Sugar Twins

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“Please make your way to the nearest stairwell everyone and remain calm.”

I assumed someone had pulled the fire alarm to get out of work early because it was Valentine’s Day, or another fire drill but this time it was real. Some ignoramus threw a lit cigarette into the trash can in the mens room two floors below me, and I had just begun proof reading a very, very good story when the announcement came. I gathered my purse and cell phone and headed out of my office to the west stairs.

It was only ten thirty am and I wasn’t exactly bustling to get home to an empty house. I stopped at a quaint café for brunch and the soufflé I ordered was divine and the young well dressed waiter looked digestible as well. I got in my car and stopped at the convenience store on Main where I decided to grab a chick flick and a few rag mags before heading home.

As I got closer to the lane-way I saw Dan’s car parked outside the garage. Wow this was a surprise! Maybe my Valentine’s Day would be an exceptional one after all. Ah no wait, there is a red sports car in the driveway as well. As I pulled up along side the convertible I could clearly see a woman’s dress coat draped carefully over the driver’s seat. “The fucker is cheating on me again!” I said out loud.

Dan cheated twice 4 years ago. He said after sixteen years of marriage he “needed to try something new” We successfully worked through it and I thought everything was stupendous in our marriage since then. This just can’t be happening again! I couldn’t go through that again! Could I be so mistaken? My thoughts were racing as I pulled up behind his car. I knew I was going to catch them in the act! What was I going to say? How am I going to react? Will I be violent or break into tears and run?

I got out of my car with my mind showing vivid images of what I was about to walk into, and noiselessly made my way through the garage door that led to the kitchen. There was no one in there. I took off my heels and made my way through the main level peering into each room while listening for any unusual noises but each room was empty. In stealth mode I headed for the stairs which led to the three bedrooms and bathroom above. I walked cautiously almost holding my breath. I could hear my heart beating in my ears and found myself shuddering. Was it fear? Anger?

I paused outside our bedroom door which was open about an inch. I could see light glimmering! There were candles burning and I caught a faint waft of roses. “Fuck!” I said under my breath. I knew he thought I wouldn’t be home until my usual time around 5 but this was ballsy to bring a woman into my fucking bed!

“Hell no!” I screamed. I wasn’t even thinking at this point and pushed the door open so hard the door knob went through the drywall behind it. I guess I was I was going to handle this with anger. There on the bed lay Dan. He had pulled the blinds, lit candles and lathered the bed with rose petals.

“Hey babe I heard school was out early so Happy Valentine’s Day. bursa escort

“What did you say hell no for?” he asked as he propped his head up on his right hand.

I was dumbfounded. “Oh I tripped on the carpet. What are you doing home? I wasn’t expecting you until Friday” I managed to say.

“Look we haven’t missed a Valentine’s Day together in sixteen years do you really think I would miss this one? I made up this sad, sad story so I could get out of work. I scarcely made the last flight.”

I walked over to the bed and kissed him gently on the forehead. “You are amazing” I whispered

“You okay babe? Looks like you were about to cry”

“I’m fine. I’m just overwhelmed that you’re home. By the way, who’s car is in the driveway?”

“Oh it belongs to a co-worker. His girlfriend picked him up so he’s leaving it here for the week. I’ll pull it into the garage later”

“Ah I see and I thought you had some hot young honey up in here” I said with a nervous giggle.

“Give me a break babe! Those days are over. This man has no room for another woman. I love you and only you!”

“Now come over here and lay with me darlin’ I’ve missed you so much”

I walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. He laid me back on the bed and kissed me intensely and eagerly while his hands roved hungrily over my breasts. His hot breath on my body made me twitter and my nipples erect. He unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened the clasp on the front of my pink lace bra. He pinched my right nipple and made me wince with bliss. He took my nipple into his mouth and began sucking and taunting it with his tongue. I could feel my insides stirring with anticipation of what was to come next.

His tongue trailed ever so lightly over my breasts and down to my midriff. He gently slid off my skirt, kissed and licked both inner thighs causing my back to arch with glee. Then he quickly pulled my pink lace thong off and began gently blowing on my cleanly shaven mound and clit. He gingerly licked my right inner thigh and forged ahead all the way down to my toes. He took each toe into his warm mouth and sucked each of them passionately. It drove me wild! He continued to lick and kiss his way up the other side of my body causing goose pimples and a deep internal stirring. He gently kissed my forehead and ran his hand through my long blonde hair before running his tongue down my body once again stopping short of my pussy, where he paused to shoot me a somewhat evil little grin.

“Suck on my clit baby.”

He took my clit into his mouth and sucked it like he was sucking a cock and I moaned with delight while grasping his hair.

After being apart for eight days we were more than eager to get entwined in an animal like sexual encounter. Dan was a CEO for an electronics company and he spent much of his time flying around the world overseeing other facilities. I hated his job that took him away for such long periods of time but it was times like this that more than made gürsu escort up for it.

