Stepford Mom and Dad Ch. 01

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This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.


Wendy and her mother Elizabeth had been having a lovely time making cakes most of the afternoon. Although Wendy was 27 years of age and married she found her mother could always teach her things and did it in such a lovely manner.

Elizabeth was 56 years of age and still looked more than presentable although she always smilingly described herself as chubby.

Apart from being co director with her husband Tom in their prosperous travel company, she was also Chairwoman of the local Mothers Union which was quite a large organisation.

She was quite important in her own right, although always very nice and well respected.

She told her daughter “We had better tidy things up now Wendy, as Daddy and your brother will be home shortly and they will be ravenous after their afternoon playing golf.”

Wendy chuckled. She enjoyed these special family days. Her brother Brian was also married and a year younger than she was.

Today had worked out really well as Brian’s wife had gone on a short weekend break and her own husband Andrew was working away for 3 days at a conference.

She laughed again out loud “I expect that Brian will want more than some food and drink Mom. You know how he feels after golf when he sees you in the kitchen in that nice dress.”

Elizabeth blushed. She knew very well what her daughter meant. She could hardly believe it herself. The events of the last year had moved forward so quickly and dramatically. She was a lot more nervous about things than Wendy, but she still craved being treated the way she was. It was so intense and secret.

She also knew her husband Tom felt the same way about things. Whenever they had these little periods with the four of them alone in the house with the doors locked and the curtains drawn she and Tom needed to be told what to do, and it became quite naughty. It was a sort of craving.

She tried to change the subject a little by saying “Your father enjoys his Sunday Golf, Wendy and a few glasses of wine when he comes home.”

Wendy nodded “Yes the poor darling needs to relax. He is like you Mum, he works too hard, always being faced with difficult decisions. You both need to take it easy and let Brian and me make all the decisions for you. We’ll tell you what to do. You want that don’t you?”

Elizabeth nodded compliantly and felt herself relaxing. It was nice when they were all together although it was important that her son in law and daughter in law were out of the way. There was no need for them to know.

She liked her daughter in law Ethel but when she was in this excitable mode she enjoyed Brian talking a little disparagingly about his wife. She knew that her son liked her being plump and in all honesty, Ethel was rather skinny.

Elizabeth couldn’t help having a little giggle whenever she thought about the comparison.

Wendy had packed away most of the cakes and was laying out the tea things when she said “I will let them have tea first Mum and then I will see to Daddy.”

On listening to her daughter’s words, Elizabeth then knew it was going to happen, but it still startled her “What will you do to him, Wendy?”

Wendy giggled “I think I will give him a little wank to start off with Mum. I am not sure what Brian intends to do to you. I expect he will tell us when they come in.”

Elizabeth felt embarrassed listening to those words but already knew what was likely to happen. She didn’t raise any objections and just nodded compliantly. She still couldn’t believe that they had got to this state in just the last year.

She had always been more than close to her daughter. There had been a little fun spanking before, but it had started to get more serious about two years ago.

It had always been a quiet private family affair and whenever she had put Wendy over her lap with her clothes up, there had been a lot of teasing and it had been quite common for Tom to watch.

By then Wendy was almost 22 years of age and quite able to join in the teasing. As she was over Elizabeth’s knee she would giggle “Daddy’s watching Mum. You know what he is hoping for don’t you?”

It had become a sort of standard fun conversation now and Elizabeth would give the expected response “I am not sure what he wants Wend. What do you think?”

Wendy could see her father was breathing heavily and would use her little girly voice “I think he is hoping you are going to pull my knickers down. He wants to see my bum.”

Elizabeth was very much part of the charade as escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli her daughter and would ask her husband mischievously “Shall I pull her knickers down for you Tom. Would you like me to open her legs so that you can see?”

Quite often that was more than enough for Tom, who would clutch his groin in sort of agony and make his way limping across the sitting room towards the bathroom for the privacy to sort himself out.

Both Elizabeth and Wendy would collapse in gales of laughter. Although it was all very funny and joyous, both women enjoyed such exciting juicy feelings.

It hadn’t been long before Tom had offered to help her and he clearly enjoyed himself with his 22 year old daughter over his lap with her clothes up and he could fondle her panties. Elizabeth liked watching.

As Wendy have moved into her mid twenties it was natural that she became a little more assertive in their games. She didn’t mind being spanked by her parents but she felt that her mother should also have her turn over her lap.

Elizabeth couldn’t really argue the point and soon found herself over her daughters knees having her bare bottom smacked in front of her husband who enjoyed these times immensely.

Wendy would also put her own little fun expressions into the conversation now and had started to lead the spanking games.

She would have her mother bent right over so that her head was almost on the carpet and her bottom without any panties stuck right up as she fondled it.

She would speak so casually to her father “I am surprised how big Mommy’s bum is Dad. Just look at her red cheeks and her naughty little secret peeping out between her legs.”

She knew she had him going when he squeezed himself through his trousers.

She had to control her giggling as she still kept up the casual voice “Is her bum making you a big boy Daddy. Have you got a Long John in your trousers?”

