Suburban Housewives Ch. 01

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Jen was a typical mother, and stay at home housewife, with two kids. Generally unassuming and ‘ordinary,’ Jen’s main aim in life seemed merely to carry out the duties of a caring mother and dotting wife. Now 35, Jen still maintained much of the youthful ‘girl next door’ attractiveness her husband was drawn to all those years before. Her fine, shoulder length light brown hair, fair complexion, and piercing blue eyes merely emphasized this aspect of her looks. She was tall, about 5’9″, curvaceous, as women who’ve had a few children tend to get, but still reasonably slender (albeit on the plumper side) with quite full, round, –and amazingly — pert 36d breasts and the fine long legs that her husband first noticed coming out from her then, more youthfully appropriate, short skirts.

Jen no longer wore those relatively skimpy outfits; replaced by knee length — or longer- skirts or dresses, cleavage covering (usually) long sleeve tops; as society has deemed (or demands as) more appropriate for a woman of her age and station in life. Her personality more often than not, matched her appearance. Cautious and reserved, almost shy; she was conservative in how she conducted herself in public, as well as in private, not given to too much emotion or drawing attention to herself. She was very much the average not-quite-mousy housewife you’d see at any supermarket or family oriented box store in town.

Jen’s best friend was Annie. Like Jen, Annie was also a married, stay at home housewife and mother of two. In fact, it was through their children that they first met at a playground a few years earlier, as their children were of similar age and they, as well as the two women, just seemed to hit it off from the start. Their husbands also became friends, though not to the level Annie and Jen were to become. Annie was a little older than Jen. Although 37, Annie still kept herself in great condition. Much more prone to ‘working out’ than her friend, Annie was thinner –even sporting an amazingly flat stomach for a mother of three- and more muscularly well toned than her younger companion.

Annie was also smaller than Jen in other ways. She was shorter, at 5’3″, had smaller, albeit even perkier and even better shaped 34b breasts, with long, thick black flowing hair and deep, dark –although mischievous- eyes to boot. Being as short as she was, she did not have the long slender legs of her friend, but although shorter and stockier by comparison, they still showed themselves to be well formed and attractive.

Unlike Jen, Annie was not so much a pretty ‘girl next door’ type as a wild, near ‘hippie girl’ type with impish grin, a saucy vixen’s face and a roaring, boisterous laugh that was winsome and seemed to engage all who were near her; male and female. Her looks and laughter only underscored her personality, whereas Jen was demur and almost shy, Annie was agreeable, open, playful and almost wild. Annie was more inclined to slightly more provocative, (i.e., lower cut blouses, skirts with slits), but also ‘alternative’ clothing than the more ‘classical’ dressed Jen. On the face of it there could not be two more different personalities than these two women; yet they were wholly compatible and were like the missing pieces to each others’ personality puzzles.

Over the years, the two women had grown closer together as friends. While their husbands were at work and their children at school, Jen and Annie shared more laughter, tears, time, and secrets together than they seemed to do with their husbands. A bond grew that made them discuss nearly anything on their mind; their deepest, darkest desires. Yet in more recent months something seemed to stir within each woman that went beyond being kindred spirits; something that hinted at an emerging paradigm shift in their perspective of each other.

It was this nascent, as yet underdeveloped new feeling that was soon to impact them in ways they previously had neither inkling nor, seemingly, overt desire. It was this new feeling that first exerted itself, in the most hesitant, merely playful, form just a few weeks earlier. Starting with almost uncontrollable giggling fits caused by increasingly ‘inappropriate’ humour; then progressing to more situations where one or the other ended up snuggled up to the other on a park bench, as the kids played, or on a living room couch as they watched a ‘chick flick.’ This soon moved toward sillier, almost school girl like games of tickling each others’ chests, underarms, feet, and sometimes thighs; slapping each others’ bottoms in mock anger; or even short bursts of wrestling on the ground where — more often than not — the bigger girl Jen ended up straddled on top of her smaller friend- often with her thighs firmly wrapped round Annie’s midsection- holding her hands down to the ground and frequently finding themselves in various degrees of undress before they retreated in fits of laughter and embarrassment for allowing themselves to end up in such predicaments.

