Student Confessions Pt. 01

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Amanda was my girlfriend. We’d just started university and despite an… ok… sex life, we had decided not to see each other for the first month, with an “ask not” policy for that month. Chronologically, this isn’t my first confession, as there are one or two from that month, should readers enjoy this. This confession comes from my first visit to her university halls…

Stumbling back into her room, she turned and we kissed again. She took hold of my shirt and unbuttoned it, pulling me with her as she backed towards the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and ran her hands over my chest as I stood in front of her. Suddenly she looked up at me, “I’ve missed you” she said.

“I’ve missed you too Mand, I hate this long distance crap.”

She smiled at that, then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. Reaching up and taking hold of my boxers, she released my erection, before looking up again. “I’ve missed this too!”

I grinned, “And he’s missed you even more than I have!”

She laughed, then pulled her top over her head and quickly unhooked her bra to reveal her pert C-cups. I reached down and ran my fingers over her hard nipples, then let my own shirt fall to the floor, and knelt in front of her.

Pushing her legs apart either side of me, I shuffled forwards on my knees and kissed her stomach. I turned my attention to her breasts, and kissed both nipples, before starting to lick and suck one while I rubbed soft circles over the other with my fingers. She let out a small moan and ran her fingers through my short hair, clutching me to her.

Moving my head slightly, I kissed between her breasts, and then slightly lower, and lower again. Kissing down her stomach, I pushed her skirt up around her waist, kissing against her mound through her light blue panties. She lay back and raised her legs, allowing me to peel her knickers down her legs and off her feet, before she set her legs back down to show me her tight cunt.

I leaned in and ran my tongue along her groove, rewarded by a moan from Amanda. Spreading her lips with my fingers, I searched out her clit with my tongue, drawing another moan as I slowly ran my tongue up and down over it. I licked her soft and slow for a minute or so, before pulling her towards me and pressing my tongue hard against her clit, and starting to speed up.

She let out a moan at that, and reached down to place a hand on my head and hold me against her wet pussy. I worked two fingers inside her as I continued to lick and suck her engorged clitoris, and started to pump them into her tight hole as I tongued her.

Moaning loudly, her hips writhed up and down against my tongue, and she shouted as her breathing quickened “God I’m gonna cum, fuck me!”

I stood and slid my cock between görükle escort her cunt lips, and she gasped as I slammed it in to the balls. Just two thrusts later I felt her cunt walls contract and she squeezed her breasts as her back arched and she came loudly.

I continued to pump my cock hard into her sopping cunt, thrusting hard as she moaned and gasped. Her head rolled to the right and she gasped loudly, “Amelia!”

I jerked my head to the left to see her best friend at uni stood watching us, her black dress raised to her waist and her hand buried into her knickers, where I could see her fingers moving against her cunt as she masturbated.

We both stopped and stared in shock for a few second, but then, slowly, I pressed my hips slowly forward into Amanda and resumed a slow rhythm, staring at Amelia as I did so. Her legs were longer than I’d thought. She just stood there, hand between her legs, slowly frigging herself off. Amanda gaze flicked between us, her face a mix of emotions. She looked like she wanted to be outraged that her best friend was touching herself up while she watched us have sex, and annoyed that I hadn’t stopped, and was just fucking her while her best mate stood there, but couldn’t help being distracted by the eight inches of cock sliding into her.

I caught Amelia’s eye and winked, then glanced down to where my dick was slamming into Amanda. Seeming to get the hint, she opened her mouth in surprise, then gave me a dirty grin, and came to lie on the bed.

Amanda’s eyes opened wide as Amelia lay down, and she let out an outraged squeal which quickly turned into a loud moan as I thrust hard into her. Amelia kissed Amanda’s mound, and then shifted her hair and slid her tongue down between Amanda’s cunt lips, quickly finding the clit. She slid her hand back under her panties and started rubbing again, while I smiled at the look of shock mixed with pleasure as Amanda tried her best not to enjoy Amelia’s tongue against her clit mixed with the feeling of my cock filling her cunt.

I reached down and took hold of Amelia’s hair, pressing her head against Amanda’s crotch while she licked.

Looking into Amanda’s eyes, I saw her gradually give in to her own pleasure, allowing herself to accept Amelia’s tongue flicking against her clit. I decided to see how far I could push Amanda’s acceptance, and pulled Amelia into a sitting position, with her head turned slightly so her face was side on to Amanda. Pulling my cock out of Amanda, I turned my hips and pulled Amelia’s head forward and her mouth opened to receive my cock.

Amanda’s eyes widened as Amelia wrapped her mouth around my cock and started to give me head. Eyes riveted on her best friend sucking her boyfriend’s dick, she seemed completely bursa sınırsız escort at a loss as to what to do. Face alternating between anger and upset, she suddenly looked at me, her eyes smouldering, and her mouth tight, looking like she was ready to kick off.

