Strangers in the Night

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Caroline was bored! She had agreed to accompany her best friend Ellen, on a business trip to France. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time, as Ellen had a fantastic expenses account which was funding the trip. Ellen had been having an affair with her married boss for two years and he was meant to be with her, but he had been unable to come. One of his children had fallen while out riding, and was now sporting a broken arm. Ellen of course had cried and ranted but he was adamant that she would have to travel alone, as always his family came first. So it seemed only fair that she should invite Caroline and he should pay!

Ellen was half French and had cousins and friends living in Paris, whom she had not seen for a while, so she had arranged to meet them for a reunion meal. It was pleasant at first, for about half an hour, but let’s face it, listening to four other women bitching about their men in a language that she barely understood, was not Caroline’s idea of a great night out, she was a single woman and they were in Paris for goodness sake!!!

Her mind inevitably started to wander and her favourite place to wander these days was straight between her legs! She had been divorced for two years and had emerged from the marriage as a tight little chrysalis who had grown into the most sexual and beautiful butterfly who surprised everyone that had known her before. But the person it had surprised the most was her! She had always been an attractive woman, but sort of mumsy. Now however, she was indeed beautiful and she was proud of the fact that no surgery had been required. She never lied about her age as it never failed to amuse her when she told strangers that she was fifty years old, she loved the reaction it engendered. Women were always jealous and men looked at her with open desire; their eyes conveying the fact that they wanted to fuck her right here right now!

The waiter jolted her from her thoughts when he came over to refill her glass and she allowed her eyes to wander idly around the restaurant. There was a group of French business men a few tables away and one of them had just told a joke and they were all laughing! That was when she saw him, smouldering brown eyes, jet black hair, beautiful white teeth and the deepest, sexiest laugh she had ever heard! He was looking straight at her and she knew immediately that he wanted to fuck her. She could feel her pelvic muscles start to contract at the sight of him and her cunt was immediately wet. She decided to take a closer look. She excused herself and started to make her way to the rest room, which just happened to take her right by his table.

Max was bored! He had only agreed to come on this particular business trip to France because his darling wife had been bitching at him for weeks to buy her a new car, to go with the new house he had worked his bollocks off to buy! At thirty three, he had been married for five years and loved his wife and two kids, but he longed to get away from the mundane trappings of married life. The men he was with were all French and were so intent on their conversation that they had forgotten he was Italian and spoke very little French. They did keep speaking English occasionally, but not often enough to hold his interest. One of the guys had just made a crude joke about a little group of French women across the restaurant, he understood the gist of what was said and it made him laugh out loud; he could not help glancing over in their direction.

That was when he saw her, amazing blue eyes directly holding his gaze, short dark hair, full red lips that screamed at him to stick his dick between them, and the most fabulous full cleavage, urging him to dive straight in. His balls immediately started to tighten and he could feel his dick stirring in his tight Armani boxers. Just then she excused herself and started to saunter over towards his table, he was mesmerised by her curvaceous hips as they swayed in his direction swathed in a tight red silk dress. As she came nearer he watched as her tits jiggled just enough to make his balls start to ache. She was still looking straight at him. And what a look! It told him without a doubt that she wanted to fuck him!

As she walked across the restaurant, Caroline was aware of the admiring glances she was getting from the other diners. Head held high and never taking her eyes off his, Caroline did her best Marilyn Monroe walk, hips swaying seductively and tits jiggling just enough to ensure that she held his attention, she drew alongside his table and gave a slight intake of breath as she passed by, she knew he was watching her and she knew that he would follow.

Max could feel his heart beating out of his chest and his hard dick was already straining to escape. As soon as she disappeared around the corner to the restroom, he excused himself and headed in the same direction. He was unaware of anything except his erection and his aching balls!

Caroline turned the corner ataşehir escort bayan to the restroom, her heart beating so fast that she could hardly breathe; she opened her purse and withdrew a card which contained the name of her hotel and the room number. She had learned this trick from a friend who had once worked as a call girl, who had simply told her that opportunity should never be allowed to walk by!

