Strangers on a Train

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I spotted you standing by the statue of the bear at Paddington Station, just as we’d agreed. At six foot four, muscular, dark haired and tanned, you were exactly like your photo. It was a warm day and you were wearing a polo shirt, shorts and deck shoes. I smiled to myself. Today was going to be a very good day.

As you looked round I caught your eye, then turned away quickly. No contact, that was the agreement. No familiarity.

I sauntered over to a kiosk and bought a magazine before checking what time the next train to Oxford left. Looking round I couldn’t see you for a while and I began to panic, but then I saw you, at the same kiosk, buying a coffee.

The departure board flashed and up came my platform. Number 6. A few people started heading towards it, and I followed. I walked down the platform as far as I could go, got into the last carriage, and grabbed the only available table. Sitting opposite were an old couple, she in a fur coat and he in tweed.

As I sat down I smoothed my short skirt under me, hoping I wasn’t showing too much thigh. Somehow, I didn’t think they’d approve. I hoped they wouldn’t be going all the way.

I watched the door, my cunt twitching in anticipation as I thought about what I was about to do. Suddenly you appeared in the carriage. You looked straight at me but showed no recognition at all. Maybe you didn’t realise who I was, I thought.

But no, you were heading down the aisle towards me, your crotch bulging slightly, a light sheen on your broad forehead. As you approached my table you looked at me enquiringly. “Is this seat taken?” you asked.

“No, go ahead,” I said. I could smell your cologne, and I got a whiff of something else too, something manly and musky. My pussy contracted sharply, and I could feel the moisture anadolu yakası escort on my thong.

You sat down opposite me, pulled a Kindle out of your pocket and began to read. You were chewing gum. I tried not to stare at you but all I could focus on was the shape of your mouth, the softness of your lips and the glimpses of your tongue I got now and then.

The thought of your tongue circling my clit send another wave of warmth through my body and I could feel my wetness on my thighs. Jeez, if you could do this without even touching me …!

Needing to distract myself, I pulled out the magazine and began to flick through the pages. Suddenly I felt your bare foot slide up my shin and along my thigh. For a moment it stopped, your leg resting on mine, skin against skin. I felt my breath quicken and I shifted slightly in my seat. Then I felt your foot move lower till your toes were resting on the mound of my pussy.

I looked at you and you met my gaze, blue eyes holding mine steadily, a hint of amusement in them. As we continued to stare at each other I felt your foot dip into my cunt, a toe brushing against my clit.

I gripped the table firmly and tried hard not to make a noise but a soft moan escaped my lips, and you laughed. The woman at the table opposite looked across angrily and pointed at the “Quiet carriage” sign on the window. You indicated towards your Kindle, as if you’d read something funny.

All the while your toe was circling my clit, pressing on my love button, massaging my lips. Every now and then you would push your big toe into my cunt, wiggling it against the walls and sending my entire body into spasms of delight. I bit my lip, sat back in the chair and relaxed, enjoying atalar escort the feeling of being toe-fucked while the posh couple sat opposite in complete ignorance.

You buried your toe deeper inside my folds, rubbed your foot against me, over and over. I felt my orgasm take over me, and I shook slightly as the waves of heat spread from my clit to my cunt to my ass, and then throughout my whole body. I could feel my face was flushed and sweaty, and the lady opposite could see it too. She looked at me intently.

“Bit hot here,” I mumbled, blushing even more.

Just then we pulled into a station and the old couple gathered their possessions and left the train, the woman throwing me a look of disgust as she went. I had a feeling she knew what we’d been up to – but I didn’t care.

“Would you like me to open the window?” you asked with a smile. Removing your foot from my groin, you stood up and slid open the window – while I slid under the table and crouched on the floor.

You sat down again and spread your legs out in front of you, and I dived under one knee and made myself comfortable. Your crotch was directly in front of me, the denim of your shorts training over the bulge within. I started to rub your crotch, kneading your cock with my fingers, sliding my hand under your ass cheeks and stroking your hardening balls.

You slid forwards in the chair a little and I undid your fly one button at a time, slipping my finger inside to feel the warmth of your manhood. As I undid the last button your cock sprang out, thick and strong.

I wrapped my hand around it and starting pumping up and down, squeezing my fingers together as they passed over the smooth head. I could feel the blood pumping in your ataşehir escort veins as I stroked your hard cock fully, my hand brushing against your balls each time I reached the base.

Suddenly I saw feet walking towards us, heard a voice saying “Tickets please,” over and over. I watched the feet get closer and closer, then stop at our table. “Tickets please,” the guard said.

As you went to answer, I slipped your cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head as I did so. I heard you gasp and fumble in your pocket for your ticket. I moved my head forwards, inching your cock into my mouth further and further until I had swallowed it whole.

Slowly I moved my mouth up and down your cock, feeling the head rub against the back of my throat each time I took it in, sucking at the head and tasting the salt, licking it, circling my tongue around your helmet, under the rim, probing your hole with my warm wet tongue.

As you reached out to show the guard your ticket I squeezed your balls, my other hand sliding under your ass. The guard walked off and I slipped a finger between your butt cheeks, pressing on your tight asshole.

All the while I was sliding your cock in and out of your mouth, my teeth scraping on the sensitive head every time I nearly let it slip from my mouth. I felt you start to tense and then judder, your spunk shooting into my mouth, hot and sweet and salty. I swallowed it quickly, then withdrew your cock and licked it clean.

After tucking you away in your pants and buttoning you up, I slid out for under the table and stood up, only to come face to face with the guard, who was walking back down the carriage. He looked at me quizzically.

“Umm, just getting my ticket,” I said. “I dropped it under the table.” He smiled at me lasciviously, threw you a glance and carried on towards the driver’s compartment. He’ll have a thing or two to tell him, I thought.

I sat back down and looked at you, shyly. You were grinning, your blue eyes sparkling as you read your Kindle. As we pulled into the station and I left the train I wondered what you’d been reading. I might have to treat myself that that too …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32