Su, The Minister’s Wife Ch. 03

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Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious to say the least. Hope that you enjoy.

Su got Jack’s mum’s mobile before he left on Sunday morning. She was happy about that; Jill was a lovely woman, tall, voluptuous and beautiful. She had been widowed six years ago. It was a great shock to her. She had concentrated on Jack; she had done an excellent job. Jack had been marvellous last night; he had taken advantage of Su’s ass being lubed, then ass fucked her. He had given her three vaginal orgasms; Su couldn’t believe it. In all the years’ Father Peter had been ass fucking her, he had never given her one. Su had gone for the lube the following morning as she was desperate to be ass fucked again.

When Jack left on Sunday morning, Su’s ass and cunt were both throbbing, which had never happened before in her life. Su hated Sundays, having to listen to the Holy crap that Father Peter spoke during his Sermon. She then showered and dressed. She was happy; she would see Jack at the Service, she would arrange for him to visit her tonight. When Su arrived at the Church, she saw Jill sitting on the third row; Su went and sat beside her. The Service hadn’t started; they shook hands; Su held Jill’s hand longer than normal, Jill was also squeezing Su’s hand seductively. Su, as usual, was showing a lot of cleavage; Jill was looking at it lustfully, Su was sure that Jill was excited. Su knew that she would be talking to Jill after the Service. Peter hadn’t done his hospital visits yesterday because of the Fete; he would do them this afternoon and this evening.

The Sermon was boring; Father Peter was saying how good the Fete had been. He thanked everyone who had contributed. He then mentioned Jack saying that Jack had worked tirelessly and had done so much to make it a great day. At the end of the Service, Su and Jill walked out of the Church together. Su noticed that Jill had unbuttoned a button on her blouse. She was now showing marvellous cleavage. They stood in front of the Church chatting; Su was optimistic that Jill was sending out signals. Jill was acting like an innocent as she pushed her massive tits out in Su’s direction. Finally, Su took the bull by the horns and said, “Jill, I’m all alone this afternoon; Father Peter has to do his hospital visits after lunch. It’s a beautiful day again; we could sit on the terrace and have a glass of wine. It is very secluded; nothing overlooks us. If you want, bring a bikini, and we can sunbathe?”

“I’d love that, Su; I’ll bring a bikini, but I prefer an all-over tan. Would you mind if I sunbathed naked?”

“No problem, I’ll join you, forget about the bikini, see you at three.”

Su made Father Peter his lunch; then he left for his hospital visits, he had four hospitals to do. He wouldn’t be back until late. So she stripped down; she was naked apart from a towelling bathrobe. She had left one for Jill along with an assortment of sun creams. Su had put two sun loungers out in the sunniest spot of the garden beside the small garden house they kept all their garden accessories Escort Şişli in. Jill arrived just before three; she was casually dressed, top, leggings and ballerina shoes, she looked gorgeous. The leggings were tight and showed her beautiful Camel’s Toe perfectly.

They greeted each other with a hug, they both kissed cheeked each other; Su said, “Jill, you look lovely, would you like a glass of wine now? Then you can change; I have got a bathrobe for you; we can cover ourselves quickly if we’re disturbed.”

“Su, I’d love a glass of wine. I’m a little nervous. Thanks for the bathrobe. Shall I change in the bathroom?”

“I’ve my own ensuite bathroom, come, and I’ll show you, your things will be safe there; you won’t be getting Peter excited looking at your panties. Follow me, darling.”

Su led Jill to her bedroom then her ensuite bathroom. Jill was impressed; she said, “Your bedroom and bathroom are gorgeous; they are so beautifully and tastefully decorated. I would love to have a bedroom and bathroom like this. I didn’t think that the Church would be so big-hearted with their decorating.”

“Jill, I had to pull a few strings, but it’s done now; it will not need to be redecorated for some time. Would you like me to bring the wine here?”

“Yes, please, I’ll slip into this sexy bathrobe.”

Su went for the wine; she could feel her pussy getting wet, she wasn’t wearing any panties, she hoped that she wouldn’t get too wet. Jill was a very sexy woman; if she were as good as Sarah in bed, that would be wonderful. Su enjoyed seeing Sarah once a week; the oral Sarah gave was unbelievable, but what Jack had given her, with a bit of tuition, he could be excellent too. Su brought two glasses of wine into the bedroom; Jill was wearing the bathrobe, she was checking herself in the mirror; Su said, “You are looking good, Jill, you and I are so lucky, we’ve great figures, but we don’t need to work too hard on it.”

“We are both lucky, though I need to keep an eye on my tits; they can get massive; I don’t have a period any longer. I’m sure that it’s the menopause that’s causing it. All I need now is a man that loves big tits.”

“All men love big tits; I like them too on a woman. Are you dating anyone at the moment?”

“No, I don’t socialise enough, I tried an online dating site, but that wasn’t for me. I like to be mentally and physically stimulated by a man. All I seemed to get were dick pictures and them asking how big my tits were. It wasn’t for me. I don’t have any single girlfriends, so it’s all a problem.”

“I understand completely; Peter has been promoted, we have separate bedrooms, I am on three committees. I miss the kissing and cuddling; I’m like you; I’ve got a powerful libido. Did you take yourself in hand last night?”

Jill laughed then said, “No, I’ve got Bob, my battery-operated boyfriend; I love him; I’d be lost without him; he gives me clitoris stimulation and penetration. It was great last night after you called. Knowing Jack wasn’t there, then I was so noisy. I had a butt plug in my ass that makes everything Sultangazi escort so much more sensitive. Do you use toys?”

