Step Mother’s Love: Tucked In

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Helen swiped her fingers over her pussy lips slowly and in a wide circle. She licked her fingers and immediately brought her moist fingertips back to her pussy. Her thick thighs spread with one leg on top of an arm of her couch. She watched the porn video that played on her laptop, the light being the only thing that illuminated her in the darkness of the living room.

It was late, at just after midnight. With darkness blanketing her neighborhood, Helen closed the blinds on the living room windows but not all the way. It was always an added thrill that while she masturbated in her open living room that perhaps a passerby outside might catch a glimpse of her fucking herself.

She wasn’t sure if a man would even be attracted to what they saw, it had been so long since she had been with a man. Her husband passed away in a car accident 5 years ago and she hadn’t been with another man since. She did go on a date once, maybe 3 years ago. A man from her book club. It never went anywhere because she saw the look in Jake’s eyes when she told him she had gone on a date.

He was supportive and encouraging, and Jake said he was happy for her, but there was something in her stepson’s eyes that told her it hurt him to see her moving on. Jake had always been so close to his father and his death was a weight for both Jake and Helen. Over the years they had bonded more because of it. But Helen decided it was best not to date anyways. At 44 years old she wasn’t quite the knockout she once was and after having two kids of her own who now are grown and have families of their own, Helen was now considered a curvy lady.

Her heavy breasts were thick with small stretch marks on the side, she didn’t have much of a tummy but her ass was round and her thighs were thick where here weight had gathered. She had found comments on women online with similar bodies to here’s that say they’re ‘sexy’ or ‘thick’ but in Helen’s mind she wasn’t sexy unless she became a size 4 again.

Brushing her blond hair to the side, Helen started to push two fingers in and out of her pussy. Slowly, at first, to keep pace with the young man fucking the woman on the video. Her lips oozed with juices now as Helen felt her cheeks go flush and breathing increase. She was completely naked and cupped her large breast with one hand lifting it up she rubbed her nipple over and over.

Helen had done her best to put her stepson out of her mind right now, but it wasn’t entirely possible. It was passed midnight on Friday night and she still hadn’t heard from Jake. He was supposed to come over around 8 or 9 and stay the weekend, but he never showed. Helen texted him a bit ago but he didn’t respond. Helen figured Jake ended up having more than just a couple celebratory drinks with his friends is all. He has said they wanted to take him out for a beer or two after work to celebrate him making Senior Associate. It was a long time coming and he worked so hard for it. She was happy for him even if it meant one less night to spend hanging out with him.

Helen gave up on her stepson’s arrival at midnight and closed the curtains for some fun before going to bed. Wine always made her extra randy. And accidentally while waiting for her stepson she finished off a bottle by herself. With red cheeks, her eyes half opened and closed under the dazing intoxication.

“Ohhhh…” Helen moaned to herself as she watched the young man snarl as he fucked the curvy woman from behind. He slapped the girl’s ass so Helen smacked her inner thigh as she fucked herself.

The excitement hit her in waves. Like she could feel the flood of endorphins shooting up her spine and soaking her brain. Her whole body rocked as her eyes glanced to the black corner of the window that was exposed. She bit her lip imagining a man outside the window stroking his shaft as he watched her finger herself. The thought was electrifying but false.

Truly she didn’t want a creepy guy spying on her just like she truly didn’t want her stepson to fuck her which is what the porn she watched was. It was a young hard body man fucking a curvy mature woman who was supposed to be his stepmother. It was fantasy and a sexy one at that. It had clung to her these past few years and she had found all of her favorite videos online.

“Oh god- yes,” Helen moaned as she bounced. Her breasts bounced wildly on her chest. She grabbed one of her nipples and lifted it to her mouth to suck on as she circled her clit. The feeling was overwhelming as she panted.

“Yess… cum inside me…” she moaned to no one. “Cum inside-“

The knocking at the door startled her stiff. She tried to cover herself but there was nothing to cover herself with. At first Helen worries it was coming from the living room window. But then the slow knock came again from the side door.

It must be Jake.


Jake could barely see as his eyes drooped and struggled to stay open. The güvenilir bahis rideshare driver kept looking back at him as if to see if he was going to puke. Jake was shit faced but he wouldn’t puke. Not tonight. Tomorrow morning he will probably, but tonight he was just an incoherent drunk. Jake had never done that before. Going to the bar and getting hammered by himself. It didn’t feel nearly as pathetic as he thought, but then again, even if he did feel pathetic who would he drink with? All his ‘friends’ abandoned him with the promotion that he had stolen from him.

