Study Buddies Gary and Suzie

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I have written a trilogy. Each story is perfectly readable and understandable on its own, but if you want to read them in order, start with Charlie then Gary and end with Mark. It will give you a bit more context and continuity.

“How did you do on the test?” Gary asked me after our plant identification midterm.

“I had the plants down pretty well, but I can’t spell in Latin, so I know I lost points on the spelling. How ’bout you?”

“For some reason Latin comes easy to me. Maybe I could help you study spelling for the final.”

“You mean without these clowns?” I indicated Mark, Matt and Charlie who were sitting on the other side of Gary. “That sounds good.”

“We might get more done if we don’t invite them.”

“You playin’ pool tonight, Gary?” Charlie interrupted.

“I am. At Racks. Are you going to come watch?”

“We should.” He turned to the twins, “You guys wanna go heckle Gary tonight at Racks?”

The twins exchanged a glance, “Sure,” Mark answered for both, “What time?”

“League starts at seven and lasts about an hour. Then it’s open tables if you want to play.”

“Did you get a new partner?” I asked.

“No, are you offering?”

“I can play, but I’m not very good.”

“I am going to need someone after tonight, Linda is bailing on me. League is on Wednesday nights…”

“I think I can make that work, it should be fun, as long as you aren’t too serious.”

I hitched a ride with Charlie to Racks to watch Gary play pool. We walked into the smoky bar (this was the 90s, remember?) and found Gary. Racks had two rooms of tables, five in the main room and an additional three in a smaller room, off to the side. Gary was playing in the main room. Matt and Mark had a table and a pitcher of beer waiting for us.

“Hey there,” they greeted us.

“What did you guys do after we left the other night?” Mark asked.

“We just finished the beers off,” Charlie said without a moment’s hesitation, “there were only two left.”

“Did you now?” said Matt, skeptically.

“Then we had wild sex.”

The guys couldn’t decide whether or not to believe that, so I smacked Charlie.

Charlie was the biggest flirt around and he was known for his way with the ladies. I had not been immune to his charm in the past. The very recent past. We had indeed shared a hot fuck in my advisor’s office after a study session on the night in question. The only proof was some RNA we had left on somebody’s thesis which had been on the best flat surface in the room. Charlie had a certain charm that made him impossible to say no to, even when you knew better. He was grand fun as a friend but not the guy you would take home to your mother.

Matt and Mark were as alike as two peas in a pod, if they were cowboy peas with long, skinny legs and hats that advertised ropes. The only way to tell them apart was that Mark was likely to answer a question, whereas Matt would just look at you and blush. Matt had pledged his love to someone back home, so I left him alone. His brother had no such alliances, and we flirted shamelessly. Mark was a gentleman and a cowboy. I knew something was going on in his pretty little head because every so often he would get a far away look in his eye and blush when he came back to Earth.

A Hawaiian washed up in the middle of the mountains, Gary was a walking plant expert. He was serious about college. His intense focus, which served him well in plant identification, also drove us crazy most of the time. Gary went through life to the beat of his own pahu. His colorful surfing t-shirts from actual surf shops made him stand out among the Wrangler brushpopper shirts on campus. Gary was more than a little suggestible. You could tease him about doing something and before too long he would find himself doing it. Charlie liked to see what he could plant in Gary’s fertile mind.

These four guys were my buds. I hung out with my roommates from the dorm too, but these were my people. They understood me. Oh, we were friends, but I can’t deny there was an underlying sexual tension among us. Well, except with Matt who was oftentimes just along for the ride.

Over the top of my beer, I idly watched Gary lean over for a shot and realized his ass was pretty darn cute, even if he wasn’t wearing Wranglers. He was slender in the way of someone who is always active, and his arms were sinewy with well-defined muscles. I am a sucker for nice arms. I guess I hadn’t looked at Gary quite this objectively in a while. His brown skin contrasted beautifully with the crisp white tee shirt he wore.

