Strip Poker: Always a Classic

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Felicity heaved a huge sigh of relief as she finally closed the door on her parents.

“Felicity, I swear, if I come back and this house is trashed…” Her mother had warningly trailed off, giving her daughter a pointed look. “I mean, I know you girls are in college now, but…”

“Mom, chill,” Felicity had responded. “It’s just Katie, Elise, and Beth. We’ve been here alone before without parental supervision, and your house remained in tact. I think it’s going to be okay.”

Her parents would be gone for the whole weekend. Felicity could not be more thrilled. Last time this had happened, back in high school, she had kept it pretty tame. Just her best friends over, a movie marathon, some pedicures and makeovers, some junk food, etc, etc.

This time, however… Felicity grinned evilly as she thought about her plans for tonight.

Katie, Elise, and Beth were coming over… but so were a few other people. She still wasn’t going crazy crazy, but tonight would definitely be remembered.

She waited until she was sure her parents had pulled out of the driveway before texting the three girls that it was time to head over.

The girls arrived, one at a time, each with a suitcase because regardless of the plans for tonight, they were all staying the weekend.

Once everyone was in Felicity’s room, the girls started rummaging through their stuff.

“How many layers should we wear?” Katie asked.

Elise giggled. “I think the point is to wear as many as you can without looking like an eskimo.”

But Felicity shook her head. “No, ladies. This is going to be fair. Dress like a normal day. One pair of panties, one bra, one shirt, and one pair of jeans or shorts.”

“What if the boys wear more layers?” Beth questioned, as she pulled out a silky black bra and panties to match.

Felicity answered, “They won’t. I already texted Cale and told them if there was any cheating, the boys would be kicked out.”

Cale. Just thinking his name sent shivers down Felicity’s back.

Cale was a senior at the college she and her best friends went to, that was conveniently located in their home town. Cale wasn’t from around there, though, he had come to their university to play baseball.

They had met in a philosophy class. Cale was the classically attractive male; dark hair, dark eyes, deliciously tan skin, defined but not overly muscled arms, and a smile that could make a girl’s panties wet in a second.

And good god, his shoulders. Felicity had to fight the urge to lick his shoulders every time she saw them, clothed. They were the type of shoulders you knew you could really hold onto during a rough ride.

Felicity was no slouch, either. She was brunette, blue-eyed, thin, with perky little B-cup tits and a bubble ass. She was hot, she knew it, and so did Cale.

The sexual tension between them got worse every time they were in the classroom. And their texts were borderline sexting.

So Felicity was killing two fantasies with one stone.

She was going to fuck Cale tonight, and she was going to play strip poker.

The strip poker, however, was of course, first.

Strip poker had been a special type of fantasy for Felicity for years, ever since she had glimpsed an actual game of strip poker on some channel as she was flipping through the new channels they had just gotten. When Felicity went back, she only got a few observing minutes in before one of her parents walked in – and idiot that she was, she had forgotten to remember the channel it was on. Not that it had matter, because her parents had immediately put a parental lock on some of the channels – even though she had been like 17 when they had gotten satellite.

But she had never been able to shake the idea from her head.

He was bringing some of his teammates with him, to make it an even four against four, girls versus boys… Not that poker required teams. But whoever was left standing dressed, girl, or boy, won a match for the whole gender, obviously.

When Felicity had first asked Cale how he felt about strip poker (via text, of course), his response had been instantaneous: “Let’s do it.”

So next, Felicity had to convince her friends. Surprisingly, most of them jumped at the idea. Especially when they heard which members from the baseball team were participating.

Cale named off Brant, a tall, tan, redhead with green eyes that she personally knew Beth was a sucker for – she had a thing for redheads. And though they weren’t familiar with the other two he named – Ian, a blond sex god, and Jaxon, not quite as sex god-like but still equally adorable – the girls had immediately Facebook stalked them to see if they were good opponents – which they were.

When Felicity had mentioned her friends that were coming, Cale had sent back a reply that stated “Good, they’re all hott.”

Which they were.

Elise was probably the hottest out of them all, Felicity had to admit; she was every boy’s wet dream. She had huge, perky tits, blond hair that went down aydınlı escort to the middle of her back, blue eyes, a wide mouth, and long legs that even Felicity sometimes imagined them wrapping around her. And, to top it all off, her ass was perfect; not too big, not too small, and very smack-able. And Felicity could personally testify to that.

