Submissive Cocksucker

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In the years since my initial submission as a cocksucker, I must say that the more cocks I sucked, the more I became a cum slut whore/sometime prostitute. As depraved as it may sound, I loved every minute of my degradation. However, I needed to attempt to lead a normal life, working at a large corporation as an I.T. engineer. Slowly I climbed up the corporate ladder because I was very talented at leading a double life. There were certain perks that came with the position. I was the go to guy, solving computer related issues within the organization. Since this organization was multi-national, I would be asked to travel all over the United States and abroad to address issues and sometimes to speak at conventions. When I traveled, I would spend approximately one week away until the issue was resolved and/or the presentation was made. The best trips were when I spoke at conventions. Since I already had my presentation prepared in advance, there was plenty of time in between to be a tourist, depending on the location. I could also revert to my slutty self since, for the most part, I knew no one there.

And so on one particularly interesting trip, I was scheduled to speak at this convention. The setting was beautiful, a seaside resort that catered to tourism. I delivered my presentation on day 2 and through smart scheduling, I was able to stay on for three more days and nights. Perfect! I had scoped out the city for its seedier locales and I was ready for action. That first evening after the pressure was off of my role as a speaker, I waited to exit the hotel until later in the evening. Since it was summer and the weather was warm, in fact sultry, I dressed as slutty as possible. Before I left my room, I looked at myself in the full body mirror. My ensemble included tight pink hot pants that rode up to my ass, pink panties, white tight fitting top, and high heel pink sneakers with no socks.

I must say that my hairless body was pretty hot! Makeup included hot red lipstick. I was now ready for what I hoped would be a night of pleasure. Thankfully the hotel lobby was relatively empty and I had arranged before I left for a car service to deliver me to the main drag of the strip. As I walked down the street, I sensed eyes on me and this seemed a good beginning. My first stop was a night club that seemed to cater to all types of perverts such as myself. I approached the bar and ordered a cosmopolitan. As I sipped on my drink and listened to the disco music that played in the background, a hot looking black stud rus escort sat next to me and spoke to me.

“Hey sexy, what’s up?”

“Hey stud, you are looking good.” to which I responded.

“What say we leave this dump and get a room. I have a 10 inch cock ready for you, that is if you want it.” What can I say. I was so hot and already wet just thinking about this stud fucking me.

“Shall we go baby?” I lustfully said. With that, we left and walked down the street to a seedy hotel where I paid for a room by the hour. I figured that 2 hours would be enough. As we walked to the room, my hot black stud spoke. “I am going to love breeding your ass, faggot.” As we entered the room, he stopped, faced me, and slapped my face several times. “Now get your clothes off and get on your knees cocksucker.”

Just what I was looking for! Here was a dominant and rough black stud. I did as I was told. I was naked and on my knees awaiting further instructions. He quickly undressed, leaving only his underwear on.

“Now remove my underwear using only your teeth, no hands, and be careful not to scratch me or you will suffer the consequences. Is that clear bitch?”

“Yes sir, very clear.” I trembled with anticipation as I leaned forward and grasped the top of his underwear with my teeth and slowly lowered them. In a flash, his cock jutted out close to my mouth. “May I suck you cock sir?”

“Take my cock in your pussy mouth and start sucking.” And so I did, sucking his cock all the way to its root. His balls rested on my chin as I enjoyed his beautiful cock. My nose pressed up to his stomach as I did my best to swallow every inch. “Wrap your hands around my waist and open my ass cheeks with your fingers.” Once again, I was in my glory being dominated by a hot black stud. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned around so that his ass was facing my mouth. I instinctively knew what he expected of me. My lips reached for his ass and my tongue entered his ass. I licked his ass as my tongue went deeper. As I probed his ass, he backed his ass deeper into my face. “You are a true cum slut whore. Now get your ass on the bed, stomach done, ass in the air, and get ready to be bred.” He reached for a bottle of lube that he had left on the night table and began entering my man pussy.

“Yes baby, fuck me good. please sir.” I begged and so began a hot and heavy fucking of my ass. He moved in and out and as he did so, the pace of movement increased. I pushed sincan escort back onto his cock and then as he pounded my ass, he came. He pulled out, turned me over, and used my mouth for the remaining cum. I relished his cum and made sure not to spill any of it. He pulled out and painted my face with his creamy white fluid.