“This weekend is the big night, isn’t it? The field trip for Bucks and Ducks.” çekmeköy escort Charlie interrupted my reverie. He gave my ponytail a quick tug. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“I’ll be with the twins. Don’t worry about my virtue.”

“That horse is out of the barn and over the hill, I am talking about theirs, Chica.” Despite our little rendezvous, I knew Charlie didn’t have any plans for a relationship with me, outside of our banter. I was another notch in his headboard. “I’ll send some extra condoms with Matt,” Charlie continued.

“Please don’t!”

Gary came over for a swig of beer while his opponent surveyed his next shot.

Just as he got a mouthful of beer, Charlie asked, “You ever screw anyone on one of these tables? They look pretty sturdy.”

Gary sputtered and choked on his beer. “Jeez, Charlie. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

“Just looks like a nice flat place to knock one off.”

We sat in the peanut gallery enjoying a couple pitchers of beer and watched Gary and Linda handily beat the team they were playing. Gary and his soon to be ex-partner Linda joined us for a round before she begged off and left me with the guys.

The waitress stopped by to make sure we wanted another pitcher then she was on her way to tidy up the now empty back room and turn off the light.

A new pitcher arrived and Gary poured a glass for each of us. “Okole maluna,” Gary raised his glass to the rest of us.

“Okefenokee,” Charlie was never at a loss for a smart-ass response. The rest of us tipped our glasses in acknowledgement and we sipped the cool beer.

We were having a good time and the pitchers kept coming, thanks to Charlie who had an agenda.

“Let’s play a game, Suzie-Cuesie here and me against you and one of the Doublemint Twins,” Charlie suggested to Gary. We agreed that sounded like fun. Matt was starting to nod off, so Mark grabbed a cue.

I brought my own cue, it came from Walmart but I could count on it being straight. I was no great pool player-but I generally took it if I thought I would have a chance to use it. I would show up, unzip my bag and screw my cue together as everyone watched in awe, thinking, “she must be good if she has her own cue.” Then I would miscue the break and my secret would be out.

As the night wore on, we were all a bit drunk. Charlie would occasionally walk around the table and casually drag a ball to the edge of a pocket where he could easily shoot it in on his next turn. He always made sure Gary was momentarily distracted by something, because that is exactly what he would notice. Mark was too concerned with his beer and flirting with the hot waitress to pay Charlie any mind.

It became clear that Gary and Mark were better players than Charlie and I were, despite Charlie’s re-arranging the table. They were beating us soundly.

After our second loss, Charlie backed me into a corner and unbuttoned my shirt a button. “Let’s up the game a little.” I was sporting a B cup in those days, but I was wearing a pretty bra, so I didn’t argue. I didn’t have any cleavage to speak of, but I was displaying a lot of skin and a hint of white lace.

Gary waited at the other end of the table for the losing team (us) to rack the balls, so I moved the triangle to the middle of the table before reaching down for the balls. He noticed after my third trip down to get balls. And there it was. Gary’s one-track mind had switched tracks from playing pool to getting a glimpse of my bra peeking out of my button-down shirt. I was very proud of myself for getting his attention. This night might not be a loss after all. Charlie noticed too, and casually walked behind me while I was shooting and pinched my ass.

I made it look unplanned, but I gave Gary plenty of chances to get a glimpse down my shirt as I took aim at the striped balls on the table. Gary did his part too, moving around the table to keep his line of vision open, appearing to scrutinize my every shot. He even forgot himself when I was trying to figure out a combo and he bent over me from behind to correct my angle until Mark called him for fraternizing wit the opposing team. I managed to give my ass a little wiggle into his dick before he stood up. His low voice in my ear and the scent of his cologne lingered after he left. In my distracted state, I missed the shot anyway.

Unfortunately, Mark was oblivious to my show and he carried Gary in the final game.

“G-Man, I’ve had it for the night. I gotta get me some beauty sleep,” said Charlie.

Mark nudged Matt awake and they picked up their stuff as well. cevizli escort “Good night guys, see ya tomorrow.” Matt grunted and the three of them left us.

