Strawberries and Cream

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This story is a collaboration with a new friend I met on Literotica. Due to personal reasons, he could no longer contribute to the site. After reading all of the delightful stories of iraussieguy, I couldn’t resist working with him on this story. I hope you enjoy it.

The symphony ended and the audience in the concert hall erupted with a standing ovation for the orchestra and the new pianist, Sarah Henderson. It was Sarah’s first concert with the world famous orchestra and the eighteen-year-old had not made a mistake playing the difficult symphony.

Margaret Atkins, Sarah’s piano teacher for the past five years, sat in the back row of the hall blinking back tears of joy. She stood and watched the conductor taking a bow with Sarah at his side and smiled as her student was presented with a large bouquet of flowers. As the applause continued, Margaret, content that her protégé was fulfilling her wonderful talent, slipped out the nearest exit and walked to the car park.

As Margaret drove to her home in the suburbs she recalled the freckle faced young teenager that had first sat at her piano five years previous. At that age Sarah would much rather have been playing tennis or basketball with her friends and her concentration was erratic during most lessons. At the insistence of Valerie, Sarah’s mother, Margaret persisted with her student and slowly but surely Sarah’s talent came to the surface. First prize for piano at many competitions increased Sarah’s enthusiasm and she studied hard under Margaret’s firm but fair tutelage.

Margaret was well known in the city’s music community and had a deserved high reputation as an excellent teacher. At thirty-four she lived alone in a large old home that was given to her by her parents when they moved to a retirement village. Margaret’s pupils and their parents knew nothing of her preference for girls as her sexual partner. She kept strictly to her self-imposed rule of ‘hands off’ even though attracted to some of her older students. If Margaret needed a male partner to take to an occasion she went with Bruce, a trusted gay friend who helped maintain her ‘straight’ persona.

The last two years of Sarah’s lessons had been difficult for Margaret as her pupil developed into a very attractive young lady. Many times Margaret found herself staring at Sarah’s body wishing she could take the student into her bedroom and devour her slim figure.

A shiver ran through Margaret’s body as she recalled her farewell to Sarah the previous evening. Sarah had just completed a flawless practice of her part in the symphony that she was going to perform so successfully the following evening. Margaret was overjoyed with Sarah’s playing and enthusiastically assured the nervous young pianist that she would be a success at the recital. She laughed as Sarah insisted playing Chopsticks, her traditional ‘wind down’ tune before she left at the end of each lesson.

“Remember your breathing sweetie,” Margaret said as Sarah slipped on her jacket in preparation to go home. “I am very confident you will play wonderfully.”

Sarah looked up at Margaret and said, “Thanks for putting up with me all this time, you’ve been great, I would never had made it without you.”

She wrapped her arms around her teacher and they hugged each other as the end neared of their time together.

“Mum’s here.” Sarah said, as the sound of a car horn outside broke their embrace.

She stood on tiptoe and impulsively kissed Margaret full on the mouth. Although shocked by the sudden display of affection Margaret automatically returned and held the kiss for a little too long before breaking away and pushing Sarah towards the front door.

“Good luck Sarah, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Margaret said as she fumbled with the latch.

“Thanks Margaret, byeeeeee!”

Sarah rushed out into the cool spring evening leaving her agitated teacher alone in the hall with her own thoughts. Had Sarah really kissed her? Did she just imagine it? Margaret knew she had wanted to kiss her young student for a few years, but had always resisted such impropriety. No, she was sure she had been lovingly kissed, she could still taste the lipstick of Sarah on her own moist lips.

Was it an innocent kiss born out of friendship? Was it simply a thank you for Margaret’s guidance in these last five years or was there a deeper meaning? Not for the first time after a lesson with Sarah, the teacher walked straight to her bedroom where she lay down on the bed and masturbated while images of the sexy young girl and the kiss flowed through her mind.

Margaret sighed at her memories as she steered the car into the driveway of her home, happy that the weekend was here but sad that she would be spending it alone. After a restless night Margaret spent most of Saturday outside in the vegetable patch of her back garden. Music, sex and gardening were her great passions and she completed her time outside by picking a bowl of ripe red strawberries. Back in her kitchen porno izle Margaret pulled the stems out and washed the strawberries, sprinkled them with castor sugar and placed them in the fridge. A long hot bath followed where she relaxed and eased her tired muscles in the perfumed water. She gazed at her body and was happy with the firm breasts, fairly flat tummy and long legs stretched out in the soapy water. Later she dressed in silk pajamas with a silk robe and set two vibrators and a tube of lube on the bedside table. With loving care she took two large fur coats from the wardrobe and placed them on the bed in readiness for her play later that night.