Wendy knew she was in control. His fetish for ladies bottoms, especially hers and her mothers, meant he was powerless to resist her.

Using this knowledge she could control him in all ways especially when she put on her girly voice “Daddy if you are a good boy for me I will open her legs for you.”

Tom whimpered as Wendy continued “And if you are very good I will open her bottom for you.”

Tom was lost and whimpered “I will be a good boy for you Wendy.”

He let out a gurgling noise and Wendy was ready “Daddy, I want to see your Long John. Undo your trousers. Pull your cock out.”

All three of them realised that their relatively innocent fun games were opening out and becoming more explicit as Tom started to undo his trousers.

Clearly Wendy was in charge now. Elizabeth could see that her husband was in ecstasy.

Wendy would carry on talking to her father and edging him into doing more and more things.

“That’s right Daddy. Pull it up and down. You will like doing that as I show you her lovely wobbly bum.”

Wendy would try to make it last as long as possible but her father found it difficult.

Elizabeth often thought back to that particular evening and knew that if she intended to stop things getting more naughty she could have put a stop to everything that evening. She didn’t.

She was as excited as her husband and wanted to be led.

The excitement grew even further that particular evening when she heard her daughter say plainly ” I don’t want you to go to the bathroom, Daddy. I want you to play with your cock for us. We want to watch you wanking.”

He did exactly as he was told and reached his panting excitement. Elizabeth also reached her own flowy gushy excitement helped by Wendy’s gentle fingers. Both Tom and Elizabeth knew that things would not be the same afterwards. They certainly weren’t.

Even so, it didn’t bother any of them as long as no one knew and they all got even more pleasure out of it when Brian joined in. In reality Brian didn’t just join them. He took charge over the three of them and Wendy loved it as much as her parents.

Neither Wendy nor Brian had any children and they both had nice comfortable marriages but they had explained that there was no great excitement and things could get boring.

In these later years it had become very obvious to both Wendy and Brian that their parents really enjoyed these secret times and had in fact started to rely on them to visit them and be naughty.

One evening about a year previously, it had been Elizabeth who had explained her secret fantasy that she really wanted to be ordered about by a young man or woman. Even escort gaziantep yeni bayan as she said it they all heard Tom start to pant and gasp and he finally confessed to them all that he was so fed up of issuing orders in work everyday and he felt much the same as Elizabeth.

They all looked at Brian. He was almost 26 years of age and had always been very assertive. In fact this quality had shown quite early in life and at weekends in non work events both Tom and Elizabeth as well as Wendy tended to listen to Brian’s advice quite seriously.

Even Wendy who was also quite strong minded always gave way to her younger brother.

Now Brian just looked at the three of them saying “Well obviously it will suit me very much. I love my wife Ethel very much but as you know she is very boring and a bit thin. I also know that Wendy is in exactly the same position with Andrew being a nice bloke but a bit of a twit.”

Wendy giggled and nodded her agreement.

Brian carried on “I have always enjoyed giving orders and my fantasy is to be in total charge, but this would be a bit more personal so I would need your assurance Mom that you will obey me in all things.”

Elizabeth was panting with excitement at this stage and muttered “I want to obey you Brian. I want to do as you tell me.”

Before he could ask his father, Tom who was also panting “I will obey as well Bri. Just tell your mother and I what you want and we will both obey.”

Wendy felt out of things and asked her brother “I would like to help as well Bri.”

Her brother chuckled “I know that Love, and we have played little games before. Now I will want you to be my Senior Assistant and Mom and Dad will obey us both.”

Elizabeth and Tom looked ashamed and yet grateful.

Wendy laughed “They can be sort of Stepford Wives. We can dress them up as we like.”

Brian laughed. “They will be our Stepford Mom and Stepford Dad, but before I let you dress them up Wend, we ought to have a look at them undressed.”

Wendy giggled again and nodded but waited for her brother.

Brian was naturally assertive and told his parents “OK then, get your kit off and lets have a look.”

Their parents were quite embarrassed but slowly divested themselves of their clothes and stood naked in front of Brian and Wendy to be inspected.

Wendy smiled “You always said you liked her being a little fat Bri.”

Her brother nodded ” If you remember Wendy I told you that the problem with Ethel is that she has small Tits and is skinny.”

Wendy laughed “Mom hasn’t got that problem, Bri.”

Her brother growled as he looked at his mother “No Wend, lovely big hanging Tits and big thighs and look at her nice big belly.”

Both Elizabeth and Tom felt embarrassed and a little humiliated by the talk but knew they had to keep quiet.

Brian asked his sister “I should think Dad is a lot bigger than Andy, Wend. I have seen your husband in the pool, he looks as if he only has a little prick.”

Wendy giggled “He is a little prick, Bri. I am going to enjoy Daddy’s cock from now on. We don’t have to worry about Andy Pandy.”

From that Day on, Wendy and Brian enjoyed having their parents on numerous occasions and in many ways. What became clear was that both Elizabeth and Tom became more and more dependant on these little interludes with their grown up children. They had become ever more needful.

