through this before, I’m perfectly safe, there are responsible Adults at the party and I will be with friends.”

“I know but you call me if you need me to come get you and I’ll be there.”

The knock at the door couldn’t have come sooner, she kissed her mum on the cheek.

“Thanks Mum but I will be fine, I may go back to Susan’s, please don’t wait up.”

Before her mum could say another word she walked out the door, shutting it behind her. Ethan stood on her porch and looked her up and down, he looked damn fine himself, in his jeans and t-shirt, it didn’t matter what he wore the man was sexy.

He took her hand and kissed her cheek, “We are taking Bostancı Escort a taxi to the party from Susan’s house, her and Will are there waiting for us, right now I wish we were going back to my place though because damn you look good.”

“You look pretty good yourself but lets go to the party and see where the night takes us” He kissed her cheek and took her hand as they walked to Susan’s house three doors down.

They had a couple of drinks then got the cab, it wasn’t far but too far to walk in heels. When they entered the party, they were greeted by Liam, Ethan’s best friend, Blonde hair, blue eyed, surfer type, 6’2″, sun kissed skin, he also looked at Nicole like he wanted her and Nicole did like him, she was more attracted to Ethan though.

He led them outside, Claire and her boyfriend Daniel, were there, so they all went and sat with them, they knew most of the people there, although there were a few they hadn’t met. The night was going well they danced, played eight ball, had a heap of drinks and were having fun.

It was around midnight and a fight broke out, none of her friends were involved but it got out of control quickly, the cops were called and everyone was told to leave.

The seven of them were way too hyped to go home, so they decided they would walk back to Susan’s and continue their night there.

As they walked. Liam on one side of her and Ethan on the other, holding her hand, she winced as her feet were killing her. They stopped and called out to the other four, who stopped and waited for them to catch up.

“I can piggy back you if you want, those heels look great but they must be killing your feet,” said Ethan.

“They are but it’s alright, I’ll walk bare foot until we get to the road and then you can piggy back me.”

She slipped off her shoes and they caught up to the others.

When they got to the main road, the guys all looked at high fence in front of them, one of them said “Let’s do it, C’mon it will be fun.”

No one protested, it was a hot night and a swim would be good. They all headed to the fence that surrounded the local swimming pool and climbed over, Liam stopped and helped her over, Ethan was already running with the other guys and they all jumped in fully clothed together.

She grabbed Liam’s hand and they jumped in together.

Claire and Daniel made their way to a quiet end of the pool and were making out, oblivious to anyone else.

Will and Susan got out and went and laid on the grass area.

Ethan swam towards Nicole and pulled her to him, his arms wrapped around her waist and his mouth found hers, as her arms went around his neck, the kiss was passionate and felt so good, her heart rate picked up and she needed him now, she couldn’t wait.

Liam came up behind her and grabbed her hips, his lips found her shoulder, and she moaned, as his hands went between her legs. She looked at Ethan, who seemed to be intrigued, by her reaction to Liam.

“Nicole Ümraniye Escort baby, I don’t mind sharing you with Liam but only if you want to.”

Her eyes went wide and she thought about it for one second, then she nodded.

Liam backed them up to the edge of the pool, he got out and put his arms around Nicole from behind, and lifted her onto the edge of the pool, he helped her out of her clothes, then she sat there naked on the edge, with her legs dangling in the water, Ethan still in the pool watching her, as he moved between her legs, he started to kiss her inner thighs, while Liam took her mouth, his kiss a lot different than Ethan’s, a little more intense, but still just as arousing, a moan escaped her just as Ethan put his mouth on her pussy and then his tongue slid through her folds. Liam trailed his hands down her sides as he laid her back, his hands cupping her breasts, his thumbs rubbing over her hard nipples. Ethan started flicking her clit with his tongue, and slid a finger inside her, she contracted around and he groaned with anticipation, feeling how tight she was. He quickly jumped out of the water, he took off his clothes, then pulled her legs out of the pool and placed himself between them.

She looked so delicate laying there open for him, he was so hard and had to be in her. Liam had taken himself, into his hand and was stroking his erection, as he watched her open herself to Ethan, Ethan moved over her, then as he kissed her, he pushed inside, she pulsed around him as he slid all the way in, soft and smooth like red velvet enveloping his cock, they began to move in unison and as their rhythm got faster, Liam sat closer, still stroking himself, he put his hand between Ethan and Nicole’s bodies and he found her clit, he gently circled the tight pebbled bud, Nicole arched up at his touch, her walls tightened, she cried out as she lost her breath, her climax started traveling through her body, her body shaking as her orgasm hit hard and sent Ethan over the edge as well, filling her with jets of cum, as they both came hard, Liam followed them in climax as he watched them fall apart his release erupting all over Nicole’s neck, she was floating in ecstasy and slowly her senses returned, Ethan kissed, thanking her with his slow sensual kiss, his tongue, tasting her, his lips conveying how she made him feel, he then rolled off of her and got his breath back.

Liam then lent in and kissed her, as he wiped away her semen with his shirt, that was wet from the pool.

“You are fucking amazing, I could watch you come like that over and over and never get bored,” he told her as he lay on her other side.

Totally sex drunk, they all started to put their clothes back on, the guys had got their jeans on and Nicole her top and panties.

Then a light was shone in their faces and a loud voice boomed, “You lot, stop right there you are under arrest for trespassing.”

The guys grabbed their tops and lifted Nicole to her feet, they scrambled to get her shoes and pants then they all took off running, as they got to the fence they met up with the other four, who were already over the fence.

The seven of them ran down the street laughing and got away. This was definitely a night and a summer she would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32