Stoney’s Unusual Story Ch. 01

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He was born Thomas Jonathan Jackson. His father was a fan of the Confederate General of the same name. Therefore, he almost had no choice but to be nicknamed “Stoney”, as in Stonewall Jackson. He was born and raised in the shadow of Mt. Shasta in the city of the same name in northern California.

He grew into a man of 6’2″ and 225 pounds by the age of twenty. He was average in schooling. His teachers considered him not bright, a code word for “slow”. He was very quiet, and normally didn’t speak to anyone unless they spoke to him. Mt. Shasta was a resort town playing off the mountain that was only nine miles away. He worked at a resort in the maintenance department and was well-liked by the other employees.

The only exception to the people that liked him was during high school. For some reason, the “it” girls, mostly the cheerleaders, didn’t like him and made fun of him through-out his school years. He mostly ignored them, but the taunting was continuous and unrelenting. The entire town saw it, but no-one stopped it.

This story begins because of one of these girls. As his twenty-first birthday approached, she decided it was time to have one final humiliation for him. She had someone else announce a birthday party at the resort where he worked. Her friends set up a “Carrie” type of humiliation for him at the resort where he worked.

On the day of the party, everyone was in the resort’s ball room. It was most of the young people from this town of 3,200 people. They had speeches and he was having a very good time. It finally came time to bring out the cake, and this former cheerleader stood up to give a toast. As she was giving it, a slide show of everything done to him during high school played in the background. The crowd went from stunned silence to a few laughing to everyone laughing.

Stoney Jackson had enough. He charged the stage, grabbed her, and threw her off the stage. As everyone ran in terror, he jumped down on top of her, grabbed her by the throat, and began ripping her clothes off. He stripped her nearly naked as she screamed. By the time the police arrived, she was laying on the floor, naked, crying uncontrollably.

They led Stoney away, and the ambulance took the girl to the hospital. When the trial came, there was no-one to defend him, and he didn’t have a chance.

That is when the unusual began to happen. The girl’s mother was Martha Washington, the largest name in Mt. Shasta. She owned half the town and did about whatever she wanted. The only reason the town didn’t really complain much about it was because she wasn’t in town much. She enjoyed traveling with her entourage and had left her daughter home with a maid and an old nanny. The people of the town didn’t really blame Stoney much. The girl was a bitch. No-one in that town liked her much. The judge in the case didn’t want to send Stoney to prison. The girl did recover but moved away because she couldn’t face the townspeople who had seen her naked, in her eyes.

Martha had come home for the trial, and asked to meet with the judge, sheriff, and Stoney’s public defender. She knew her daughter was a bitch, and didn’t want to send the man to prison, either. Her attorney had approached her with an unusual solution.

Martha began the meeting. “Thank you all for this meeting. This is a terrible thing for this town, and everyone involved. None of us want to send this man to prison. I know my daughter provoked him with years of abuse. However, I must have justice, if for nothing else, my namesake.” Everyone looked down and shook their heads.

She continued, “My attorney has found a loophole to sending him to prison. Your honor, you could use the indentured servitude clause in the amendment to the constitution that banned slavery. There is a provision for indentured servitude for convicted felons in place of prison. It is almost never used, but it is still there. I propose you sentence him to servitude to me for the number of years you think is appropriate. I will hold no grudge for him, and he would be free to move around the community as a free man. He could see his parents and live in my house.”

Everyone was surprised by her solution, and her attitude. His Honor spoke up, “I will have to research this, but I don’t much like this idea. Let’s all meet here again one week from today.” They all agreed and adjourned.

One week later they were back together. The judge spoke. “I am surprised to learn from Sacramento, that this is still on our books. I do have the authority to sentence him to working for you for free for the length of time I designate.” He looked at the public defender. “Would you be willing to talk to your client about this?” He nodded. “Then we will adjourn and meet again in two days.”

The public defender kızılay escort went to meet with Stoney and his parents. He explained this offer, and what it would entail. Stoney and his parents talked about the pros and cons. He would be able to stay here and live in this community. However, he would have to obey Martha Washington, and do as he’s told for the designated time from the judge. After discussing with his parents, he decided to accept the offer.