Fucking piece of shit.

Two years of grinding everyday. 60, 70, 80 hour work weeks. It all was supposed to be worth it because of today, because of the promotion he had earned. Hours were supposed to normalize, some. His friendships were going to solidify. Maybe he and his girlfriend was going to become more serious? His career was going to be established. And then in an instant, an outside hire swooped in and within a month he stole it all away.

He looked at his phone and couldn’t read the screen. He wanted to text Lexi, his girlfriend, and let her know he was coming over. The last thing she texted him as he arrived at the bar earlier in the evening was that she thought they should, ‘take a break.’

Jake had laughed and begun his drinking solo. suspicious time for their office romance to take a break. She hooks up with him when he’s a rising star, next in line to make partner- then, the very day his position is stolen from his grasp she thinks its time to take a break? Jake decided then it was time to start ordering double whiskeys.

Jake thought of Aaron Thomas and sneered as he struck the door with his fist.

“Hey, buddy, you gotta cut that out,” the driver warned.

Jake murmured to himself ignoring the driver. Aaron was a first year associate who was hired after him and was a half asser. Every research assignment and document he was told to do was ignored for days while he smooth talked other first years, clerks, and paralegals in the building. Every girl would swoon and blush at Aaron’s height or chiseled muscles and distinguished jaw. Women would end up scrambling to finish his assignments for him, even other men helped him out who were clearly trying to become a part of his entourage.

That’s the way of the world. He was an attractive guy with swagger, people knew he was going places and would rather be in his shadow than in his way. Jake on the other hand was a grinder. Boots to the ground. Put in the hours and get the job done quietly and often by yourself. Always has been, always will be. He definitely was not ugly, either. With soft features and an average look about him, he had always been considered a normal guy. But normal guys don’t collect an entourage. Especially when Aaron steals your research and briefs then your promotion.

Hm. He’ll probably steal my girlfriend next- well, ex-girlfriend, now.

“Hey man, we’re here,” the driver announced as they stopped.

“Where… where’s this?”

“This is the address you gave me, bro.”

Jake didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything. He got out of the car and nearly fell. It was raining hard. He could barely see as he stepped and bobbed back and forth to the door. How he found the door he didn’t know but when he knocked on it he was surprised. His vision was a messy of blues but the face he saw and the voice he heard was that of his girlfriend, Lexi.


“Jake! You’re soaking wet! Come in here,” Helen pulled her son inside by his shoulder. His lumbering broad shoulders swayed as he stumbled inside.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to- I didn’t want to…Lexi, I’m um-” Jake drunkenly mumbled. Helen’s caught some of his words but not all as she helped his drenched suit jacket off of him. She didn’t have much time to throw on clothes so Helen only tossed on a light purple top, but didn’t have time for a bra, and a pair of black yoga pants that clung to her thick thighs and round butt.

“What happened to you? Where’s your friends? They let you leave this drunk?” Helen said a bit angry.

“No, no, I’m fine I’m fine…” Jake leaned on the counter. “I lost the… the… promotion… someone else got it better…”

“Oh honey, I’m so so sorry,” Helen hugged her son standing on her tippy toes as she wrapped around her neck. Her large breasts pressed against his chest. He held her and was mumbling other words about Lexi, his girlfriend. She couldn’t understand him and definitely thought he needed some sleep.

“Here, let me help,” Helen offered. she undid his tie and unbuttoned his blue shirt that was soaked through. Putting it with his suit jacket near the door Jake stood in his wet suit pants and moist under shirt. She got him a white bathroom towel and guided him to the living room.

Jake dabbed his face with the towel as they sat on the couch and almost immediately, he laid down like a kid with his head in Helen’s lap. türkçe bahis It was heart breaking for Helen. If Jake didn’t get this promotion, he must be so devastated. Part of her was glad he was so drunk they couldn’t talk about it because she didn’t know what to say or do to make him feel better.

