Steph’s First Time

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I’ve had some really great times with Steph as you may know from my previous stories. Steph has also enjoyed the company of women as long as I’ve known her but that wasn’t always the case. She’s talked to me about her first experience before and I thought it would make one Hell of a sexy story. I decided to ‘interview’ her to get the story in much more detail, a request she was very enthusiastic about granting. So here it is, Steph’s story of her first time with another woman…


It was a Sunday and San Diego’s football team would be starting shortly after 1 PM. Steph’s boyfriend at the time, Eric, loved football Sundays and often had friends or family over to watch the game. Steph wasn’t exactly crazy about football, but she liked helping to host the parties and see the guys cheering and carrying on.

On this Sunday they were keeping the get together small, it was just his best friend in college, Kyle, and his girlfriend Crystal coming over for the game. Steph wasn’t really good friends with Crystal yet, she just knew her through Kyle. Steph was only 18 at the time and a bit more reserved, so she didn’t really know what to think about Crystal the previous times they had met.

Crystal was undoubtedly a beautiful young lady. She was from Hawaii and definitely had the Pacific Islander look. She was very dark skinned with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was a wild child too. Steph had never met a girl with a mohawk before and it kind of threw her a bit at first. Crystal also had multiple tattoos and piercings that were visible, and God knows how many that weren’t. It was a look that Steph wasn’t used to seeing on a woman, but it didn’t bother her. At 18, Steph was fairly new to the real world herself, so she looked forward to getting to know someone with a different background.

Kyle and Crystal showed up about 15 minutes prior to kick off and they looked the part. Kyle had a powder blue jersey on, and Crystal was wearing an oversized pink jersey draped down over blue jeans.

Eric and Steph showed their hometown pride by wearing standard navy blue jerseys with Steph’s tucked into some loose fitting white shorts.

The guys acted as usual. They drank some beer. They yelled and cheered at the television. They ate lots of chips. Rinse and repeat for four quarters.

Steph and Crystal spent some time watching the game and had some girl time in the kitchen, mostly just small talk to pass the time until the final whistle blew ending a disappointing loss for the home favorites.

After the game Steph and Crystal were in the kitchen cleaning up when Eric stepped in.

“Hey Steph, Kyle says that a bunch of the guys are going to the bar for the night game, you wanna go?” he asked.

“The bar? What the…Was he going to mention this to me?” Crystal interjected mildly annoyed.

She yelled from the kitchen towards the living room, “Kyle? Are you going out tonight?”

Kyle walked in with a sheepish grin on his face, “Doug just called, babe. He said the guys are meeting up tonight. You want to go?”

“Meh. Sounds like too much testosterone for me. I’m gonna hang out here a bit and help Steph clean-up,” she offered.

“Oh Crystal, you don’t have to do that. I got this under control, go ahead and have some fun with the guys,” Steph politely suggested.

Crystal insisted. “Well, I’d like to stay, if you don’t mind that is. It’ll give us some bonding time without the screaming and yelling in our ears. Sound good to you, Kyle?”

Kyle slapped her on the rear and responded, “Sounds fine to me, take all the bondage time you need, babe.”

Crystal looked annoyed. “I said ‘bonding’ not ‘bondage’. Pig.” She playfully kicked him in the pants as he walked back to the living room.

Television off. Men gone. The sweet sound of silence.

“Boys will be boys, I guess” Steph started.

“No shit, I just hope they have a designated driver. Kyle has a tendency of getting a bit carried away. Then when he gets home its a toss-up between fucking my brains out or passing out in a pool of vomit,” she sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Ah! A romantic!” Steph teased clasping her hands and looking star-struck.

“Oh, I love the guy. I just wish he’d grow up sometimes. It gets old after a while, you know?” she confided in Steph.

“How long you two been dating?” Steph questioned.

“Just over three years,” Crystal answered.

Steph reasoned with her. “Over three years and he still comes home to ‘fuck your brains’ out? Must be doing something right…”

“Oh he’s a damn stud, when he’s sober. If he drinks too much though?” she said tailing away sticking her pinky finger out.

“Alcohol does have that effect I hear,” Steph confirmed. “So what’s a girl to do if her man can’t…umm…perform?”

“Ha ha! I got other options for that, don’t worry about me,” Crystal bragged.

Steph went into sneaky gossip mode. “You mean like…toys and such?”

“Well, I certainly have plenty of those. İstanbul Escort But I was referring to booty calls actually,” Crystal explained.