On sentencing day, everyone, except the girl, gathered in the courtroom to hear the final sentence.

The judge spoke first. “Thomas Jonathan Jackson, I have found you guilty of aggravated assault with special circumstances. It is the opinion of this court that sending you to prison would serve no purpose, and not be in the interest of justice. Mrs. Washington has offered indentured servitude in place of prison. After consulting with Sacramento, I have decided to accept her offer. I hereby sentence you to no less than five years and no more than ten years of servitude to Martha Washington. I will meet with Martha Washington periodically to evaluate your progress. At the five-year anniversary, I will consider reducing your sentence. Do you understand this sentence?” Stoney nodded. “I need a verbal answer.”

“Understood, your honor.”

“Mrs. Washington, do you have a list of rules how this will work?” She did and gave the judge and Stoney a copy.

The judge slammed his gavel, and the first indentured servitude case not involving working inmates in California in many years was done.

Stoney was released from the jail and allowed to go to his parent’s home. Mrs. Washington gave him one week to prepare to come to her home and begin his sentence.

Stoney arrived at the Washington mansion at 8 a.m. on the appointed day. The butler let him in and took him to the living room for him to wait.

After a few minutes, Martha Washington walked into the room. “Mr. Jackson, I want you to know I am aware now of how my daughter and her friends treated you during high school. I am sorry I didn’t pay much attention to her high school years. I left that up to her father. Now that he and I have divorced, he is no longer in the picture. You will be my chauffer and handy man for this home. I have never needed one because I was never here much. There are several things here that need to be fixed, and you can work on those things while you are here. You can live in the rooms above the garage. Manston, my butler will show you where that is. Other than driving me around, you will get most of your instructions from him. Are there any questions?”

“No ma-am.” Stoney didn’t believe she held no anger toward what he had done to her daughter. He would just have to wait and find out what she does to him. He just knew it was going to be a long five years.

Manston introduced him to Molly, the maid, and Gerta, the cook. He then showed Stoney where he would live and told him to go and get some of his personal belongs to put in his rooms. Stoney went and packed a couple of bags and moved in that afternoon.

The next morning, Manston gave him a list of repairs the mansion needed. For the next several weeks, he worked on most of these fixes. Most were simple, leaking faucets, light switches out, etc. She had told him he could go and spend one day a week with his parents, and he choose Mondays.

He almost never saw her, except when he had to drive her around. Her most frequent trip was to Redding, California. It was only forty miles to the south, and it was large enough to have some of the amenities of a larger city. At first, she never spoke a word during these trips. However, as time went by, she began talking to him. He didn’t talk much but answered questions when asked. She finally broached the subject of her daughter. He had been dreading this, but knew it was coming.

“Stoney, would you mind terribly, telling me how my daughter grew to hate you so much? I never heard your name until this awful event happened. What in the world was your relationship before like?”

He didn’t want to talk about this, but he still had four and a half years left. He knew he couldn’t ignore it for five or ten years with her. “Mrs. Washington, I honestly never knew why she hated me, or turned the other girls against me. I only had one decent conversation with her, and that was in our freshman year. I thought we had a good conversation. We talked, and laughed, but the next day, she was cold and angry. All I could get from one of her friends was that I had insulted her. For the life of me, I have no idea what I said or did that angered her so much. She has hated me ever since.”

They both stopped talking for the rest of the trip. The topic didn’t come up until the daughter came home for a visit.

Her name was Elizabeth, and Martha sent Stoney to his parent’s home during her visit. When she left, Martha sent for Stoney.

“I talked to her, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. She did have a funny look in her eyes, but she wouldn’t talk about. Maybe later she will.”

Stoney kolej escort became friends with Gerta and Molly. Gerta was much older than everyone except Mantson. Molly was a young woman Stoney had known for most of his life. She was a little slender thing, about twenty-five, and was quiet like him. Molly and Stoney began spending time together. They didn’t sleep together because he was afraid of Martha.