Although these naughties occurred about once a fortnight they were often on quite different levels of naughtiness. Sometimes it was all very modest.

On those quieter occasions Elizabeth and Tom were a little disappointed but didn’t think they could complain. On all other outside occasions everything progressed very normally and properly and the usual family events of Sunday Teas, Christenings or picnics and suchlike were like all cosy family affairs.

The children and their partners both respected and honoured Elizabeth and Tom. Other people in the neighbourhood looked up to them all as a model family. In one way this made it even more important to retain absolute secrecy.

They didn’t have to discuss the secrecy issue. They all knew it would be disastrous if Ethel or Andrew found out or indeed if any neighbour or friend stumbled on things.

So before anything started Elizabeth and Tom would always lock the doors and draw the curtains.

This was the background to the family enjoyment and their special activities.

Now, Elizabeth and her daughter were happily making tea and cakes ready for the men to come in from golf.

Elizabeth was never sure escort gaziantep zayıf bayan how an evening would progress but Wendy had set her mind going by saying she was going to give her father a wank. It didn’t look like a quiet evening.

Elizabeth had blushed but had fallen into the habit just like her husband of never questioning their children.

It was all part of the “being told what to do” culture they had willingly fallen into.

She had seen her daughter masturbate Tom quite a few times and it fascinated her to watch her husband gasp and pant.

It was usual for a certain amount of ‘dressing up’ games to be played. Wendy enjoyed dressing as a French Maid to excite her father and usually let him see her breasts.

Elizabeth knew on at least 2 occasions Wendy had put her fathers penis in her mouth and sucked him off. She would often refer to her own husband in these secret times as the Little Prick or Andy Pandy. Tom loved it.

It had been strange watching them but it had also excited Elizabeth as she herself had no idea on these occasions what Brian would expect her to do.

Elizabeth thought about these past events as she was setting the table ready for the men’s return, Wendy made a few more sandwiches and warmed up the small pies. She could also see that her mother was deep in thought.

She was always concerned in case her mother was worried about the events. She knew her father was totally devoted to her. She said “I don’t want you to worry Mom. If you and Dad are uneasy about anything, both Brian and I will go home straight after tea. We only want to do whatever you want.”

Elizabeth felt panicky “Oh God, Wendy, don’t do that. Although your father and I are nervous about some of the things, we have been looking forward to this evening all the week. We would be distraught if you didn’t take charge of us. We are so needful.”

Wendy could see how needy her mother was and felt grateful that she and Brian could help.

She did smile “Brian likes you in that green dress Mom. You fill it so well. It makes you look motherly and plump.”

Elizabeth giggled. She knew what her daughter meant but she always liked this teasing.

She pretended surprise “Whatever do you mean Wendy. Its only me that’s filling it.”

Wendy knew her mother was enjoying the chat and giggled “He likes your big bust and your big thighs and your other plump things.”

Elizabeth laughed “My fat things.”

“He likes your plump bottom and your lovely belly.”

Just then the phone rang. Wendy answered it and told her mother “Its Brian, Mom. They are on their way home.”

Elizabeth smiled “Ask them if they had a good game.”

Wendy smiled. Her mother liked to think that the men enjoyed each others company. She passed on the query and then giggled at something her brother said and then answered “She is wearing that green dress you like Bri.”

She went on talking and Elizabeth listened carefully and knew that Brian was talking about her. Wendy asked “He wants to know if you are wearing tights Mom?”

Elizabeth shook her head. Wendy nodded. She knew Brian’s next question so she didn’t even wait “What about stockings?”

Elizabeth felt a bit awkward answering questions second hand so she said firmly “No Wendy. Nothing.”

Brian must have heard, as after he spoke, Wendy burst our with laughter and then told her mother “He asked do you mean you are not wearing any panties?”

Elizabeth blushed “Of course not. I have my knickers on.”

Wendy listened on the phone and then said to her mother “He wants to know what sort of knickers are you wearing?”

Elizabeth blushed. She hadn’t expected this sort of conversation just yet but she did say “My ordinary white cotton knickers.”

She quickly added “Not the baggy ones. The medium ones which are reasonably tight.”

Wendy nodded “I know Mum, the ones that pull in nicely between your legs. Brian always says that your crotch looks nice in those panties.”

Elizabeth nodded. It was early, but it did make her feel strange. She knew her husband could hear every word as well. It was even stranger when Wendy said “He wants to know if your breasts feel nice. Do they feel nice and big and swelly.”

Elizabeth felt very squidgy and just nodded. She still felt embarrassed and turned to reach a packet of salt down from the high shelf.

As she did she heard Wendy laugh as she answered her brother “You had better ask her about her nipples when you get here but I can tell you that you will like her bottom. It looks lovely and fulsome with that loose green dress reaching below her knees.”

As the telephone call concluded Wendy giggled “If you intend to do that to her then you had better tell her yourself later.”

Elizabeth tried to talk casually as she asked her daughter “What did Brian say at the end Wendy?”

Wendy smiled “He said he had just told Daddy that he is going to shag you later on.”

Elizabeth went bright red. She just carried on with setting the table. She didn’t know what to say.

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