Max turned the corner to the restroom and almost collided with her, before he had a chance to say a word; she held his hand and placed her mouth against his ear and whispered “now”! Then she brushed past him and strolled quickly back in to the restaurant. He stood for a second or two, inhaling the smell of her perfume that still lingered in the air. Then he realised that he had something in his hand, it was a business card for the Hotel Notre Dame, he turned it over and it simply said ‘room 1069’

Caroline headed quickly back to the table and spoke to Ellen, telling her that she suddenly felt very ill and needed to return to the hotel. Ellen looked a little surprised and offered to go with her, but Caroline would not hear of it, she said goodnight to the others and then walked briskly out to the street where she immediately hailed a taxi.

Max felt like he’d just smoked the first cigarette of the day! His head was spinning with excitement. He walked back through to the restaurant, to see her leaving!

Caroline sat in the taxi, feeling such anticipation; she knew he would come after her and her cunt was throbbing with anticipation!

As he left the restaurant, Max saw her disappearing in to a taxi! He had to have her! He knew she was teasing him, but the torment was so delicious. The anticipation of having her was more than he could stand, but the thrill of the chase was making him high! Arriving at the hotel, he walked inside and looked around for the elevator, but as he made his way towards it, he saw her! She was sitting at the bar with a glass of champagne. He noticed straight away that she had her eyes fixed on his crotch as he walked towards her. She held out her hand and said “Hi, I’m Caroline” She had the most dazzling smile and the second she held his hand, his balls felt ready to explode!

Caroline saw him the moment he walked into the lobby he was trying to smooth down his unruly hair, it crossed her mind that he was wasting his time, she planned to dishevel it shortly anyway! As he strode towards her, she could not take her eyes off his bulging crotch. She knew that she would shortly release that dick and the thought of it was making her cunt tingle with desire! After introducing herself, she handed him a glass of champagne and he tapped it against her glass and looking directly at her he said “Alla tua salute! Bellisima Caroline” The sound of his voice melted her! She had to have him! Now!

Max knew that he had her; English women could never resist the sound of his voice. He decided to take control and holding out his arm for her, he steered her across the bar towards the elevator. They stepped inside and he could feel the electricity between them His instinct was to take her in his arms immediately and press his mouth against hers, but he wanted the anticipation to last a little longer, he was so turned on by the build up.

When she took hold of his arm, Caroline thought she would cum there and then, he smelled delicious and she thought she would not make it to her room without trying to eat him! But she managed to hold herself back, despite the way her nipples were straining against the silk of her dress. She felt sure that he must be able to smell her desire!

As soon as they stepped in to the room Max could wait no longer, he took her in his arms and started to kiss her, deep and hard, exploring her mouth with his tongue, he could feel her hungry response and it just fired him more. She had one hand in his hair and the other on his ass, pulling him against her. He pushed her against the wall and with one arm he lifted her off her feet and her legs automatically wound around his waist. He hitched up her dress and immediately found his way to her gaping wet cunt, she wasn’t wearing panties and he could feel that she was smooth and hair free, he groaned as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. He lifted her and turned towards the bed, laying her on her back at the edge of the bed, he dropped to his knees on the floor and pushing her legs wide, his tongue started to explore her cunt.

Caroline loved that he had taken her and put her, she was on her back and his tongue was busy licking and exploring the lips of her cunt. She could not lie still, her hips were thrusting against his face and her hands were tangled in his hair as she held him against her. Then he was pushing his fingers inside her, and his teeth were gently biting her clit, he found her G-spot with ease and she could not help crying out as she felt herself building to an orgasm, she felt it in her toes escort kadıköy first and it worked its way up her legs, that gorgeous familiar tingle, then her pelvic muscles started to contract and as he kept pushing against her G-spot and nibbling and sucking her clit, she felt it, like a massive release of energy exploding from her body, her pelvic muscles were furiously squeezing tight, contracting and releasing in waves, she could feel her juice squirting all over his hand as her orgasm over took her and she was groaning with lust.