“No, I hate plastic; I use my fingers, for penetration then a nice long thick cucumber does the job. I like to be noisy too. We had better get out to the sun, or it will be too late. I have put sun cream on; would you like me to put on some for you?”

“I would love that Su, a cucumber sounds nice; let’s go.”

They went into the garden, took off their bathrobes, were both impressed with the other’s body, and were so similar. Jill’s vulva was smooth and swollen with a long sex slit-like Su; Jill’s tits were massive like Su’s. They jiggled beautifully when she moved. Su told Jill to lie on the lounger; she would do her front first; Su wanted to feel her massive tits and check how wet her pussy was. Jill lay down, and Su applied the cream. She started at the neck and worked down. Jill’s tits felt beautiful; she was purring with pleasure as Su applied the cream to them. Finally, Jill said, “Su, you have a wonderful touch; you’ll make me cum if you keep playing with my tits.”

Su smiled then said, “Jill, I’ll make you cum later; I’d love to do that for you.”

Su then worked on Jill’s stomach; she felt so good. She then started applying cream to Jill’s vulva. Again, it felt so good, then Su said, “Jill, spread your legs, then I can do your cunt lips; we don’t want those to be sunburnt.”

Su was so gentle; her pussy felt fantastic. Finally, Su managed to slip her pinky inside Jill’s sex slit; she was so wet, then Jill said, “That feels so good, feel me with more fingers.”

Su leaned over, and tongue kissed Jill, her tongue deep in Jill’s mouth; then Su said, “Let me do your legs, then I’ll go and wash my hands; I don’t know what sun cream will do to the inside of your beautiful pussy.”

As Su applied the sun cream to Jill’s legs, Jill said, “Su, I noticed some lube on your bedside table; perhaps you should bring that, then we’ll see how many fingers I can take?”

Su finished Jill’s legs, washed her hands then got the lube. Then, as an afterthought, she went into the kitchen and got a long thick cucumber. Jill smiled as she saw Su walking towards her; Jill said, “I wish that I could find a cock as big as that cucumber; it will be interesting to see how much I can take?”

Su thought, Jack’s cock is bigger than this cucumber, she wanted to tell but now was not the time. As Su lubed her fingers, Jill spread her legs wide; her long sex slit looked so inviting. Su had lubed her whole hand. Next, Su used two fingers to spread Jill’s cunt lips apart. Out popped a huge hooded clit. It was big; Su said, “I’m going to love sucking that later now. Let me see how many fingers you are comfortable with?”

Jill replied, “I would love that, Su; I’ve never had my clit sucked in my life; I’m sure that I would enjoy it. I love what you’re fingers are doing to me. I love my pussy being felt. I’ve never been with a woman before, Su; I’m enjoying what you’re doing to me.”

The sight of Jill’s huge nub Taksim escort bayan of a clit was too much for Su. She went down on her, sucking it beautifully as she finger fucked Jill with three fingers. Jill had strong cunt muscles; she was gripping Su’s fingers. Su’s head was bobbing up and down. Several minutes later, Jill had a powerful body-shaking orgasm. Su just kept sucking until Jill had composed herself. Then with a mouthful of Jill’s cum, they cum kissed for several minutes. Jill loved that. They both swallowed it, then Jill said, “That’s another thing that I’ve never done. I am so happy that you invited me today. All I need to do now is find a man.”

Jill and Su then went back into the Priory. They weren’t aware that Jack had been taking a shortcut through the Church grounds. He had seen his mum and Su go to the sun loungers. He had hidden in the area that the garden waste was kept. So he couldn’t be seen. He also heard every word that they said. Jack couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. After getting over the shock of seeing Su touch and feel his mum. He started to appreciate his mum’s gorgeous body. Then the thought hit him that mum was normal. She had urges and needs; she needed relief. She needed a cock; Jack thought, what would be the best way he could give her his? He loved watching Su, the minister’s wife, having sex with his mum.

He watched them go into the Priory; they were both happy, mum was smiling, Jack hadn’t seen her look this happy for a long time. Jack then left, he went back into the Church grounds. He was a little disappointed; he would have loved a session with Su. He had a paper he had to prepare for the University for tomorrow morning. He would go home and finish that. He would also have to think of how he would handle mum; his cock was stiff thinking about her.

Jack got home; an hour later, he had finished his paper, it read well. Forty-five minutes later, mum came home; she was glowing. Mum said, “Jack, I had a wonderful afternoon with Su; it was so relaxed. We drank some wine and sunbathed in the Priory’s garden. I will have a quick shower; then I’ll make a lovely supper for you. I thought that we never have drunk wine together; we’ll have a bottle tonight.”

Jack looked at his mum; her tits looked fantastic; they were jiggling as she moved. Jack replied, “I’d love that too, mum; I hope that I don’t get drunk again. I’ve finished my paper for tomorrow, so I’m under no pressure; I can relax with you tonight.”

Mum gave him a hug that lasted longer than usual; then, she went for her shower. Jack went into the lounge, his phone beeped, he had a message from Su, it read, “Hi Jack, I’ve had a great day with your mum today. We had a lot of fun; I like your mum a lot, but she should get out more. Did you want to pop by for a visit tonight? I’m hungry for your cock. Peter phoned me; he’s at the hospital, he won’t be back until late. I would love to see you if you can make it. Love Su.”

Jack replied, “Thanks Su, I’m happy that you had a great day. I have got a paper to finish for the University tomorrow; I’ve still a lot of work to do. So maybe we should leave it until tomorrow, is that ok with you? I loved yesterday. Love Jack.”

Su replied, saying that she had things to do tonight and asked Jack to message her when he would be free tomorrow. Jack was now wondering what would happen with mum tonight.

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