Along with this playfulness was an increased emphasis on more personal bostancı escort discussions about their sex lives; how things were going, what they enjoyed and didn’t, thoughts about society’s ‘hot button’ sex related issues, etc. With each new conversation, the topic and content became more detailed and graphic, more wide reaching, and more lurid, provocative, and erotic. About the only topics the women were not as interested in deeply pursing were bestiality and pedophilia, as each topic merely led to a unanimous condemnation of each as cruel and despicable to unwilling and inappropriate partners. Although Jen had always considered herself as a woman of high morality and discretion, she was never afraid to open up to her best friend. At first uncomfortable about the prospect of delving as deeply into such taboo subjects, Annie’s reassuring, nonjudgmental attitude put Jen at ease and only seemed to implore her to go even wider and deeper in their discussions. As for Annie, although the ‘wilder’ more ‘open-minded’ of the two was, nevertheless, also cautious and nervous about their ever more provocative dialogue. In many ways just feigning her laid back openness to Jen, she too was uncertain that such discussion should venture so far into the deeper recesses of their sexuality.

Starting with mundane topics such as how often they had sex with their husbands, number of partners they’ve ever had, sex positions and most ‘naughty’ places to have sex; the discussion gradually began to shift more to their feelings about fellatio, cunnilingus, anal sex, and having multiple partners at one time. With each successive topic of discussion, the two women found themselves strangely warmed, with a tingling sensation between their thighs and red, flushed faces. By the final stage of their conversations, the women probed issues related to group sex, same sex intimacy of both men and women, sparking other discussions about the use of toys or other inanimate objects, fisting and something Annie heard about called donut bumping or clam jousting (each term resulting in bursts of giggling by the mature girls).

In the final weeks of these in-depth conversations, Jen and Annie found themselves more and more intrigued by the subject of same-sex intimacy between women. Each were fascinated by what was done and how, with both agreeing that it piqued their curiosity. Often Annie would have a ‘girls’ night’ at Jen’s (as Jen had the roomier house, or so Annie always said!) to watch a rented movie or one they rented from a movie channel, while the kids had sleepovers elsewhere and the men were either out of town or ‘out with the boys’ at the bar or something. Frequently, a movie that included erotica, namely lesbian/bi-sexual erotica would be showing, leading the girls to leave the channel on to further flame their curiosities. Finally, Jen dared Annie to rent a more risqué DVD that was more specifically, and graphically, lesbian or bisexual in orientation. Annie, being more the risk taker, welcomed the challenge — although once at the store, she was less brazen then initially. In her nervousness, Annie merely grabbed the first video that seemed to fit the bill and quickly paid and dashed over to Jen’s house.

Upon arrival at Jen’s house, the women awkwardly avoided the subject of watching the show for nearly an hour. Instead sipping wine and chatting about anything but sex. Ultimately it was the more reserved Jen who surprisingly broached the subject, wondering out loud when they should start watching the movie and if it was really going to be worth their time. Annie furtively pulled the DVD from her bag and thrust it into Jen’s lap as if to say “There it is, deal with it!” In her shock, Jen merely stared at the disc and then at Annie before composing herself and getting up to insert the disc into her DVD player. The women sat back, not as close as they usually sat for ‘chick flics’ as an awkwardness enveloped them before the start of the show. As the music and visuals appeared, it was obvious this was more than either woman bargained for. Two women, an older woman –maybe in her late 20s- and a younger- more about 18 or 19, dressed respectively as teacher and schoolgirl; yet neither was attired like any teacher or student they had seen (other than perhaps some of the sluttier teens they saw at the local high school!).

The ‘teacher’ was in a rather provocative tight skirt, with slits up the side, hem little longer than a miniskirt, thigh high stockings, low cut blouse, a rather obvious black lace bra (and even more obvious cleavage), with heels so high that it was a wonder she could walk! The ‘student’ had on the obligatory short (very short) pleated plaid skirt and a rather sheer little white blouse; obviously no bra, knee socks and sneakers. As the ‘starlets’ bantered about the student’s poor quality homework, proper clothing in class and other silliness that finally led to the student bending over to pick up her book the teacher had knocked off her desk, which exposed her mostly uncovered, thong clad bottom. bostancı esmer escort Inevitably, this led to the teacher’s almost too obvious handling of said firm, well shaped teen bottom; using the smooth caress of her fingers. At this, the two members of the movies’ audience felt themselves even more nervous then before.