Back in the kitchen Margaret watched the evening news on the small TV while she cooked and ate a small steak with salad. After the main course she spooned some strawberries into a dessert dish with a separate bowl of cream and opened a bottle of champagne.

“To your success Sarah.” Margaret said out loud as she raised her glass in a toast to her lovely pupil.

A few minutes later Margaret cursed as the front door bell buzzed interrupting her dessert after only three delicious strawberries. Muttering to herself Margaret walked quietly to the front door and peaked through the spy-hole. Her heart jumped with the shock of seeing Sarah standing waiting with her arms full of flowers.

“Sarah!” Margaret was thrilled as she opened the door. “What are you doing here?”

“I was flooded with flowers last night and want you to have some.” Sarah smiled as she moved into the hall. “After all I wouldn’t have made it without you.”

“Oh thank you sweetie, what a lovely thought, come through to the kitchen and I’ll find some vases.”

“Ohhhhhhh strawberries and champagne! What’s the occasion?” Sarah asked as they entered the kitchen.

“I picked the strawberries from my garden this afternoon.” Margaret explained as she found vases for the flowers. “I was toasting your success last night when you rang the door bell. Would you like some? How long can you stay?”

“Mum dropped me off on her way to see her sister, if she gets drunk as usual she will stay the night rather than drive home.” Sarah said as she helped Margaret with the flowers. “So I’ll get a taxi, or………….”

Margaret shivered at Sarah’s unfinished sentence and after placing the vases of flowers around the house she poured a glass of champagne for her unexpected guest.

“I love this material.” Sarah said as she stroked the silk of Margaret’s robe. “Silk is so sexy don’t you think Margaret?”

Margaret shivered at the touch of Sarah’s hand on her arm. “Yes, I love to sleep in these pajamas, they cling like a second skin.”

The two girls sat close at the small round kitchen table dipping the strawberries in the cream and sipping on the cold champagne. They chatted about the previous evening and how well Sarah had played under the stress of her first performance with the orchestra. The champagne relaxed both the girls and they were soon chatting and giggling like schoolgirls. Sarah surprised Margaret when she dipped a strawberry in the cream and offered it to her teacher’s lips. Margaret sucked the fruit into her mouth and smiled as she licked the cream from around her lips. Sarah giggled as Margaret repaid her in the same fashion and soon there was only one strawberry left in the bowl.

“We’ll have to share this.” Sarah said with a smile as she picked up the strawberry, coated it with cream and placed it between her teeth.

“Oh god.” Margaret moaned as Sarah stood and moved so she held the last strawberry a couple of inches from the older girl’s waiting lips.

As the girl’s lips touched, Sarah bit through the strawberry allowing half the creamy fruit to drop into Margaret’s mouth. The young girl seemed very confident as she kissed her teacher’s creamy lips before sitting back in the chair. Margaret’s heart raced as she watched her pupil leering at her from across the table. Margaret no longer doubted that her student was coming on to her. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized that she would no longer have to conceal her affections for Sarah. In fact, Sarah had taken the first step into the horizon of their nebulous future.

“Mmmmm that was very tasty,” Sarah said as she looked suggestively at Margaret. “I wish you had some more.”

Margaret’s mind was racing as she looked at the sexy eighteen year old sitting within touching distance. Over a full minute passed in silence until suddenly Margaret turned in her chair and opened the fridge door. Sarah’s eyes opened wide as Margaret placed the bowl containing the balance of the strawberries on the table. No words were spoken as Margaret shut the fridge door and pulled her chair close to Sarah’s. The older girl dipped a large strawberry in the cream, held it between her teeth and placed her lips on Sarah’s. Sarah moaned as their lips touched and half the luscious fruit fell into her mouth. This time the kiss was longer and more intense amatör porno as Margaret relaxed and allowed her pent up lust for the younger girl to run free.

“I’ve dreamed of this for so long.” Sarah sighed as she placed another creamy strawberry between her teeth and offered it to Margaret.

“Not as long as I have darling.” Margaret purred as she opened her mouth and accepted the strawberry in another long kiss.