Katie was your average girl next door (of course she would be, with a name like Katie). She had curly red hair, blue eyes, a full lower lip, with a slender body and reasonable curves. But what got guys every time were those eyes – sure, they were just ordinary dark blue, but they were full of mischief and fun.

Then there was Beth, who was by no means ugly: She had gorgeous, dark dark hair that was a bit longer than her shoulders, always had a beautiful smile with her white teeth that she didn’t need braces for, hazel eyes, and her crowning glory – her porn star lips. The rest of her body basically matched Felicity’s – they often shared clothes because they were so close to the same size – and she was slightly paler than the other girls.

The girls had decided on no shoes, and would make the boys take theirs off as well as their socks if they were wearing any when they got there. All of them were wearing a variation of the same outfit – bra, panties, t-shirt, shorts.

The doorbell rang shortly after they were all finished setting up the card table, and while the other girls flushed and giggled, Felicity walked to the door calmly (or so she told herself it was calmly) and opened the door, her heart going into overdrive as Cale stood there, as fucking sexy as ever.

“Hi,” Cale said, smiling sexily at her, leaning against the door jam.

“Hi,” she greeted breathlessly, holding the door wider so the guys could walk in. Cale straightened and walked in, and his teammates followed. As they walked by, and she was greeted by all of their scents, each one just as delicious as the last, Felicity’s nipples hardened in her top.

The smell of man would always be her undoing, she thought ruefully to herself.

She shook her head and got down to business. “Okay, boys, the name of the game is 5 card draw. I trust everyone here knows how to play?” She paused, making sure she saw nods all around. “Shoes and socks off, now let’s get down to the rules. There’s no penalty for folding, but if you raise and your hand loses, you strip an article of clothing. Only the basics count. No jewelry, no hair accessories, et cetera. Anyone who wins with a royal flush gets to choose a player to strip an article of clothing, an extra one if they’ve already taken off one for that round, as long as it’s not their last.”

Ian held up a hand. “Should we expect you pansy ass girls to fold every time so you won’t have to strip?” His grin was taunting.

Jaxon smacked his shoulder. “Dude, don’t piss off the hott chicks. Don’t you know anything?”

Felicity grinned before answering Ian’s question. “Yes, we did consider that some people-” she gave him a pointed glance “- might pussy out. So we have a limit on how many times you can forfeit. And you’re only allowed to fold once in every four games. So make that once count.”

The guys all decided it was fair enough, so it was time to start the game. Before the game could be started, though, Brant shouldered Cale and Cale brought something out of his pocket.

He grinned at Felicity, handing over what he had pulled out – it was a deck of cards with naked ladies on them. “We figured it’d be more fitting,” he explained.

So finally, everyone sat down, alternating between boy and girl. Cale was on one side of Felicity, Jaxon on the other, then Beth, then Brant, then Elise, then Ian, and then Katie.

Felicity dealt out five cards to everyone, and the games started. They all had bags full of tootsie rolls to bet, too, since they obviously weren’t wearing enough clothes to “see your shirt, I’ll raise you my tank top.”

So. The game was on. Felicity eyed her opponents as she grabbed her cards from the table, maintaining a calm facade, despite the mounting excitement growing inside her. Eyeing her cards, she tried to think up the best strategy to win this game – and then she remembered the stakes, and maybe how she might want to lose a few rounds, too…

She eyed the faces around her. Knowing her friends as well as she did, she was able to read what they might have. Katie was very pleased with her hand, so she must have close to a really good hand already, Beth looked worried as she chewed on her lower lips, and Elise could have either a good or a bad, she couldn’t tell yet since it was just the first deal. But unfortunately, she couldn’t read the guys as easily as she could her friends.

Everyone placed their bets and exchanged any cards they needed; Felicity switched out two cards, keeping her face cards.

Before Felicity knew it, it was Ian, Elise, Katie, and herself left still in the game; everyone else had bağdat caddesi escort folded. Felicity was feeling pretty confident in her hand. She had 2 Kings and 2 queens, along with an unimportant card, but it was hard to tell who might have a better hand because everyone had gotten their poker faces on.

