Stepfather Takes Advantage of Son

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

I had hidden cameras in most rooms of my house, coupled with the spyware I had on the devices inside of it meant I had a lot of information. Some would say I have issues and while I agree with them, I wouldn’t change it.

I knew my stepson was bisexual thanks to his search history. He was in the closet, though, and I would take him out within the next few days. He was taking a gap year and was left alone during the day pretty frequently. His guard will be down and it will be perfect for me to catch him in the act.

“You’re so big, baby,” I heard and I leaned against the door. I opened the door and stepped inside. My stepson was on his chair, bouncing on what I knew to be his secret dildo. As soon as he saw me, he went into full panic mode.

“Hey, buddy I was wondering what you would like for lunch?” I pretended I wasn’t paying attention to him but to my smartwatch. As soon as I looked up, he was staring at me with mortification. I looked at him in fake shock, from the dildo in his ass to his hard cock. “Oh… I’ll be downstairs if you need me,”

I left and headed to the living room. Step one was complete, now it was time to wait. It was hardly 30 minutes later and Rowan came down the stairs fully dressed. I patted the couch next to me and he awkwardly sat down.

Rowan my stepson was someone you would describe as a twink. He was pretty with blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. He had no facial hair and minimal body hair; he was around 5’8” in height so he was prime domming material. One of the most surprising things was that he was a virgin. He was playing both teams yet still losing.

“I didn’t expect you home so early,” He avoided looking me in the face.

“Wasn’t needed at work so I decided to take the day off,” I replied. I was a CEO with capable employees. I actually didn’t need to work as much as I did, but I didn’t want to get lazy. “Besides I wanted to spend time with you before you head off to university next year.”

He blushed a bit at my words before becoming more downcast. “You must hate me after what you saw,”

“Of course not. I was plenty adventurous myself when I was your age. Boys, girls. It didn’t matter to my devious eyes.” Not that my adventures lessened Magosa Escort now that I was married. I even involved my wife a few times with my dalliances. My wife was quite the cuckquean.

“Really?” His mouth was agape.

“Yeah. What I felt when I saw you wasn’t hate but nostalgia.” To be fair I never bottomed but it was close enough. I put my hand on his soft thigh and caressed it. “You don’t have to ashamed buddy. I’m sorry that I interrupted your session, hopefully, you finished. Blue balls isn’t a pleasant feeling.”

“I didn’t, but thanks dad,”

“You don’t have a secret girlfriend or boyfriend?” He shook his head. “So you have no one to help you?”

“No. I’m still a virgin,” He blushed and turned his away ashamed.

“If you want I can help. I interrupted you so I should help you finish,” My fingers traced along his bulge and I felt him harden.

“Dad?!” He squeaked as I groped his crotch. “What are you doing?”

“Helping relieve your blue balls,”

“What about mom? Won’t she be mad?”

“I didn’t hear a no.” I gave him a grin and he flushed. “You know how much your mom spoils you so I doubt she would be mad.”

I slipped my hand into his shorts and wrapped it around his impressive shaft. From all the footage I watched I would place him around 7,5” while not much compared to my 10” cock he would satisfy all but the sizequeens if he gained enough experience.

“Dad it feels good,” He gave a light moan as I began jerking him off.

“Good. Daddy enjoys making you feel good.” I was soon kissing him, with him clumsily following along. My tongue was greedily sucking on his and Rowan was forced to just endure my dominant kiss.

I massaged his balls and traced along his glans. He bucked on the couch as he fucked into my hand. Within two minutes of starting, I felt his cock throb and within another few seconds, he came. Spurting his semen onto his shirt with a few drops landing on my hand.

“Wow. I didn’t mean to cum so fast. I was just pent up,” He excused as he took deep breaths.

“I understand.” I placed my hand in front of his mouth. “You were a good boy. Now clean daddy up.”

With only the tiniest of hesitance, my 18-year-old stepson began licking his own cum from my hand. I gave Kıbrıs Escort him another kiss and beckoned him to follow as I headed to his bedroom. I sat on the bed before slowly removing my pants.

