Stepford Mom and Dad Ch. 02

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This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.

The women had almost completed everything when Tom and Brian came in. They were noisy as they had had a few drinks. Tom was full of himself as he kissed his wife on the forehead and laughed “I beat him today Elizabeth. I was really on form.”

Brian smiled and said “He’s right Mom, he was really good. I will have to get some extra lessons.

Tom looked so happy as he hugged Wendy saying “And how is my favourite little girl today.” Both Wendy and Elizabeth laughed. They enjoyed seeing the men so happy. Tom couldn’t help telling them all about his different shots.

Elizabeth handed out the sandwiches as Wendy poured the tea. It was just like the old times before the kids had got married. Brian did make a nominal gesture saying that perhaps he and Wendy should go home as possibly their parents may be a little tired.

Tom looked startled and said “We had hoped you could both stay for the evening Bri. Is Ethel expecting you home?”

Brian shook his head saying “I know Wendy would like to stay and to be honest so would I if you really want us.”

Elizabeth said quietly “Both your father and I would like you both to stay Bri. Daddy thinks that Wendy is such a pretty girl.”

The remark was so blatantly obvious that Wendy asked just one more question “Have you seen to the door Daddy?”

Tom seemed a little short of breath “Yes Wendy, I have locked the door.”

Before any more questions could be asked Elizabeth added “And I have drawn all the curtains. It is safe for us all.” The mood had changed and it was all set.

Brian always started things off “Dad, don’t you think that Wendy is a pretty little girl?”

Tom gasped as he looked across at his 27 year old daughter. Wendy was ready. She simply sat there on the straight chair making sure her knees were parted. She had already hiked her skirt up to her waist with all her panties showing and said in a little girly voice “I want to be a pretty girl for you Daddy.”

Brian smiled and said “I think he likes Wendy’s underwear Mum. He’s been talking about her panties all afternoon.”

Elizabeth nodded not knowing quite what to say. Wendy however laughed “Well if you have been thinking about them Daddy, you had better understand that I have had them on all day and they are not as sweet as they look. I don’t suppose you would like to smell them.”

Tom panted and they could all see his trousers tenting up at the thought of smelling his daughter.

They had started now and no one wanted to stop.

Brian looked at his mother who was standing in front of him “And what about you Mum. Wendy told me about your gorgeous green dress and no stockings or tights. Have you had your knickers on all day as well?”

Elizabeth muttered “Yes Bri. illegal bahis All day.”

“Are you going to show me Mum?”

Elizabeth murmured shyly “Yes Bri.” but at the same time looked at her husband self consciously.

Brian saw the look and said to his father “Tell her Dad.”

Tom was enthralled with his daughters underwear and didn’t want anything to stop now and told his wife “Pull your dress up Elizabeth and show Brian your panties.”

Brian nodded to his father in approval, especially when Tom added “And stand with your legs open a bit so that he can see your panty gusset.”

Elizabeth did as her husband told her and Brian panted a little saying “I like the way your hairs are trying to escape out of the side of your panties Mom.”

Elizabeth had started to relax and smiled “You know I am hairy down there Bri.”

“I know that Mom, but it is always exciting to see them again. Would you like to put your hand between your legs and rub it a little bit?”

Elizabeth dropped her hand as instructed but did query “You want me to rub just there Bri?”

“That’s right Mom. I want you to get a bit moist and mark your panties a bit. You know, just little stains.”

Elizabeth looked flustered and murmured “I am already quite wet there Bri. Wendy told me what you are going to do to me.”

Brian looked at his sister and smiled as she was squatting in front of her father pretending to read some notes but making sure her knees were splayed.

“What did you tell her, Wend?”

Wendy laughed “I said that you had told Daddy that you were going to shag her.”

Brian looked thoughtful before saying to his sister “I will be shagging her later on but to be honest I want to have a better look at her first. I want to see more of her little secrets under that nice green dress.”

Wendy laughed “What do you think Mum. Do you have any little secrets to show Brian?”

Elizabeth coloured up but didn’t say anything.

Wendy giggled excitedly “She has secrets Bri, but they are not little secrets. Not like skinny Ethel.”

Brian nodded “Yes I know. Ethel has such small Tits. It is lovely just to look at Mom. Come on Mom, take a nice deep breath and lets see how big you can make your top two secrets.”

Although Elizabeth liked her daughter in law Ethel, she did think she was a bit stuck up and superior at times. She loved it when Brian admired her more than his wife. Sometimes he said his wife was like a Stick Insect. When he said these things, Elizabeth felt wonderful about her plump body.

Now he was asking her to take a deep breath to show him. She did with pleasure stick her chest out which made him gasp in admiration “Wonderful Tits Mom. I bet your bra is straining to keep them in. Just like your panties struggling to keep you in. I love it when your undies are tight like that. A nice tight panty crotch.”

Wendy was still in illegal bahis siteleri the same position and could see her father staring between her legs. She liked putting ideas into her brothers head and said “Why don’t you get her to squat for you Bri, like I am squatting for Daddy.”

