Suddenly I C Pt. 01

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

All characters depicted in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are aged 18 or older.

June 1

“Dad, I just had a great idea!” Samantha Barker exclaimed, her long brown hair trailing her entrance, as perky as ever.

“What’s got you so depressed, honey?” her father, Max Barker, replied, a smile trying to leak its way out.

“Ohh…you!” she said, bouncing up and down on her toes. “This is serious!”

“Okay, I’m all ears,” he said, allowing the smile to break free.

“Well,” she said, tossing back her hair over her right shoulder. “You know how you guys are always looking for short, pithy perfume names, right?”

“Yes, not only my company, but pretty much any perfume manufacturer is looking for something short, sweet and descriptive. Why?”

“Well, I’ve got one for you, ‘Suddenly’.” She stood across from him, looking expectant.

“Okay, I’m sure it just did come to you. So, what is it?”

“Wait, what? No. ‘Suddenly’. That’s the name, ‘Suddenly’.”

Her father smiled. “I was expecting something like ‘Ardor’, or ‘Passion’,” he said.

He looked at her contemplatively, clearly considering her suggestion. She had always been level-headed and thoughtful, even while being coltish, and he respected and loved her immensely.

“But that might have some merit. I tell you what, let me run it by a focus group.”

“Really?” Samantha exclaimed, bending down to hug her father, knocking his iPad over into his chair. “Oh, that’d really be great!”

“I just wish my fragrance developers brought the enthusiasm to things that you do,” Max said. “And I’ll put you in for a spot on its marketing team if it gets used, okay?”

“Thanks, dad,” she said. “You’re the greatest!”

“Okay, now leave me alone and go do great teenager things. Say hi to Brad when you see him tonight. And tell Gloria – I mean, your mom – that I’m ready for dinner.” She kissed him and ran out of the room.

He thought to himself that Samantha might really be cut out for the perfume game. He hoped that whatever man was lucky enough to marry his little girl would be good enough for her. She was a daughter to be proud of!

“Did you mention that perfume name to your father, honey?” Samantha’s mother asked.

“Yes, mom, thank you so much for the idea. Dad loved it!”

“That’s wonderful, dear. Now, would you like some sliced apples with your dinner? A banana, maybe? You always want to have a couple of servings of fruit every day to stay healthy. And your father’s going to be disappointed, because dinner won’t be ready for at least thirty minutes.”

“Oh, mom. I guess I’ll have some sliced apples.”

“That’s my daughter.” Mrs. Barker, ‘Gloria’ to her friends and family, began preparing apples for her eighteen year old daughter.


June 18

The door of the motel room closes. The well-dressed woman, about forty years old, her eyes adjusting to the lower light level looks about, to see the young blonde lying on the bed.

“Nice,” she says, “very nice.”

She says out loud, “I love a girl who is very young, blonde, small breasted, athletic, feminine and petite. And here you are, my darling.”

The blonde girl smiles – she’s been told about the things that this woman will do to her, and her pussy is already moistening in anticipation. She’s clad only in a ‘surfer pink’ demi bra, and matching lace-trim bikini panties. Her blonde hair is long and curly, and spills out on the pillow in a seductively attractive way.

Her eyes are blue, her teeth are nearly perfect, with one tooth in the center of her lower jaw just crooked enough to make her imperfect, along with a splash of freckles across her small nose, and thus beautiful. The blonde’s toes wriggle in anticipation.

The woman looks down at her speculatively, and then her tone abruptly changes.

“I can’t believe I’ve caught you here, in this cheap motel, ready to give your body to men, with all their diseases – my god, I thought I raised you better than that!” She angrily begins disrobing, taking off her outer suit jacket, and hanging it over the back of a bedside chair. The blonde wriggles on the bed, she can see that the woman’s nipples are stiff and erect, poking noticeably into the silk of her Ann Taylor blouse.

“I blame your father,” the woman says quietly, looking the blonde in the eye. The blonde quivers a little under her piercing stare. Yet her pussy tingles, and oozes her young cream.

“I think that a little punishment is in order, young lady,” the woman admonishes the teenager. “Roll onto your stomach.”

The blonde hastens to comply, her face lying slightly-flushed cheek to pillow, her hair now slightly disarrayed, and no longer the artistic set piece that she had arranged previously. Her bottom quivers now, from a sweet mixture of excitement and fear. The woman’s eyes are quite avidly on the girl’s bottom, it is porno the focus of her attention. She sees the involuntary movements of the young blonde’s ass through the lace fabric, and correctly interprets its meaning. Excitement combined with fear.