All the hands were laid on the table. Elise had four of a kind, making her the winner. While Katie debated on what to take off, Felicity didn’t hesitate. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted, throwing it behind her, as did Ian.

Felicity flushed first with pleasure when she realized how Cale’s eyes went straight to her blue lacy bra, then with slight embarrassment when she realized her nipples were still hard, and could obviously be seen by most everyone at the table.

And damned if she didn’t get a little wet a the thought.

Katie finally decided on taking her shorts off.

Felicity dealt out the next round, and tried to focus on playing better this round – or maybe knowing when to cut her losses. She only got one chance, but…

She looked at her hand, and it seemed very promising. But before she could make up her mind about what she wanted to do, Cale next to her shifted a little and his leg was suddenly pressed up against his. And then it wasn’t just his leg that was touching her, his hand was suddenly on her thigh, too. Felicity looked around to see if anyone had noticed, or was noticing, the fact that his hand was no sliding up and down her leg slowly, his thumb softly tracing circles as he went.

She looked down to watch his tan hand move against her skin, and she almost shuddered; his hands were so nice and big…

When she looked up again, the whole room was staring at her, and she froze, startled. “What?” she asked.

“You’re the dealer,” Jaxon reminded. “We’d like to switch out our cards… and you need to place your bet.”

Cale kept his hand on her leg as she completed the necessary tasks, and as she gave him the two cards he asked to change, she noticed the heat in his eyes, and she had to fight the urge to squirm in her chair, so turned on she could barely stand it.

As soon as everyone was examining their cards again, Felicity settled back in her chair and spread her legs a little, so Cale would maybe slide his hand up farther in between her thighs…

Which he took his cue as to rub his leg against hers as his hand moved to her inner thigh.

The rest of that round, Felicity paid no attention whatsoever. She focused most of her attention on not moaning aloud. She had no idea what she was doing, until someone told her to lay down her hand.

She laid down her hand (an abysmal hand, really, she definitely should have paid more attention) and looked around the table to see who had folded, who had won, and who would be stripping. Beth had won this round, Katie had been the only one to fold, so Jaxon, Brant, Elise, and Cale removed their shirts and Felicity couldn’t imagine anything better than licking Cale’s chest right now. Ian frowned as he removed his shorts, leaving him in some plaid boxers.

“This poses a problem…” he started out.

Elise laughed. “Who’s being the pansy ass now?”

Felicity finally managed to say “For every round you win, you can put a piece of clothing back on, unless you’re fully dressed to begin with.” Then she realized she still needed to take off an article of clothing so she stood up and unbuttoned her shorts, slowly sliding them down her thighs, revealing her matching blue lace panties, and stepped out of her shorts, sitting back down.

Now not only Cale’s attention was on her, but so was Jaxon’s and Brant’s – Ian’s attention could be found directed at Elise’s red soft cup bra barely holding in Elise’s tits that Felicity could admit were fucking hot.

Felicity bit her lip as she realized just how wet she would be by the end of this game. As soon as she had dealt the next round, she picked up her hand, settled back in her chair, and started examining her cards.

Cale’s hand was back. This time, however, it slid straight to home, his fingers lightly passing over her pussy still cover by her panties. Felicity’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, her nipples could cut glass, and she was almost positive there was a wet spot forming in the center of her panties. She grabbed for his wrist, not sure if her intention was to pull it away or push it closer, but in the end, it didn’t really matter, because as her hand neared his, he grabbed her hand and pulled it over into his lap, right on top of his hardening cock.

Luckily the chairs were so close together, no one really noticed the exchange. Felicity didn’t think about resisting; she simply unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pushing her hand into his boxers and wrapping around his thickening dick. Felicity turned her head and met his gaze as she found the head of her dick and circled her thumb around it, loving the way his jaw clenched, bostancı escort the way his eyes burned, her pussy clenching in response, weeping at its emptiness.


Felicity jerked her hand inconspicuously out of Cale’s pants, turning an innocent look to Beth, the one who had gotten her attention. “Yes?”