At the same time, they were also feeling more aroused and intrigued by what they saw unfold before them. Sure, they giggled at the clichéd nonsense on the screen, but it was also highly charged laughter. A growing feeling of sexual tension was in the air and seemed to permeate their chortles. Occasional glances at each other during more graphic scenes. Such as where the teacher pulled her skirt up to reveal a bare, well trimmed pubic region and resorting to mounting and rubbing her increasingly wet pussy on the student’s bare ass and thigh, all the while cupping and squeezing the small, perky breasts of her young mount. This scene was a prime example of a moment where the two older women found themselves looking out of the corner of their eyes at each other, giving out little grins and soft sighs, shifting their legs so that their thighs would squeeze harder together to help relieve some of the pent up sexual energy and frustration they were feeling.

As the movie progressed into more and more explicit scenes, such as the deep insertion of the teacher’s two fingers into the younger woman’s excited vagina or the student’s eager tongue lapping at the older woman’s now fully exposed labia, Annie tried to break the tension with what she thought was an appropriate joke, “Wow, Jen, when you look at the size of those two women it almost looks like me and you up there! I’m sure that teacher is about your shape and size and that girl is certainly about my size. The only twist is the teacher is older than her, while I’m older than you!” Annie chuckled at her observation. Yet, the comment only seemed to reinforce the sexual tension between the two as Jen merely nodded in a daze as she stared intently at the movie, realizing the reality of how close to the truth Annie’s views were and how much she wished they were the two participants on the screen.

Once the movie shifted to what was to be it, and of course the ‘starlets’, climax –whereupon the amazing use of inanimate objects, (such as a chalkboard pointing stick, the teacher’s apple, and finally the all so conveniently stored away strap on dildo), was utilized to encourage this grand finally, as the two women used each item to perfection on each other. At the same time, Jen and Annie also seemed to be hitting their peak of interest and sexual energy. Jen noticed a very warm, and quite wet, feeling between her legs. She was certain her panties were getting soaked and that it might show through her jeans. Her nipples were no help either, as they were very hard and jutted out through her tee shirt in such an evidently aroused state. Annie felt much the same and feared her panties would be no longer be wearable and her fluid would begin to trickle down her inner thighs when she got up. “If only I’d worn my jeans instead of this silly skirt!” she thought to herself. Her nipples were similarly poking right though her top but, unlike Jen, she hadn’t put a bra on for the evening thinking her top was sufficiently suitable for holding her breasts in place. Now she realized what a mistake that was, as she knew her breasts seemed bigger, more pronounced with her nipples nearly ready to poke someone in the eye!

When the video’s credits appeared, the two women remained silently frozen in their seats. Both were mulling over what they had seen and felt extremely stimulated by it. At the same time, both sat still wishing the other would be the first to get up and, thereby, taking the risk of exposing the arousal they would indicate by their dampened attire (not to mention the more apparent scent that would emanate from their pubic areas). At first the women tried awkwardly to have a chit chat about the movie; as if it was ‘high art’ or worthy of intellectual critique (e.g., “You notice how deep they were able to penetrate each other? I’m sure that would not be as easy or as pleasant as they made it seem!” or “I really think the student was a poor actress, I mean right from the start when she got up to get the dropped book, it was so fake! At least try to act like you weren’t expecting that to happen.”). Soon they diverted their discussion to more mundane issues and finally Annie shared that she had an early morning (a lie) and really needed to head home. The two women almost seemed to know right then how to save one or the other the first experience of embarrassment by simultaneously getting up and walking to the door. A very potent, even pungent, smell of arousal soon filled the room; neither woman commented or (at least tried) to notice. Annie’s fears were realized as a steady trickle of her juices ran quickly down her thigh, while Jen’s jeans had a very noticeable wet spot on their crotch. Yet, neither woman reacted; bostancı olgun escort although both noticed the others’ wetness, with the two women giving each other a good bye peck on the cheek and then a hug (one that lasted longer and firmer than normal, with each secretly wanting it to go onto more),. With that they said their good nights and Annie left for home.