The woman sits on the bed next to the girl, and before setting to work, brushes her medium length black hair off her ear. She reaches over to her jacket, and removes two white lace curtain tiebacks from a pocket, then proceeds to tie the blonde’s right hand to one side of the headboard, and then the other hand to the other side of the headboard. The girl is now somewhat immobilized, though her lower body is free to move.

“Are you comfortable?” the woman asks, not unkindly.

“Uh huh,” the blonde answers, nodding also, a little frightened and anxious now to please the woman. Still, her pussy is becoming increasingly swollen and hot as blood rushes to plump up her labia and clitoris. The result is a steaming swamp between her thighs, and she fears that her arousal is generating the smell of sex. She doesn’t know how the woman will react to that.

The woman then reaches over to the jacket again, and finds two more tie backs, with which she then fastens the girl’s feet to the footboard, her legs splayed apart. Her buttocks separate slightly, also, a dark shadow between her plump, round ass cheeks. The girl surreptitiously grinds her clit into the mattress, and is rewarded with faint streams of pleasure there.

“There now,” the woman remarks, then lets her hand roam over the girl’s back, stroking and caressing her shoulders briefly, then her shoulder blades and her lower back for a longer period of time. The blonde sighs – it feels good to her. The woman runs her hand over the girl’s soft ass cheeks, her palm making contact with all of the girl’s panties at her roundness.

“What’s that I smell?” the woman says, sniffing the air. “It smells like a girl’s sex…”

The blonde groans – she’s been found out.

“Oh my god!” the woman exclaims. “It’s you! I can smell your vagina – hot and wet. Oh, you horrible slut!” The woman hooks her fingers over the waistband of the girl’s cute panties, pulling them down off her plump ass and wide hips, shimmying them down her thighs to her knees. The girl’s ass is exposed.

The woman boldly runs a finger up the girl’s vagina, from clitoris to perineum.

Shaking her head, she shows the girl the finger, dripping with the girl’s fluid excitement. “Look at this!” she exclaims. She rubs it on the girl’s nose, making sure to get the creamy liquid inside her nostrils as well. The girl is beginning to lose control as her clitoris betrays her. The cheap, rough bed sheet scrapes over the girl’s swollen vulva, electric shocks jolting her as her clit is endlessly stimulated.

“UNNH!” the girl grunts as an orgasm washes over her, her only desire in those few seconds is to cum, and relieve the desperate pressure in her groin. The woman allows the girl to orgasm, her hips shaking, her voice sobbing with pleasure and shame. The girl begins to relax.

“Now that you’ve had your dirty fun, now you must be punished.”

SLAP! The woman slaps her hand across one of the girl’s quivering ass cheeks, the imprint of a hand appears as if out of nowhere on the girl’s cute derriere. The girl cries out, waiting for a second. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

The four slaps on her ass, two for each fat butt cheek, stimulate her more than they hurt her.

“That is the punishment you’ll receive if you disobey again. Do you understand?”

The girl sobs, but nods. “Yes ma’am,” she says.

“Good,” the woman says. Then she goes to the bathroom, and returns with a small bottle of the motel’s lotion.

“Do you know why this is here?” the woman asks. The girl shakes her head.

“It’s here so that men and women can have sex using it, or so that a man by himself can jerk off his cock. But there’s a higher, better use for it. Do you know what it is?

The girl says, “No…no.”

“It’s so that women can show each other tenderness…as I will for you.” The girl waits to see what that will entail.

The woman pours some on the still red spots on the girl’s sweet little ass cheeks. The girl flinches.

“Cool, isn’t it,” the woman remarks to the girl. The girl nods submissively. Then the woman begins rubbing it over the rest of that ass cheek, and the one next to it, both plump globes glistening with the slippery liquid. The girl sighs.

“Does that feel good?” the woman asks.

When the girl says, “Yes,” the woman smiles, leans down and kisses her on the back of her neck.

“Good. I want you to feel good with me,” she says softly. She continues to rub the slippery lotion into the girl’s ass, but now her fingers are caressing the girl wetly between her warm cheeks as well. The girl begins to moan as the woman’s sure fingers move ever closer to her unseen anus.

“Like that, sweetheart?” the woman asks. The girl freezes at first, then nods. “Yes,” she says.

“Do you like feeling anime porno my fingers near your little ass hole?” the woman asks, boldly.

The girl is surprised, but responds softly, “Yeah.”