Max loved how she tasted and when he felt her orgasm erupting he was so turned on by the force of her juice squirting from inside her cunt that he almost shot his load. He stood up and quickly opened his pants releasing his swollen dick from his boxers, then he lifted her into his arms and as she wrapped her legs around him once again he slowly slid her down on to his cock. Her arms were around his neck and she slid her tongue in to his mouth in time to his thrusts, his hands were holding her ass and working her up and down on his dick, he could feel her grinding against him and he knew that she was building to another orgasm, her juice was oozing down over his balls and he could feel her muscles squeezing his dick tight. He had to sit on the bed as his legs started to weaken, he was almost ready to cum and he wanted to feel her grind down hard on him, he wanted to be as deep inside her as he could get. She had her legs tight around him and was thrusting and grinding in time to his thrusts, he felt her muscles tighten at the same time as he felt his balls tighten and then he was there, she was whispering in his ear “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah” and then she was screaming out loud as he felt his cum shoot inside her, her muscles squeezing tight around his cock.

Caroline sat back in his arms and looked at him; she smiled and said “By the way, what’s your name?” He threw back his head and laughed! “Buonasera Signora, mi chiamo Max, piacere!” She had no clue what he had said to her, but she guessed his name was Max. She stood up and started to remove her dress. She could not take her eyes off him, he was so sexy and she knew that she was going to have him again.

Max watched her as she undressed and at the same time he removed his own clothes. She had magnificent tits, he saw her pink, hard nipples for the first time and felt his dick stirring again. She had a lovely curvaceous body; he hated to see women who had no flesh on them! *

Caroline caught sight of herself on the way past the mirror as she reached in to the mini bar to find a small bottle of Champagne. She had a great idea of what she wanted to do with it and the mirror would also be a nice addition. She poured a glass of Champagne and took a large sip, which she kept in her mouth and then she walked back to where Max was sitting on the edge of the bed and bent over in front of him. Taking his dick in her mouth, she allowed the bubbles to play around the head of his dick, using her tongue to move them and make them fizz.

Max watched her as she poured a drink and then moved back towards him, as she bent over and took his semi hard dick in to her mouth he caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. She had a fantastic shaped ass, firm and round. He was thinking of spanking those cheeks when he felt the bubbles playing on his dick and he jerked with surprise and excitement. She stood up laughing and then she offered him the glass and lying on the bed, beckoned him towards her with one finger. He obeyed immediately, she told him to take a drink, hold it in his mouth and then go down on her. She was thrusting against his mouth again and he loved the feel of it and the taste of the Champagne mixed with her juice and his own cum.

Caroline wanted to suck his dick, she moved around the bed until she was astride his face and her face was above his dick, which was now rock hard again. She took hold of his dick and very gently started to lick around the tip then she sucked it deep and slowly in to her mouth. His tongue was exploring her cunt, he slid it deeply inside her and she moaned. She was grinding hard on his face rubbing her wet cunt all over his face, feeling his tongue on her clit and her labia which were now large and swollen, she could feel her clit throbbing and she knew that her juice was running all over his face.

Max was trying to hold back, he did not want to cum again so soon, he loved the taste of her and the way she was sucking his cock was making him want to thrust hard. He took hold of her hips and reluctantly lifted her away from his face. She was whimpering as he pulled his cock away from her mouth and he moved her forward on to her knees, while he manoeuvred himself behind her, he pushed her face down and pulled her ass upwards towards his hard dick. Making sure that he had a good view of her ass, he slowly slid his dick deep in to her cunt and then very slowly he started to thrust deep inside her. bostancı escort She tried to move, but he told her to lay still, holding her down with one hand and slowly and precisely caressing her clit with the other, he continued to slide in and out slowly and then faster and harder and deeper, she was crying out now, then he deliberately pulled his dick almost out of her, making her cry out. He slid it out and rubbed it around her ass hole, then back inside her cunt, hard thrusts again, still rubbing her clit, then out and rubbing around her ass hole again, then back inside her cunt, teasing her, making her cry out loud.