Jake’s head nuzzled in Helen’s lap. He pulled the warm towel around his shivering shoulders. Suspecting she was going to be there for a bit, Helen put her feet up on the leg rest and laid back as she brushed Jake’s bare shoulder some. Jake mumbled something but all Helen could make out was “….smell… Lexi…”

Cynthia is his girlfriend and smell… oh my god…

It didn’t click until she realized how wet her pussy still was from masturbating and how her son’s nose basically laid on her crotch that was barely covered by yoga pants. Helen looked over to the nightstand to the side of the couch where her laptop still played the porn video had been watching on mute. She felt the drop in her stomach like she was a child about to be caught looking at naughty pictures by a parent. The laptop was on the other side of the couch out of reach. Jake hadn’t seen it yet, but in order to close the laptop she would have to get him off her lap which would probably alert him to it, so she was stuck.

Jake might’ve fallen asleep for a few minutes but quickly turned and readjust so his face pointed towards her. Helen noted the mere inches that stood between his mouth and her crotch. The proximity made her flush and made her fan her cheeks with her hand.

“Lexi… you wanna… …Lexi?” Jake continued to mumble almost to himself then laugh. It didn’t take long for Helen to realized Jake was so drunk he thought she was his girlfriend. A notion that made Helen giggle since they looked nothing alike. Lexi was a gorgeous, young business woman and a very smart lady. She had met her once for lunch many months ago. He must be even drunker than I thought, Helen mused.

It was then Jake began to reach up and deafly cup Helen’s cheek and shoulder, nuzzling his head into her lap he brushed his thumb against her cheek and Helen smiled at how sweet of a boy Jake was. She felt her thoughts wander like a woman’s mind does after she drank a bottle of wine. She was so glad her boy was home.

Jake’s hand rubbed down to her chest, cupping her large breast through her thin shirt. Immediately, Helen’s face turned beat red as she ineffectively pushed her son’s hand away. Her intoxication didn’t give her the dexterity with her hands she thought. Jake smiled under nearly closed eyes as he mumbled his girlfriend’s name again.

“Oh, no, no…” Helen tried to laugh it off as she felt embarrassed for her son when he realized she was his mother and not his girlfriend. “Jake- sweety, I’m not- I’m not- ahhh.” Jake’s drunk fingers had found her pointy nipple through her shirt and pinched and pulled on it just so to cause a dampness form in the crotch of her pants. His thumb dragging messy circles on her nipple over and over again as he mashed her breast into her chest in a wide circle. “Oh my god… sweety, no…” Helen gasped, unconvincingly.

Her hand was on top of Jake’s hand while he massaged her breast slowly but no force was exerted on it. Stuck in a place between wanting him to stop but not at the same time. Too many factors worked against her. Helen was already halfway to orgasm from her own doing and her eyes couldn’t quit snapping to the hard and deep fucking scene that played on her laptop. The wine fueled the fire inside her to cum and waned on her inhibitions to make her stepson stop. It had been so long since she had felt someone rub her like this which was the third issue.

Goddam, how is he so good at that.

Jake’s other hand moved to her other breast unattested and made long, warm rubs down the outside of her breasts, pressing them together as he massaged them. Every few rubs he would stop and lift her breasts and rub and tease her hard nipples through her shirt. Over and over again.

Oh my- oh god…. Helen, what are you doing? Ohhh god…

Helen touched her forehead while closing her eyes. She tried to breathe. To focus her thoughts. She tried to rally what little self control she had to stop her stepson from rubbing her breasts.

I’m going to just grab his hands and stop him and stand up so he can’t do any more. I’m going to get him a blanket so he can sleep on the couch and then I’m going to leave to my bedroom. That’s it.

Helen took a deep breath and exhaled hoping to cool her warming cheeks and at the exact moment she looked down, her step son pulled the loose neck of her shirt down so one of her breasts fell from her shirt. Before Helen could react, Jake had wrapped his lips around her nipple.

His warm wet lips closed around her nipple as his tongue lapped back and forth on it. The guttural groan she released surprised even Helen. “Ohhh my god…”

Helen felt her pussy flood as her arms without güvenilir bahis siteleri thought clutched her son to her chest. It was her weakness and easily one of her most erotic areas of her body. Helen’s breath became labored as Jake played with her other nipple through her shirt but sucked harder on her nipple.

“Oh god oh god…” Helen whined to no one. Rational thought was lost on her as she pressed her head back on the couch and gasped. Arching her back she felt Jake bite down on her nipple.