“Oh my God!” Steph exclaimed. “You go fuck other guys while your boyfriend is passed out?!”

Crystal got a rather wicked look in her eyes. “I didn’t say I fucked other guys, I said ‘booty call.”

“I don’t get it. What’s the difference?” Steph asked totally puzzled.

Crystal ran her hand through her mohawk and slightly bit her lip.

“I just might have a couple girls on the side,” she said with a devilish grin.

“You’re a lesbian?” Steph gasped.

“No I’m not a lesbian. Lesbians like other girls. I’m bi-sexual. I like men AND women,” she explained.

Steph was completely caught off guard, she never suspected it.

“You mean you’ve…slept…with other women? Does Kyle know?”

“Hell yeah he does, sometimes I bring one over and we all have fun together. Just depends what I’m craving at the time. Sometimes I want the soft sensuality of another woman, sometimes I want the rough and tough man, sometimes I want them both.”

“Oh wow,” Steph said, actually caught tongue-tied having difficulty processing it. “It just never occurred to me, I’m happy with Eric and never even thought of the possibility…What do you find attractive in a woman that you can’t get from a man?”

“Are you kidding Steph? A woman’s touch is SO much different from a man’s. You’ve gone to the parties, you going to honestly tell me you’ve never kissed another girl before?”

“Well, yeah” Steph shyly responded. “But that was in a drunken stupor. It wasn’t attraction or anything.”

“Guys are very physical, it’s just the way they’re wired. ‘let’s get naked and fuck’. That’s cool, I like the physical play. But a woman’s touch is tender, caressing, much more erotic and sensual. It’s a totally different experience,” she explained.

“I have an idea, Steph” Crystal said and then held out her hand. “Come with me, I want to show you something.”

Steph was apprehensive. She also found herself curious though. She could relate to much of what Crystal said but still didn’t fully understand. Eric was physical and rough and she had wondered at times why he couldn’t be more gentle…more romantic. She hesitantly took Crystal’s hand.

Crystal smiled ear to ear and pulled Steph out of the kitchen. She skipped her way to the bedroom and Steph almost dragged behind her. They stood before the bed and Crystal spoke up.

“Okay, it’s bedtime. What happens. How do you and Eric get started. What moves does he got?”

Steph was flustered. She felt a little awkward discussing something so personal. She also knew the honest answer would not impress Crystal but she offered the truth anyway.

We usually get naked. We do some kissing, bit of groping. He usually likes to be on top…”

“STOP!” Crystal exclaimed. “Stop right there. How did you just go from kissing, to groping, to HIS favorite position so fast? What is your favorite position?”

“I don’t know. I…well…” Steph stumbled. She felt ambushed at this moment and almost shut down completely.

Crystal recognized her discomfort and changed tactics.

“Sit down on the bed, I’ll show you what I mean. Relax Steph, we’ll keep our football jerseys on, I promise you girl. Just let me show you what I mean real quick.”

Steph felt a little trapped but she still wanted to see how this played out. She played along and sat on the edge of the mattress.

Crystal stepped up onto the bed and came to sit behind Steph putting Steph in her lap. Steph tensed up at first, she was getting nervous.

“Oh my God girl! I’m not going to bite you. Take a deep breath and just relax already. Smile. Have some fun.”

Steph followed her suggestions. She breathed in deep, straightened up her posture, and let her shoulders relax down. Crystal gently brushed her hair aside exposing one side of her neck. She gently traced the back of her nails from the bottom of Steph’s scalp down her neck. It sent rapid shivers through Steph, instant goose bumps formed on her soft skin. Crystal slid her fingers over the shoulder of Steph’s jersey down to the sleeve. Her nails resumed contact with Steph on her upper arm and she slowly dragged the tips down the outside of her arm, over the elbow and down to her hand.

She took Steph’s hand in hers and turned it over. Her nails danced on the palm of Steph’s hand causing the muscles to involuntarily contract. Her fingers folded slightly and released. Crystal lovingly dragged her nails back up Steph’s forearm, across the tender flesh of her inside elbow, over her biceps and back to her shoulder. Crystal brought one nail up Steph’s neck and to her ear where she flipped her finger so the soft skin of her index finger lay on the top outer edge of Steph’s ear. Her finger gingerly traced the perimeter of Steph’s lobe back down to her neck. She flipped it over again and brought it over Steph’s cheek before letting her İstanbul Escort bayan teasing touch float off Steph completely.