Caroline was so excited, he was tormenting her, fucking her hard and deep and then taking it away from her, she was trying to press herself back so that he could not take his dick out of her cunt, but he held her down so that she could not move. She was on the brink of another orgasm and the way he was teasing her ass was so delicious, she wanted to feel his dick inside her ass, this was driving her mad. She felt him pull his dick out of her cunt again and rubbing it around her ass hole again, she could not stand this a moment longer, she reached her arm back and took hold of his dick and held it against her ass hole, he stopped holding her down, using his hand to hold her ass cheeks a little wider, then very slowly she pushed back as she guided his dick into her ass.

The second Max felt his dick slide in to her ass, he felt her start to stiffen, he was still rubbing her clit and he knew that she was close to her orgasm again. She pushed right back against him so that his dick was all the way inside her and she was moaning now and breathing hard and fast. He started to thrust his dick inside her ass, taking her lead as she told him that she wanted him deeper and faster. Then she started to scream out and he could feel her muscles tighten around his dick, he felt his balls tighten and as she started to shudder, he felt his hot cum shoot inside her ass. He held her hips tight against him and kept dead still, eyes closed, groaning quietly and allowing his orgasm to consume him.

Ellen was in a taxi on her way back to the Hotel Notre Dame. She had told the others that she was worried about her friend. But Caroline had not fooled her! She knew her friend too well, she had noticed the way Caroline had looked at the gorgeous guy in the restaurant and it had not escaped her notice the way he had practically run out of the restaurant the second Caroline had left! She could not blame him though; Ellen had often tried to fathom what exactly it was about Caroline that drew people to her, she really had a certain kind of magnetism. Maybe it was her forthrightness that attracted people, she certainly did not beat around the bush when she spoke about sex and it often made Ellen blush! The trouble was that Ellen and Caroline both found the same kind of men attractive and Ellen had spotted the gorgeous guy the second they had gone in to the restaurant! Now she was curious and strangely excited about what he and Caroline might be doing right now! The thought of it made her tummy flip and she could feel a familiar stirring between her legs.

As she let herself in to the room, Ellen could hear the sound of the shower. She felt embarrassed all of a sudden and was going to leave but then she noticed that the door to the bathroom was ajar, her curiosity got the better of her and she moved across the room and looked inside the bathroom, through the shower screen, she could see Caroline with her back towards her, water running down her back, facing the gorgeous man who was on his knees in the shower performing oral sex on her friend. She felt strangely turned on by this sight and she began to flush, the shower screen was not fully closed and she noticed the gorgeous man looking straight at her and was about to run away when he winked at her! She was rooted to the spot and did not know what to do. But she kept watching him, he was caressing Caroline’s ass and she was moaning softly and thrusting her hips towards him as she held his head against her. Ellen could not help it; she started to feel so turned on that she just had to touch herself! Her hand found its way between her legs and she started to rub herself. She could see him watching her and it was making her feel strangely erotic. She caressed her thigh and hitched up her dress. She was feeling very brave now, she pulled her panties to one side and started to rub her clit, the gorgeous guy never took his eyes off her and she could feel her breath getting faster as her pelvic muscles started to tighten.

Caroline had noticed Max wink and she could see that his attention was elsewhere. She wondered if Ellen was back! She had wondered if Ellen would come back early, but thought that it would be over between her and Max by then. As it turned out, she was now on her way to a third orgasm and was not ready to stop yet! She knew that Ellen had once told her that she had a fantasy to watch other people having sex, so she guessed that was what her friend was doing right now! Caroline put her finger under Max’s chin and lifted his face towards hers and she winked at him. His smile told her that she was correct in her assumption!

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