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“Listen, Derek, do me a favor, huh? Go get laid,” Kevin growled, sifting through the papers on his desk, searching for the memo he wanted.

“What?” Derek stared at his brother, wondering where that comment had come from. He’d been complaining about the latest delay in their summer shoe shipment and Kevin had been listening–or so he thought, anyway.

“You’ve been a real pain since you left Paula,” Kevin explained, opening a drawer in the desk, still searching for the memo, “I know finding Paula giving her boss a quickie on your couch wasn’t pleasant, but the rest of us didn’t do anything. We don’t deserve this torture. It’s been almost a month now.”

“Pain? Torture?” Derek repeated, stunned.

Finally Kevin looked up and saw the hurt look on his brother’s face, softening. Being three years younger didn’t mean he always had to aggravate his big brother. “Listen, Derek, forget I said anything, okay?”

“No. I want an explanation,” Derek insisted, putting his hands on the edge of Kevin’s desk and leaning over. “Torture?”

“No one can do anything right anymore,” Kevin said softly, “You’re running on empty, bro. You’re not sleeping or eating. You’re always here. You’re always complaining. Take some time off. Find a way to get past this or at least find a hot woman to fuck a few times and relieve your frustration.”

“I didn’t realize that my work habits were creating problems,” Derek said, his voice sharp but not hiding the hurt that was still written clearly on his face.

“Go home. Sleep. Eat. Whatever,” Kevin got to his feet and put his hand on Derek’s arm. He met Derek’s eyes squarely. “You need something, Derek. I’m really worried about you. Mom even called here today because Kitty’s been complaining about you. Take some time and find what you need.”

“Fine.” Derek felt dizzy for a moment, then saw that Kevin had noticed. “I’ll take a week or so, get rested, relax,” he finally conceded, “Will that do?”

“I don’t want to see you here until at least a week from tomorrow–Understood?” Kevin glared at Derek until his brother nodded. Kevin watched Derek turn and walk out of the office before going back to his memo search, muttering about lack of organization.


Derek intended to go home, really, but as he walked towards the parking garage entrance, he caught sight of this incredible red-head in women’s lingerie. That’s what he needed, he decided, a hot naked woman writhing underneath him. He turned towards lingerie.

As he came up behind her, she picked up a dark blue bra and held it up as if considering it. “Nice choice,” he said softly. She swung around with a gasp, her free hand on her heart.

“What did you say?” she demanded, her eyes wide but sparking with irritation. “Hello…” She waved a hand in front of his face. Derek was staring, surprised, caught up in the fact that her eyes were the same midnight blue as the satin and lace bra.

He started, then seemed to focus on her. “I said nice choice,” he repeated, then cleared his throat of the sudden roughness, “It’s a really nice bra.”

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice betraying not only her irritation, but a trace of nerves. Derek heard it and held up his hands in surrender.

“Just an appreciative shopper,” he answered. No wedding ring he noticed as his eyes wandered over her and nodded to himself. Just what he needed…

“Kind of a weak pick up line, don’t you think?” she snapped, turning back and sliding hangers on the rack until she found a matching lace thong.

Pick up line? That lack of sleep must be catching up with him, he thought. “It was just a comment, not a proposition,” he explained, his own voice a little irritated. Was everyone in a bad mood today? Or was he wearing a sign that said ‘kick me’?

“Men don’t comment on a woman’s underwear without it being a proposition,” she replied, moving to another rack and picking up a cream colored all lace demi-bra. “I will grant you that with some men it’s just habit and so it comes out rather half-hearted. Usually it’s because they’ve been married to the same boring woman for twenty odd years and they’re not really shopping anyway.”

Derek was staring at her, annoyed and yet intrigued and kind of turned on by her easy manner. “You’ve studied this?” he murmured, handing her a thong to match the cream bra.

“Experience.” Her voice was short and to the point as she considered the panties he’d ataşehir escort bayan given her. “I work with teenagers all day and God knows sex it the main thing on their minds. You just get used to reading the signs and know when it’s a habit and when it’s really meant.”

Work with teenagers? A teacher? He tried to remember if he’d had a teacher that looked like this woman. He didn’t think so–he was pretty sure he’d remember one. He fought back a laugh when he considered her teaching a room full of adolescent males. Of course sex would be high on the list of daydreams when this delicious woman was standing in front of you for hours on end. Then the rest of her words filtered through.

“You think I’m trying to pick you up out of habit?” he said, incredulously.

“You said you weren’t trying to pick me up,” she reminded him. She turned towards the dress department, well aware he was following her with a baffled look on his face. She hid a smirk as she approached a rack of dresses.

“Well, no, I’m not, but…” he stumbled a bit, “It’s not like…Hell.” He’d better stop while he was ahead. He looked at her closely when he thought he saw a smile. She was teasing him–well what did you know, flirting in the lingerie department, he thought, feeling his body start to heat.

“After all,” she continued, picking up a silvery shiny cocktail dress before looking at him, “I can’t imagine a man who looks like you has to resort to picking up women in a clothing store.” She went back to considering the dress.

