Student Counselling

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All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts BDSM, anal sex and Lecturer/student sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Rory had a very different opinion of his role compared to some of his older colleagues. As a lecturer with over 10 years of experience of actually doing his field of expertise he considered his role as a guide to the students in his care. Some of the old timers had spent so long in Academia that they were too set in their ways to cope with the 21st century outside their stuffy confined little world.

He made it blatantly clear to the new batch of incoming students at the beginning of each new year that he would provide them with the required knowledge but those few that were willing to put the effort in themselves then he would reciprocate to make sure they passed with flying colours. It meant him doing a fair bit of work unpaid but then he considered it worth it when he saw them stretching their own wings and soaring to new heights. He had hopes that a few would eclipse even his own achievements.

This latest year had seen him put more effort than ever before when he looked down the results of those he had ‘invested in’ he was suitably rewarded by their effort on their side of the bargain. He could sit back on the deck of his beach side home with a great deal of smug satisfaction but today would be different. He had strolled down to the nearest shop to stretch his legs and buy the daily newspaper just as he was turning to walk in the front door, he stopped up short when he saw he was about to bump into a young lady exiting the shop. He then did a double take as he realised it was Keira, one of his star students who had recently graduated.

She continued on her path until she felt this tall figure standing in front of her. The sun behind him made her blink a couple of times before she realised who it was. She gave a short squeal before standing on her tip toes to wrap her arms around his neck. She was a good five or so inches shorter than him and couldn’t stand on tip toes too long and so after a short pause she pulled back but not before giving a quick peck on his nearest cheek. “Oh, I can’t say thank you enough for what you did for me this past year. My results are opening so many doors for me and I doubt that would be the case if I had been an also ran. Your coaching and steering really paid dividends. Thank you.”

Rory stayed where he stood but shook her offered hand and replied “You put the effort in, the results were a reward for the effort that you put in. I’ll take your thanks for providing pointers and being there for you to argue through your work but you got the just rewards.”

Keira shrugged and replied “Oh it certainly took a fair bit of effort but your guidance helped. If you have time, I’d like to buy you a coffee or a drink to say thank you for that inspiration.”

Rory considered it for a moment and said “Yes, I have the time. My plans were limited to sitting on my deck reading the newspaper or the propaganda sheet as I prefer to call it. My place is just up there if you want to skip horrid coffee and get some quality stuff inside you.”

She had seen him look at the bag over her shoulder. Keira beamed at the offer “Oh. That would be so nice but it’s hardly much of a thank you.” Lifting her bag and rolled up towel she added “I was going to the beach to catch some sun. I didn’t realise you lived this way on.”

Rory smiled back and said “The only reward I needed was seeing your results plus my coffee is far superior to what you’ll find here” pointing to the shop. “Come on, I’ll leave the paper until tomorrow; it’ll be the same stuff reworded anyway.”

On the walk back Keira filled him on the offers she was considering and Rory was suitably impressed. He had passed a few discreet words to his contacts that Keira was an asset and he was impressed that a number of the offers had come on the back of her own efforts rather than his recommendation. When they arrived back, he got the coffee on the go and steered them towards his deck offering the other chair that was there to Keira. “Don’t ask me why but I always assumed you had a wife back at home even though you don’t wear a ring.”

Rory shrugged as he looked out at the sea sipping his drink “There was one a few years back but we wanted different things and now I console myself with a series of one night stands while I look for the one.”

The two had a very pleasant chat for a good hour before Keira announced, “As much as I’m loath to move away from such a delightful view I feel I’ve imposed enough on your generosity.”

Rory was slightly disappointed that she would be leaving and offered “I wouldn’t want to keep you from your friends if you almanbahis are meeting them. Otherwise, you are more than welcome sit or lie out here. I think you deserve a suitable reward for your efforts.”

Keira’s face showed genuine shock “Oh that would be so nice. I was just going to zone out by myself; these chairs are so comfy as long you’re sure I’m not imposing.”

Rory was secretly pleased to have a bit of company but said “What’s the point in having a friend with a beachside property and not being able to enjoy it every now and again.” With that the two sat and had a very pleasant morning. Every so often he would get up and make a drink. At mid-day he even went and made them both a snack and they talked until the sun had started to make its way down. When Keira announced she must go as she had a bar job to keep down Rory offered “I’ve had a very nice day today and you are more than welcome to come and sit out tomorrow or any other day for that matter.”

Keira was conscious of not outstaying her welcome “That’s very generous but surely you don’t want me disturbing you all the while.”

Rory opened his hands to declare “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t mean it. You have repaid my efforts with your results and think you deserve a reward besides I’ve enjoyed your company today. It made a suitable change to being sat on my own reading.”

“As long as I’m not imposing, I’d love to come back tomorrow” Keira announced. The following morning, she knocked at the door and once Rory had opened the door, he was surprised to see her with a picnic basket. She held it up saying “I thought it my turn to provide lunch.”

Rory stepped aside and offered “In that case you are more than welcome. Come in and make yourself at home.” Instead of the padded chair she occupied yesterday the young lady rolled her towel out and lay down. Rory had managed to keep his wandering eyes to himself yesterday but the way she lay on her front looking the opposite direction provided him with a perfect opportunity to admire her peach of a bottom.