“That’s nice,” the woman says, and returns to massaging the girl’s cute bottom. But now her fingers boldly caress the girl’s anus, working the lotion into her opening. The woman pours some more directly on the blonde’s anus, and the girl shivers. The sensation is exciting, and her passion is definitely rising once again.

“Oh yes,” the girl moans. “It feels so nice when you rub me there.”

“Tell me,” the woman coaxes.

“It feels nice when you put your finger in my ass, when you rub it in and out…”

“When I fuck you in your ass?” the woman asks.

“Yesssssss,” the girl hisses, her hips moving now, as her clit becomes involved in her rising passion. The woman joins two of her fingers together, easing them into the blonde’s tight, brown anal sphincter, sawing into the girl’s hot rectum, fucking in and out, slowly at first, then faster, as the girl’s hips begin shaking, a mini-orgasm sweetening the girl’s pleasurable ordeal.

“Oh…ohhh…oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah umm ohhh!” the girl cries softly, ecstasy filling her being, the woman’s clitoris responding, pulsing with her heartbeat as blood fills it, and her pussy moistens.

She slips her other hand under the girl’s naked waist, the girl’s vagina dripping with her excitement. The woman is gratified to discover that the girl is completely hairless there, her pubic area smooth and slick. She traces the young girl’s labia on both sides of her slit with her thumb and forefinger, the fleshy lips thick with swelling blood, warm and turgid.

The air is thick with the girl’s sexual musk, and the woman grows excited, visualizing their naked bodies joined in Sapphic lust, hot, wet vaginas meshing as darts of delectable pleasure fill them both from hair trigger clits touching.

“Unnh, fuck me,” the young blonde moans, as the woman’s touching of her genitals has rekindled her lust and excitement. She grows more demanding, lesbian lust her new mistress.

“Fuck me with your fingers, fuck both my holes, make me cum and cum and cum…” she moans, her hips dancing under the woman’s touch. Her hand is busy on the young girl’s hot cunt, filling her pussy with fingers while thumb dances across clit. Her other hand is more discreet, one finger fucking rapidly into the girl’s virginal ass hole, then withdrawing slowly to tease her into demanding even more pleasure.

“OH GOD!” the girl moans, her tired hips shaking yet again, as she vainly tries to respond to the female cocks she dreams of simultaneously fucking her in her sensitive, yet hungry, holes. Her face shows fatigue, her saliva drools onto the rough pillow underneath her face, but her pelvis dances and twitches in the experienced grasp of the older woman.

Finally, though, the woman takes pity on the girl, and ceases her incredibly ecstasy-inducing tortures, retreating to a chair in the corner, disrobing. She strips herself down to bra and panties, briefly evaluating her body in the full length mirror attached to the closet door, and is not displeased with what she sees. Then she unties her captive, and lies spooning with her on the bed, holding the girl’s fragile body within her, and they both sleep for hours.

Sometime in the dark hours, the woman awakes, and then nudges the girl awake.

“Wha-” the girl blurts out, then remembering, “Ohh.” The woman can’t decide if that is a response borne from weariness or disappointment, but reflects that she doesn’t really care – this is about her.

“Pull my panties down and remove my bra,” she demands of the young girl. Sleepily, the girl complies, but even in her semi-comatose state it is apparent that she is responding to her view of a naked woman’s breasts and pussy. The girl’s hand falls between her naked legs, and she softly strokes herself, her breathing growing ragged.

Her panties, sodden and wrinkled, have disappeared somewhere along the line during the night, her bare pussy returned to its near pre-adolescent appearance as her tumescence had receded during sleep. The woman removes the girl’s sole garment, her sweet little bra, revealing exquisitely created breasts, pale skin, perfectly spherical shape, surprisingly large breasts for one so young, mouth-watering in size and shape, capped by pretty pink nipples, with nearly non-existent pink areolas.

Lying face to face now with the young girl, the older woman for the first time kisses her soft, pink lips. Smiling as she tastes the remnants of the girl’s childish lipstick, she feels flattered that the girl tried to augment her natural beauty for her pleasure. The girl responds, slowly at first, but with increasing ardor, her arms going around her older lover’s neck as they kiss, while the older woman’s hands are busy softly caressing the girl’s warm, full breasts.

Her stratagem works, as the girl feels sweet tingles of arap porno pleasure in her clitoris generated by the caresses of her breasts and nipples.

