Stormy Weather

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She was exhausted. She had just finished a double shift at the hospital, her third one this week. She was thankful that tomorrow was her day off and was excited about sleeping in and having a healthy, warm breakfast in the morning. Just one more stop at the grocery store and she would be home, hopefully in her hot tub within the next hour.

On her way to her beach home, a storm was rolling in over the Northern Atlantic. She loved storms and the power of the ocean; she just hoped she would make it home before the torrential downpour started. As she arrived home, the garage door wouldn’t open and as luck would have it, the rain had begun. She parked as close as she could to the front door, grabbed her purse and groceries and darted towards the house.

Thankfully the porch light was motion sensitive and flicked on, kindly welcoming her home. She fumbled for a minute unlocking the door and finally made it in.

She placed her bags down and placed her hands on the table as she removed her shoes. As she looked up into the mirror, she thought to herself, “what a hot mess I am.”.

She was standing there, drenched. Her long, curly, red hair and her nurses uniform was soaked. She looked like a girl you would see on the cover of a men’s magazine…hot nurse drenched.

Just then, the lights flickered as a crack of thunder sounded off in the distance. The sound made her jump with excitement. She hustled into bathroom and started filling the tub and lit some lavender candles.

As the tub was filling, she started to undress. The coldness of her wet clothes was starting to give her chills and the steam from the hot water felt good against her skin. She stood there wearing her lacy white bra and her white boyshorts and went into the kitchen.

As she was placing the groceries away, she was excited. The storm looked like it was growing in intensity. The bahis forum sky would light up with heat lightning and the rain was pounding hard against the roof. She could see the waves crashing against the shore and smell the fresh air from the opened kitchen window. She poured herself a glass of merlot and went back to the tub with wineglass and bottle in hand.

She effortlessly removed her bra and panties and felt the water with her hand – it was perfect. She turned off the light and then slipped into the tub.

The water felt like magic on her skin. The warmth of it quickly penetrated her and removed all fragments of any coldness that she felt; she immediately had chills from the pleasure it was giving her.

She leaned her head back, and took a sip of her wine as she watched the storm brewing outside. The few trees in her yard were swaying back and forth, the crashing of the waves were becoming more intense and the rain was slowing up just a little.

She felt peace.

It had been a rough few days, however to live like this it was worth it. Ever since her childhood, she loved the water – and owning a house on a lake was a dream, but on the ocean that was paradise to her.

She poured herself another glass of wine and then placed her eye mask on. She could feel her body becoming tingly with everything that was happening. The warm water, the smell of the candles, the roar of mother nature outdoors and of course the sweet wine flowing through her body. She was almost there, a perfect state of relaxation.

Lying there, her hand slowly moved out of the water and opened a small box on the crest of the tub. Her body began to quiver as she was full of anticipation for what was coming next, as she pulled her glass dildo out of the case.

She pulled the dildo into the water to let it warm up. She had been wet ever since she saw the first thunderhead on her way home this evening – something about water and storms just turned her on and her pussy was throbbing for a good fucking.

The dildo was warm and her pussy was begging for it. She slowly slid it into her tight cunt. Her mouth opened and she began to bite her bottom lip with the thought of being penetrated by her boyfriend, who had been traveling for the last week.

She was thinking about his intoxicating smell and the passionate sex that they always had as she gently pushed the dildo into her and her thumb gently rubbed her clit as her other hand massaged her breasts.

The tension that had been built up the last several days was melting away, she felt that she was about to explode – she was feeling immensely good at this point. Just then, her body went into convulsions, quivering, the water splashing onto the floor as she began to orgasm and let out a loud moan of ecstasy. Just then, from underneath her mask she sensed the light flicker in the hallway as the power went out. This intensified her orgasm as she grabbed the side of the tub with both hands. The dildo was slowly moving in and out of her simply by the pressure of her lips choking it and as they shook from her orgasm.

She let out one last moan of pleasure and then began gasping for air.

She started letting the water drain and stepped out onto the microfiber bath mat and grabbed her soft white towel and began drying off. She loves storms and that was one of the best orgasms she had had in a while. She bent over, blew the candles out and then with the towel wrapped around her slowly started to make it to the bedroom that overlooked the ocean. She dropped the towel to the floor as she neared the foot of the bed.

Standing there, she saw lightning strike the ocean and just then, she felt a firm arm wrap around her waist and a hand on her mouth. Her entire body tensed and her eyes opened wide.

Without warning, she felt cloth slip over her head. She could barely see through it, just the occasional strike of lightning but nothing more. As the bag was secured over her head, she felt her hands being bound behind her and then she was bent over the bed.

She felt a warm, throbbing cock from behind her push into her pussy, which was still convulsing a little from the prior orgasm. As the rock hard cock entered into her, her pussy started to throb even more, her pussy was asking, no telling her that she needed to be fucked.

The man from behind her, bent over and bit her neck and the warm breath of him touched the lobe of her ear. In a husky voice, that sounded a little strained he said:

“I saw you fucking yourself in the tub. You are a filthy slut and need to be fucked by a real man, not a fucking toy.”

She moaned; the excitement had taken her voice from her.

“So, you agree. Or are you too afraid to say anything?” At the same time, she felt his dick slide out of her and slide into her tight ass.

She screamed, but not with pain and just then her head tilted up and she saw lightning strike just outside the window. This surprised her and caused her entire body to tighten.

He slapped her ass and pushed all the way inside of her.

She felt his hands grabbing her waist and pulling her into him as he thrust his mammoth cock inside of her. He started to go fast and hard and she felt the head of his cock getting swollen, full of cum inside of her ass. His balls were slapping up against her pussy and they hit her clit on rare occasions which made her shake again.

As her body went into another orgasm, he started to moan, moan very loudly. She then felt the cock leaving her and then his hot cum all over her ass and back. This sent her into a frenzy and she fell onto the floor shaking from the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, just as a clap of thunder shook the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32