The girls shared some more strawberries in the same fashion, kissing and licking the drips of cream from each other’s chin and neck. In between the strawberries they held the champagne glasses at each other’s mouths, giggling as the other sipped on the refreshing liquid.

“Whew, just a sec, I’m getting hot.” Sarah said as she pulled the woolen pullover off over her head.

“You’re getting me hot honey.” Margaret replied as she gazed at Sarah’s hard little nipples poking against the tight white tee shirt.

The remaining strawberries soon disappeared as the turned on girls kissed and licked the last of the delicious fruit.

“Oh now they’re all gone.” Sarah said as she gazed directly into Margaret’s eyes. “I love kissing you, do we need an excuse to kiss again?”

Margaret’s reply was wrap her arms around her young friend and guide Sarah’s lips to her own. The teacher kissed her ex-student deeply, a mind blowing tongue twisting kiss that Sarah hoped would never end.

As they finally they broke Margaret stood, held out a hand to Sarah and said, “Come with me darling and bring your champagne with you.”

Hand in hand Margaret led Sarah to the music room at the front of the large house. She sat on the wide stool in front of the grand piano and patted the seat for Sarah to side close beside her. To Sarah’s surprise Margaret placed her champagne glass on top of the piano.

“A glass on the piano Margaret? That is breaking the rules, you told me that liquids and musical instruments don’t mix well together.”

“We are breaking lots of my rules tonight sweetie.” Margaret smiled as she snuggled close. “I had a rule never to get involved with a student or parent, and well………..”

As Margaret’s words faded Sarah snuggled close and kissed her teacher again. “You’re not my music teacher now, but I am learning about duets tonight.” She said with a giggle.

“So now I want to play a duet with each of us using one hand only.” Margaret said as she placed her right arm around her friend’s back and slipped it under Sarah’s tee shirt.

Sarah shivered at the touch of Margaret’s hand on her skin and followed suit as she hugged Margaret close with her left arm while her right hand played over the keys.

“This is wonderful.” Sarah purred. “What are we playing?

Margaret laughed and commenced playing their old favorite, ‘Chopsticks’. She started slowly and Sarah soon caught on to one-handed piano playing of the familiar fun piece of music. The girls sipped the champagne and exchanged lingering kisses each time they completed the tune. Margaret played the tune faster each time and they were laughing excitedly as they enjoyed the fun of playing together.

“Oh damn, it’s empty.” Margaret said as she held up her glass.

Sarah giggled as she looked at the small quantity of champagne left in her glass. She turned to Margaret, stood and poured the drink into her own mouth without swallowing. Showing confidence beyond her years Sarah reached out and grabbed a handful of her teacher’s hair. As the young pianist pulled her head back Margaret moaned and opened her mouth. She closed her eyes as Sarah placed her lips over Margaret’s and let the champagne flow into the older girl’s mouth. The sound of Margaret swallowing was audible in the large room before they exchanged the longest and sexiest kiss of the evening.

“Oh baby, that was so exciting.” Margaret purred as she looked up at Sarah standing over her. “Having my hair pulled makes me so wet.”

“Mmmmm I’ll remember that,” Sarah said excitedly, “I want to touch and taste you, please can we…………?”

“Soon darling, soon.” Margaret said as she rose to her feet and walked over to the CD player.

She found a disc of classical music and selected the track that she wanted to play. As the first notes of ‘Bolero’ filled the room Margaret turned to face Sarah and slipped out of the silk robe. She loosened the two top buttons of her silk pajama top to display her cleavage and held her arms open to her wide-eyed young friend.

“Come dance with me darling.” Margaret whispered.

Sarah rose from the piano stool as if hypnotized by her seductive partner and almost fell into Margaret’s arms. This time Margaret took the lead as she held Sarah as a man would on a dance floor and they swayed slowly to Ravel’s mesmerizing music. Margaret loved the power of Bolero and this fifteen minute version by Herbert Von Karajan was undoubtedly her favorite. They held each other closely and Sarah closed her eyes anal porno and rested her head on Margaret’s shoulder as they danced on the polished timber floor. As the Bolero neared it’s magnificent crescendo Margaret skillfully guided the younger girl from the music room. They shuffled and swayed to the music across the hall, into Margaret’s bedroom and across to stand beside the fur covered bed.

“Open your eyes sweetie.” Margaret whispered as she eased Sarah away and kissed her forehead.