“Mmmm,” she moans into the woman’s mouth. Her hand makes its wet way from her own pussy to that of the older woman, slipping into the woman’s larger opening, two fingers suddenly enveloped by hot, wet, slick woman flesh. Now they’re both moaning, as they feel climax building within, and the other’s body stiffening as a result. It is a learning moment for the young girl, as she learns to detect the signs that her Sapphic lover is cumming.

The woman rolls onto her back, the young girl lying on top of her, their bodies fully in contact, as their orgasms come on at exactly the same time, each of their bodies responding to the internal joy, and to the sweet movements of their lover. Their clits spasm together, sweetly embracing clit to clit, as the immense pleasure of their lesbian lovemaking fills them with liquid ecstasy, their mouths coming together sloppily, warm, wet lips slipping off to caress soft, smooth cheeks, so feminine and lovely.

“Unnh god, give me your sweet pussy, press it on mine, fuck my wet cunt with yours,” the woman moans, the pink pearl of her clitoris exploding with delight every time the blonde forces her hips down on her.

Gradually, the two women come down from the heavenly high of their Sapphic pleasuring, their bodies pressing together warmly and moistly.

“Was I good enough?” the blonde asks timidly, her lips close to the woman’s ear, nuzzling her cheek.

“You will be, soon enough,” the woman responds, knowing that will only make the blonde work harder at pleasing her.

“I want to make you happy,” the blonde whines, annoying the woman. She decides that further lessons are needed in the immediate future.

“Lie back,” she summarily orders the young girl. Surprised, the girl does as she’s commanded.

“Move down, towards the foot of the bed,” the woman orders, the blonde instantly sliding her sweet bottom along the sheet.

“That’s it,” the woman says, simultaneously swinging her trim body up and over the blonde, until her hips are straddling the girl’s face. The girl looks uncertain when she sees the older woman’s darkly red, swollen, sopping wet cunt mere inches from her face.

“Smell my pussy,” the woman orders the girl. The girl does so, tentatively, them eagerly, as the sweet, musky fragrance of the woman’s aroused vagina impacts her olfactory senses. She closes her eyes, and inhales deeply, the hot fragrance and depraved scene exciting her, her clit tingling once again, building yet again to pleasure.

The older woman slides her hips forward, her ass resting against the girl’s upper chest, forcing her groin hotly and tightly against the girl’s face, allowing only a tiny opening at the juncture of her red clit and the girl’s nose. Her small, black pubic bush further obstructs the girl’s ability to breathe.

“Eat me, you fucking dyke slut,” the woman orders. The girl’s tongue tentatively sticks out, and then touches the side of the woman’s vulva, outside of her labia.

“Kiss my lips, then lap your sweet little tongue inside my hole,” the woman instructs. The girl’s breathing rate increases, each breath taking in less oxygen, her whole being overwhelmed by the hot, wet perfume of drooling pussy.

Despite her discomfort, the girl finds her body responding to the woman’s female scent, by her imprisonment beneath the woman’s hips, and by her brusque orders. The domination excites her.

“Eat cunt, you hot little pussy licker,” the woman moans, getting into her domination of the near-child beneath her naked body. The girl is avidly licking wet, hot, satiny flesh now, the woman’s pussy lips nearly enveloping her face, labia painting the girl’s cheeks with coat after coat of thick, sweet feminine lubricant. The woman doubts that the girl will ever get her scent off, and chuckles at the thought.

“I’d love for other girls to smell my pussy on her whenever she walks by,” the woman exults to herself. She presses her hips forward, her clit now bobbing against the bridge of the girl’s small nose, sending jolts of pleasure through the woman’s body.

“Yeah, that’s it,” the woman moans, beginning to rock rhythmically on the girl’s face. The girl is fingering herself under the woman’s hot body, her clit swelling once again with the anticipation of more Sapphic pleasure, her fingers swimming in the hot, slick swamp that her pussy has become under this woman’s command. The girl has reached a Pavlovian level of response. It’s likely that, if ever they meet again, the girl’s pussy will begin to moisten at the sight of the woman’s face.

The woman begins to crest through her orgasm, the sweet agony of her ‘little death’ pushing her over the edge of control. There is a real danger to the girl, should the woman force herself completely on the blonde girl. The girl’s breathing is rapid and ragged, the stress contributing to the girl’s own approaching climax. Her fingers furiously frig her plump, swollen pink clit, the streams of pleasure emanating from it, something that she had never before dreamed possible. Her addiction now is total. She will be happy to degrade herself totally to once again achieve a high like this.

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