Stranger Games

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She smiled as she hung up the phone. He wanted to play a game. The adorable, naughty man had a mischievous streak. He had called to tell her he was on his way over to see her, but this time; there were a set of rules. She was to leave the door unlocked, pick a room in the house, and pretend she was going to be all alone for the rest of the night. Actually, she was supposed to pretend she was going to be all alone and desperately horny. He wanted her to indulge in a wicked fantasy and… well… touch and tease and play until she was wet and aching.

At that point he was going to show up, a stranger wandering into the wrong house. While the stranger was exploring the house he just happened to wander into, he’d happen upon a woman in the midst of a self-induced thrall. Of course, he’d be unable to resist the temptation laid out before him, and he’d have to touch her. The scene he had set delighted her even as it made her blush. She checked her watch — he’d be “wandering” into her home in about five minutes. She made a made dash around the house to slick on emergency lip gloss, toss clutter out of sight, unlock the door, and find the ideal spot to be discovered.

The wardrobe decision burned a few precious minutes, but presentation was so very important. Deciding simplicity was best, she peeled off her jeans and panties and left her tee shirt and bra in place. She settled escort ataşehir on the long couch in the lower level of the house. She wouldn’t be in line of sight of the front door, but it wouldn’t take much looking to find her. Stretching out on the cool cushions, she closed her eyes and tried to conjure a fantasy. The fact that he was going to be watching her was enough to send desire coiling in her belly and pooling between her thighs.

Giving herself up to the daydream, she closed her eyes and slipped her hand down her torso. She imagined him standing in the doorway; watching her, getting harder and heavier, maybe sliding his hand over himself as he watched. She relaxed into the fantasy a bit more and her legs fell wantonly apart. The rattle of the door knob and the push of the door opening made her breath hitch. Her stranger was here. She concentrated on staying in character and continued to run her fingers over her sensitive bits. She heard his footfalls as he moved through the house. Her breath hitched as his steps grew closer to her spot on the couch.

Indulging in another moan, she dipped a finger inside her drenched pussy and then lifted it to her lips. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she licked the taste of her arousal off her finger. His tongue, wet and warm, streaked over her core. She gasped and her eyes flew open. She’d been so wrapped kadıköy escort bayan up in her game she hadn’t felt him move to her. His eyes were on hers, mischief and desire danced in them. She gasped as his tongue pressed inside her.

“Oh, my….. a…. a… stranger in my…..h-house,” she managed. The line was entirely unbelievable, but it was the best she could do. She felt him chuckle against her before he returned his full attention to her undoing. The man had talent and he knew where every delightful spot was on her body. She shattered fast and hard. She quaked and shivered against his mouth.

Giving her time to recover just a bit, he moved up her body; kisses on her hip, her belly, up to her breasts and her throat. His mouth found hers and she felt her system ramp up again. He paused to peel off her top and bent to suck one nipple into a tight peak. His clothes came off next. She reached for him, pulling him to her mouth. He was thick and long, he had a fabulous cock. Every inch of it was hard for her. She sucked just the tip of him into her mouth. He made a sound almost like a growl, but let her take her time. She teased and tantalized with her tongue. Her fingers linked around his shaft and stroked while her mouth enticed. He began to move with her touch, thrusting into her mouth. She whimpered against him. God, but this man made her crazy. escort bostancı His fingers moved into her hair, tender and possessive at the same time.

He slipped out of her grasp. He bent to brush a kiss against her lips before nudging her to roll over. She obeyed and moved to her hands and knees. Peeking at him over her shoulder, she studied him as he looked at her. He was lean and hard in all the right places. Mmmm. The expression on his face told her that he appreciated her as well. He never failed to make her feel like the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. He bent to taste her again, just a couple quick strokes of his tongue. And then he was inside her, filling her, stretching her. She whimpered with pure, undiluted pleasure.

He wasn’t gentle or patient with her this time. He took. He plunged into her, deep and fast. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her into his thrusts. She matched his pace, met his heat. Her orgasm was twisting and building inside her, but she didn’t want to give into it yet. She wanted to fall with him. She pleaded with him to hurry. He moaned and pulled her tighter against him. His pace was dizzying, but she stayed with him. The muscles in his thighs and belly went taught. He moaned her name. He pushed deeper inside her. The last bit of control she possessed shattered and her body erupted into orgasm. She felt him pulsing inside her. He held her against him until the riot in their systems quieted. Then he pulled her onto the couch with him, running his fingers over her hair and down her back.

After a few minutes of comfortable, sated silence, he said, “You know… I don’t think this is my house.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32