Couched in her compliment was a depressing truth. He was resorting to picking up women in a clothing store. Granted, it was a store he and his brother owned, but still. Maybe it was time to start his own flirting, show her he could pick up women wherever he wanted. “Maybe I like to get a preview of what I might find under her plain cotton blouse and khaki skirt,” he murmured, letting his eyes wander up and down her body again. He had a feeling there was a lot going on under that sedate outfit–especially with the items she was shopping for.

She put the silver dress back and moved on to another rack. “Why bother with a preview when you’ll tear it off so fast you won’t even see it?” she asked, fingering a short velvet dress in a deep green.

“I’m not really the tearing kind of guy,” he said, offering her a slinky dress the color of her eyes. She took it with a small smile. “I like to go nice and slow, like savoring a gourmet meal or a really fine wine.”

“That’s what they all say,” she laughed lightly, picking up a light blue silk dress and holding against her body.

The sound of her laugh sent blood rushing to his loins, making him suddenly hard. In his mind he could hear that smoky laugh as he slid a hand up her bare thigh to her sweet ass. “What kind of man do you like?” he asked suddenly, focused intently on her answer.

She bit her lip, something that made him want to groan–he wanted to bite her lip. She tucked the light blue silk over her arm with the dark blue one he’d picked out. “I guess I want someone who’s interested in me,” she answered finally, wandering deeper into the racks, “Who likes to be sensual and intense sometimes, but who also likes to play. Someone who sometimes wants me so much that he can’t hold back.”

I do. The thought popped into his head, followed closely by a panicked denial. He just wanted hot sex with a willing woman. Not a relationship. He’d done that with Paula and then found that she was interested in more than just him–in fact, she was interested in pretty much anyone with a dick. It wasn’t just the time that Kevin knew about, the time he’d caught her with her boss. There had been others, but he didn’t find out about until them after he’d caught her in the act.

“Listen, it’s been nice talking to you, but I’m going to try these on, then head home,” she said, suddenly appearing in front of him again, smiling, “As of 1 hour ago, I’m officially on spring break.”

“Sure, nice meeting you, too,” he mumbled, staring at her. He couldn’t believe she was leaving. He couldn’t believe the images that flashed through his head when she mentioned spring break. Pictures of her, naked and flushed, bucking under him, panting as he thrust into her. Images of her riding his cock, her breasts full and bare, tempting him to taste even as he came inside her. Then he realized she’d gone into the dressing room, leaving him alone.

Derek escort kadıköy was hot, hard, and horny. He had to have her now and he didn’t care if it was stupid or weak or potentially damaging to the store. He wanted this woman like he wanted to breathe, like life itself. He waited until the girl who watched the dressing rooms went to help a woman with an outfit, then he slipped into the back. He hoped there weren’t too many people in here, he thought, realizing he didn’t know how to find her. Rounding the partition, he saw only one stall had a closed door. Bingo.

Derek didn’t even think, he just acted. He opened the door, making her gasp as she turned, wearing only her bra and panties–hot red lace that seemed to barely contain her full sweet breasts. Before she could say a word his mouth was on hers, his hand pulling the door closed as he pressed her to the wall. A flick of his fingers and the door was locked. She was sweet as sin, her mouth hot and wet, opening to let his tongue tease hers. He flicked open her bra, filling his palms with her breasts as they tumble free, squeezing, stroking, swallowing her moan of pleasure.

“I need you,” he murmured, burying his face in her neck and suckling, nibbling her tender skin. He tugged her bra off and let it drop to the floor, then slid his hands under the hip straps of her panties. “I want you.”

She didn’t even make a token protest, just wrapped her arms around his neck, curving her body in a silent plea. “We have to be quiet,” she murmured, trembling against him. She was already hot, her skin damp, and she moaned softly as he shoved her panties down her long slender legs. Naked except for her sandals, she rubbed against him as he slid a hand between her thighs.

She was dripping wet and ready for him, he found as he stroked her folds. His fingers rubbed, stroked, teased. “I dare you not to make a sound,” he murmured, working his fingers into her tight cunt, feeling her inner muscles quiver and tense around them. She arched against him, biting her lip as she struggled not to cry out, her body spasming, hot cum spilling through his fingers.

She squirmed as his fingers wiggled and rubbed her sensitive pussy. He nipped and nuzzled her neck, sucking lightly. Her hips rocked against his palm and his cock surged against his pants, straining, hot and hard. Derek’s breath caught, his body trembling with lust…he needed this. He wanted this now.

“Now, please God, it has to be now,” he groaned in her ear. He lifted one of her legs, urging her to curl it around his hip. She quivered, open to him, ripe for plunder. He tugged down his zipper, his erection springing out, hard and thick. He used his hand to guide his cock to her and fought another groan as he accidentally brushed her clit and she shuddered again.

“Finally,” she breathed as his head parted her swollen folds, easing a little ways into her. Her passage stretched tight around his bulging tip.

“You lose,” he murmured, “I said not a sound. There will be punishment.” He drew back slightly, hearing her breath catch in protest, then he rammed straight to her core. She came up to tiptoe, pressed against him, enveloping his entire throbbing penis in her slick heat.