It hit her hard and fast. The jolt ran through her body as her hips writhed and grinded against nothing. Her sex begged for touch as her son teethed on her hard nipple. “Oh god I’m cum- …fuuuck!” Helen moaned as her hips trembled and the orgasm she started on her was finished by her son and flooded her pussy.

She heard her son’s moan on her nipple. Felt his hot breath and vibrations course through her breast. Helen cupped her forehead with one hand as she tried to gain control of herself. Hands fell from her breast as Jake’s mouth lifted from her nipple.

Oh thank god, he stopped on his own. If he didn’t stop I don’t think I’d have the ability to stop him. It felt. God, it felt so good.

But to her dismay and pleasure Helen felt a sudden movement and and pressure on the crotch of her yoga pants. The a brief tearing of fabric Helen realized her son had found the small finger sized hole in the crotch of her old yoga pants she wore and widened it to expose her whole wet vagina.

“Oh god, honey, wait wait wait wai- oohhhh my god…” Helen groaned as she felt the two fingers he slid easily into her drenched pussy. Helen covered her mouth and her eyes went wide. There was so much worry and conflict in her she could barely breathe.

Helen! This is your son! This is your- oh, yes yes don’t stop!

His fingers pushed deep inside her and dragged out pressing on the roof of his pussy before pushing back inside. Helen kept her eyes closed and her head pressed backwards towards the ceiling. As if seeing it wasn’t her drunk son fingering her would make it better. Between pants she felt Jake pull her other fat and plump breast from the neck of her shirt as his lips closed on that nipple.

“Ahhh! Oh my… oh baby… oh baby please…” the words fell from her lips as her eyes tried to roll backwards. Her pussy had a light trimmed bush, since she never let anyone see it, ridiculously it was something she was self conscious of at that moment as her son filled her up.

Who cares about your bush? That’s your son. Your son is sucking your nipple and finger fucking your pussy, and you’re letting him! Well, technically, he your step son… I mean, it’s not like you gave birth to him.

Oddly, this small rationale was enough. Enough that when her wandering hand closest to Jake began pressing farther down his front, Helen didn’t worry when her fingers found a hard bulge in his still wet suit pants. Her palm closed around his shaft and felt how stiff her son was.

“Ohhhh yes…” she cood as his tongue slapped her nipple up and down.

And you’re pretty drunk too yourself. Your inhibitions are down. Who can blame you for going in the moment? He’s fingering you so good, how can you stop him?

When one of his hands went down to his pant and unzipped them, Helen didn’t wait for him to finish with the button as she pulled his boxers down and saw his large cock protrude from his pants. Helen’s hand closed around his bare shaft and she felt her son groan into her nipple as he pressed harder into it.

“Ahh ooohhhh,” Helen moaned as she looked down at her son’s cock. She couldn’t believe how big it was, she had to use her whole arm to jerk it from base to top. She saw the pre-cum ooze from the tip of it and caught a glimpse of the porn on the laptop behind his cock. It showed the young man bending his stepmother over a kitchen table and fucking her pussy so good she screamed.

In that moment the porn changed to Helen. It wasn’t just a sex scene to get off. It was a dire fantasy to have her son fuck her just like that with his nice big dick.

“Oh, jesus, oh my Ahh ahhh…” Helen moaned as Jake’s fingers went from slow and steady to hard and fast. She forced her thighs open wide, invitingly as he fucked her good with two fingers. She felt his cock flexing in her grip as she stroked it when she could but her pussy was so close.

“Fuck me… oh yes, baby, fuck me just like that…” Helen whimpered. Her fat breasts bounced from the neck of her shirt as she arched her back and writhed. “Ahhh I’m gunna cum I’m gunna cum…”

Helen’s ass clenched and her body went stiff as her eyes fluttered to the back of her eye lids as the orgasm splashed over her. Her breathing froze and for a minute all she heard was the splashing sound as she squirted around Her son’s fingers as the continued to fuck her.

The orgasm was unrelenting. It ebbed and flowed just enough so her diaphragm would stop seizing long enough for her to breathe again, but Jake’s fingers continued to pound her pussy like Helen was his 25 year old girlfriend.

“God- baby, I- oh my god, Jake, I’m- I can’t Ahh ahhh! Please, don- oh my god…” Helen gasped.

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