Because of her sunbathing her skin was a rich golden colour, he took in the sight of her back and down to her perfectly round butt. She wasn’t possessed of the longest legs but her long brunette hair gave her the appearance of being taller than she really was. It was obvious from her facial features that there must have been some far east Asian ancestry somewhere in her lineage but her ever present dazzling smile always distracted him from enquiring further.

Rory was more than happy to sit there and read, although in fairness he didn’t read too many pages as he was constantly stealing glances at her curvaceous butt. He was alerted to her moving and so quickly focused on the page in front of him as she turned her head and asked, “Would it be imposing on you too much if I asked if you’d mind applying some sun lotion on my back?”

She had leant up slightly as Rory was presented with a rather nice view of her pert breasts contained in her bikini top. A quick diversion of his eyes was needed as he replied “Not a problem. Do you have any? I have some if not.” What he was really thinking was ‘He’d like to rub some in her front rather than the back’ but then he admonished himself for thinking that of his student. The devil on his opposite shoulder reminded him she was his ex-student rather than current. She handed him a bottle of lotion and so he asked, “Just your back or do you want your legs doing also?”

“If it’s not too much trouble legs as well. I could do them but am concerned I’d miss bits or not work it in properly” she replied. Rory crouched down by her legs and started to process. His strong hands worked the lotion in well and he was effectively massaging her legs making her groan an approving “Mmmm, that’s nice. You have a nice touch.” All the while he was working on her upper legs, he was staring intently at her perfectly round ass but eventually he couldn’t justify lingering any longer and worked up her back. He received another approving groan “You have a magical touch.”

Although Rory couldn’t tell from his vantage point, his hands were sending little jolts down to her pussy making it start to weep as it twitched. Keira snuck a look at the front of his camouflage shorts as he stood to go wash his hands and she was pleased to see them suitably tent out with a nice bulge. If she were quizzed about it, she would admit to having a bit of a crush on him. She didn’t really go for mature men but there was something different about him. She could have put it down to how much effort he had obviously put in for her cause, his approach in the classroom had always been as a guide rather than authoritarian ruler and he gave each person the right sort of time to make them feel special but somehow, she felt it was more than that with her.

He kept himself in good shape, his hair had only just started greying at the temples and despite some of her fellow students wearing low tops to grab male lecturers’ attention, almanbahis yeni giriş he always managed to hold eye contact. Even now, when she lay on her side to talk to him in just her modest bikini, he was more than happy to stare out to sea or read his book. It then hit her that he was just someone you wanted to spend time with and here was yet another example. He was happy to let her lie there in peace and yet when she wanted some stimulating conversation, he was there to chip in.

Lunchtime came and she broke out her picnic at his feet. Each time she was focused on finding the next delight in the basket he was staring down at her chest but each time managed to avert his eyes when it looked like she would move her focus. Having consumed the first wrap, he was in raptures “Oh. Bringing food like this means you can come back time and again. When did you have time to come up with so many delights?”

Keira smiled back up at him and confessed “It was quiet in the bar last night and this food would have been binned tomorrow and so they allowed me to prep this as long as I kept the bar ticking over and here we are. You’ve been so kind to open up your home so it seemed only proper I produced something to pay back for all the drinks you provide. You were right by the way; your coffee is far superior to any café.”

The two continued to chat while they consumed their picnic and Rory then had the delight in watching her work the lotion into her front. His focus struggled to move away from her hands working the lotion into her legs but when she swiftly turned to put the bottle down, that was when she caught him staring at her legs. He had the good grace to nod his acceptance and then go make the pair another drink. Nothing else note worth happened that day but when she was packing up to leave for her shift he did ask “Will I be having the joy of your company tomorrow?”

She smiled up at him and replied, “If you’ll have me, I would be delighted to share your company.” The next day was almost a repeat of the previous where she turned up with her picnic hamper, she again laid out on her towel and once again he was asked to lotion her back. This time however, while he was working the lotion into her legs, she was half turned watching him — more specifically watching the tent in his shorts. ‘How many times will I come back during the summer break and what happens after it. Basically, I’ll probably not see him after that and therefore what have I got to lose?’ she mulled over in her mind.

She let him work the lotion into her back — he really was making a very good job of it — and he stood to go wash his hands but this is when she pounced. Before he could take a step away Keira turned and raised her hand to the front of his shorts proclaiming “Thank you for all your kindness. I feel I haven’t truly shown the extent of my gratitude for all that have given me. I hope this shows a little of what it means.”

All the while she was talking Keira was working her fingers over the bulge and in return, he was stood with his hands held out and his mouth agape. He was eventually able to stumble out “I really don’t think that’s a good idea, you being a student and all.”