He’d never felt anything like her body. She was long and lithe, her skin smooth and damp, her depths silky and hot. With a soft groan, he began to thrust into her, over and over, pounding her with his hard cock. She moved with him, panting and whimpering, until his hands cupped her tight ass and she curled her other leg around him. Riding his dick, supported only by his hands under her and her hands clutching his shoulders, she moved like fluid, embracing, surrounding, enveloping him in her molten core. Her head was flung back, her throat bared for his teeth, her back rubbing against the wall as they mated in a frenzy of lust.

Derek felt her cumming, felt her body tensing as her sheath contracted around him. He drove himself into her harder, faster, stroking her heat to take her up higher before letting her climax. She was panting, pressing her hips down to him, trying to take him deeper into her. Even as he felt her arch and contract, he felt his own release shoot up his straining cock, exploding into her core with a wet rush, a hoarse groan tearing from his throat. She bucked once, twice, and then melted in his arms, her hot cum enveloping him as it spilled from her shuddering body.

He staggered, suddenly bostancı escort exhausted and sank onto the bench placed off to one side, cradling her against him as they both struggled to slow their breathing, still their vibrating muscles. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and her eyes opened wide, locking on his.

“Is everything okay, ma’am?” the salesclerk called, “Do you need another size or is everything fitting?”

“It’s fine,” the woman in his arms answered, her voice a little husky, “I’m done here. I’ll be out in a minute.” Derek grinned at her and saw her answering smile.

“Great,” the salesclerk replied, “Let me know if you need anything.” Her footsteps retreated and Derek stroked his hands up the woman’s back, savoring the feel of her. She shifted a little and he eased her up, slipping his spent penis free and helping her stand slowly.

“I don’t even know your name,” she whispered, blushing, caught in an awkward moment. She looked away from him, picking up her panties, her bra.

“Derek,” he murmured, stopping her frantic movements with a hand on her arm. She had pulled on her panties, but nothing else and he stood behind her, slipping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. She sighed, but stilled, her tense body softening in his arms.

“My name’s Sarai,” she said softly, answering his unspoken question.

“Unusual,” he murmured, “Just like the woman.” She shivered at his words and he smiled. “Have dinner with me tonight, Sarai,” he whispered, teasing her earlobe with his tongue and teeth. He heard her breath catch before she answered.

“Yes,” she breathed. He slid a hand up under her breasts, caressing her bare skin, savoring the silky warmth.

“And stay with me after,” he continued, dipping his head lower to kiss her throat.

“Yes…” She shuddered and he knew she was wet again. So incredibly responsive, he thought, feeling his own desires heating. If he didn’t let her go soon, they’d have sex again. While he’d certainly enjoy it (and make sure she did as well), the salesclerk would get suspicious soon.

“I want you, but I can wait until tonight,” he whispered, his breath warm on her skin, making her tremble as he stepped back and she wavered on her feet. “Tricrest Towers, apartment 10C, seven thirty,” he murmured, then slipped out of the cubicle. Sarai stood a moment, warmth washing through her, then she continued to dress.


Derek hoped to make it to the parking deck this time. He’d hung around a moment, hoping for a last look at Sarai before she left, then turned and walked straight into Kevin.

“I told you to go home,” Kevin complained, pushing Derek away from him before stooping to pick up the papers he’d dropped.

“I was heading there,” Derek answered, glancing around in time to see Sarai leave the store through the street side doors. “There was something I needed to…do before I left.” He cursed himself silently for the hesitation in his answer.

As expected, Kevin picked up on it immediately. “What did you need to do? You’re supposed to be on vacation, Derek. Try relaxing a little.”

“I did,” Derek murmured, thinking about that glorious weakness when he’d sat on the bench in the dressing room stall, still buried inside Sarai, holding her in his arms. That was pure relaxation.

Kevin stared at him with a curious look on his face. He tilted his head, considering. “What did you do?” he asked suspiciously.

“The most gorgeous redhead you ever saw,” Derek answered quietly, his voice smug and satisfied.

“God, no, Derek,” Kevin groaned, “Where?” Derek was still in the store. Obviously it was here, Kevin thought, trying to decide where and with whom.

“Women’s dressing room,” Derek murmured, a small smile on his face.

Kevin groaned again. Shit, it was worse than he’d thought. Not in his own office, but in the public dressing rooms. “Are you out of your mind?” Kevin asked, gripping his brother’s arm tightly, “Who was she? Was she an employee?” All they needed was a sexual harassment–or worse, a sexual assault–lawsuit. He should have taken Derek home himself. Obviously the man had totally lost his mind.

“I’m seeing her again tonight,” Derek said slowly, then realized that he had things to do to prepare. He looked at Kevin and grinned. “Thanks for the advice, bro,” he said, pulling free and heading out to the parking area. Kevin watched him go with a sick feeling in his stomach. He should have said something long before it got to this point, he thought, Derek was having sex in the store.

God, he has all the luck, a small voice in the back of Kevin’s mind complained. A hot redhead. What he’d give…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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