“One last game,” Gary offered, “then I’ll give you a ride home.”

I racked the balls and leaned over the table to watch from the end as Gary miscued his break. I don’t know what distracted him, but I decided to take advantage of it. I shrugged my shoulder which resulted in my shirt gaping more while he set up for the break again. This time he put a little more concentration into his aim and made a nice break.

Gary was overly helpful when I hesitated in lining up my first shot. He leaned over my shoulder, pressing his body against mine, making sure to rub his thumb against the side of my right tit. I thanked him by rubbing my butt against his erection. On his third shot, Gary took dead aim at the eight ball, effectively losing the game.

“What was that for?”

“I was thinking we could move our pool game to one of those back tables, okay with you?”

I picked up my cue, but Gary said, “you can leave that here for now.”

After watching Gary’s arms ripple all night and the peep show I had given him, it was getting humid in my jeans. He took me by the hand and we darted around the corner into the darkened room with the three pool tables. We found the far corner table and Gary backed me up against the end of it. He pressed against me as he kissed me, pushing his hands into my hair and holding me close to him as he covered my face with urgent kisses.

This gesture of his hands in my hair, gently pulling my face towards his was so romantic it surprised me. I slid my hands down his back to cup his ass cheeks and draw him closer to me, nestling my body into his.

“Baby you are so hot tonight, I want you so bad.”

“Mmm, I was checking out your ass, and I am thinking the same thing,” I managed between kisses.

I tilted my chin up to give him better access to my neck, and he took advantage, nibbling his way along my jaw line to my neck and down to my collar bone from there.

Gary’s hands moved from my hair, to my shoulders, to my tits. I slid my hands up his arms, appreciating his muscles and veins as I returned his kisses. After some quick groping he unbuttoned my shirt another button and pushed my bra down under my tits so he could get to my nipples. I arched my back into his hands, welcoming his fingers, pinching and pulling at my nipples. A tiny gasp escaped my lips as he gave me a sharp pinch.

Gary moved a hand to the bottom of my shirt and began fumbling with the buttons, taking his time unbuttoning my shirt. I moved my hands from his arms to his narrow hips and grasped the bottom of his shirt, lifting it over his head. Gary was fit; he clearly got enough exercise to keep his body in great shape. His stomach was flat and taut with very little body hair. His naturally dark skin glowed. Just looking at him made me wet. I couldn’t help but run my fingers down his chest, stopping to gently rub his nipples as I continued my way down his stomach.

“I need you,” I whispered in his ear as I placed gentle kisses on his shoulders and neck.

“You’re gonna get me,” Gary whispered back as he lifted me by my ass and set me on the edge of the pool table, “all of me.”

While I was exploring Gary’s fine bod, he managed to unhook my bra and unsnap my jeans. I shrugged out of my shirt and bra while Gary unzipped my jeans. I lifted myself on my hands so he could slide them and my panties down at once. I kicked off my shoes then I reached forward to undo his jeans. I gently eased his jeans and underwear down, releasing his eager cock.

As you might guess, a pool table is a lousy place to get laid. It’s hard, an awkward height and the stained-glass light is too darn low to do much of anything but some tight missionary action. Gary was game.

I leaned back on the table and squirmed my way to the middle of the table on my back. Gary hopped up on the table and inserted himself (so to speak) between the light fixture and me. There wasn’t much room, but when you are crazy for a quick fuck, it doesn’t take much room. Gary propped himself on his elbows as he moved in for a quick kiss.

The warmth of his body contrasted with the chill of the room, and I could feel his nipples rubbing against mine as we devoured each other’s faces. I was wet to the point of nearly dripping when I wiggled my ass a little under him and he got the message. After a couple quick thrusts between my pussy lips to stimulate my clit, Gary reared back and slid his dick into me. I gasped when erenköy escort I felt his dick head push open my pussy lips. My pussy was so wet he slid in easily, and kept sliding in and in. I was happy to discover Gary was packing a very nice-sized dick, not only was it deliciously long, it had enough girth to fill me.