Seeing me watching her with a smile on my face seemed to disarm her slightly. I winked at her, and she smiled, her face suddenly switching from angry to mischievous.

Manoeuvring herself into a sitting position by Amelia, she looked up at me, and then turned and looked at Amelia. Suddenly grabbing her hair, she pulled Amelia’s head back sharply, off my erection. Just as I decided I’d pushed it too far and there was going to be trouble, she kissed Amelia. Hard.

Amelia looked shocked, but she didn’t have time to look shocked for long, as Amanda pulled away, grabbed my length in her left hand, and pushed Amelia’s mouth back onto it.

She moved around Amelia now, sitting behind her with one leg either side of her. Hands on Amelia’s shoulders, she smoothed the straps of the dress down so they hung by her arms. Reaching round her, she placed her hands on Amelia’s collarbones, and then slid her hands down her front, pulling the dress down with her as she passed over the breasts, revealing a beautiful pair of tits. Smoothing the dress around her waist, Amanda slid her hands back up to cover Amelia’s pert breasts, and began to fondle them and rub the hard nipples.

Amelia moaned against my cock, and released it from her mouth to lean back against Amanda and kiss her, both of them flicking their tongues against the other’s and into each other’s mouths.

I knelt one knee on the bed, and rubbed my cock against Amelia’s nipple. Amanda took hold of me and began rubbing her hand along it while rubbing it over Amelia’s breast, wetting it with my pre-cum. Her other hand slid down now, back down over Amelia’s stomach to rest on her mound. Knowing Amanda had never touched another girl, I saw her steel herself before slipping her hand into Amelia’s knickers.

She rested her hand under the panties for a second or two, before slowly sliding her fingers the rest of the way and between Amelia’s lips.

Amelia moaned against her mouth, and Amanda kissed her hard, exploring her cunt with her fingers. Watching this with Amanda rubbing my cock harder and faster as she got hornier by the second, I knew I was going to come soon. Taking each girl’s hair in my hands, I turned their faces to watch as I felt myself on the brink, and within seconds I shot my load on Amelia’s chest, Amanda slowing her hand as I squirted spunk onto her best friend.

Kneeling down as I finished, I reached around Amelia and removed her dress from round her nilüfer escort waist, before peeling off her knickers to expose her pink cunt, Amanda’s fingers slowly rubbing sideways over her clit.

Kissing the back of Amanda’s hand, I ran my tongue down her fingers and pulled them up into my mouth, sucking Amelia’s juices from them, before putting her hand to one side and moving in to run my tongue along Amelia’s pussy. Amanda watched over Amelia’s shoulder as I licked the clitoris of her best friend, whose chest still glistened with my cum. Amelia moaned as I flickered my tongue over her clit, and I slid my middle finger into her.

Amanda shifted out from behind Amelia, and gently laid her back onto the bed. Amanda lay top to toe next to her, and brought her face up close to where I had my tongue and two finger buried between Amelia’s lips. I looked at her, and she leaned in to kiss me passionately, before kissing Amelia’s mound, and then kissing her cunt. After a few seconds doubtfully licking at Amelia’s clit, Amanda seemed satisfied by Amelia’s moans and settled down to rubbing against the clitoris with her tongue and her fingers, while I continued to thrust with my fingers.

“Mand, come sit on my face, I wanna make you cum.” Amelia breathed. Amanda immediately obliged, straddling her face with her hips, still wrapped by her skirt, and moaning as Amelia began to lick at her wet pussy.

I stood up, and pulled Amanda’s head up to look at where my cock stood erect right in front of her face. Opening her mouth, she took my cock in her mouth and licked around the head, before taking hold of the shaft and guiding me down to penetrate Amelia’s moist cunt.

Stroking Amanda’s hair as she bent back to lick at Amelia’s clit, I started to pump my cock into her best friend. Amanda watched my throbbing cock thrusting between Amelia’s cunt lips, and moaned loudly as Amelia slid fingers inside her as they continued to run their tongues over each other’s clits.

Amanda’s moans became loud and fast and she pulled away, looking into my eyes as she orgasmed against Amelia’s tongue, a loud moan ripping out of her mouth as she stiffened in ecstasy.

Amelia quickly followed, her muscles squeezing around my cock as she came, shuddering underneath Amanda’s naked body.

I pulled out of Amelia, and tugged hard at my cock, before releasing warm spunk onto Amanda’s face and Amelia’s stomach. Amanda took me in her mouth and licked Amelia’s orgasmic juices from my shaft, moaning softly as Amelia lapped her own from her sopping cunt.

I looked into Amanda’s eyes and laughed. “Maybe you’ll have someone to… keep you occupied between visits now, eh Mand?”

“And maybe there’ll be more than just me looking forward to those visits now too!” she replied with a grin as she climbed off Amelia.

Amelia laughed, wiping my cum from down her front, “I think I can keep her warm for you Ste, as long as you don’t mind warming me up on these visits as well!”

Amanda smiled at me. “I think we can work something out.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32