Rowan gulped as he noticed the bulge in my underwear. “Can I do the honours?”

“Sure buddy,” Without even needing my input he put a pillow on the ground and went down on his knees. My impressive bulge was inches away from his face and I enjoyed the awe he had as he stared at it.

Shaking himself out of the trance, he began slowly pulling down my underwear until my cock slapped him in the face. He breathe in as he took in my scent. “It’s so long and thick,”

He nuzzled his face into my balls and began sucking and licking them. I groan at the sensation, enjoying the feeling and the fact that my balls were the first ones in his mouth. Rowan was a lot like his mother, so eager and submissive.

After paying the appropriate amount of attention to my sack, he moved up and began licking the underside of my shaft until he reached my tip and placed a kiss on it before swallowing a good chunk of my cock.

“That’s it, baby. Make daddy feel good,” His hands were on my legs as he forced more of my cock into his throat. As he reached the 8” mark he gagged and chose to disengage. Clearly, he did a lot of practise for him to be this good. “You’re doing amazing,”

He bobbed along, easily taking half of my cock in his mouth as he kept the pace. He was jerking off with one hand while the other he used for the part of my dick that he wasn’t sucking.

His eyes were clouded with lust as he stared up at me, looking for my approval as he serviced me. I praised him for it which encouraged him even further. After several minutes of bobbing up and down, he went back to deepthroating.

Taking the majority of my cock deep into his throat, he didn’t waver and pushed on. His tongue rubbed against my underside while the rest of my cock entered his mouth. His eyes were watery but I could sense the joy he felt as he reached the base of my cock.

I was approaching my limit after that beautiful display so I grab his hair and held him there. “I’m gonna cum down your throat. Slap my leg if you don’t want me to,”

Feeling nothing I continue holding Lefkoşa Escort onto him until I felt my balls throb. Spurts of cum came flooding out of my cock and went straight down his throat. His dildo was one of the ones that spurted so I knew he would be able to handle it.

He took my seed like a champ. I removed my cock from his mouth and like a proper slut he showed me his mouth, devoid of any semen. “Good boy. Now lay on the bed, daddy is going to take that virginity of yours.”

“Okay. The lube is in my second drawer dad.” I quickly grabbed it and avoided a wet patch on the ground. It seemed Rowan came while sucking me off. My cock surged at the thought and I quickly arrived on the bed where Rowan was layin on his back.

I applied the lube to his ass and took his flaccid cock into my hand. I aligned my cock to his ass and began jerking him to hardness. “Do you want daddy’s cock in your ass,”

“Yes daddy,” His voice was filled with need as he spoke. Without any more delays, I slowly thrust my cock into his backdoor. Rowan squirmed and moaned on the bed as I stretched his asshole to accommodate my thick member. “I haven’t had something so big in me before.

“Get used to it. I plan on making this a regular event,” As the seconds passed, I slowly began speeding up. His moans became louder, it didn’t help that I was simulating his renewed cock. I always enjoyed the act of taking someone’s virginity and the fact that it was the ass of my stepson I was drilling in turned even more on.

His ass gripped me nicely I hit his g-spot. His cock throbbed in my hand as I kept stimulating his prostate. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum,”

“Cum for me,” I encouraged and he was soon helplessly moaning as he came on my cock. His semen hit him in the chest and chin. It was a hot sight and I increased my pace as a consequence.

I had most of my cock inside of his ass by this point, yet he wasn’t complaining just taking my assault on his ass. This continued for several minutes when I felt my release approaching. “Oh fuck. Yes, yes. It feels so good,”

“I’m going to fill you up.”

“Please!” My balls felt like they bloated at his earnest request. Within seconds semen came flowing out of my cock and directly into his ass. I took my cock out and positioned it in his mouth. Like a good boy, he deny even arguing and took it in his mouth. “Good boy. Clean daddy up,”

This was the start of a beautiful relationship. Though we had to hide our activities from my younger children. Thankfully the wife was just turned on and wanted a video every now and then.

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