“Now hop into the bathtub cocksucker. I have another gift for you.” As I lay in the tub, he proceeded to piss on my face and body. “Make sure you swallow every drop and then get your ass back in the bedroom.” He turned on the shower spigot and cold water soaked my body. I did the best I could to dry myself using a towel I found hanging on a towel rack. I then left the bathroom and soon was on my knees in the bedroom.

“Now lick my balls like the slut you are.” As I licked his balls, I thought about how humiliating and yet exciting this was. I was being dominated by a hot black stud.

“Enough now. Get dressed. We need to return to the club. I have big plans for you my cock sucking little pussy boy.” I felt exhausted but satisfied and not knowing what was in store for me. We returned to the club and my hot stud pushed me into a back room that consisted of a bed and a chair. “Now stay still and you will soon see your future. Get naked and sit quietly on the chair.” Before I had a chance to undress, he held my head and slapped me hard across the face. You work for me now faggot!”

I was not sure whether or not I had gone too far in my quest to become a cum slut whore. It was midnight and as I sat naked in this small room, I thought about my double life. Soon the door opened and an older man entered. He smiled as he dropped his pants and underwear. I knew what was expected of me and I did not disappoint. I wrapped my arms around his waist, opened my mouth, and began to suck his cock. He held my head in a tight grip and moved his cock in and out of my willing throat. Finally, he came, coating my throat with his cream. He pulled out, pulled up his pants and left. He was the first of many cocks I sucked that night. By the end of the night, my jaw was sore. I was content but concerned about the time. I needed to return to the hotel since I needed to shower and make an appearance. The door opened and my master was there. I sucked his cock and then informed him about my situation.

“Well, since you did your part and made money for me, I understand. Promise me that if you return to the city, you will contact me.”

“Thank sıhhiye escort you sir. I will.” And with that, I dressed and hurried back to the hotel. It was early morning when I arrived at my hotel and all I wanted to do was to hurry up to my room, shower, and sleep. I was awakened late afternoon by the phone ringing. I picked up the phone and listened to the message. Apparently one of the men I sucked last night was in attendance at the convention. I was a bit nervous, not knowing exactly what he wanted. The first thing that came to mind was blackmail. He wanted to meet me in the hotel bar within the hour so I hastily dressed as conservatively as possible and headed down to the bar. He had indicated that he would be wearing a bright red sweater and so I saw him right away and knew that my goose was cooked. I did recognize him from last night. He was sitting in one of the booths and when he saw me he quickly waved me over. As I approached the booth, he smiled and told me to sit down across from him.

“I was at your presentation yesterday, which was masterful. Now let’s get down to business. You are a cocksucker and a cum slut. I’m not here to expose you but rather I am here to privately humiliate you and dominate your ass. We work at the same company branch and although you have ignored me up to now, this will now change. Is that clear faggot?”

“Yes sir. I understand completely.”

“Good, now let’s go upstairs to your room faggot. I am going to breed your ass.” And so we returned to my room.

“Before we continue, may I ask your name sir?”

“Sure faggot. My name is Kevin and you should know me because I work for you. Up until now, I took orders from you and apparently I wasn’t important enough for you to even remember me but that will now change. Now get your clothes off, on your knees, and start sucking.” And just to emphasize his new role, he slapped my face several times. I immediately jumped to the task at hand and hoped that he would maintain our new relationship between us private. I sucked him to completion with his cum filling my mouth and dripping down to my chin.

“Now listen up cocksucker. Get your faggot ass on the bed with your head hanging over the edge of the bed so my buddies can face fuck you.” In a flash, the door to my room opened and five men entered and proceeded to face my head with their cocks all in a row. My face was repeatedly raped and treated like a pussy as each man pounded my throat. I wasn’t given any respite as each man entered my throat and came in buckets. The last man in line slapped my face as he left.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself because this will be your life from now on cocksucker.” And so ends another chapter in my transition as a submissive cocksucker. Kevin, my coworker, kept our secret but of course whenever he wanted my ass, I was at his disposal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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