Beth gave her a look that said ‘Stop eye flirting with Cale,’ and verbally stated “Please pay attention. We’re ready to get new cards…”

Brant laughed. “Someone’s eager to get more naked…” he leveled a flirtatious glance at Beth. Surprisingly, Beth didn’t blush. She merely winked, and if Felicity weren’t so eager to get back to playing with Cale, she would have died of shock.

But since she was so eager, she handed out the requested cards, put in her bets, and tried not to rush as she finally was able to slide her hand back into Cale’s pants.

He was fully erect now, his cock hard, hot, and heavy in her hand and it felt so good Felicity wanted to cry. She licked her lips as she reached below his cock to rub gently at his ball sac, and he let out a quiet hiss, grabbing her wrist and pulling it out. He stood up quickly, almost knocking the chair over in his eagerness.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” he announced, his eyes locked on Felicity’s. “Will you show me where it is?”

Felicity hoped her voice didn’t sound as sultry as she imagined it to sound when she said “Yes, of course,” then to the table, “Don’t cheat while we’re gone.”… but then again, everyone would probably know what they were doing, so she didn’t give a fuck how she sounded.

Nor did she give a fuck that they practically ran from the room after she had grabbed Caleb’s hand to lead him.

“The stairs,” Felicity breathed, pointing to just in front of them and Caleb raced in front of her, stomping up the stairs, pulling Felicity after him. He didn’t even wait for her to shout another order. He opened a door, pulled her inside, and pushed her against the door after he had closed it. He planted both hands on the door above her shoulders and leaned his head in, slanting his mouth over hers.

Felicity opened her mouth, not waiting for his tongue to make a move, but instead thrust hers into his mouth, sucking his back into her mouth. He groaned and both his hands went down and cupped her ass. She knew what he wanted. She flung her arms around his neck and hitched one leg up on his hip, and using her leverage, climbed his body like a jungle gym.

It landed her wet snatch against Cale’s jean-covered crotch, and she moaned at the contact, breaking free of his mouth, rubbing herself against that lump in his pants.

Cale hissed again. “Fuck, Felicity,” he breathed, diving to nip and suck at the place where her neck met her shoulder. “I couldn’t wait another minute.” He pushed her against the door and humped his hips, putting more pressure against her clit, and she moved her hands up to clench in his hair.

“Please,” she whined, “Please, Cale, do it now.” One of her hands left his neck and she let it rub down his chest to where her fingers could circle first one, then the other nipple.

She gasped when suddenly, she wasn’t in Cale’s arms, wasn’t grinding against him, wasn’t on the verge of cumming, but was suddenly lying flat on a bed, her legs spread, and Cale standing over her, unbuckling his jeans and sliding them down his legs, leaving his boxers on.

“I’ve waited weeks to slide into you,” Cale said, crawling onto the bed and tearing off her panties before pushing her thighs apart and laying between them. “I can wait a few more minutes.”

Before Felicity could reply – and her response would have been along the lines of ‘Fuck waiting, get that cock in my pussy now’ -Cale buried his face between her thighs. His tongue immediately found her clit and started to lick around it, and then licked all up and down her slit, pausing to suck on her pussy lips. Her thighs clenched around his ears, boxing him in, not letting him stop his actions.

All the while, Felicity’s trying not to shout her pleasure, since there were still 6 people downstairs, who were probably straining to hear any sounds of sex, but it was difficult. She clenched the sheets around her, they were cool, satin; she finally realized that they were not in her bedroom, or the guest bedroom. They were in her parents’ bedroom.

And fuck, if that didn’t make it hotter.

His tongue found her sweet, wet hole and slid inside it, wiggling it around before sliding it in and out as if it were a cock. Felicity’s hips, of their own accord, started humping along with the rhythm his tongue had set up. She moaned in protest when he removed his tongue, but it turned into a gasp of pleasure when he slid two of his fingers inside her and his tongue curled around her clit.

His fingers used that same rhythm his tongue had, in and out, quicker, quicker, quicker, until they were hammering away at her pussy, and Cale moved his head to look up at Felicity, whose head was thrashing side to side, hands clenched in the blanket, teeth biting down on her lower lip so she wouldn’t release the screams that were trying to claw their way out of her throat.

“Baby,” Cale said, his voice hoarse with the restraint it was taking not to cram his cock in her right then and there. She was so ready – she’d probably cum on his cock as soon as he entered her.

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