Storms , Sex

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It was a dark and stormy night….

He showed up at my doorstep hours before it started to pick me up to take me to the hotel.

We’ve been fucking and playing pretty much nonstop since then.

My fear of storms have been clouded by lust. His skillful fingers moving in and out of my cum filled pussy to keep me distracted.

“You know, you can stop playing with me.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Okay. Then, continue on..”

He starts thrusting his fingers in and out of me harder and faster.

I rock against his fingers, moaning.

I whimper, moan, groan, and growl as he picks up speed. Arching my back and continuing to rock against his fingers.

Suddenly, I pull his fingers out of me. He looks at me weird.

“Let it build up, after awhile I’m just not going to cum anymore.”


“You can still play with me though, it feels good.”

I take his hand, shoving his middle finger inside me and pressing his thumb against my swollen clit. Careful to avoid both my ticklish and my “twitch” spots.

I scoot up as much as I can on the bed and force his finger in deeper with a moan.

“Mmm, that feels good.”

“Now, move your thumb…ahhh, that’s it…like that…keep your finger still.”

“Mmm, baby, that feels really good!”


“Your finger feels good inside me, but it’s your dick I want.”

He smiles….big.

I reach down and start stroking his dick.

He makes a noise.

I love that noise.

I stroke harder, faster.

He makes that noise again.

I’m concentrating on his dick and he’s trying to concentrate on what he’s doing to me, but he’s having trouble from the look on his face.

So, I use my left hand to push his hand away from my pussy while I’m still stroking him.

He’s hard, but the look of pure lust on his face is priceless and I can’t stop. My hand has a mind of it’s own bilecik escort as I continue stroking, faster.

But, then, I stop.

“Did that feel good?”


“About as much as you playing with my pussy feels good to me.”


“You’re on top, baby. I want you to pound me.”

The storm is getting worse. The thunder’s getting closer and the lightning is striking too close for my comfort.

I move towards the middle of the bed as he is moving to mount me. Moving up over me, lifting my hips up, grabbing his hips, I push him down,

straight inside my pussy.


“Pound me, baby.”

And, that is what he does. He starts pounding me…



Even harder.

Even harder than that.

“Oh god! That’s feels good!”

I’m matching his pace.





I run my hands up his back, lightly scratching him. I can’t resist. I’m a scratcher and a biter.

The temptation is too much.

He doesn’t really seem to mind. I’m not exactly trying to harm him, and I wouldn’t dare. At least, not without pleasure mixed in.

My hands are now at his shoulders, I dig my nails into his skin, not hard, but not exactly gently either.

I let my hands slide down his arms.

I move my hands so they are on the middle of his chest, moving in opposite directions I move until they are at his nipples.

Rubbing his nipples gently. That sensation goes straight to his balls.

“Feel good?”


I slow my pace down to a stop. To just lay there and enjoy the fantastic feeling of his dick going in and out of me as hard as he possibly can go. Which is pretty hard, mind you. I know I’m going to be sore later, but it is SO worth it. I might not be able to walk, I don’t think I really want to either.

He’s manisa escort now laying on me, playing with and sucking on my 46D’s.

“Oh god, i’m close, so fucking close!”

In and out

In and out

In and out

He’s humping away and I am moving my legs up, so he can get even deeper, and I hold my legs in place using my hands.

His thick cock is making my pussy quiver. I can’t take it anymore and I start cumming all over his cock. I can feel it run down.

The clenching and unclenching of my pussy muscles make it hard for him to hold it anymore and once again he fills my pussy full.

“You’re gonna make me beg for you to stop, aren’t you?”

“Like I would.”

The storm has passed for now. We’re both hot, sweaty, I’m sore, and he’s tired.

I get up and start getting dressed.

“Where are you going?”



“Fresh air. I’ll be back.”

“Ahh, okay.”

I finish getting dressed, grabbing my stuff. I open the door, step out, and close it behind me with a satisfied grunt.

I head to the elevator, because there is no way I am going to make it down and up those steps. My legs are all wobbly and such.

I step inside the elevator, pushing the button I want. I go down.

I sigh in content.

Damn, that was good and we’re not exactly finished either.

The elevator ride comes to an end, dings, doors open. I step out, walking to the end of the hall. I make my way to the front.

I push the doors open and step outside to the cool, rainy, fresh air.

Which feels really good on hot and sweaty skin..or at least the skin that’s showing.

Reaching in my pocket for my cigarettes and lighter. I pull one out and light it. Inhaling deeply, exhaling slowly.

Ahh, nicotine!

I’m standing next to the door, in my own little world.

I didn’t mersin escort notice he came outside until he was next to me.

“Hey gorgeous.”

“Hey sexy.”

“So, you get to watch me smoke in person instead of just on cam, but it is a nice night.”




I stub my cigarette out and turn around so I’m facing him.

I smile.

“C’mon, you get to sleep with me.”


“Yeah, yay.”

I grab his hand and drag him back inside. We walk down the hall and as soon as we step into the elevator he pushes me against the elevator wall.

“Oh god, I love it when you…”

Before I can even finish my sentence he leans down and kisses me, hard but sweet. I grab him and pull him closer and we continue this until the elevator stops, dings, and the doors open.

I end it so we can go back to his room. He unlocks it, opens it, and I make him go in first… I smile. I take my shoes and pants off, but leave my shirt and panties on. I crawl on the bed, under the covers I go, and I lay down on my back. I watch him strip and crawl onto the bed, too.

“You wanna cuddle, don’t you?”


“Always with the ‘sures’.” , I say laughing.

I move so i’m laying facing him. Getting comfortable.

“You’re staring at me. Why?”

No response.

“This feels weird.”


“Because, I’m here..with you and not at home.”

“Want to go home?”

“No, I don’t. It just feels weird. I didn’t say it was a bad weird. If it was a bad weird, i’d be home already.”


He moves closer.

“Gonna use me as a pillow?”

“Uh huh.”


And he does. My breasts make perfect pillows. So, he uses them as such.

I lay there for awhile, watching him use me as a pillow before falling asleep another storm hits which causes me to try to move closer to him. I cuddle back.

To be continued….

Authors note:

I wonder, sometimes, if I am too passionate…and if people actually LIKE this kind of thing. Doesn’t always have to be hard core, right? Passion is a plus, right? You’re more than welcome to give me feedback and vote! It really is what keeps us writers writing. :o)

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