Crucially he didn’t move away and Keira didn’t stop her hand from working over his bulge. However, she did eventually answer “You mean I WAS your student. Nothing either of us could do now is going to affect my scores, I’m not being coerced and we are consenting, unattached adults. Plus, I really, really want to thank you properly and this feels the right way of doing just that.” Without waiting to be invited Keira started to pull the zipper down, reach inside the opening and then extract his hard flesh. It felt nice in her grasp and once exposed she was pleased with what she found. She’d never come across anyone that the stories called really big, Rory along with many probably measured around 8 or 9 inches but it felt in her hand as though it were substantially thicker than the norm. Her hand travelled along his length and Rory was just stood there letting her have free reign over his appendage and that was exactly how the lady wanted it.

She scrambled to her knees, leant forward and took his cock into her mouth to suck on it lovingly. Rory tilted his head back and gasped “Oh god. I really don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Keira temporarily removed it from her mouth to ask “What’s the matter, are you not enjoying it. Am I not doing it right?”

His hand went to the back of her head to gently cradle it against his crotch and he gasped “That’s the problem. You’re too good at it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop you soon.”

Keira grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat and continued dipping her face forward a few times but did pull back once more and reply “Then don’t stop me. It feels great inside my mouth.” She once again engulfed his dick in her mouth and he lost every urge to protest. She was exceptionally good at it. When he looked down at her face facing almanbahis giriş up to watch his expression, he just saw the epitome of pure beauty. She lovingly and resolutely sucked hard as she pulled her head back but with just the head remaining in her mouth, she then reversed course and engulfed him once more. She pulled the bra of her bikini above her tits and then reached for his hands to bring them down to capture her breasts. They weren’t the largest he had ever played with and yet on her diminutive frame they looked and felt the perfect size as he flexed his fingers to work the flesh they contained.

All the way through she was emitting tiny approving moans. It was too much for him as he announced, “Oh god I’m about to come if you want me to shoot elsewhere.” She held her head in place while shaking her head never losing contact with him until he groaned “Oh god. I’m coming” splashing the back of her throat with one, two, three and then a diminished fourth rope of come.

Once she felt he had finished coming, Keira slowly pulled her face back sucking hard at his length until it popped out. Rather theatrically, she held her head back and while he stared wide eyed at her, she swallowed his load. Smacking her lips, she announced “Mmmm, tasty” while continuing to hold the base between her thumb and forefinger.

The wide eyed stare was still there as he lifted her up to stand before him as he announced “God that was so good” before dipping his head down and forward to capture one of her rubbery dark pink nipples between his lips.

This time it was Keira who held the back of his head and nestled his face against her chest as she encouraged him “Yes, take them. They are yours to play with; you can do whatever you want with me. You’ve earned it.” Rory wondered how many men his age longed to have a beautiful young girl half his age saying just that. Just as she requested, he worked the rubbery nub constantly but his right hand traced down her flat stomach until he came to the bottoms of her bikini. She wondered what he would do and wasn’t disappointed when the fingers dug into the waistband and then worked inside the material.

The fingertips grazed along her clit, stopping briefly to work over it, but then continuing in their downward trajectory until they slipped inside her very moist opening. Keira gave a sharp intake of breath and briefly raised up on her toes before sinking down so that they enquired deeper inside her. She was hanging on to his shoulders with all her might as his middle and index fingers repeatedly plunged inside her. They were saturated and made a very damp squelch sound as he set up a steady rhythm and in less than a minute, he felt her muscles clutch and squeeze his fingers in response to her climax.

She continued to hold on to him as she came down to earth and her breathing returned to normal. She looked up at him with an astonished expression “You’re very good at that aren’t you?” She leant her head up to his, stood on tiptoe and then kissed him lovingly square on the lips. They were on his deck overlooking the beach and any passers-by could have had a free show but thankfully his house was located at the more remote end of the beach.

As she pulled back, Rory found himself grinning like a village idiot. What man his age wouldn’t want a gorgeous creature like Keira letting him play with her like he was. He was the true gentleman and didn’t want to push her but Keira took the required control. After removing his shorts, she pushed him down until he was lay on her towel and after removing her bikini settled down on his waist until she lined the head of his re-invigorated cock with her pussy, slowly sinking down his length until he was buried deep inside her. Both were groaning at the sensations of her velvety moist flesh gripping his tightly. She bounced around on his dick and brought his hands up to her breasts so he could carry on working at them.

She sensed he was fascinated with them as he flexed their soft pink flesh between his fingers. He graduated to taking both nipples between his fingers and gently tweaking at them; the rubbery nubs felt so very natural in his fingers, almost as though they were there for his enjoyment even though he knew they evolved for a different purpose. Keira groaned “You have no idea how many of last year’s female students wanted to be in this exact same situation with you and I get to be the one.” His face turned from delight to shock but as he drew a breath in to speak, she added “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to anybody. I will just wear a smug satisfied look on my face when I next meet them. I’m on birth control by the way and so you can come inside my pussy if you’d like.”

This was really like one of his wet dreams coming true. Her pussy gripped his dick so expertly and although he had so recently come, he could feel his balls bubble once more but he wanted her to experience another climax before him. He shifted his right hand down to tweak and strum her clitoris which managed to do the trick; once again he was treated to the way her purse clutched and gripped at him, all be it, this time it was his cock going through it. She collapsed forward on to his chest just at the point where his dick unleashed his seed inside her.

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