After nine months, two of Martha’s friends came to stay with her for a while. Mary Thomason was 45, 5’2″ and pretty for her age. She was a redhead, and Stoney thought she might have a temper. Barbara Jones was 48, and a little chunky 160 pounds. She was average height and had blonde hair that Stoney was sure wasn’t her real hair color. These were the ladies Martha traveled with, and they were planning another trip.

Martha came to him one day and stopped him while he was working. “Stoney, my friends, and I are going on a trip. We are traveling to a mountain lodge in Wyoming. We have a lot of luggage. I would like you to drive to the lodge and bring our luggage to us. It is a two-day drive, and we will meet you there. You will stay with us during our stay and drive our stuff back. Is that understood?”

“Yes, ma-am. When do I leave?” A trip to Wyoming would be a nice change.

“Tomorrow. Manston will give you the luggage and the address. You can leave in the morning.”

Stoney left the next morning and was waiting for the ladies when they arrived at the lodge. He had checked them in and had put their luggage in the large suite they had reserved together.

Martha was impressed. “Stoney, you are amazing. Everything is ready. This is a four-bedroom suite. There is one here for you. You can relax and do whatever you want when I don’t need you.”

That night Stoney decided to walk around the lodge. It was winter and a skiing lodge. The weather was cold and snowy. He loved it. It reminded him of Mt. Shasta. By the time he got back to the lodge, the ladies had been partying for a while. They were all drunk. They were sitting before a large fire and laughing about whatever it was they were talking about. He excused himself to his room, and was settling down for the night, when Martha called him.

“Stoney, please come down here. I need your help.” He went downstairs to find Barbara passed out drunk. “Can you please help me get her to her room?” Stoney smiled, nodded, and picked her up like a sack of potatoes in his arms. The other two women watched with their mouths open as he carried her up the stairs. They came running as he went out of sight at the top of the stairs.

They arrived as he was laying her down on her bed. They didn’t say a word as he left.

Stoney didn’t think much about this. He was just doing his job. The next morning, as the ladies were eating breakfast, they asked him to join them. That was unusual, but he did.

“Mr. Jackson, were you really named for Stonewall Jackson?” Mary was curious.

“Yes m-am. I was.”

“Well, Stoney, I must tell you I was very impressed by how you carried Barbara up the stairs last night and put her to bed.” Mary was laughing.

Barbara sat up. That was the first she had heard of that. “What, you carried, me upstairs and put me to bed?”

“No, ma-am. I put you on your bed, and your friends took it from there.”

“Thank you for that. I am embarrassed, and you can call me Barbara. I’m not that much older than you.” The other two women laughed at that.

“Are you kidding me? We are all old enough to be his mother. But you can call me Mary.” Martha wasn’t happy. This was getting out of control.

“Okay, ladies. Let’s leave Stoney alone. Next, you’ll have him worried about getting jumped by one of you.” Stoney left and went to town.

“Come on Martha. You didn’t need him to drive our luggage here. You could have shipped it. You wanted him here as much as we did, so stop with all the complaining.” Mary and Barbara had called her bluff.

Stoney stayed away for most of the day. When he returned that afternoon, he was met by Martha.

“Look, Stoney. I am afraid one of my friends may attack you. I want you to know, whatever happens and whatever you do, it will not affect your status. You have been a perfect employee for nine months and nothing you do here will change that.”

Stoney skipped dinner and went to bed. He was awakened later that night by the sound of his door opening. Someone was walking toward him.

“Don’t worry, honey. It’s just me, Barbara.” She walked up to the bed. She was in a bathrobe. “I couldn’t sleep thinking about you carrying me up the stairs. You are strong. I am not a little person. I wanted to thank you for helping me.”

She dropped her robe to reveal she was naked. Stoney was not really surprised. They had done everything but announce their intentions that morning. She wasn’t bad for a woman in her forties. A little heavy, but still had firm breasts and a nice ass. She pushed into his bed and kissed him as she lay down.

“Don’t be afraid of me. I won’t hurt you.” This made maltepe escort Stoney mad.

“What makes you think I would be afraid of you. What makes you think I wouldn’t know what to do with you?” He kissed her back, hard. He then grabbed a breast and began squeezing it. She was caught off guard and fell back. He moved a hand down to her happy valley and fingered her pussy lips. He teased her pussy, just pushing in a little and pulling out. He continued this for several minutes until she moaned.