Steph was entranced. Everywhere the touch roamed it left goose bumps in its wake. Steph’s skin felt alive, on fire. When the touch left her, she instantly craved its return.

Steph only now realized her increased heart rate, her deeper breathing. She felt flustered, but in a good way. This was new and exciting. It reminded her of other sexual firsts. The first time she slept with a boy. The first time she touched herself there. The very first orgasm she gave herself so long ago.

Crystal smiled, she knew she had a captivated student. Teacher was going to have some fun.

“You see how soft and sensual my touch is? Has a man ever touched you like that, ever?” Crystal asked.

Steph’s voice cracked a bit as she struggled to speak, “na na no. I’ve never been touched that gently before. That felt nice though. It would be nice if Eric touched me that way…”

“Steph,” Crystal continued her lesson, “that’s not the only difference between a man and woman’s touch.”

Crystal leaned into Steph so her mouth was over Steph’s neck. Steph could feel the warmth of her breath teasing yet another reaction of goose bumps. Crystal whispered softly to her.

“Women also kiss much differently. Softer. Gentler. More passionate.”

She held Steph’s hair aside as she lowered her lips onto Steph’s neck and slowly kissed her way down to her shoulder. Steph’s eyes instinctively closed, savoring the soft, erotic touch assailing her skin. It was electric, and she fought to stay composed as the sensations struck her. Crystal slowly kissed her way back up Steph’s neck to her ear.

“Our lips are just so much softer, and more pleasant to kiss,” she whispered in Steph’s ear, heightening her anticipation.

Crystal reached up to Steph’s cheek and pulled her lips close. Crystal leaned in and their lips met. Her kiss was just as soft and pleasant as promised. There was a tenderness she’d never felt with a man before. Crystal broke the kiss and released Steph who opened her eyes.

Crystal bit her lip and smiled at her mesmerized student.

“Has a man ever kissed you like that before? Has he ever been that gentle with you?”

Steph was speechless and could only manage to shake her head.

Crystal slid her hand down Steph’s arm again until their hands met and fingers interlocked. She stood up and started dragging Steph with her.

“Come here, it’s time I show you your next lesson.”

Steph was entranced, she couldn’t deny Crystal even if she wanted to. Crystal walked her over to an empty wall in the bedroom and put Steph’s back up to it. Steph stood against the wall with a rigid posture, excited and nervous about what might happen next. Crystal stepped up to her, they’re jerseys pressed against each other.

Steph looked down shyly, and crystal lifted her head back up by the chin so their eyes met. She held her chin gently as they silently gazed into each other’s eyes for what felt like a silent eternity. Crystal looked right through Steph with a hungry desire but didn’t move. Steph buckled under the silence, her lip quivered as she saw the patient lust in Crystal. Steph’s eyes lowered to Crystal’s lips, they were all she could think about as she bit her own lip and smiled shyly. She licked her lips to moisten them for the inevitable and Crystal finally accepted the invitation.

Crystal closed her eyes as she leaned in to Steph’s kiss, and Steph reciprocated. It wasn’t the exploratory kiss on the bed. It was simple unadulterated passion. Crystal’s tongue gently explored until finding Steph’s. Their tongues danced together in a wet kiss as Crystal brought her hand to Steph’s left breast and started feeling her over the jersey.

Steph was overcome with her sensations. ‘It shouldn’t feel this right, should it?’ she thought to herself. She admired Crystal’s confidence in her technique, her knowing touch.

Steph let out an appreciative moan. Crystal had her student right where she wanted her. Crystal’s lips separated from Steph’s as she released her grip of Steph’s breast. She pulled back slightly, smiling in her confidence of the total dominance she held over her prey.

“Relax my little sweetheart, I’m going to show you how to get a girl to beg you for her release, to beg you for her sweet orgasmic bliss.”

Crystal reached down to Steph’s shorts and detached the top two buttons. She let the flaps fold open revealing the top front of Steph’s red panties underneath. Steph’s heart rate increased again in anticipation.

Crystal seductively bit her lip and smiled, easing Steph’s nervous anticipation. She slid her hand down the opening in Steph’s shorts and over the panties. Her fingers probed the soft cloth finding Steph’s precious spot underneath. As she started gently fingering Steph over the cloth, she leaned in to Steph’s ear and whispered.

“I’m going to tease your poor Escort İstanbul pussy until your begging to cum. I’m going to get you so wet, you’re panties will be soaked.”