“Oh my god, look at the furs.” Sarah said excitedly.

“They were my Mother’s, I love to lie on them on my play nights.” Margaret explained. “They feel so sensual against bare skin, let me show you.”

Margaret kissed Sarah again as her hands reached for the bottom of the younger girl’s tee shirt. Sarah shivered as she raised her arms to allow Margaret to pull the shirt over her head. As Margaret knelt down on the floor she gazed at the small smooth breasts with the hard nipples and licked her lips in anticipation. Margaret’s practiced fingers quickly loosened the belt and button that secured Sarah’s jeans and pushed them down to the floor. Holding her teacher’s shoulders Sarah steadied herself to allow Margaret to remove the pants and throw them across the floor. As Margaret stood she ran her fingertips up Sarah’s legs, over the small floral-patterned panties and up her back.

“Take my jamas off baby, but don’t touch me yet.” Margaret whispered the instruction as she stood with her arms by her side.

Sarah shivered as her shaking hands reached out and unfastened the two remaining buttons of Margaret’s silk pajama top. She carefully followed the direction as she bared her lover’s firm breasts and slipped the top down off Margaret’s shoulders. The young girl resisted the temptation to touch the hard nipples and followed Margaret’s example by kneeling and pulling the pajama pants down to the floor. Sarah shuddered as Margaret grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her student’s face to within an inch of her shaved pussy lips.

“Breath deep Sarah baby, smell how turned on I am, imagine your tongue deep in the folds of my pussy.”

“Mmmmmm oh Margaret please………..”

Margaret pulled Sarah’s hair back and down so the young girl was looking up into her teacher’s eyes. Margaret bent down and their lips met once again in a long sensual kiss.

“Stand up baby.” Margaret whispered as she let go of the handful of hair.

Sarah eyes were shining with excitement as she stood before her sexy nude friend. Tentatively she reached for Margaret’s breasts but had her arms held and placed by her side.

“Uh uh baby, not yet, just stand still.”

Sarah shuddered as Margaret placed a hand on her tummy and slowly slid her fingers down and under the elastic of her panties. She moaned as the older girl’s practiced fingers teased through the curly pubic hair and jumped as a single finger toyed along her damp slit. Margaret steadied Sarah from stepping backwards as she pushed the finger slowly between her labia and deep into the folds of the dripping pussy.

“Are you a virgin baby?” Margaret whispered as her finger explored her lover’s vagina.

“Yesssss.” Sarah admitted. “Please Miss Atkins, I want, ohhhhhhhh god!”

Margaret smiled at Sarah’s unconscious use of the original name she had called her teacher. She pulled her hand free of Sarah’s panties and guided the trembling girl around until the back of her legs touched the bed. Sarah fell gratefully back onto the furs as Margaret grasped the panties and pulled them down the girl’s legs. The older girl licked her lips in anticipation as she pushed Sarah further onto the bed and spread her legs wide apart. Sarah watched Margaret’s breasts bounce as she jumped up onto the bed, kneel between her slim thighs and push the finger back into her pussy.

Margaret looked down upon Sarah’s quivering body as she inserted her finger into moist lips. While pressing her finger into Sarah, Margaret watched as Sarah’s back arched and she ground her back into the soft fur underneath her petite body. Sarah’s eye’s closed tight as she let out a soft moan. Her legs quivered around Margaret.

Margaret’s finger speared in and out of Sarah. Twisting her playful finger around inside of Sarah, she touched the sensitive inner walls of Sarah’s pussy. With virtually every stroke, Sarah squeaked out her fervent delight. Margaret was feeling the moisture and heat build up between her legs and felt droplets of her own dew forming at the lips of her vagina. Margaret added her middle finger in the overture of their lovemaking and stretched her young student’s lips further apart. Sarah bellowed out an acute shriek which first alarmed Margaret, thinking she bit off more than she could chew, but Sarah’s passions softened to the purrs of a happy kitty cat. Sarah’s legs were lifting her arched body to meet with Margaret’s ever moving fingertips.

Margaret continued to stroke in and out of her new young lover. Her free hand had wandered up to Sarah’s small, perfect breasts. Margaret gave Sarah’s breast a hearty squeeze and Sarah burst out in a string of expletives. Margaret’s adept fingertips found Sarah’s nipple and rolled the pert nub between her fingers.

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