My first orgasm came fast and furious and he continued to suck and lap at my clit. He then ate my juices that poured freely from my pulsating pussy.

“Don’t stop baby” I pleaded

He now had two fingers deep inside my wet pussy thrusting them in and out while his tongue darted around my clit.

“Fuck I’m going to cum” I groaned

As I was cumming I could feel the warm juices release inside leaving my love silk all over his fingers. I shuddered and quivered with excitement. When the orgasm stopped I reached down and took his busy hand into my mouth to savor the taste of the salty, sweet, and creamy like fluid. This drove him wild!

I was an editor of a major adult magazine and I loved reading about other people’s fantasies and fetishes. The stories seem to come to life on paper and I often found myself aroused and wet by the content, and at times I pictured myself in the very scenario I was reading. Thankfully I kept a vibrator in my desk drawer just for these special occasions.

The job paid well and it kept me on a 9-5 schedule so I had no complaints except not being able to fulfill my own fantasy. Sex was always so good with Dan and to think I almost went out with his twin brother Mike! Still I often fantasized about fucking Mike or even better, both at the same time. I told Dan of my fantasy once and he expressed his disapproval immediately so the topic was never mentioned again.

Mike was the rebel of the family. He married young, had a little girl and was divorced by the third year. His wandering eye and inability to keep it in his pants ultimately ended his marriage. He was a handsome man, well built and a smile that would make women melt. He jumped from job to job mainly in the construction trade and at his lowest point he helped rob a convenience store and did eighteen months in jail for his role. Since then, he has for the most part walked the straight and narrow and has remained active in his daughter’s life.

“Suck me now baby!” Dan pleaded

He rolled over onto his back and offered me his tool. I lusted after his huge cock and began to eagerly suck it with all my being, pausing to savor the pre-cum. His guttural moans made me shudder with excitement. My nipples tingled and my pussy was pulsating as though I had been manipulating it with my vibrator.

I spread Dan’s legs and began to lick and suck his balls while gently massaging his asshole with my finger while his body convulsed with pleasure. It was then that I looked up and saw Mike standing there with his rock hard dick in his hand! I quickly grabbed a sheet and shot up.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” I demanded

“Hey relax sugar”. This was Dan’s idea and I’m game if you are.”

“Its okay baby I want this to happen.” Dan said as he gently pulled me back on the bed and kissed me deeply.

This was really going to happen and I orhangazi escort was shaking with nervousness and shock. I took Dan’s dick back into my mouth and began teasing it then I felt Mike enter my moist pussy from behind. It took only seconds for Dan to blow his load into my mouth and for me to have yet another electrifying orgasm only this time with Mike fucking me! By now all my inhibitions had diminished and I was oblivious to everything except what was taking place in the moment.

“Your pussy feels so good”, Mike said as he continued to trust deeper and harder into my dripping cunt.

“Deeper! Harder! ” I screamed

Once again Dan blew his load into my mouth at the exact time I climaxed. My pussy juices surely flowing freely all over Mike’s cock now. I spit Dan’s cum onto my hand and began to manipulate his organ with my hand while my tongue teased the head of his cock.

“Get on top of me!” Dan said with urgency.

I climbed on top of him and felt his familiar hard shaft enter deep into my pussy. I began to slide my pussy up and down his cock and could feel the tension mounting deep inside me. I knew I was about to spew my cum all over his beautiful manhood.

“Suck me off!” Mike yelled with intensity.

He got up and stood beside the bed and I eagerly took his throbbing hardon into my mouth. I slide my mouth up and down his shaft several times before sticking my finger up his ass. He jerked with surprise then immediately began to fuck my mouth.

“I’m going to cum!” He yelled just seconds later.

He blew his salty, sweet load deep into my throat just as I climaxed. I swallowed and savored all of it while riding Dan hard. The orgasms didn’t want to stop. I was riding a climax roller coaster having several smaller orgasms one right after the other. This was something I had not experienced previously and didn’t want it to end!

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum too” Dan groaned.

I felt Mike’s fingers of one hand pinching my nipple, and his finger from his other hand up my ass which led me to yet another orgasm. Dan shot his hot load into me at that precise moment I had my orgasm…it was pure ecstasy!

We all collapsed on the bed and oddly there was no awkwardness between us. It was as though this had been done many times before and we were old hands at it and comfortable with what had just taken place.

“Well Dan I have to get going.” Mike said as he stood and began to dress

“It’s my turn to pick Julia up from the daycare and Kate if you two want to do this again sometime you know how to reach me.”

Mike leaned forward and kissed me ever so slightly on the cheek and left the bedroom.

“Well happy Valentine’s Day babe” Dan said with his evil little grin still planted squarely on his face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too sweetie” I said as I kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Now I am taking you out for a romantic dinner and a repeat of this afternoon except it will just be you and I so hit the shower baby” He said smiling.

Dan and I never discussed what had transpired that day nor did we ever repeat the encounter. My fantasy had been fulfilled, the red car was gone and I was content to keep things just between me and Dan from that day forward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32