Gary was hot and horny, resting on his elbows close to me as his hips pumped furiously into me with a clear mission in mind. He was an enthusiastic lover, and his vigorous thrusting was starting to give me felt-burn on my shoulders and ass, so I grabbed for the edge of the table and found the side pockets, which did a great job of anchoring me in one place. I clung to the table and lifted my legs around Gary’s ass, holding him close.

We moved together, me meeting his every thrust resulting in a gentle slapping sound. In his enthusiasm, Gary managed to conk his head on the light several times. I simply reached up with a toe and stopped the swaying light. “This is so fucking hot, but we gotta figure something else out, Suze, ‘cuz it isn’t working very well.”

Gary extracted himself from between the light fixture and me. He backed off the table and stood upright, “Okole maluna.”

“What’s that mean? I thought it was like ‘cheers.'” I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation during sex.

“It is, it means ‘bottoms up,’ now turn over for me Suze, bottoms up.”

I slid out from under the light and rolled off the pool table. Gary took the opportunity to give my ass a firm slap. I bent over the table face first, presenting my bottom to Gary who slid his dick into my pussy from behind. His dick filled my pussy differently than when he was on top of me. From this angle, I could feel Gary rubbing my G spot with the tip of his dick at every thrust. The sensation was exquisite. I pushed my ass out to meet his hips as they slammed into me.

To be the right height for Gary, I had to stand on my tiptoes, and in that position, I was unable to change where the table and I met. Every thrust from Gary pushed my hip bones against the hard metal edging of the pool table. The pleasure of Gary’s dick slamming into me took my mind off the pain.

I adjusted myself so my elbows rested on the table and I could watch my tits swing to Gary’s rhythm. I spread my elbows slightly so my nipples brushed back and forth on the green table felt. It was an incredible sensation to be bent over a pool table in a dark corner of a busy bar and have my nipples getting roughed up by the table while my pussy got roughed up from behind.

So incredible, that when Gary reached around to find my clit, my body was ready for the release. It was only a moment before I came. The feeling rushed up from my feet to my pussy in a woosh and ended with an explosion behind my eyes. I am a pretty quiet person by nature, but when I have a good orgasm, I guess I make more noise than I realize. In a desperate effort to not get caught, Gary pulled his fingers out of my pussy and stuffed them in my mouth to silence me.

It worked. I was so surprised to find myself with a mouthful of sticky fingers that I sucked them clean.

Gary pounded away, surely aware of how easily we could be caught. We weren’t though. He came in me with a mighty push that left bruises on my hips for a week and collapsed on top of me. As we untangled, Gary snagged the blue chalk and chalked up both of my nipples before I could do anything about it.

“What was that for?”

“I have always wondered if the chalk was the right size to use on nipples, but too scared to ask.”

“I am glad I could be part of your experiment, Gary, but I have an 8 o’clock class tomorrow.”

“And just when this was getting fun. Okay, I’ll give you a ride home.”

We felt around in the dark for our clothes.

I came up with Gary’s shirt, “Trade you your shirt for my panties.”

“Never mind your panties. I stuffed them in one of the table pockets. The bartender here is a friend of mine. I want to give him something to think about when he cleans up.”

I got dressed, minus my skimpies, feeling a little slutty, wearing jeans and no panties. Without the protection of my panties, Gary’s cum slid down my thighs.

Gary held my hand and led me into the bar. He offered a quick wave to the bartender who looked surprised to see us exiting the darkened room. I grabbed my cue and we headed to Gary’s car.

“So you want to be my partner in pool league?”

“Sure, if you still want me, as you saw tonight, I’m not very good.”

“You just need more practice. I can help you with that, you know.”

“I’m not sure what happened tonight counts as practicing pool.”

“You’d be surprised.”

Gary started his car and pulled out of the parking lot.

The next morning, I plopped into the seat next to Charlie, “You know, those tables are pretty sturdy, it’s the light that causes problems.”

Charlie looked at Gary coming in the door, raised one eyebrow, smiled, and shook his head.

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