She started kissing and licking Steph’s neck while her middle finger slid over Steph’s panties tracing the length of her lips. Steph slid her foot out a little, widening her stance for the hand exploring her aching pussy. Crystal expertly teased it with the tip of her finger and she could feel the wetness forming under Steph. Crystal nibbled on Steph’s earlobe and moaned in her ear as her finger lightly pressed the panties inside Steph’s pussy. The cloth absorbed her wetness and coated Crystal’s finger as it continued to probe Steph.

Steph slid her hands inside her jersey to her breasts as she yielded to the pleasure building inside her. She fondled her nipples, gently pinching and squeezing them as Crystal’s lips danced back down to her neck and unto her shoulder.

Crystal slid her hand out and started to pull the jersey up and over Steph’s head. Steph raised her hands in the air as Crystal slid the jersey up but she stopped at Steph’s wrists. The jersey clumped up, forming a bond around Steph’s wrists above her head. Crystal pinned both of Steph’s hands above and slid her free hand back down Steph’s belly.

Crystal’s wicked grin returned again as she tormented her helpless victim. Her hand slowly moved down Steph’s belly toward her panties with her fingers stopping right at the edge. She paused again, letting the pace torment Steph.

“Please,” Steph whimpered.

“Please what?” Crystal asked.

Steph’s breathing was rapid now, her body was desperate for Crystal’s touch to return.

“Please,” Steph pouted at her, “I want to feel you inside me. I can’t take it anymore. Please fuck me.”

The desperation in her voice was reward enough to Crystal. Her fingers slid down inside the band of Steph’s panties and she cupped Steph’s pussy with her four fingers, just holding her in her hand. Steph widened her stance a bit more, inviting her new lover in. Crystal’s middle finger slid inside Steph and she gasped in pleasure. She was soaked by now and the finger slid in and out of her with ease. Crystal’s whole hand slid back and forth, massaging Steph’s pubic area and tickling her clit as the finger slid in and out. Steph flinched in blissful agony, wanting to use her own hands still bound above her.

Crystal leaned in to kiss Steph. This time Steph kissed her with a fiery passion. She was hungry and desperate for release and her kiss signaled her desire to Crystal. Steph pressed her tongue into Crystal’s and moaned into her as the pleasure intensified. She could feel her final release getting closer as she writhed against the wall.

Crystal broke the kiss and looked down at her hand indulging Steph’s wet pussy. She started to rub faster which induced louder moaning from Steph. Her hand went faster and faster, her palm slapping against Steph’s shaven mound as her finger slid in and out of Steph at a frantic pace. Steph’s back arched as she moaned to the sky, helpless against Crystals assault. Just as she was about to go over the edge, Crystal pulled her hand out abandoning Steph’s quivering pussy.

Steph looked at Crystal with pouting eyes, almost crying. “No! Please don’t stop! I want to cum! Please let me cum?” she begged.

“Not yet, my love. Soon, but not yet,” she replied as she completely removed the jersey binding Steph’s hands.

“Feel your pussy Steph,” Crystal ordered.

Steph slid her finger inside her panties and gasped. She was soaked. She felt up her own panties to find they were overflowing with her juice.

“That’s what a woman’s touch can do,” Crystal beamed with pride of her sweet torture. “Now you’ll feel what it’s like to cum in a woman’s mouth with her soft tongue on your pussy.”

Crystal grabbed Steph’s shorts by the waistband and pulled them down. She slid Steph’s panties off her and held them up, admiring the large wet spot in the middle.

Tossing the last of Steph’s clothes aside, she squared up in front of Steph and gave her another seductive smile.

With Steph still pushed up against the wall, Crystal leaned into her again and their tongues flirted one last time. Crystal started kissing her way down to Steph’s breasts. Crystal cupped her breasts and started kissing her nipples. She took them in her teeth and gently tugged, pulling them to their full erect length. She started sucking on them and flicking her tongue over the nipples in her mouth. Steph could only press her weight back against the wall as she melted from Crystal’s touch. She purred her approval as her hardened nipples repeatedly disappeared into Crystals hungry mouth.

Crystal knew it was time. She had tortured her poor young student long enough. She kissed her way down Steph’s stomach until she dropped to both knees below her. Crystal brought her mouth within inches of Steph’s pussy and looked up at her. The eye contact was the final tease. Steph looked down into her eyes and bit her lip. She nodded to Crystal her consent. She needed to cum.

Crystal reached around Steph and rested her hands on Steph’s ass. Stil staring up at Steph, she pulled herself in to her and put her tongue on Steph’s pussy, just holding it there at first.

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