Brian nodded and told his mother “Go on Mum. Pull your dress up and squat for me.”

Elizabeth sank onto her haunches which automatically caused her knees to spread.

As Brian panted Wendy laughed “What do you think of that Bri. Much better than Ethel, the Stick Insect isn’t she?”

Brian nodded “Much better than the Stick Insect. Thank you Mom.”

Elizabeth was still being led but with Brian talking about his skinny wife like this she felt wonderful. She wanted to show her willingness and murmured “Your father and I want to obey you and Wendy, Bri. It makes us relax and feel so much better, especially when you talk about Skinny Ethel like that.”

Wendy knew which way her mothers fetishes were going and told her brother “She wants you to talk dirty to her.” Elizabeth couldn’t agree out loud but she looked gratefully at her daughter.

Brian was filly aware of his mothers needs and said “Ethel hasn’t got a lot of nice hair between her legs Mom. Its pretty sparse and she cant get very wet.”

Elizabeth felt he could safely say “I get very wet between my legs Bri.”

Wendy prompted her brother “She wants you to talk more dirty to her Bri. Be very dirty.”

Brian panted “If you are wet between your legs, Mom, it must get messy with all your hairs.”

“Yes Bri, it is very sticky. Do you like me being sticky for you?”

“Is your slit sticky, Mom?”

“Yes Bri, my slit is very sticky. It is so wet and sticky.”

“Mom, I want to see your sticky slit.”

Do you want me to take my knickers off Bri?”

“Not just yet Mum. Can you pull your panties down just a little and pull the elastic waist forward so that I can have a look down and inside?”

“Of course Bri. I really want to show you my slit. I hope you think its nicer than skinny Ethel’s.”

Although Brian was leading things he could see that his mother wanted him to compare her favourably with his wife.

Wendy giggled. She knew as well as her brother what her mother was asking and told her “Brian told me that Ethel has got a tiny little slit which isn’t much good. He said you have a nice big cunt between your legs. He loves your cunt.”

Elizabeth sighed with pleasure as she muttered “Bri?”

“Yes Mom?”

“I know you are married, Bri, but I want you to know something.”

“What Mom?”

Elizabeth was panting but she took a deep breath and said “You can have my cunt whenever you want it.”

Even as he was enjoying his mothers words he could see his sister easing their father onto his back on the carpet.

She was speaking in a low voice “Do you want a canlı bahis siteleri smell Daddy?”

She was standing astride directly over his face now with her skirt raised as he muttered “My little girl.”

Wendy was herself very aroused now and knew it would be very obvious as she lowered herself “Smell your little girls knickers, Daddy. Smell my bum.”

She didn’t put her full weight on his face but rested on her heels and hands as she gently drew herself across his face and mouth as he inhaled gratefully.

As she moved herself gently across her fathers face she looked at her mother and murmured “Mommy is ready now Bri.”

Brian chuckled as he saw the anxious look on his mothers face and asked “Are you ready now Mom?”

“Yes Bri, I am ready.”

“Take your dress off Mom, lets have a look at your Tits and your panties together.”

Elizabeth reached down and pulled her dress right up and ober her head. She then just stood in front of her son in just her panties.

Wendy smiled. She knew her mother was very proud of her breasts and egged her brother on “Tell her about Ethels Titties Bri.”

Brian chuckled. He knew what his mother liked to hear and said “You have lovely big Tits Mom. Much nicer that Stick Insect’s tiny little Titties.”

Elizabeth was in ecstasy. She knew the answer but enjoyed asking “Does she have big nipples Bri.”

“No Mom, she has skinny little nipples. Not like your glorious big juicy nipples.”

His mother was almost cumming just listening.

Elizabeth wanted more and asked “What about between Ethel’s legs Bri. Is she nice there?”

“No Mom. She has a skinny little slit. Not as lovely as your slit.”

Elizabeth was well away “I have a nice big cunt between my legs Bri.”

“I know Mom. I love your big cunt.”

“Can I pull my knickers down Bri to show you my cunt?”

She didn’t wait for her son to answer but simply dropped her panties to below her knees and stood there in front of him with the big bush between her legs.

“I like it Mom.”

“I am ready now Bri for what you told Daddy you were going to do to me.”

Brian chuckled “What are you ready for Mom?”

Elizabeth was panting in expectation and lust as she blurted out “I am ready to b shagged Bri. My cunt is ready for you.”

Wendy was moving her crotch more rhythmically across her fathers face now and had also reached forward and started to fist his penis up and down. They were both on the point of climax.

Brian told his mother “Slip your panties right off Mom and lie down on the carpet next to Dad and keep your legs open.”

Elizabeth was sighing in ecstasy as she did as she was told and settled more comfortably on her back next to her husband.

Brian eased himself down on top of her and eased his big penis into her.

They were both panting heavily with excitement even more than Wendy and Tom.

They all enjoyed the physical feelings but there was also another aspect they all enjoyed. They all loved the dirty talk. Elizabeth especially.

Just as they were about to climax Elizabeth gasped “Tom, I am being shagged by Brian.”

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