Step Father Surprise Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Mindy quickly pulled the sheet up to cover herself, and Craig tucked his cock in his pants, but it was too late — he was busted. Even still, he started to protest and deny and stutter, “no, er, I wasn’t doing anything. What are you t-talking about? You must have imagined…” he tried to explain, but he knew already there was no explaining.

Veronica stared into his eyes with an evil smile as he continued to stammer and make excuses. She took one step closer and put her hand over Craig’s mouth -“Shh!” she snapped. “We are not stupid, Mr. Vaughn. We know exactly what you were doing. And look at you, you’re still hard, you pervert.”

Craig realized that he still had a raging hard-on, making a giant tent in his pants. He was completely busted. Mindy smiled nervously on the bed. Veronica, one hand still covering Craig’s mouth, pulled him into the room by his shirt with the other hand, closed the door, and pushed him firmly against the wall.

Veronica, still in panties only, took a step back, with hands on her hips, looked at Mindy and then at Craig. “Mindy, Mr. Vaughn — I’ll call you Craig from now on – this is how it’s going to be,” she said with confidence. “I am in charge here. You will both do as I say. If you don’t, there will be escort gaziantep vip bayan consequences.” Craig was stunned into silence, knowing he should just leave and overpower this little 19-year old if she tried to stop him, but he didn’t know what she would do, and he didn’t really want to go.

Veronica continued, “Craig, you are married to Mindy’s mother, and yet, here you are standing at your 18-year old step-daughter’s door, jerking off. You’re disgusting.” His gaze shifted to the ground.

“Mindy,” Veronica added, “you’ve been lusting after your step-father for months like a little slut, teasing him, trying to make him want you. If your poor, clueless, mother only knew.” Mindy’s face flushed, and she looked away. “You both need to be severely punished,” she continued. “And I have just the punishment in mind.”

Mindy started to speak, and Veronica snapped, “be quiet! I am in charge here!” Mindy giggled nervously and glanced at Craig. Mindy was certain he would end this game at any second, but he just stood there, with a huge bulge in his pants, looking nervous and hot. Mindy found herself getting extremely turned on. She was shocked he just hadn’t turned around and left.

Veronica escort gaziantep yabancı bayan picked up her cell phone from the dresser, typed in a few things, then held the phone up for Mindy and Craig to see. It said, “Mindy’s Mom” with her telephone number. “If either of you protest, then all I have to do is press this little button here ‘Call Mindy’s Mom.’

“And trust me, I will. I have nothing to lose. But you both have SO much to lose. Do you understand,” she asked. They both stayed quiet.

She looked at Mindy, “DO YOU?” Mindy nodded.

Then she stared at Craig hard in the eyes, “Craig. Do you understand?” He stayed still, not wanting to give into this girl and her power trip. She repeated sternly and slowly, “Craig. Do you understand?” and held her finger to the phone. Against his better judgement, he nodded and said “yes.”

“Craig, take your shirt off,” Veronica ordered.

“Er.. what?” Craig sputtered.

“NOW!” she barked.

Humiliated but completely turned on, he took his shirt off. He felt both Veronica and Mindy staring at his naked chest. “Now take your pants off,” she ordered.

He laughed a little nervously, then took his pants off. escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan His hard-on was even more obvious now, as he stood there in his underwear.

“Take off your underwear,” she ordered.

This was it. Was he really going to do this? He looked at Veronica, standing there with her perfect tits and little underwear. He looked over at Mindy, still hiding naked under the sheet, face flushed, staring at him. He stepped out of his underwear, releasing his hard cock. He felt both of their eyes stare. There was a long silence. His cock twitched. Mindy giggled.

“Now take off your socks,” Veronica ordered. He obeyed.

He stood there for what seemed like ages, completely naked against the wall, with Mindy and Veronica staring him up and down. It was humiliating but also an incredible turn on. Veronica walked over to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down, sitting cross legged, and getting comfortable. “Now, Mindy, stand-up,” she ordered, looking very smug. Mindy looked at her nervously, then stood up, still clutching the sheet to her body.

“Take two steps towards Craig,” she ordered, and Mindy complied.

“Drop the sheet.” Mindy looked at Veronica nervously, as if to say, “REALLY??” and Veronica said again, “Drop the sheet. NOW.” Mindy looked at Craig, then slowly let go of the sheet. It dropped to her feet.

Craig let out an involuntary moan. Mindy was standing there, just a few feet in front of him, completely naked. She was even more gorgeous than what he imagined, with her perfect young tits, her flat stomach, and her shaved pussy. Blood surged to his cock and he felt himself lean into the wall for support.

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