“Please don’t tease me. I need this. I haven’t been fucked in a long time. I need a viral young man to mount me and fuck me senseless. I hope you are that man.” He pushed his finger into her and rubbed her clit. She began rocking as soon as he had started pushing her button. She couldn’t wait any longer and pulled him on top of her. He was ready, so he pushed into her. He had to do it slowly because she hadn’t been entered in a while and she was tight. When he was finally all the way in, He rested inside her for a moment while she recovered. As her began fucking her, she came the first time. He continued, even after she had settled down.

She had thought he would object, and she would have to talk him into this. To have him just let her into his bed surprised her. Before she could realize what was really happening, he had his finger in her, and her mind didn’t care any longer. When he rolled on top of her and entered her, she nearly lost it. When he started thrusting, she did lose it. She came and came. Her legs were shaking. It was wonderful. After she had settled down, she realized he was still working her over. She was surprised by his ferocity. He was built and he was hung. She was surprised by how much he dominated her body and the look in his eyes. She lay back and let him take whatever he wanted. She hadn’t remembered what it felt like to be taken like this for a long time. When he came into her, she came with him. She wrapped her arms around him and held on for dear life.

Stoney figured this old biddy would tell Martha. Even if Martha lied about what she said, he was going to do this right. He was going to fuck this woman like he hadn’t done in a very long time, and he did.

When they were both done, they lay beside each other, resting.

“My dear, that was the most amazing thing I’ve had in many years. Thank you for that. I am sorry to put you in this position, but I had to do this. I hope you won’t judge me too harshly.” Barbara got up and headed for her room. Stoney lay there for a while, unable to get back to sleep. Now what was going to happen to him? He finally drifted off.

He wanted to avoid breakfast, but they caught him on the way out.

“Morning, Stoney. We have breakfast ready.” It was Martha. Barbara was sitting there, looking like she had swallowed the canary. No-one said anything, so he went with it. When breakfast was over, the ladies said they were going skiing. He stayed at the suite to be alone.

He figured they would talk, and he would see the other one that night. He wasn’t wrong. He had no sooner gotten into bed, than the door opened and there stood Mary.

“I sorry to bother you, Stoney. I have a little question I need to ask you.” She walked to the bed. He saw she was wearing a robe too. “Did Barbara come in here last night? She tried to deny it, but I went to get a glass of water and saw her coming in here.”

Stoney wasn’t surprised. Whatever, he could fuck this one as easily as the other. “Yes Mary. She came in here.”

“And what did she want?”

Stoney wasn’t making it that easy. “A gentleman never tells.”

“Okay, then I want what she had.” Mary smiled and dropped her robe. She climbed into bed. Her body was much more fit than Barbara’s. She had firm breasts. They weren’t as big as Barbara, but they were firm to the touch. When he touched her breasts the first time, her nipples jumped to attention. They probably hadn’t been squeezed in a while, either. He sucked on her breasts for a few minutes as she lay there with her eyes closed. He kissed her gently at first, but harder each time. She returned the kiss with the same passion he gave. When he was finished, he pushed his finger into her. She was wet, and ready.

“I want you to get on your hands and knees. I am going to mount you from the rear.” She shivered and couldn’t obey fast enough. He was going to really fuck her, and she almost came with the thought. She got ready and shook her ass at him. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them. Her pussy was dripping juices on the bed. He pushed into her in one careful motion. She was wet enough that he didn’t meet any resistance as he mounted her. When his balls slapped her ass, he stopped and looked down at this woman who was so desperate for satisfaction. He started riding her, slowly at first, but gaining momentum. She was moaning and squirming. He grabbed her head and pulled it up as he fucked her. She wanted this and he was taking it. He squeezed her tits with the other hand as he held her head by the hair. She came as soon as his balls slapped her ass. By the time she was back, he had grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. It was enough to get her hot again and when he grabbed her breasts, she let go a second time in just a couple of minutes. She unloaded years of bottled-up sexual frustration in those few minutes. By the time he pushed her down on the bed, she had a different outlook on life. It was wonderful.

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