After Annie left, Jen felt agitated and sought fulfillment for her primal urges. She noticed that Annie had forgotten the DVD and resorted to restarting the show. Yet, this time she showed far less inhibition, as she quickly shucked her soaking jeans and panties and lay back on her couch, splaying her long legs and slowly began caressing, probing, and separating her labial lips and rubbing her clitoris. Her moans became louder and more intense as she watched the two ‘starlets’ once again engage in their debauchery, then imagined herself with them, then ever more imagined she was with her best friend Annie. Her free hand slipped up her top and began to squeeze and pinch her breast through her bra before her excitement increasingly overtook her and she pull up her bra to expose her rather sumptuous breasts with their hardened, pointy nipples. With a roughness she did not think was in her, she more harshly squeezed her breasts, slapped them, pulled, twisted and roughly pinched at her large areolas as her other hand fiercely frigged her hot, sopping hole and rubbed her engorged clit. In only a few minutes, Jen had reached the apex of her climax and collapsed flushed, wet, and exhausted on her couch. Once she had finally composed herself she noticed how wet she really had become. Her mound and thighs were covered with her own juices, her couch seat was very damp and her hand was dripping with the secreted fluid. She got up and collected her soaked through panties and jeans, turned off her DVD player and went to have a shower; only stopping for a few minutes to clean off her couch cushion and hide away the DVD in her bag.

When she finally arrived in her bathroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her hair was wild, somewhat wet with sweat, and matted. Her face was still red and also bore the drops of sweat that had trickled down her excited face. Her top was still pulled up and her bra was in disarray, even ruined by the rough treatment it had just received. Her nipples still protruded from her reddened, marked breasts, though not as much as they had a few minutes earlier. She looked down and saw her completely bare bottom half. Her pubic hair was obviously drenched by her own fluids. Her clit, although not as engorged as it had been, still poked its little head up from out of her mound. Long lines of vaginal juices were streaming down her long, sensuous legs. She once again felt aroused, but now more ashamed and fearful of discovery. She quickly entered her now warm shower to cleanse herself of her shameful degradation. Yet, not without also adding to it by again stroking and exploring her mons followed by her fingers’ reentry between her newly excited vaginal walls. It was here she knew she must find a way to be with her dear friend. Regardless of the fears and anxieties, the feelings of degradation and shame; she must explore that avenue of her sexuality.

As Jen was exploring her new sexual feelings so, too, was her friend Annie. Indeed, it was a wonder Annie did not drive off the road from the distracting thoughts and feelings she was encountering. As she drove, she found herself ‘unconsciously’ allowing her skirt to ride up over her hips, exposing her very wet panties. Driving somewhat erratically, enough that it was a wonder she was not pulled over, Annie found her hand sliding down over her inner thighs and pushing her hips forward to facilitate better access to her raging sex. Her frustration at not being able to fully pursue her passion as she drove only added to her passion. Her fingers merely rubbing her clitoris and as much of her labial lips as was feasible. Finally surrendering to the inevitable, she switched focus to her well formed, pointy breasts, squeezing them as hard as it gave her pleasure and playfully twisting, pulling, and pinching her nipples.

At last arriving at home, Annie rushed into her house, barely closed the door then ripped off her panties and threw herself onto her bed where she explored her entire womanhood. Without concern for the noise she might make or the mess she may create, Annie very nearly tore all her clothes off and plunged her fingers in between her womanly walls as deep as she could get them. The jerks and twists of her fingers only made her more excited and her breast play merely made her long for more. She had only one thing on her mind, the vision of Jen straddled over her face while she played with Annie’s body. She too felt pangs of doubt and shame once she had collected herself and washed her pungent smelling body. Yet, unlike Jen, it passed much faster and was replaced by a mischievous, playfulness that wanted nothing more than to turn her friend into a plaything there and then. In spite of this brazen desire, Annie controlled herself just enough to continue conducting her regular wifely and motherly affairs (her husband had never been fucked so well, as when he was fucked those following days!). It would have to be another day and another time, before she could make Jen her lover.

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